One Hot Night Ch. 03

Jake then runs over. He grabs two robes out of the bathroom and goes over to Katie. He helps put one robe on her body and helps tie it. He then puts the other robe on his body and ties it. He reaches down and scoops Katie up into his arms. He steps over Kevin and walks out of the door. He carries Katie into the livingroom and sits her down in a chair.

“Are you okay, baby. How bad did he hurt you?” Jake asks with concern.

“He hurt me pretty bad. That pain was really bad. I tried to get him to stop but he ignored me. Oh Jake, I am so scared.” Katie says between tears.

Jake wraps his arms around Katie and holds her in her arms. Dean and Linda come back into the room from the kitchen. When they see Katie crying, they get concerned.

“What happened?” Dean asks Jake.

“Kevin ****d Katie.” Jake says, not letting go of Katie.

“That son-of-a-bitch. Where is he?” Dean says.

“He’s in the bedroom. He’s laying on the floor in pain where I kicked him and punched him in the face.” Jake says.

“You all stay here. I’m going to call the police. That son-of-a-bitch is going to be prosecuted.” Dean says.

Dean then gets up and walks over to the telephone. He dials 911.

“Hello, Irving 911. Can I help you?” the dispatcher says.

“My friend Katie has just been ****d. We are at the Wood Meadow apartments off of Forest and Newark Street. We are in apartment 14. We need the police out here quickly. We have the suspect in our grasp.” Dean says to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher types all of this information in to her computer. She then dispatches a police car out to the apartment.

“Okay, sir the police are on the way. Stay on the line until they arrive. When they arrive, tell me and you can hang up. Okay?” the dispatcher says.

“Okay.” Dean says.

Dean then holds the telephone to his ear. He could kill Kevin for this.

“Baby, go outside and wait for the police.” Dean says to Linda.

Linda gets up and goes outside. She sits on the steps and waits for the police. Inside, Dean stays on the telephone. Jake keeps on comforting Katie not letting her go. After about 10 minutes, Linda hears the police siren. She gets up off the steps and sees the police pull up into the parking lot. She walks back into the apartment.

“The police are here.” she tells everybody.

“The police are here now. Thank you so much.” Dean says into the telephone to the dispatcher.

“You’re welcome. Goodbye.” The dispatcher says.

“Goodbye.” Dean says.

Dean then hangs up the telephone. He walks to the door to wait for the police. The police get out of their car and walk up the steps. They walk into the open door.

“May I see your badges please.” Dean asks the police. He wants to make sure that they really are police officers.

The officers pull out their badges and show them to Dean. Dean is satisfied and can tell that they are real cops.

“How are all of you today?” the police officers ask.

“Well, not too good. My friend Katie, which is the woman sitting over there in the chair, got ****d about 15 minutes ago.” Dean says.

One of the police officers walks over to Katie. He gets out his paper and pen to take down information.

“How are you doing, Katie?” the police officer asks.

“Not too good.” Katie replies.

“I need to get some information from you. It will make it easier for you to file charges. I suggest that you go to the hospital and get a **** kit done.”, the police officer says.

“Okay.” Katie says.

“First we need your full name. Then your telephone number. Next, I will ask you some questions pertaining to the ****. I need to find out what exactly happened here.”, the police officer says.

“Katie Smithson. (218) 555-7901” Katie says to the police.

“I was laying on the bed when Kevin crawled on top of me. He stuck his penis inside of my vagina and started having sex with me against my will. It caught me off guard cause I wasn’t looking. When I realized what was happening, I started pleading with him to stop. I said no and tried to push him off. But he wouldn’t stop. My boyfriend Jake came out of the bathroom and pushed him off of me.” Katie says to the officer.

The police officer writes all of this down.

“I understand that the suspect is in this apartment. Would you mind telling me where he is so we can arrest him?” the police officer says.

“He’s in the bedroom, laying on the floor.” Katie says.

The officer moves and walks over to his partner. He tells his partner where the suspect is. His partner grabs his gun out of his holster and walks slowly into the bedroom. He finds Kevin lying there on the bedroom floor. Kevin looks up and sees a police officer standing there. He knows that it’s all over now. That he is going to go to jail. The police officer picks Kevin up and slaps handcuffs on him. He then walks him out of the bedroom and out of the front door. He walks him down the stairs and puts him in the police car. He shuts the door and gets in the car. So that the suspect can’t be alone and try to escape.
The other officer realizes that the suspect has been arrested. So he puts his notepad away.

“We have the suspect under arrest now. I hope that you go to the hospital, Miss.”, the officer says.

“I will officer. Thank you.” Katie says.

The officer then walks out of the apartment and shuts the door. Jake keeps his tight hug grip on Katie. He knows that they should get out of here and go to the hospital. So Jake picks Katie up into his arms and carries her to the front door.

“We’re going to the hospital.” Jake tells Dean.

“Okay.” Dean says.

Jake then walks down the steps with Katie in his arms. He walks carefully not wanting to hurt her anymore than she has already has been. When they get down the steps, Jake walks to the car. He makes sure that he has Katie carefully secured in his arms. He can see that her head is lying on his shoulder and that she is still crying some. Katie holds on to Jake for dear life. She can’t believe that Kevin ****d her. She never wants to see him again.

Jake reaches the car and opens the passenger door. He helps sit her down in the car. Once she is in the car, he shuts the door and walks over to the driver’s side of the car. He takes their clothes and throws them into the backseat. He gets in and shuts the door. Katie reaches over and grabs her seatbelt. She seatbelts herself in the seat and sits back. Tears still fall down her cheeks softly. She looks over at Jake and is so glad that he is her boyfriend.

Jake puts the keys in the ignition and starts the car. He backs out of the parking space. Once he gets the car backed out, he puts the car in drive and speeds out of there. He drives to the hospital. Every once in a while, he looks over at Katie to make sure that she is okay. He pulls up into the hospital and stops the car. He opens his car door and gets out. He then runs over to the passenger side of the car. He opens the door and reaches in.

“Put your arms around me, baby. I’m going to carry you into the hospital.”, Jake says.

Katie undoes her seatbelt. She takes her arms and slips them around his shoulders. Jake then leans in some more. He slips one arm around Katie’s waist. He slips the other arm under her legs. He picks up her out of the car and makes sure he has a good grip on her. He shuts the passenger door with his leg. He then carries Katie into the hospital. He walks through the door and goes up to admitting.

“We need to see a doctor. My girlfriend has been ****d.”, Jake says to the receptionist.

“Ok. What’s her name and how old is she?”, the receptionist asks.

“Katie Smithson. 19 years old.” Jake says.

“Okay. You two go wait over there. I’ll make sure she sees a doctor.”, the receptionist says.

“Thank you.”, Jake says.

