Once A Slut Always A Slut

We walk into a dance club and walk onto the dance floor. A really slow song comes on and we both smile. I see a chair and I lead you to it. You sit down in the chair. You wonder if I’m going to sit down too. You have no idea that I’m going to dance for you.

I move back onto the floor some and I start touching my body for you. You watch me your eyes focused on my body. I then suddenly take off my top and my skirt throwing it in the floor. Your eyes get wide with lust noticing that I am completely nude in front of you now. You whistle at my direction but so do other men that are happening to notice me at the same time. One man notices me a lot and he comes over to me. He stands behind me and boldly places his hands on my tits massaging them. He then leans forward towards my ear.

"Hey sexy. You’ve got a hot body and I’m going to fuck you. Oh by the way, my name is Aaron. What’s yours?", he whispers.

I gasp and sigh at the feeling of this stranger's touch. He presses his body up against me and I can feel his hard cock up against my ass. Your mouth flies open and you can't believe what you are seeing. You want to say something to stop this guy, but you find yourself frozen with a new kind of lust. You find yourself wanting to see this guy fuck me even though I am your lover.

"What's your name?". he whispers in my ear again.

"It's Stephanie.". I whisper back

He smiles and slowly lets one of his hands trail down to my pussy. He then takes three fingers and shoves them into me. I cry out loudly as his mouth finds my neck and he kisses it hungrily. He then shoves his fingers into me once again and turns me around pushing my head down to his cock. I bring my hands forward and quickly undo his pants pulling them down around his knees, noticing that he has no boxers on and that his cock is rock hard. He looks down at me.

"Suck me now bitch. Suck me good and I’ll give you one hell of a pounding fuck.", he says.

My mouth hungrily goes for his cock and I suck him so hard deepthroating him quickly. He moans and calls out my name. You watch me as my head bobs up and down on his cock. He then suddenly pulls my head away and turns me back around bending me over a table. He shoves his cock into me and fucks me with wild abandon. I scream and cry out looking over at you. Your eyes catch mine and you smile knowing that I am enjoying this.

I am quite surprised that you haven't tried to stop this guy but at the same time I am in pleasure from being fucked. He grabs onto my hips and really starts pounding his cock into me hard. So hard that the table shakes underneath us. I reach underneath me and rub my clit so I can cum. He thrusts hard into me one last time and cums into me filling me up with his manly seed. I cum at the same time, my hand rubbing wildly. You notice that your cock has gotten rock hard just watching. He finishes cumming into me and pulls out. He pulls his pants back up and slips me his number on a piece of paper. He then leans forward.

"Thanks baby. You’re one great fuck. Hope we can do this again sometime.", he says.

He then walks away. I lay there over the table breathing wildly. You find yourself highly aroused and you take my hand in yours. You take your other hand and pull your pants and boxers down. Your cock stands up straight and I notice it. You then pull me down onto your lap and sink your cock into my freshly fucked pussy. You start pounding me as I lean forwards.

"God your such a slut, Stephanie. Letting that guy fuck you like that in front of me. I’m going to fuck you so hard." you whisper to me.

I cry out loudly as you fuck me.

"Ooh yes I am a slut. Oh yes baby fuck me hard. Give it to hard. Make me feel all of you." I whisper back.

You growl with a****l lust as you pound my pussy harder. You then lift me up and push me forward some. My ass becomes lined up with your cock. You grab onto my hips and sink your cock into my ass hard. I scream out your name and grip onto your legs as your cock slides into me and starts fucking me. I then start pushing my ass against you. You take my tits in your hands and squeeze them hard. You pound my ass hard with your cock making me feel it. You then slip one of your hands down to my clit and rub it hard making me become wetter for you. I moan loudly feeling your rock hard shaft deep in my tight ass and your hand on my clit.

Suddenly, a sexy hispanic woman is leaning against me. Her hands are on my shoulders and her face is right in front of mine. I don't know what's happening until I look behind her. I see Aaron behind her. He tosses her panties onto my lap and pulls her long skirt up. He then inserts his cock into her pussy from behind and begins to fuck her wildly as she moans to it. He supports her weight with his hands. She moves one hand down to finger fuck my pussy as the other hand squeezes your tit. I am a little bit annoyed at first since I have never really been with another woman before. But as seconds pass and I watch as her exposed tits are bouncing to her getting fucked from behind by the stud I become less annoyed and more aroused. I ride your cock harder now going more wildly up and down on your cock that is in my sexy ass. You bite my neck lustfully noticing how much I am enjoying the scene before me now. You then move your mouth to my ear.

