Next Door Lovers

You've been living next door to me in our modest houses for a couple of years now. You think that I am an incredibly sexy lady, but nothing sexual has developed between us yet. You notice how I love showing off my body, and you've had to hide your hard cock from me on several occasions when we're talking over our back fence while I sunbathe in my tiny bikini. One day you're walking back from getting the mail and you notice a couple of teenagers looking in my side window and gasping. They are all rubbing their cocks as they stare in.

"Wow, look at those huge tits" and "Ohh, she's pushing her finger inside her pussy now" and "Ohh, Ohh, she just made me cum." are some things that they say.

You hear them say that. Curious, you go up behind them and look inside to see me on my couch. My blouse is open with my tits exposed while one hand works them over, and my other hand is up my short skirt as I lay back sl**ping. I am getting myself off as I sl**p, and it's making the teens get off as well. Disgusted by them you chase them off. But then you stare in the window and get excited.

You watch as my finger penetrates my sopping wet pussy while the other hand is squeezing my tits harder and harder. My moans can be heard outside of the window, and you get in a nearby bush to watch while no one can see you. You pull your rock hard cock out and stroke it as you watch me, getting more and more excited. I now have 2 fingers fucking myself deeply. Then my eyes come open, and I realize what I've been doing.

You don't know that I am awake. You can't move because you are totally at awe in what you're watching. I then look over and see you hiding in the bush. You duck thinking that I didn't see you. You suddenly hear my window open. My head pops out as I am still looking at you. My tits are in full view for your eyes to see.

"Did you enjoy my show? Can't believe I was doing that while sl**ping." I say.

Your face turns beat red but you face me anyway. You are looking at my dangling nipples. You then f***e your eyes up to mine.

"Umm, sorry Steph. You see, there were these k**s looking in the window, and I chased them off when I realized that they were watching you please yourself." You say.

"Wow, I didn't know that the whole neighborhood was watching. Now they'll think I'm some sort of slut." I say.

As I say that I wink at you and I stand up so that my wet juicy pussy is just over the windowsill. I lean against the window with my tits pressed hard against it. You take my cue and walk to the window. You immediately lick my precious pussy lips tasting the juices that you have already generated there. You move them all around as your hands grab my ass and pull me tight into you. You then look up and watch me press my breasts harder against the window, causing my areolas to spread out for people to see if they just look. I moan loudly as I feel your mouth licking my pussy lips. I look back down at you knowing that you are staring at my breasts. I decide that I want to take this further with you.

"Oh baby, let's take this inside. Come around my front door and I'll let you in." i say.

You quickly realize what I'm hinting at. You move your mouth from my pussy and literally run over towards my front door, jumping over some flowers. I quickly move from the window and walk over to my front door. I take off what clothes I have on and throw them into the floor. I then open my door and see you standing there. I see your cock all hard for me and your mouth glistening with my juices.

God how good you look.

I pull you into my house slamming the door behind you. You quickly shed off all your clothes. You then come up and kiss me with a passion of a thousand fires. I kiss you back sharing the same passion. You suddenly pick me up in your strong arms and carry me to the bed. We reach the bed quickly. You lay me down and kiss me some more. You then pull back and stand up.

"There's something I have to admit to you Steph. I have wanted you for a while now. Every time we talked over the fence and I saw you in that bikini of yours I got so hard just looking at you that I had to hide it so that you wouldn't know. But now I'm not going to hide it anymore. I want you so bad and I'm going to have you." you say.

I wait until you are done to respond for I have something to admit to you.

"Well baby, I have something to admit too. Every time I saw you while we were talking over the fence my pussy grew wet. I have wanted you for a while now too. There's something else that I've been doing that you have no idea about. Every night while you were asl**p I've been sneaking over to your house and watching you. I know what you do in your sl**p at night. I've seen you jack off in your bed before. I've heard you call out my name. While you were doing that, I would finger my pussy and play with my tits until I came. I would then sneak off and go back to my house before you ever had the chance to realize I was there." i say.

Your mouth flies open in response to what I just said. You can't believe you had no idea that I was watching you.

"So are you going to cum over here baby so we can have some fun or are you just going to stand there?" I say.

I spread my legs wide open and bring them up. You look at me. You see that I have spread my legs wide and you walk back over to the bed. You crawl in between my legs bringing your mouth up to mine. You kiss me again. You then slide your cock in my pussy and slowly start fucking me. I scream out loudly in ultimate pleasure. The scream is muffled but can still be heard by anyone who might be passing by. You thrust slowly into me some more then you pull out. I become confused not understanding why you are pulling out. You move your mouth off mine.

"What are you doing baby? Why did you pull out?" I ask.

You look into my eyes and open your mouth to tell me why.

"I am just teasing you with my cock for now. I'm giving you a little taste of how I'm going to fuck you after I've had my fill of eating your sweet pussy. Only I won't be going slowly. I'll be pumping into you fast.,” you say.