Jake then walks over to the waiting area, carrying Katie tightly in his arms. He sits down in a chair and helps Katie sit down in one right next to him. He reaches over and holds her hand to help comfort her. He knows that she is scared. Katie sits in the waiting room with Jake holding her hand. She is still somewhat scared, but her tears have stopped. She just wants to get this over with. They wait in the waiting room together for about 20 minutes. Jake looks over at Katie just checking her over. A nurse comes out of the double doors.

"Katie Smithson.”, the nurse calls out.

“She’s right here.”, Jake says.

“It’s time to go see the doctor now Katie.”, Jake says.

Katie gets up out the chair and walks towards the nurse. She holds her arms in front of her body to protect herself. Jake gets up and follows her.

“Follow me.” the nurse says.

The nurse walks through the double doors.

Katie walks behind her with Jake following. The nurse walks to an empty room. She motions for Katie to walk in. Katie walks in and sits down on the examining table. She keeps her legs crossed. The nurse checks her bl**d pressure and all of the routine stuff. She then writes everything down and walks to the door. She walks out the door and shuts it behind her. Katie pulls the robe tightly around her body. Jake goes and stands next to her. They wait for about 15 minutes. Then the door opens and the doctor comes in. In his hand, he has the **** examination kit. He shuts the door behind him and sits the kit down on his table. He then walks over to Katie.

“Well, how are you doing today?” the doctor asks.

“I’m okay, I guess.” Katie says.

“Well, what is the reason that you are in here tonight?” the doctor asks.

“I got ****d.” Katie says.

Just saying that makes her start to cry again. Jake hears that and he wraps his arms around her. Seeing her cry kills him on the inside.

“Well, I have the **** kit here so I can do the test on you. We will also do a pregnancy test. Just to make sure everything is safe.” the doctor says.

“Okay.” Katie says.

“First, we need you to lay back. We’ll put your feet in the stirrups so I can administer the test.” The doctor says.

“Can my boyfriend stay in the room? Please. I would like to have him for comfort.” Katie asks the doctor.

“Sorry, no he can’t be in here. He has to wait outside. Hospital policy.” the doctor says.

“Okay. I’m sorry Jake. You have to leave for right now.” Katie says.

“I understand Katie. I’ll be right outside in the waiting room. I love you.” Jake says.

“Okay. I love you too.” Katie says.

Jake then comes over and kisses Katie softly on the mouth. Katie kisses him softly back. Jake then walks to the door. He opens the door and walks outside. Once Jake walks into the corridor, he realizes that he probably needs to move the car. So he takes the keys out of his pocket and walks out towards the car. Jake walks through the sliding glass doors and walks outside. The night air is cool and crisp. Jake walks over to the car and opens the driver’s door.

He gets into the car and shuts the door. He then puts his seatbelt on and starts the car. He puts the car into reverse, backs up, and then puts the car into drive. He pulls the car into a parking lot and finds a parking space. He pulls the car into the parking space and puts it in park. He then takes his seatbelt off and turns the engine off. He grabs the keys and opens the door. He gets out of the car and shuts the door. He then walks back to the hospital doors.He goes through the hospital doors and walks into the hallway leading into the waiting room. He walks into the waiting room and sits down in one of the chairs. He starts tapping his foot nervously.

“Okay, now we can administer the test.” the doctor says.

The doctor comes over and pulls the stirrups out. He helps Katie place her feet in them. This spreads her legs apart widely.

Katie turns her head and looks towards the wall. She doesn’t notice that the doctor is taking quite some time down there between her legs. The doctor stands there looking at her. He knows that what he is thinking is against hospital policy. But her legs just look so smooth and her pussy just looks so delicious. His mouth waters and he can feel his cock get hard immediately. He fantasizes of tasting her and then fucking her.

“Are you we going to get on with the test, doctor?” Katie asks.

“Ah yes. We are.” the doctor says.

The doctor moves from in between her legs and walks over to his table. He grabs the **** kit and moves back to in between her legs. He puts some plastic gloves on. He then takes out a special cotton Q-Tip.He moves forward and inserts inside of Katie’s pussy. He’s doing this test just to see if any cum from a man comes out. He takes a quick swipe and then pulls it out. He has to have it looked at under a microscope to check. Next is the pregnancy test. He grabs a butterfly needle, a tube to hold the bl**d, and a cotton ball to stop the bleeding after he is done.

First, he is going to do a bl**d test. Then he is going to have her pee in a cup and pour it in a special pregnancy test. It will detect pregnancy automatically. He takes a cotton swab and rubs her arm with some rubbing alcohol. He then finds her vein. He attaches the butterfly needle to the tube. He then sticks the needle into her arm and draws out some bl**d. Katie winces some when she feels the needle go into her arm. She’s not too fond of needles. But she knows that this test has to be done to check for pregnancy. She keeps her head turned towards the wall. The doctor draws out as much bl**d as needed. He then pulls the needle out of her arm and grabs the cotton ball. He places it on her arm.

“Hold the cotton there. It will help stop the bleeding.” The doctor says.

Katie reaches over with her free arm and holds the cotton to the site where she just had the bl**d test. She holds the cotton there for 5 minutes. She pulls the cotton up and notices that the bleeding has stopped. The doctor takes the tube of bl**d and marks her name on it. He then sits the tube of bl**d down in the holder.

“Now it’s time for the rest of the pregnancy test. You have to pee in this cup and pour it into this special pregnancy test.” The doctor says.

“Okay.” Katie says.

Katie moves her legs out of the stirrups and sits up on the table. The doctor hands her a cup and the pregnancy test. Katie gets up off the table and walks to the bathroom. She opens the door to the bathroom and walks in. She closes the door. But it only closes halfway. The doctor finds himself intrigued and aroused by her. He walks slowly over to the bathroom. He has this fetish that nobody knows about. He loves to watch women pee. It turns him on. He stands by the door and waits to see Katie open her robe. He wants to watch her pee.

Katie opens her robe, exposing her nude body to the doctor’s prying eyes. She has no idea that the doctor is watching. She lifts the toilet seat up. She takes her robe off fully. She then puts the cup underneath her and sits down. The doctor watches as he sees Katie sit down on the toilet. Seeing her disrobe and become nude in front of his eyes has turned him on much more than before. He takes his cock out of his pants and strokes slowly.

Katie starts peeing and fills up the cup in no time. She’s somewhat scared that she might be pregnant. She really hopes that she isn’t. She still has no idea that the doctor is watching. The doctor watches intently as the pee pours out of her sweet pussy. And into the cup and toilet. He wishes that he could be her toilet and taste that pee. He would swallow it hungrily. Maybe he can get her to pee again during the “exam” so he could drink it. His mouth waters just thinking of it.

Katie finishes peeing and stands up. She takes the cup into one hand and flushes the toilet with the other. She then walks over to the counter where the test is sitting. She takes the dropper and drips three little droplets of pee into the test. Then she stands back and waits.