"You are such a little slut to be enjoying this Steph.” you whisper.

I moan in approval and lean my head back towards you.

"Ooh baby, I'm cumming! " I cry out.

You feel my juices flooding your hand and you moan cause you love to have your hand covered in me. The Hispanic woman feels me cum, and she bends down to lick up my juices. I feel her tongue on your pussy licking fast and hard. I can also feel her being pressed into me with each thrust from Aaron. She licks me a little bit longer then stops and brings her head back up. I then feel your hands grip my tits tightly and I can tell you’re about to cum into me. I notice that the woman has stopped and I automatically assume she’s done for the night. But she is nowhere near done with me yet.

"Ohh, my slut, I'm cumming." You cry out.

You then fill my ass with your hot cum filling it up fully. Aaron and the Hispanic girl cum together next. They moan loudly together making sure that everybody hears them. She then moves her back down to my pussy and starts licking me. Aaron then pulls his cock out of the girl and stands back behind her. He tucks his cock into his pants. The Hispanic woman licks my pussy like crazy even though she is not getting fucked anymore.

Although I am not into women, the way she is doing it feels so good that I don't want to stop her. Aaron watches as she eats me with skill. He then looks at you and gives you a thumbs up sign for having a lover that is so slutty. You smile and nod yeah agreeing with him. I feel another orgasm coming on and this girl knows it. She attaches her lips around my clit and starts licking faster and faster. I start crying out louder and louder. You massage my tits hard and fast kneading them like dough. The combination of what she is doing and what you are doing pushes me over the edge. I cum hard and fast my juices running into this girl's mouth. I shake and shudder, my hands on her shoulders for support.

Everybody in the club turns around to watch this scene. All the guy's mouths fly open and their cocks become rock hard immediately. They start whispering to each other pointing over to me. I see them nod to each other and I watch as they all pull their pants down throwing them to the side. They then take their boxers or boxer briefs off and throw them to the side too. It only takes me a second to realize what is going to happen. I turn towards you.

"I’m about to be gangbanged". I whisper to you.

You smile at me the thought of that happening to me running wildly through your head.

"Well then, be a good little slut and take all of those men's cocks while I watch. Then I will join in as the last guy to fuck you. For right now that is." you say to me.

I turn back towards the hispanic woman. I reach down and grab her by the hair. I bring her head from my mouth up to my face. I then look into her eyes.

“That was some great pussy licking you did there, sexy. I sure did enjoy it. However, I’m going to have to ask you to leave me alone now. I have something else to do. Bye." I say to her.

“Okay. You have one sweet tasting pussy. I’ll be happy to lick you anytime you want me to. You are the hottest girl that I have ever met and licked in a long time. Bye.” she says.

She then leans forward and pulls me into a embrace. She kisses me on the mouth and takes one last feel of my pussy with her finger. I kiss her back moaning into her mouth. I then pull my mouth away. She pulls her mouth away and slips her finger out of me. She then walks away. I watch her as she walks away. I then feel you move your hands down and pull me off your cock, which has gotten soft by now. I get up off your lap and stand up moving to the left. You then stand up, putting your cock into your pants for right now. You reach out taking my hand and leading me to the middle of the dance floor. The only people that are there right now are the men.

"Lay down slut." you tell me.

I do as demanded. The guys watch me lay down. They then look over at you.

"Go ahead and have your ways with her. She is all your slut for now.” you say.

All the guys smile and they walk over to me. There are 20 of them. 21 including you. Three guys get down on the floor next to me. One of the men takes his cock and shoves it into my mouth.

"Suck me." he demands.

I start sucking his cock good like a hungry little slut. He groans pleasurably and closes his eyes. Another guy gets down on the floor and lifts my body up. He slides underneath me and lets my body fall down slowly onto his. He slides his cock into my ass and starts fucking me hard. The third guy gets on top of me and slides his cock into my pussy. He starts thrusting into me hard and fast really giving it to me good.

"I love to fuck sluts.", he says.

You watch as I am filled in all my three holes. This turns you on so much that you get hard again in no time at all. I close my eyes enjoying being treated like this. The first guy thrusts his cock into my mouth harder and harder. He then cums and I swallow it all. He moves out of the way and another guy replaces him sliding his cock into my hot mouth. I start sucking him hard. Both the second and third guy thrust their cocks into my pussy and ass, fucking me at the same speed.