You then move down my body sucking on my tits. You kiss your way down reaching my pussy. You move off the bed slightly getting on your knees. You then reach up and grab my ass cupping it into your hands. You pull my pussy closer to your mouth. You take your tongue and quickly lick my clit. You then shove your tongue into my pussy. You taste my juices that are hidden deep inside.

"Ohh baby. Yes!" I scream out.

I hear some rustling outside and I turn my head only to notice the two boys that you sent away earlier are back now. They are watching again. Only this time they are not by the fence. They are at the window. I can hear their moans of pleasure as they stroke themselves as they watch us.

"Ooh look, now she's got someone with her. Hey wait I recognize him. It's that guy that shooed us off. Lucky fuck. Getting to have some of that." they say.

You are too busy licking me that you don't hear them. But I do. You keep on going at my pussy with your tongue. You love the taste of it. You see me kneading my tits with my hands, pinching my nipples as I moan for more and more of you. You feel my body begin to buck as I scream out in pleasure and cum on your face. You lap it all up and swallow my sexy juices. You then crawl on top of me pressing your hips against mine as we kiss deeply, letting me taste yourself.

"Oh Steph you are such a little slut. Loving the taste of yourself." you say.

"Yes baby I love it so much. Fuck me like a nasty whore baby." I say.

You jump off me and pull me over to the window. You don't know about the guys out there though that are watching us.

"Baby, I want the whole would to see how my slut gets fucked by me." you say.

You lean me against the window and I hold my hands out wide on the window, letting my nipples press against the window. I then bend over slightly as I feel your hands rubbing up and down my tight sexy ass. You then plunge into my pussy from behind giving the guys outside a great view of me being fucked like a whore as you pound into me. You rub my tits at the same time moaning in the pleasure that I am giving you.

"That feels so fucking good baby. Oohh ummm. Yes baby you are getting your money's worth out of me my sexy hunk." I say.

You keep drilling me from behind, loving the feel of my sexy body. You are wanting even more and more of me. You then begin to lose it emptying yourself into my pussy as I cum with you. Our juices drip out of my pussy and onto the floor in a stream. You pull in tight to me. Then you notice the teenage boys watching us from outside. I turn my head slightly to the right and notice that you have spotted our own two personal peeping toms. I then open my mouth and speak.

"They saw it all baby." I say.

"They're so young. Do you think they understand? Maybe we should give them a fucking lesson." you say.

As you say that their teenage girlfriends walk down the alley to them wondering what is going on. They walk up to them seeing them looking in my window. They look into the window themselves. They see us standing there with my ass to your front seeing that your cock is still fucking my body. They smile and find that they have suddenly gotten very hot just watching us. The girls slowly pull their clothes off exposing their nude bodies to the whole world. They then step in front of their boyfriends.

The guys notice that their girlfriends are nude in front of them. They both bring their hands up and start touching each girl making her moan. The girls return the touching making the guys moan in return. Both of us just watch this scene. The guys push each girl up against the brick of the house, shoving their fingers in their pussies. I become really hot and wet watching this. You become really hot and hard watching it too. I notice this quickly.

"Ooh fuck me again baby. Please." I say.

You don't even speak. You just grab me by the hips and pull your cock out of my pussy. You then stick it into my ass and start fucking me hard. I scream out in ultimate pleasure. You hear me and you just push your cock in deeper. I can feel my ass stretch around your cock. It feels good in a pain/pleasure kind of way. You then step backwards and sit down in a chair, pulling me down with you. You reach up and pull hard on my nipples stretching them outwards.

"Ride me hard slut.,” you say.

I aim to please, so I start riding your cock hard. The couples outside can hear the sound of my ass bouncing off your legs.

"Ohh yeah just like that. Um you are such a attentive slut." you say.

The more dirtier that you talk, the more turned on I get. The couples outside suddenly start fucking. Although I can't see what they are doing, I can tell that the girls are riding the guys.

"Oh yeah baby, ride my cock." , "Your tits look so good bouncing up and down like that." , "Mmm baby hold on while "daddy" takes you for a ride on his big cock. That's it. Such a good "little girl" you are." are some sentences that I can hear.

You hear these sentences too and that just causes you to pump my ass harder.

"How much do you like having me fucking you in this tight ass of yours? I want to know. Tell me now or I will pull out of you." you say.

"I like it a whole lot baby. I really fucking like it. It just feels so good and so naughty. Please don't stop baby. Don't ever stop." I say.

You can feel your orgasm coming on. I can feel mine too. You move one of your hands and reach down to my clit. You start rubbing my clit as hard as you can wanting to feel me cum on your fingers. I feel this and it pushes me closer. So close that with one more rub, I will explode on you. You pump me harder and harder. You then feel it. Your orgasm. You explode inside of my ass filling it up with your cum. I then cum at the same time, cumming hard all over your fingers.

You gather as much of my juices as you can on your fingers. You then bring it up to mouth and you shove your fingers inside licking them clean. You take your fingers out of your mouth. I turn my mouth towards yours, meeting it with a kiss. We kiss hungrily and we mix our tongues together the taste of me saturating both of our mouths. I can hear loud moaning and screaming outside. I know that both teenage couples are cumming together. The sound of pleasure is very beautiful. But suddenly I hear a name being called out.