The doctor puts his cock back into his pants because he doesn’t want to be caught. And he wants to save his cum for his beautiful patient. He walks back over to his table and sits down on his stool. He waits to hear the results. Part of him wishes she would be pregnant so that when she gets up into her higher months of pregnancy and her breasts fill with milk, that he could suck the milk out of them for her during a exam.

Mmmm. I bet it would taste so sweet, the doctor thinks to himself.

But he has to wait to find out the results just like she does.

Katie stands next to the test. She wants to find out the results so she can get it over with. Ten minutes pass before she knows it. It’s time to check the results of the test. Katie takes a deep breath. She then leans over and reads the result of the test. There’s one pink line. She looks at a paper that is next to the test. One line means not pregnant. She takes a deep breath and sighs happily. She then takes the test and walks out of the bathroom. She is so happy that she is not pregnant that she forgets that she is completely nude. The doctor looks over and sees Katie walking out of the bathroom. His mouth drops open when he sees that she is still nude. He stares at her supple breasts, her smooth flat tummy, and her smooth hairless pussy. He can tell that she shaves and that turns him on more.

“I’m not pregnant. Thank god.” Katie beams happily.

“Well, that’s good.” the doctor says.

The doctor is secretly disappointed because he wanted her to be pregnant. He wanted to have her breasts swell and fill with milk so he could suck on them. But of course, he could still get her pregnant by fucking her. He could cum inside of her and get her impregnated. Then her beautiful breasts would fill with milk and he could suck on them.

“There’s some other tests that I need to run on you”. the doctor says.

“There is? What are they?” Katie asks.

The doctor thinks quickly. Now is his chance to get to experience some of this beauty. She’s in a good mood and he’s sure that she won’t stop him.

“Well, the tests don’t really have a name. I just need to do them. Would you please go and lie back down on the table?” the doctor says.

“Okay.” Katie says.

She puts the test down on a table and walks over to the examining table. She lies down.

“Please put your feet in the stirrups.” the doctor says.

Katie takes her legs and brings them up. She places them in the stirrups. This brings her legs to where they are spread open wide again. She’s not sure what these tests are that the doctor has to run on her. But she trusts him and she knows that he knows what needs to be done. The doctor walks over and stands in between Katie’s legs. He focuses his gaze on her juicy pussy. He wants to lick her so badly. He knows that she has no idea that the “tests” are really just his way of seducing her.

“Close your eyes and relax.” the doctor says.

Katie closes her eyes and lets her body relax completely. Her 40 C breasts stand up straight and jut out beautifully. The doctor looks at her body. He studies her breasts, her stomach, and her pussy. It all looks so good to him. He just wants so much to crawl on top of her right now and fuck her. But he wants to wait and savor this experience. He moves from in between her legs and moves up towards her breasts. He takes one of his hands and brings it down to her breast. He runs it lightly across taking a small feel of her supple breast. Katie feels a hand run across her breast. It’s very warm and feels good. She wants the hand to touch her more.

“Mmmm.” Katie moans softly.

The doctor hears Katie moan. It is such a beautiful sound to him. He gets a little bit bolder and runs his hand over her breast again. But this time he grabs onto her breast and squeezes lightly. He wants to hear her moan again.

“Oh yes. Mmmm.”, Katie says.

The doctor moves his hand. Just looking at her breast has him wanting to taste it. He leans down and runs his tongue lightly over her nipple. It starts hardening immediately. He licks it more, feeling it get harder each second. He then takes his tongue and runs it along her whole nipple, circling it.

Katie feels a tongue run across her nipple and then circle it. It is really starting to turn her on so much. She has a feeling who is doing it. She knows that it can’t be Jake because he is outside in the waiting room. It must be the doctor. She secretly caught him looking at her when she went to the bathroom. Especially when she took off her robe. The idea of her doctor touching and licking her body is such a turn-on for Katie. She wants him just as much as he wants her. All this time that Katie and the doctor are in the examining room, Jake is nervously waiting. He taps his foot and wants to know what is going on.
Jake sees a nurse and he practically jumps out of his chair. He hopes that she will know what is going on. Jake walks up to the nurse.

“Excuse me, but do you know what’s is going on in Room 18? My girlfriend Katie Smithson has been in there for quite some time now. She went in for a **** kit. I want to know how everything is going.” Jake says to the nurse.

“I’m sorry sir. You’ll have to wait for the doctor to give you the results. I don’t know anything about that room or that patient.” The nurse says.

Jake sighs unhappily.

“Well, thank you. Guess I’ll just sit back down now.” Jake says.

Jake walks away from the nurse and goes back to the waiting room. He sits back down and starts tapping his foot again. He has no idea that inside of the room the doctor is slowly seducing his girlfriend. The doctor decides that he wants to make it dark in there to help set the mood. He removes his mouth from Katie’s breast and walks over to the wall where the lightswitch is. He turns off the lightswitch. The room suddenly becomes very dark. The only light that shows is the moonlight through the blinds.

The doctor has some candles that he keeps for special occasions. Right now seems like a very special occasion to him. He walks over to his desk and opens it. Even though it is dark, he has great nightvision. He pulls the candles out and then grabs his lighter. He lights the candles and sits them around the room. One on the desk behind them and one the windowsill. The doctor then stands back. He looks at what a sensual scene he has here. A dark room with candles lit and his sexy patient lying on a table with her legs spread wide. The candlelight shines off of her body beautifully.

The doctor then removes his jacket. He throws it to the floor. He then removes his shirt and throws it too. He takes off his shoes and socks, tossing them aside. He leaves his pants on because he wants his patient to take them off when she gets ready to give him a blowjob. He hopes that is soon because his pants have become extremely tight.

Katie opens her eyes to notice that it is quite dark in there. She also notices that there are candles lit. She turns her head and sees her doctor standing there. He is partly nude and she can make out the outline of his big cock through his pants. He has rock hard abs and has a delicious looking body. She makes out that he is about 6’1 with black hair and green eyes.

The doctor notices that his patient is looking at him. He can see her eyes trail down his body and focus on his cock. This makes him harder and makes him want her more. The doctor starts walking closer to her. He wants to be close to that sexy body. He longs to have her cling onto him as he fucks her. To hear her say his name as he fucks her mercifully. Katie looks up as she sees the doctor move towards her. She can see the lust in his eyes. The same kind of lust is reflecting in her eyes. Right now, she doesn’t care that she has a boyfriend. She just wants to get pleased and fucked. The doctor looks into his patient eyes. They are so beautiful and he can see the lust shining out of them. Knowing that she wants him just fuels his lust even more. He walks faster. He reaches the table and leans down. He latches his mouth on her breast and starts sucking. His other hand moves down and he shoves it into her pussy.