I moan and cry out loudly cause it feels really good. You can hear me even though it is muffled. The second guy starts thrusting harder and cums into my ass filling it up more. A little bit of the cum trickles out. Then the third guy thrusts into me one last time and fills me up with his cum. The second guy slips his cock out of me and moves out from underneath me. But he holds me up with his hands so another guy can slide underneath.The fifth guy sees this and he quickly gets down on the floor sliding his body underneath mine. He shoves his cock hard into my ass and moves his mouth up to my ear.

"Ah slut, I’m gonna rip this ass open with my huge cock.” he whispers.

I didn't realize how big this guy was until I felt him slip inside. He is so big that my ass stretches some to accommodate him. The third guy pulls his cock out of my pussy and the sixth guy quickly fills my pussy with his cock fucking me violently. All these guys fuck me, filing my mouth, my pussy, and my ass with their cum. Other guys then soon follow suite fucking me and making me suck them. You just stand back and watch waiting patiently for your turn to have me.

When all of the 20 guys are done using me, they all slowly walk away and stand back. The reason that there are only men in this club is that all of the other women are in the bathroom checking their makeup and stuff. All of the men retrieve their clothes and put them back on.I lay there and look over at you.

"Come fuck me baby." I say to you.

You smile at me and walk over to me. You take off your pants quickly and get down on the floor with me. You climb on top of me and slide your cock into my well fucked pussy. You then lean down and kiss me passionately on the lips as you slide your cock into me over and over. I kiss you back reaching up and grabbing onto your ass squeezing it and pulling you deeper into me at the same time. What I am doing works cause your cock slides as deep as it can into me, your balls now resting up against my ass.
You pull out a little bit and then thrust back into me again.

Our kissing continues as we fuck on the floor. All the men watch cheering you on and saying things like "this is better than a porn". You want to really be able to pump into me hard so you pull your cock out some. You then grab my legs and put them on your shoulders. You move your hands back down to the floor holding yourself up. You then start thrusting into me really hard making both of our bodies shake together. We fuck on the floor faster and quicker. We stop kissing. I feel my orgasm approaching.

"Ohh baby I am going to cum very very soon. Feel it baby. I want you to feel it." I scream out.

You feel your orgasm approaching too and you are ready to fill me up. You make your thrusts powerful and quick pushing both of us over the edge quicker and faster. We then cum together our screams and moans matching together. You fall on top of me both of us breathing hard. All of the men clap for us. The bathroom door opens and all of the women come walking out. They all walk over to their men, having no idea that 15 minutes ago their men were all fucking me. The men talk with the women and they start dancing in a corner.

You look down at me and kiss me again. I kiss you back. You then pull out of me and you help me stand up. My legs are somewhat wobbly so you reach underneath and pick me up in your arms. I smile at you and you smile back at me. You then carry me over to some chairs. You help sit me down in a chair. I turn and rest my arm on the table. You then sit down in the chair next to me and rest your arm on the table too. You lean in towards me.

"Now Steph I am just letting you rest for a few minutes. I am no where near done with you yet." You say to me.

I lean in towards you.

"Yes baby I know. I am no where near done with you either." I say back to you.

You stare deep into my eyes and smile broadly at me. I smile broadly back at you. You order a mixed drink for us from one of the waitresses in the club. You then lean over and pull me close to you. You kiss me hard on the mouth. I kiss you hard back. Five minutes pass by. The waitresses comes back quickly with our drink. She sits it down on the table before us with two straws in the glass so we can share it. We stop kissing and we drink our drink slowly. The Hispanic girl sits at the next table with a couple of her friends, and they are giggling as they point at us. I move my mouth off the straw. I then lean over to you.

"Baby, I want to watch you fuck all 3 of them for me to watch." I say to you.

You get excited and go over to their table, which is a bar height table. You sit in between them. I watch you as I talk to them. I notice the one on your left is beginning to rub your cock while you lean over and kiss #2's neck. You then reach across to rub #3's large breasts through her tight shirt. I watch you as you do this. It gets me hot and I instinctly rub my pussy. I then watch as you line them up at the bar facing right at me, while you go behind #1. You pull up her skirt and thrust your cock deep into her pussy from behind.
She can't help but to scream out in pleasure.

I can see her body being rocked by the f***e of your insertions. You grip her now exposed tits as she rubs her clit and begins to cum, pushing back on you as she screams out in pleasure. You pull out of her as she drops her head on the table. You then move to girl #2, pushing her tight shorts and panties off. You quickly thrust your hard cock into her tight and sexy ass. I watch as she grips the table to your fucking and pushes back, with a look of pain on her face as your cock stretches her ass and you fuck her violently.

Girl #1 recovers a bit and goes down to lick #2's pussy while you fuck her, and it doesn't take her long to cum. You then move to #3, with her still facing me. Her large breasts are already out as are her panties gone from her short skirt. You pull up her skirt, fucking her ass with your finger before thrusting into her pussy with your rock hard cock from behind. I take my fingers on my right hand and ram them into my pussy fucking myself hard. I fuck myself so hard that I make my chair shake under me.

I cry out your name loudly with every stroke I make into my pussy. I am so wet from watching you fuck these bitches that my juices run down my legs and onto the chair. I use my left hand to rub my breasts. #2 moves over to suck on her nipples while you fuck her.

You watch me as I push my fingers into my pussy and as I rub my breasts. You wink at me and fuck #3 harder. You both begin to moan aloud together, and cum with your fucking increasing as #1 gets down to lick up the juices. You pull your cock out of her. You then leave them, as they huddle together, licking each other up. We stare at each other as you go back over to me.

"Wow baby, you sure did fuck those sluts. Too bad you're all spent, I could sure use some." I say.

"Who says I am spent? I faked that orgasm with those bitches so that I could hopefully empty my load into you, my favorite slut." you say.

I smile back that lustful smile, realizing that I am still fingering myself. You lean over and kiss my wet lips, letting a hand join mine on my breasts. You then pinch my nipples and let your other hand join mine finger fucking my pussy. I feel your hand join mine in my pussy. I go to pull my hand out but you stop me by using your hand that is inside me to block my hand from leaving my aching pussy. You want me to be fingered really good and you think that four fingers are better than two. I am in no position to disagree cause the combination of our two hands together inside me feels really good. You move your mouth from my lips to my ear. You start nibbling it slowly running your tongue on the inside of my ear tracing it.

"Oh mmm baby." I cry out.

My pussy gets wetter and soaks both of our fingers. You had no idea how much having my ear nibbled on turned me on. You wonder what other things turn me on that you haven't discovered yet. The three girls get done licking each other and they turn towards us. They look down and notice that your cock is extremely rock hard. The 1st girl notices that we are really getting all hot with each other. Both the 2nd and 3rd girl can't figure out how you could still be so aroused after you fucked them. They turn to the first girl and tell her to ask you that.

“Okay.” the 1st girl says to her friends.

She then walks up to us. I notice this and I let you know. You turn your attention from me to her.

"You want something?" you ask her.

"Yeah. I have a question for you. How can you still be so hard after fucking all 3 of us. Shouldn’t you be spent?" she asks.

You turn towards me and smile/smirk my direction. Your fingers keep on fingering me never missing a beat. You then turn towards her and move your hand off my tits for a second. You call her over there and she walks quickly up to you. You move towards her ear and she starts thinking that you are going to do the same thing to her that you were doing to me. She smiles with anticipation and pulls her hair back tucking it behind her ear. You then get up as close as you can to her ear.

"Bitch, I never even came with you or with your other two friends there. I was faking it the whole time. Hell I was thinking of my lover here the whole time. I was even flirting with her. You bitches were just a game to me and to her. So leave me alone so I can get ready to fuck the person I really want to." you whisper in her ear.

I notice that her eyes get big and her mouth flies open with a shocked expression like she can't believe what she just heard. You then pull away with a smirk on your face and start concentrating on me again. You move your mouth back to my ear nibbling on it again. Your hand finds my tits again and you start pulling on the nipples. You then twist them hard. I sigh in a mix of pleasure/pain.

You love hearing that sound. I want you to eat me out now and I decide to tell you this. Your mouth moves from my ear to the back of my neck. You lick and bite on it gently. I shudder in incredible pleasure. You notice this and you keep on doing it. Both of our hands keep on working my pussy pushing me closer and closer to orgasm.

“Baby I'm going to be cumming soon. I want you to eat me out baby so you can taste it." I whisper in the throes of pleasure.

You slowly pull your mouth away from my neck and look at me.

"Mmm Steph. I will glad to eat that sweet pussy so I can taste that sweet cum. I can't think of anything else I’d rather be doing right now. Well one thing, which is fucking you. But I will get to that very soon." you say to me.