“Oh doctor!”, Katie screams out.

The doctor moves his mouth off her breast.

“Please call me Mark, baby. What may I call you?” the doctor says.

“Please call me Katie.” Katie says.

“Okay. Mmmm, Katie. You have the sexiest body that I have ever seen before. Your breasts are so plump and round. And your pussy is so wet and soft. I look forward to giving you so much pleasure tonight, my dear.” Mark says.

“Oh Mark. I am yours. Take me and do what you wish. I won’t stop you.” Katie says.

Hearing Katie say that makes Mark feel so much more aroused for her. He has never been so turned on before. He gets to have this sexy body tonight and he just knows that he will enjoy it. Mark moves his hand slowly in and out of Katie’s pussy. He’s teasing her pussy with his hand by fucking her with it. He has something else in mind that he wants to do to her. He wants to taste her pee. He’s going to get a big glass and fill it up with water. He will have her drink it until her bladder gets full. He then will push down on it. This will cause her to pee. He will be between her legs and will have his hungry mouth right at her pussy ready to take it all. Just thinking about it makes him extremely horny.

He decides that he wants to do it right now. He moves his hand out of her pussy and moves his mouth off her breast. He then walks over to his desk and grabs a big glass. He walks over to his own personal water cooler and fills up the glass with water. He then brings the glass to Katie.

“Drink this water sexy. It will help keep you hydrated.” Mark says.

“Okay Mark.” Katie says.

Katie takes the glass out of the doctor’s hand and drinks it. When she is done the doctor takes the glass. He walks back over and fills it up. He then brings it back. Katie takes the glass from the doctor again and drinks the water. When she is done, just like before, the doctor takes the glass and fills it up. He brings it back over for the third time. Katie drinks this glass of water. She feels her bladder start to hurt and she realizes that she has to go pee. She can feel her face turn three sheets of red as she realizes how embarrassing this is. Here is she naked on a table and she has to pee.

“Umm, Mark I need to go pee. Can I please get up off the table?” Katie asks.

This is the moment that Mark has waited for. He has her bladder full and now he gets the chance to drink it. His mouth waters just thinking about it.

“Well, Katie the toilet is broken. I went in there a few minutes to try to use it and it wouldn’t flush.” Mark says.

He knows that that is a complete lie that he just made up. He knows that she has no idea that he is lying.

“Damn. I really got to go pee.” Katie says.

“Just lay back and relax Katie. Let the flow come out naturally. I’ll take care of everything.” Mark says.

“Umm, okay.” Katie says.

She’s not too sure what he means by that statement. But she trusts him.

Mark notices that Katie isn’t questioning him or anything. He’s glad of that. This is one experience that he knows they are both going to enjoy. Mark takes one of his hands and places it right above her bladder. He then gets his head right in between Katie’s legs. He can see that her pussy is wet and that the moisture is shining beautifully. He reaches out with his other hand and runs his finger along her lips. He wants a taste of that sweet poison in between her legs. He gets some of her sweetness on his finger. He brings it up to his mouth and sucks on it, tasting her.

Oh my god. She is sweeter than honey., Mark thinks to himself.

Katie sighs when she feels Mark’s finger run across her pussy lips. She can feel him pick up some of her sweetness. She closes her eyes pleasurably. Mark wants so badly to lick her pussy and make her cum. But first he wants to taste her pee. He takes his hand and pushes down on her stomach right above her bladder. He then moves his mouth and latches his lips to hers covering her whole pussy. He wants to taste her pee so badly.

Katie feels Mark hand press down on her stomach right above her bladder. This causes her pee to start to run. She opens her eyes and looks down only to see Mark’s mouth latched onto her pussy. It takes her a second to figure it out, but she realizes that Mark is into golden showers and that he is going to swallow her pee. The idea alone turns her on so much. It makes her pussy grow dripping wet immediately. She wants to feed her pee to Mark so much and watch him as he takes it all into his mouth.

Mark looks up and notices that Katie is looking down at him. He sees that she is watching him and he realizes that she wants to watch him as he swallows her pee. He finds that so hot and he can hardly wait. Katie feels her pee start to run fast out of her bladder.

“I’m gonna pee in your mouth, Mark. Gonna fill your mouth up with my sweet yellow liquid. Here it comes, Mark. Oh my god!” Katie says.

Mark presses down on her bladder more. He wants to taste that pee so badly. His mouth aches for the taste. He hopes that she will hurry up and give him what he wants. He only has to wait for 5 seconds more. His mouth is suddenly filled with her pee. It pours into his mouth like a fine wine. He starts gulping it down like he’s in a desert and hasn’t had water for days. The taste is so sweet to him. He wants more.

Katie feels her pee run into Mark’s mouth like a raging river. She can feel him swallowing it all. She arches her back some to help the flow. Mark sees Katie arch her back and that causes her pee to flow into his mouth more. He hungrily swallows it all down. He loves having his mouth be used as a toilet. He is going to make sure that Katie gets pleased really well in every way possible just for letting him do this.

Katie feels her pee start to wind down. Then it stops completely. She wants Mark to lick her pussy now and taste both of her sweet juices. Mark swallows the rest of her pee. He then figures that since he is already in between her legs and his mouth is on her pussy that he might as well start licking her.He extends his extra long tongue out and runs it around her clit. He can taste her sweet juices and her pee.

“Oh Mark. Your tongue feels so good on my clit. Mmmm, yes baby.” Katie cries out.

Mark hears that and it makes him want to lick her more. He takes his tongue and licks her clit in long strokes. He notices that this makes her shake and moan. Katie grips onto the table as she feels Mark lick her clit in long strokes. She realizes that she really likes having her clit licked like that. It feels so powerful like her soul is being licked out of her.
Mark takes his hands and he pulls her outer lips apart. This helps expose her clit more. He can see it shining in the light like it’s beckoning him to come and take a lick. He licks her clit with more long strokes.

Katie has never felt so much pleasure before. Each stroke that Mark makes with his tongue brings her closer to falling over the edge of pleasure. She brings her hands forward and brings them to his hair. She starts running her hands through it. It is so thick and soft. She never noticed before the color of it. It is black as midnight and is beautiful. Mark is enjoying licking Katie’s pussy so much. It is so sweet and tasty. Like a rich luscious dessert. He knows that he could never get tired of eating her out. He could do it a thousand times and it would still taste as sweet.

Mark suddenly remembers that he has a special toy in his desk. He went and bought it earlier on today because he had a feeling that he might have to chance to use it. Since the desk that it is in is right behind Katie and she could easily reach the object if she was just to lean back some, he decides to ask her to get it.

“Katie darling, right behind you in my desk is a special toy. If you’re a good girl and reach it for me, I will please you with it and maybe even let you use it on me. And if you are a bad girl, I’ll still use it on you. Could you please reach behind you and get it for me?” Mark asks.

Katie gets somewhat curious of what this toy is. She reaches behind her and opens the drawer.

“It’s in a paper sack.” Mark says.

Katie finds the paper sack and grabs it. She brings it out of the drawer with one hand and shuts the drawer with the other. She then hands the toy to Mark.

“Now you sexy thing. I want you to close your eyes so you can’t see my special toy.” Mark says.

“Okay Mark.” Katie says.

Katie closes her eyes and relaxes against the table. She really wants to know what this toy is. Mark takes the toy out of the bag. The toy is a 12 inch long 3 inches wide blue vibrator. It’s not your average vibrator though. It’s a special vibrator with special effects. It can thrust and rotate. He can hardly wait to use it on Katie. He knows that she will love it. Something else that Katie doesn’t know is that the room that she is in is soundproof. Nobody can hear what is said in there. So she can scream in pleasure as loud as she wants and they won’t be disturbed. He figures that she should know so he gets ready to tell her.

“Oh by the way Katie this room we’re in is soundproof. You can scream as loud as you want in pleasure and nobody will hear you. Just me. You can call out my name as loud as you want. Nobody will have no idea what we are really doing in here together.” Mark says.

Katie thinks about it. Wow, a soundproof room. This is great because during sex she’s found that she can get pretty loud.

The only reason that she knows that is that during masturbation she’s caught herself screaming in pleasure. It would echo thought the apartment. But in here, she can scream like that and it’s okay. Mark then takes the vibrator and slowly starts to insert in Katie’s pussy. He can feel her pussy grip onto it as he slides it in. He can hardly wait to feel her pussy grip onto his cock like that.

Katie feels something very hard but cold slide into her pussy. At first, she thinks it’s Mark cock when she feels the hardness. But when she feels the cold part, she realizes that it’s not. This must be the toy that he was talking about. It feels so good going in that it almost makes her jump off the table. Mark slides the vibrator slowly in, watching her pussy devour it. He wants to fit the whole vibrator in there. What Katie doesn’t know is that his cock is only 1 inch smaller in length than this vibrator is.

His cock is 11 inches long and is 3 inches wide. He wants to make sure she can handle the vibrator before he fucks her. If she thinks the vibrator feels good just wait until he sticks his cock in. She’ll be screaming out his name. Mark gets tired of fucking around. He wants her pussy to swallow this vibrator. He takes the tip of the vibrator and shoves the rest of it in.

“Oh Mark! Yes, baby!” Katie screams out.

Katie finally realized that the toy is a vibrator and that he has just shoved all of it’s length up her pussy. It felt so good when he did that that it literally took her breath away. Mark hears Katie scream out. Hearing her scream out his name is such a turn on for him. He wants to hear her scream it out more. He takes the vibrator and puts it on thrust mode. The vibrator jumps to life and starts thrusting. It thrusts in and out of Katie’s pussy hard.
Mark just sits back and watches as the vibrator does it work. He had no idea that the vibrator thrusted that fast. But seeing that it does he’s really glad that he bought it.

Kate feels the vibrator thrust in and out of her. It is so powerful that it literally lifts her off the table with each thrust. It feels like a cock is fucking her but she knows that it is just a plastic vibrator. She longs to feel a warm, hard cock thrust inside of her. Mark then moves forward. He moves his hand and lets the vibrator keep on doing his work. He moves his mouth up to Katie’s clit. He kisses it gently.

Katie feels Mark kiss her clit gently and she sighs pleasurably. She’s not sure how much more of the vibrator she can take. With it’s every powerful thrust, it brings her close to coming. If the vibrator keeps up with the same thrusting speed, she’ll cum on it and into Mark’s mouth. Mark takes his tongue and runs it around Katie’s clit. He knows that combined with his licking and the thrusting of the vibrator that she will probably cum soon. He can hardly wait.

Mark then starts licking Katie’s clit hard. Since she seems to like the long strokes so much, he decides to do some of those for a while. He licks her clit with long powerful strokes. He can taste her juices flow into his mouth and he swallows them. He makes sure that his licking speed is the same as the speed of the vibrator. He wants to make this as pleasurable for her as possible. Katie feels Mark’s tongue on her clit licking her just as fast as the vibrator is fucking her. She can feel an orgasm coming on. She can tell that it is going to be very big and very powerful. It will give Mark something real juicy to taste that’s for sure.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum soon. Get ready to taste the full effect of my sweetness in that hot mouth of yours.” Katie says to Mark.

Mark hears what Katie says. Hearing that makes him want to taste her even more. He reaches around and pulls the vibrator out. He sees that it is covered in her juices. He wants to be able to taste all of her sweetness. That damn vibrator has had her long enough. Now it’s time for some licking. Mark moves his mouth down and around. He pulls her outer lips apart as wide as he can get them to go. He wants to keep them apart and he knows of something that will hold them that way. He moves his mouth away and walks over to his desk. He opens the drawer and reaches in. He grabs two clothespins. He then closes the drawer.

Katie hears Mark behind her. She’s not sure why but she just knows that he is. She just hopes that he gets back to licking her soon so she can cum. Mark walks back over to Katie. He gets back in between her legs. He pulls her outer lips open wide again. He takes a clothespin and sticks it on one of her lips. He then takes the other clothespin and sticks it on the other one. This holds them open for his tongue. He stands back and looks at Katie’s pussy. Seeing the clothespins holding her lips open is so arousing to him. It is so kinky and he loves it. Katie gasped when she felt Mark putting something on her outer lips. She can feel that they are holding them apart leaving her completely exposed to his mouth. She’s not sure what is on her outer lips, but she is about to find out.

“Mark, what is that on my outer lips?” Katie asks.

“Well baby they are clothespins. I have them holding your lips apart. Do they hurt any?” Mark says.

“No. They feel good actually.” Katie says.

Mark thinks about responding but he changes his mind. Her pussy just looks so juicy right now that he just wants to lick it. Mark leans in and starts licking Katie’s clit extremely hard. He wants her to cum soon so he can fuck her. Katie feels Mark licking her clit again and it feels so good. It makes her orgasm speed up. She’s getting ready to cum on his tongue.

“I’m going to cum soon baby.” Katie says.

Mark wants to taste her pussy fully. So he moves his tongue off her clit and sticks it into her fuckhole. He starts fucking her pussy fast and hard with his tongue. He tastes her juices as they run into his mouth. Katie takes her hands and runs them through Mark’s hair. She is so ready to cum. The pleasure has been building up and she is ready to explode. Katie can feel Mark fuck her fuckhole with his tongue. It’s so long and it feels so incredibly good.

Mark increases his licking and fucking with his tongue. His cock is so hard now that his pants feel like they are 10 sizes too small. He has to fuck her soon so he can cum. He moves his tongue in and out of her fuckhole. He then moves his tongue up and focuses on her clit. He licks her clit super fast. His tongue starts to hurt but he doesn’t care. He won’t stop until she cums.