You quickly get down on your knees moving both of our hands out of my pussy. You spread my legs open wide bringing them up to your shoulders where you let them rest. You then dive in to my pussy licking me fast and hard. It feels so good that I can't even speak. All I can do is moan loudly. My orgasm starts coming faster and faster. You can feel it coming on and you start licking me quicker wanting to bring me there so you can taste it. I grip onto the table as your licks become very powerful even demanding. Before I know it, it is upon me.

"Ohh baby here it comes. Yes! " I scream out.

I start shaking and shuddering as my orgasm washes over me. You quickly start licking up the cum juices letting them run down your throat. They taste so very good to you. You then decide that you can't wait anymore to fuck me cause your cock is so very hard and ready. You get up off the floor and pick me up turning my back to the dance floor. You sit down in the chair and you grab onto my hips. You pull me down onto your lap letting your cock slide into me. We both moan loudly at entry. I wrap my arms and legs around you tightly as you start fucking me.

You don't fuck me slowly. You fuck me roughly really giving it to me extra hard. You reach down and grab my hips holding them. I throw my head back and I start riding you my pussy tightening around your cock. You moan loudly cause it feels really good. The club starts getting really crowded. You decide that you want to fuck me somewhere more private. You don't like having all these people around getting in the way. You want to know if I want to get out of here too.

"Steph, baby, want to go somewhere more private?" you ask me.

I respond by squeezing my pussy tightly around you once. I would speak but the pleasure is so fucking amazing that I am speechless. You realize that's my way of saying yes. You then slowly stand up with me still wrapped around you. We start walking going towards the front doors. We reach them quickly. I free one of my hands off your back. I then open the doors. We then walk out of the club with you still carrying me.

Your cock never leaves my pussy as I stay wrapped around you tightly and as you have your hands under my ass supporting me. People stare at us in awe as we leave, totally jealous of the pleasure we are giving each other. We walk a few steps outside not even noticing that it is pouring down rain. We both suddenly look up and realize that it is raining. We feel our bodies getting totally drenched. We stop looking up at the rain and start looking directly in each other’s eyes.

"Should we go back inside?" I say.

You just smile at me and lead us to the park. We reach the park and are now under a street lamp on the grass. You put me on my back looking at my sexy body. Noticing the rain falling on my tits and how it is making them shine under the light. You move on top of me. You insert your cock back into my pussy, fucking me deeply. I bring my legs up onto your shoulders, taking it all from you like a good little slut. You watch as the rain is soaking my incredibly sexy body.

"Ohh Steph, you look absolutely delicious under me, taking all of my cock and loving it so much." you say.

"Ohh, yes baby. Keep giving it to me. Harder and harder. Make me your little slut that you fuck all of the time." I say.

Hearing that drives you over the edge. As you reach down and squeeze my ass you empty yourself into my tight pussy. Filling it up with your hot juicy cum as you pump me harder, hearing me cumming with you and screaming out loud. You lean down and nibble on my ear making me sigh softly. You then pull away so you can say something. You then collapse on top of me still fucking me.

"Umm, my little slut loves taking it in any location don't you?" you say.

I nod in agreement as I allow you to keep nibbling on my ear, moving your still hard cock around in me. You are savoring the moment until it goes soft. But it doesn't go soft. Instead it is feeling awfully good to you again while it moving around inside of me.

"Steph, I can't believe this, but my cock isn’t going soft inside of you after cumming." You say.

I smile at you and I squeeze your cock with my pussy.

"Yes baby, I think your cock is as much of a slut for sex as I am." I say.

I push you over onto your back taking charge. I then mount your cock squatting over you so I can rise and fall on it. You are now sinking your cock deeply into me with each movement I make up and down. I grasp my tits and squeeze them, moving my head back and moaning to the fucking. You steady me with your hands on my hips and bring me down harder with each movement. You are moaning as well. We then look over and see the 3 girls that you had just fucked watching us and getting turned on themselves. They begin to touch each other and finger fuck each other, exposing their bodies to the world in this rain, as we keep on fucking harder and harder.

"Look at those bitches Steph. They wish that could have me, but I'm all yours and I love fucking you so good my little slut." You say.

I smile a lustful smile and bounce harder on you, driving you wilder as you massage my clit with your finger. I begin to cum, fucking more violently now as my juices gush out around your cock. You cum with me, filling my pussy up yet again with more cum juices.
I collapse on top of you, still grinding into you as you grind back into me, loving the fucking feeling that we are sharing. We then kiss passionately and lustfully. Our kiss is so hot that when the rain hits us, it just turns into steam. You then lean up and break the kiss. You look up into my eyes.