Katie feels her orgasm coming on for sure now. She closes her eyes and starts seeing colors. Then before she knows it, she starts coming.

“I’m coming, Mark. Yes, oh yes. Mark, taste me. Push me over the edge the rest of the way baby.” Katie says.

Mark licks Katie’s clit as fast as he can. He can feel her start to shake.

“Ohhhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyy goooooodddddddd! Mark Mark! Oh Mark!” Katie cries out.

Mark hears Katie call out his name. That makes him forget about the pain and concentrate on helping her with this orgasm. Katie shakes so hard and screams out loudly. She’s really glad now that this room is soundproof. Her orgasm is so big. She doesn’t remember ever coming this hard before. Mark grabs onto Katie’s hips as she cums. He wants to hold onto her. He licks her clit double time.

Katie screams out Mark’s name for ten minutes. Then she can feel her orgasm subsiding. Then it goes away completely. Mark tastes and swallows all of her juices. He feels her orgasm subsiding and then stopping. Once she is done coming, he pulls his mouth away. He reaches down and pulls the clothespins off her lips. He lets the bl**d run back to them. Katie feels a slight burning sensation as the bl**d flows back to her pussy lips. But it goes away quickly.

Katie opens her eyes and looks down at Mark. She wants to kiss him. So she takes her hands out of his hair and puts them to the side. She then takes one and holds it out for him to hold. Mark sees Katie’s hand extended out and he puts his hand in hers. Katie grabs onto his hand and brings him to her. She closes her eyes ready to get kissed. Mark comes close to Katie. He leans down and plants his mouth on hers.

Katie kisses him and he kisses her back. They kiss for about 10 minutes.
Katie then lets go of Mark’s hand and looks down. She can see his cock bulging through his pants. She can tell that he needs some relief. Katie reaches down with her hand and brushes it along his crotch. She is amazed when she feels how hard he is. She didn’t ever think for a second that a guy could get as hard as Mark is.

“Oh baby.” Mark says softly.

The feeling of her hand against his cock is so exquisite. Even though she is just touching him through his pants.

“Baby, please take my cock out and suck it. I need your warm mouth around it.” Mark begs.

Katie hears Mark beg her and she wants to help relieve him. So she reaches up and grabs the button on his pants. She unbuttons them and then unzips them. Mark is so glad that his pants are undone now. He is so horny that he can’t wait. He pulls his pants off quickly and throws them to the side. Katie reaches and pulls down his boxer briefs. His hard cock springs out in front of her.

“Aaah. That’s so much better.” Mark says.

Katie’s eyes grow big when she sees how big his cock is. She just has to touch it. She reaches out with her hand. She circles her hand around it. Mark almost passes out when he feels Katie’s hand on his cock. It’s so small and feels so good. He wants her to stroke it badly. Katie looks up at Mark. She can see the pleasure in his eyes. She starts stroking his cock slowly. She hears small moans come out of his mouth repeatedly. Katie then gets a little bit bolder. She moves her legs out of the stirrups and sits up on the table. She grabs Mark by the hips and pulls him towards her.

“Come sit up here with me baby.” Katie says.

Mark gets up on the table and sits next to Katie. He’s not sure why she pulled him close or asked him why. But he really wants to find out. Katie pushes her hair aside. She then leans down and takes his cock into her mouth. She sucks the head softly.

“Oh Katie.” Mark says.

Katie hears Mark call out her name. She’s never heard her name said so sensual like that before. Katie then slips her mouth down on more of his cock. She relaxes her mouth and her throat. She starts moving her head up and down, letting her lips slide over the head and then back down again.

Mark looks down and watches as Katie’s lips slip over his cock. The sight is so beautiful to him. He could cum right here in her mouth if he lets all of his self-control go. And by the way that she is sucking, that might just happen. Katie speeds up her sucking. She brings her head down and takes most of his cock into her mouth. She wants to take it all but it might prove to be quite difficult seeing his size. Katie relaxes her throat more and somehow is able to get all of his cock into her mouth. She sucks him harder and faster having a sudden desire to taste his cum.

“Oh my god, Katie. Yes baby. I can’t believe you have taken all of my cock into your mouth. I wish you could see how beautiful you look right now. Your mouth just feels so damn good on my cock. Please don’t stop.” Mark says.

Katie hears what Mark says. That just fuels her lust more. She puts major effort into sucking his cock now. There’s something that she wants to say, so she moves her mouth off his cock.

“Mark baby, your cock tastes so good in my mouth. It is so fucking hard and tasty. I could suck you off forever. I can hardly wait to have you fuck me. But more importantly, I can hardly wait to have you cum in my mouth so I can taste it.” Katie says.

Katie then plants her mouth back down on his cock. She sucks hungrily using her hand to stroke the bottom length of his cock. She sucks the top half with vigor and pure a****l lust. She makes a vacuum out of her mouth and sucks the head deeply. She can hardly wait to have her mouth filled with his man cum. Mark’s eyes close because he is feeling so much pleasure right now. Katie is such a good cocksucker. It’s like her mouth was made for it.
He places his hands behind him and rests while Katie does her work on his cock. He can feel the cum start to boil up out of his balls and run though his cock. He feels that he needs to tell her. But he finds that he is speechless. Katie sucks Mark’s cock more. She makes sure that she sucks deeper and faster. She looks up at Mark and can see that his eyes are closed. She can tell that he is in pleasure. She smiles and keeps on sucking his cock. Mark suddenly is able to find the words to tell Katie that he is about to cum. He just has to get them out.

“Katie, baby. I’m about to cum. There’s no stopping it now. I hope your ready for a mouth full of cum. Because that is what you are going to get.” Mark says breathlessly.”

“Mmmm, I’m ready for it baby. Give it to me. Feed me your cum.” Katie says.

Mark hears what she said although it is slightly muffled. He starts thrusting his hips forward involuntary.

Katie just sucks harder and faster. She opens her mouth wide for his cum.

“Oh fuck. I’m coming! Katie, Oh Katie!” Mark says.

As soon as those words are said, Katie’s mouth is greeted with a hot blast of cum. She swallows it down and keeps on sucking. She strokes his cock harder with her hand helping the cum come out. Mark’s cum comes out in big spurts into Katie’s mouth. He can feel her swallowing it. It all feels so good that he cannot open his eyes. He has to keep them closed.

“Oh yes baby. Swallow my cum like the slut you are. Oh god yes. I know that you love how my cum tastes. You are such a slut. You are my slut!” Mark says.

Katie keeps on swallowing Mark’s cum down her throat. He cums for about 5 minutes and then he stops. He cums so hard that it actually makes him shake and stutter some. When Katie knows for sure that Mark is done, she pulls her mouth away. She wipes her mouth with her hand to make sure any of his cum didn’t spill out. Mark composes himself and looks over at Katie. He can’t believe how this incredibly beautiful angel could know how to suck a cock like that. Where did she learn that? In school or something? She can’t be over the age of 18. He’s curious about how she learned that and about her age.

“How old you are sweetheart? I would guess you’re 18. And please tell me where you learned how to suck a cock like that.” Mark says.

Katie giggles at that last statement. How is she going to explain it that he is only the second man that she has given a blowjob too. That before today she wasn’t even sure on how to do that.

“Well, Mark I’m actually 19. And as for the cock sucking thing, I didn’t learn it anywhere. You’re actually the second man that I’ve given one too. Before today, I didn’t even know how to give one.” Katie says.

“You’ve got to be k**ding me! You never knew how to do this? Hell baby you suck cock like a pro!” Mark says.

Hearing that makes Katie blush some. She’s not sure how to take a compliment like that since no man has ever told her that.

“Aww, are you blushing baby?” Mark says.

He really can’t believe that she was a practical virgin to all of this. She is just so incredible.

“Yeah baby I’m blushing. I never had a guy compliment me like that before.” Katie says.

“Since you asked me how old I am, I will do the same for you. How old are you Mark?” Katie says.

“I’m 22 baby.” Mark says.

“Well, I’m glad I’m the first to be able to do that. But there’s something else that I want to do to you more than just compliment you.” Mark says.

“Oh yeah? What is it baby?” Katie asks.

“This.” Mark says.

Mark leans over and kisses Katie hard on the mouth. The kiss is so passionate that it causes Katie to fall back. Mark stops kissing Katie long enough so she can get herself adjusted on the table. Katie lies back on the table and brings her legs up. She knows that the stirrups are there but she doesn’t want to use them. Mark then gets up off the table. He walks to the end of the table, and puts the stirrups away. He looks down and notices that although he just came a few minutes ago that he is still as hard as ever. He then starts kissing his way up her body.

“Oh Mark. That feels good baby.” Katie cries out.

“If you think that this feels good baby just wait until I fuck you.” Mark says.

“Ooh Mark. I can hardly wait. My pussy aches for you.” Katie says.

Mark keeps on kissing his way up her body. He kisses her legs and then her hips. He reaches her pussy and he pulls her lips apart slightly. He takes his tongue and gives her clit a little lick.

“Ooh Mark.” Katie cries out.

Mark lets go of her pussy lips and moves up more on her body. He kisses her tummy and then her breasts. He takes each nipple into his mouth and sucks them for a little bit. Katie looks down and watches Mark as he sucks on her nipples. She finds that very arousing. But of course everything that he has been doing is very arousing to her. At this moment, there is probably nothing he could do that could turn her off. Mark stops sucking on Katie’s breasts and he moves his mouth up to her lips. He starts kissing Katie as he settles his body on top and in between hers.

Katie kisses Mark back feeling him settle his body on top of hers. She is so ready to be fucked. Mark stops kissing Katie and looks into her eyes. He then moves his hand down and lines up his cock with her pussy. It’s time to fuck her. They both want it badly. Katie brings her pussy up and helps Mark out. Mark then slides his cock into Katie’s pussy.

“Oh my god Mark!” Katie cries out.

“Oh Katie. You’re so tight. This is going to be one of the best fucks in time.” Mark says.

Mark then starts moving his cock in and out of Katie’s pussy. He starts out slow but picks up pace immediately. He can’t get over on how tight her pussy is. Katie takes her legs and brings them up. She loves being fucked in this position cause it feels so good when the guy goes deep. Mark feels Katie put her legs up and he just goes for it. He starts pounding his cock hard in and out of her pussy.

“Mark, oh Mark! Yes baby, fuck me hard. Yes oh god yes!” Katie cries out.

Katie takes her arms and wraps them around Mark’s back. She holds on for dear life as he gives her the fucking of her life. Mark feels Katie wrap her arms around him. He can tell that she is holding on to him tightly. This is what he was hoping she would do. He’s so happy that she is doing it. Mark takes his arms and reaches up. He grabs Katie by the shoulders. He then starts pounding her pussy like a big jackhammer. He can feel Katie’s pussy grip onto his cock. He wonders if she can make her pussy tighter. He figures it can’t hurt to ask.

“Baby, tighten up your pussy muscles. Make them as tight as you can.” Mark says.

“Okay baby.” Katie says.

Katie then starts tightening up her pussy muscles as much as she can. She loves how it feels as her pussy literally swallows up Mark’s cock.

“Oh yeah baby. That’s it.” Mark says.

Mark keeps on pounding Katie’s pussy hard. He doesn’t care how late it has gotten. Or that this isn’t his girl. All he cares about right now is fucking this cutie.

“Mark, fuck me harder!” Katie cries out.

Mark starts fucking Katie harder. He doesn’t know how he does it. It’s like a sudden burst of extra energy came out of nowhere and blew itself into his cock. Mark can feel his orgasm coming on. He wants Katie to cum with him. So he slows down his pounding some.

“Are you nearing coming baby? Because I am.” Mark asks.

Katie can feel her orgasm coming on. The harder and faster Mark fucks her, the quicker it comes on.

“Oh yes I am.” Kate says.

Mark starts pounding Katie’s pussy hard again. They fuck like that for 15 minutes. The table is squeaking like crazy and sweat is pouring off both of their bodies. Then before they both know it, their orgasms are upon them. Mike can feel his hot cum pouring out of his cock ready to explode into Katie’s sweet warm pussy. Katie can feel her own orgasm coming on. She can feel it building second by second. She closes her eyes and lets herself get lost in the moment.

“I’m coming baby. Are you coming?” Mark asks.

“Yes baby, I’m coming too. Oh Mark. I…I…love you.” Katie says.

“I love you too Katie.” Mark says.

Mark then leans down and kisses Katie passionately. Katie kisses Mark back passionately as they both start coming together. Katie breaks the kiss because she has to scream out.

“Oh Mark! Yes, baby! I’m coming so hard! Yes, you’re making me cum. Oooooh. Aaaahhhh.” Katie screams out.

“Oh Katie I’m coming too. You pushing this cum out of me and I’m not going to hold it back. Yes baby. Arrggghhhh. Aaaahhhhh.” Mark screams out.

Mark’s cum fills up Katie’s pussy fully. He wonders if she will get pregnant. If she does, then he will just have to be her doctor. Mark shoves his cock inside of Katie one last time. He then stops and just lies there on top of Katie as he finishes on coming inside her. Katie’s orgasm subsides. She lies there with Mark on top of her and just holds him as he finishes coming inside of her. As soon as Mark stops coming, he leans down and kisses Katie on the mouth. This time the kiss is soft and loving. Katie kisses Mark back just as softly and loving.