“Let’s go back to my place, baby. Where we can be fully alone for sure.” You say.

I look down into your eyes. I hear you and I open my mouth to respond.

“Okay baby. Let’s do that.” I say.

I slowly stand up letting your cock fall out of my pussy. I then step to my left and walk on the now rain soaked grass over to another streetlight. I lean against it waiting for you to join me. You stand up next knocking off what grass you can off your body. You see me standing by a streetlight and you walk over to me. You then hold out your hand for me to take.

I reach out and take your hand. I then step away from the streetlight. I walk over to you getting my body close to yours. You notice this and you grip onto my hand tighter. You then start walking forward feeling the rain come down harder now really getting your body fully soaked. I walk forward with you feeling the rain hit me and having the same effect. I just laugh not even caring about getting soaked. I’m having too much sexual fun with you to care.

You let go of my hand and bring your arm around my waist pulling me even closer to you. I feel this and I bring my arm around your back pulling you closer to me. We walk for 15 minutes in the grass and on some concrete heading for your house. Since we are still nude, we attract quite a lot of attention. People stop their cars on the street just to look at us. We both get our share of whistles and offers for some hot fucking from complete strangers. But we just ignore them. The only hot fucking that we want to do is with each other.

You see your house in the distance. You smile cause you really want to get there so you can fuck me some more. You start walking faster. Your still very hard cock already aches from withdraw and need. I feel you walking faster and I speed up my walking just so I can keep up with you. I see a house in the distance and I have a feeling that that house is yours. I want to ask you just to make sure though.

“Baby, is that your house up there that I see?” I ask you.

“Yes baby it is. God, I already want you so very bad again. I can’t get enough of you. You are the best slut that a guy could ever ask for. Just thinking of all the things you will do with and for me makes my cock harder.” You say.

I feel my pussy grow wetter just from hearing that one statement. I find myself not wanting to wait to be fucked by you. I just want to go ahead and be fucked by you again right here. But I know that you want to wait until we get there to your place to fuck me.

“Oh baby. I want you so very bad again too. My pussy has gotten wetter in just a matter of a few seconds. I want to be fucked by you again. I don’t know how much longer I can wait. “ I say.

You hear me. Just hearing those words about my wet pussy has you very much more aroused now. You just have to find out how wet I am for yourself. If I am as wet as I say that I am, you just know that you’re going to end up picking me up and carrying me to your house. Just so we can get there. You move your hand off my back going towards my hips. You find my hips and you move your hand towards my pussy. You find my pussy. You then take one of your fingers and shove it inside me.

I feel your finger inside me and I moan loudly into the rainy night air. I start instinctively riding your finger like a cock for I cannot help myself. You feel me ride your finger. You shove it up deeper inside me enjoying the feeling of my pussy once again. You feel how wet I truly am. I feel you shove your finger deeper inside me. I moan louder wanting to be fucked by you really badly now. You hear my moans. You know for sure now that you can’t wait any longer. You pull your finger out of me bringing it up to your mouth.

You then shove your finger into your mouth tasting my juices. You pull your finger out and bring your hand back around my body. But instead of placing your hand on my hips, you place it under my legs. You then take your other hand and place it under my waist. You pick me up holding me close to you. I squeal with delight when I feel you pick me up. I move my hand up off your back to your neck. I wrap it around the back of your neck. I then hold on tightly to you.

You feel me hold on tightly to you. You start running towards the house wanting to get there more quickly than before. I feel you running and I hold on tighter. I can feel your cock rub against my pussy as we run. I moan softly feeling that. The reason I can feel it is because since you are so hard your cock is just sticking up into the air. Since I am so close to you, it just naturally rubs against me. You feel your cock rub against my pussy and you moan softly. You then run faster to the house. We reach your house quickly.

You take your free hand and you open your door. You let it swing open. We then walk inside the house. You turn around and shut the door with your free hand. You then lock it so we can’t be disturbed. We walk through your livingroom to your bedroom. We reach your bed. You lay me down on the bed letting your hands slip from underneath me. You then climb on top of me and slide your cock inside of me. We fuck wildly all night and into the day. But we don’t stop there.

We fuck everyday now.

Because I moved in with you and I am still your personal wild little slut forever for you to fuck whenever and wherever you want to.

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