Mark then pulls his cock out of Katie and gets up. He walks towards the bathroom. He walks into the bathroom, turns the light on, and cleans himself off. Katie gets up off the table and walks towards the bathroom to grab her robe. She reaches the bathroom and goes inside. She then looks over at Mark and smiles. Mark smiles back at her. She cleans herself off and then grabs her robe. She puts the robe on and ties it. She brings her arm up and looks at her watch to see what time it is. She notices that it is 2:15 a.m. She came into the hospital at 11:00 p.m. She has been here for 4 ½ hours. She didn’t realize that it had gotten so late.

“Gee it’s really late. I had better get going. Before anybody starts worrying about me. Call me?” Katie says.

“Yeah it is late. Sure baby, I’ll call you. What’s your telephone number?” Mark says.

“It’s (218) 555-7901.” Katie says.

Mark walks close to Katie and stands right in front of her. There is no space between the two of them.

“Okay. I really do love you, you know, I wasn’t just saying that.” Mark says.

“I really do love you too Mark.” Katie says.

Katie then kisses Mark softly on the lips. Mark kisses Katie back. Katie then walks out of the bathroom. She walks over to the door and unlocks it. She then opens it and walks out down the hallway towards the waiting room. Mark walks out of the bathroom and just stands there. A silent tear runs down his cheek for his new lover. He finds himself already missing her. Katie walks down the hallway. A silent tear runs down her cheek too. She finds herself already missing Mark. However, she can’t think of him right now. She has to go check on Jake to make sure that he is okay.

She reaches the waiting room and sees Jake in a chair. His head is leaning against a wall and she can see that he is asl**p. She’d hate to disturb him when he’s sl**ping. However, she knows that they have to get a motel room so they both can get proper rest. Katie walks slowly over to Jake. She reaches him and leans down planting a kiss on his mouth. The kiss wakes Jake up.
“Oh hey baby. I got so worried and it got so late that I fell asl**p.” Jake said.

“How did everything go? Is everything okay?” Jake asks.

“Yes, I think so. I’m not pregnant which is good.” Katie says.

“Well, thank god. I hate for you to have that bastard’s c***d. Wow, the waiting room is really empty. Just the two of us here. What time is it anyway?” Jake says.

Katie looks at her watch.

“It’s 2:30 a.m.” Katie says.

“Wow. It’s really late. And I’m way too tired to drive us back to the apartment.” Jake says.

“Well, don’t worry about it. I’ll drive us to a hotel.” Katie says.

“Are you sure baby? That you’re not too tired?” Jake asks.
“Oh I’m fine. I can drive. Let’s get out of here.” Katie says.

“Okay baby. Sounds good to me.” Jake says.

Mark puts his clothes back on and walks out of the office. He wonders if Katie is still here. He longs to see her again and at least be able to give her a goodnight kiss. Jake gets up out of the chair and walks up to Katie. He has no idea that she just made love to another man. The lust that showed in her eyes for Mark has been replaced by a peaceful look.

Jake looks into Katie’s eyes. He can see how peaceful and calm she seems. It pleases him to see her that way. It disturbed him when he saw her so upset and crying. It made him quite sad on the inside. But now seeing Katie standing before him has replaced that sadness with happiness. Katie reaches out and grabs Jake’s hand. They start walking together out of the waiting room towards the double doors. Mark walks down the hallway. He stops in his tracks when he sees his lover Katie with her boyfriend Jake. He wants to run up to her and stop her. But he knows that he can’t. He has to let her go.

Katie turns around as she is walking with Jake and sees Mark standing there in the hallway looking towards her direction. She remembers everything that they just did and it takes her breath away. She starts thinking of a way she could see Mark again, only to give him a goodnight kiss.

The only plan that she can think of is making up an excuse. She’ll tell Jake that she has to go to the bathroom and that he should probably go sit down to wait for her. Then she’ll walk towards the bathroom. When she sees that Jake is not in eyeshot of catching her and Mark together, she will run up to him and kiss him.

“Jake, I need to go to the bathroom. Would you mind waiting for me?” Katie says.

“No, I wouldn’t mind baby. Go right ahead.” Jake says.

“Okay. I’ll be quick.” Katie says.

Katie then leans over and plants a kiss on Jake’s cheek. She lets go of his hand and starts walking towards the bathroom. Jake goes and sits down in a chair. He wonders why Katie has to go to the bathroom again when he’s sure she probably went in the doctor’s office. But he won’t question her.

Mark watches as Katie walks away from Jake and goes towards the bathroom. He starts thinking that there’s no way now he will get to kiss her. Seeing that Jake will probably go after her. Katie keeps on walking towards the bathroom. She waits until she’s sure that both her and Mark can’t be seen by Jake. She then starts walking towards Mark.

Mark is just about to turn around and go back to his doctor’s office when he sees Katie walking towards him. A smile appears on his face when he realizes that there is a chance of him getting to kiss her. Katie walks faster towards Mark. She really wants to kiss him again. She wants to feel those strong lips carry her away. All Mark can do is watch Katie as she gets closer to him. She may be walking but to him it looks like she is floating. A floating angel that is coming back to greet him with another one of her sweet kisses.

Katie walks faster until finally she reaches Mark. She takes her arms and slips them around his shoulders. Mark feels Katie wrap her arms around her shoulders. He takes his arms and wraps them around her waist. He then pulls her towards him and plants a kiss on her lips. Katie feels Mark slip his arms around her waist and kiss her. She kisses him back hard, letting her tongue slip out and run along his lips beckoning them to open up. Mark feels Katie’s tongue and he opens his mouth to receive it. He lets his tongue slip out and slip into her mouth.

Katie feels Mark’s mouth open up and his tongue slip into her mouth. She slips her tongue into his mouth. They start French-kissing passionately. All time slips away as they kiss. Katie almost lets herself get completely lost. But then she remembers Jake and knows that she has stop kissing Mark. She pulls her tongue out of his mouth and pulls her lips away from his. Mark feels Katie’s tongue and lips pull away from his. He lets his tongue slip out of her mouth and he stops kissing her. He knows that it’s late and that Katie needs to get some sl**p. They pull apart and Katie lets her arms drop to her side. Mark does the same with his.

“Wow, what a goodnight kiss.” Mark says.

“Yeah. Wow is right.” Katie says.

“Goodnight Katie.” Mark says.

“Goodnight Mark.” Katie says.

Katie then turns around and starts walking away from Mark. She finds the nearest women’s bathroom and she walks towards it. Mark stands there just reveling in the kiss that he and Katie just shared. His mouth still tingles from the touch of her lips. Mark then walks back towards his doctor’s office. He knows that it’s really late and that he needs to get home to his apartment so he can get some sl**p.

(If you like Chp. 3, stay tuned for Chp. 4!)

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