"Oh Steph! Fuck yes baby!" both guys cry out at the same time.

I can't believe it. Neither can you.Both girls hear my name being called out and they get upset.

"Why the fuck didn't you call out my name! Who the fuck is Steph!" both girls scream out at the same time.

Both guys realize what they had just said and they start apologizing to their girls. The girls climb off the guys grabbing their clothes and putting them on. They then walk away with the two guys following them. They disappear down the street. We keep on kissing. I then climb off you and walk over to the window shutting it and closing the blinds. I walk back over to you.

"Now we won't be disturbed." I say.

You smile at me. I smile back at you. You stare at my sexy body and smell the scent of our sex in the air. I climb on the bed and you climb on it with me. We then lay on our sides facing each other. We begin rubbing our hands up and down each other's bodies.

"Ohhh Steph, you make me feel like such a man baby." you say.

"Yes baby I know. You make me feel like a wonderful slut." I say.

You smile and reach in your glass of ice water for an ice cube. You lay me on my back with my nipples pointed up. You slowly run the ice cube around the base of my breasts circling around them and then slowly climbing the mounds. I am squirming slightly and moving my hips around like you are on top of me. But nothing is there.

You reach the summit of my breasts, letting the ice sit on my nipple and melt there. A few ice drops go down each mound sending chills throughout my body. You move the ice between my breasts. You then begin to suck on one breast as you move the ice down to my belly button. You circle around it and then right over top of it letting a drop of water go inside of it. I have my legs open wide and you move the ice over my pussy. The cold hard surface presses against my pussy lips as I push up against it, moaning and squirming to the sensations. You bite down on my nipple squeezing it in your teeth and pulling away with it still in your teeth stretching out my breast. You feel my hands on your head as you do this.

"Fuck me baby. Umm, that ice is making me want it so bad. Fuck me you big man you. Fuck me hard." I say.

You roll me onto my breasts pulling my ass cheeks apart and then letting the ice cube rub against my ass hole as I keep my hips moving, wanting it so badly.

"Ohhh Steph, you are making me so hot with your hips movements. I know that you want my hot rod plunging deeply into your body don't you baby?" you say.

"Umm baby I'm so fucking hot and horny. Yes please. I'm your slut and treat me accordingly." I say.

You pull me up to all 4's and move behind me. You don't waste any time and thrust into my pussy doggie style. You pull back on my shoulders as you fuck me deeper and deeper with every thrust. We are moaning loudly as we fuck so deep and so hard. Feeling so good to each of us. You pull back on my hair, driving in deeper and deeper. Feeling the back of my pussy as you pump harder and harder

"My good slut Stephanie. Umm so good. Fucking you so hard you little slut." You say.

I just grunt back pushing back with each thrust forward as I cum with you in me. It drives you over the edge and you cum into my pussy hard. Our juices mix and spill out onto the floor. You then collapse on top of me pushing me down fully onto the bed. You reach over and kiss me on the neck. I sigh softly as I feel you do that. I lay there on the bed still feeling the after effects of our hot fucking. You then pull your mouth off my neck and bring it down near my ear.

"That was some great fucking, baby." you say.

"Yes baby, it sure was. Some great fucking indeed. Especially with the fact that we were being watched." I say.

"Ah yes I really enjoyed us being watched. Made our fucking much more hotter." you say.

You then lean up and pull your cock out of me. It has gone soft but we both know that if you want to get it hard again you can. You pull your body off mine and you roll onto your back on the bed. You then sit up letting yourself rest and catch your breath. I sit up on my knees on the bed. I then turn around and sit next to you. I reach over and take your hand in mine. I then lean over and kiss you. You kiss me back holding onto my hand snugly. We kiss for 20 minutes then stop.

You pull your mouth away from mine and get up off the bed. You then walk from the bedroom to the living room. You grab your clothes and put them on .I get up off the bed next. I walk from the bedroom to the living room where I grab my clothes. I put them on. I then stand next to you. You walk over to me kissing me hard on the lips. I kiss you back. You then pull your lips away from mine and bring your mouth to my ear.

"I would love to fuck you again sometime soon. You are an awesome hot lover. If you feel the same way and want to be fucked by me again sometime soon, all you have to do is come over to my house. I'll be waiting for you." you whisper to me.

You then bring your mouth away from my ear and walk towards the front door.

"I'll do that. Look for me soon, okay." I say.

You turn your head towards me and smile. You then open the front door and walk outside. You walk from my house to yours whistling a happy tune the whole way. I walk towards my front door. I stick my head outside my door turning it to the right. I watch you walk towards your house. I find that I am whistling the same happy tune that you are. I then bring my head back into the house. I shut my front door and lock it. I then walk towards my bedroom where I get into bed. I smile as I think of you. I then go to sl**p. You reach your house. You open your door and walk inside. You then shut it and walk to your bedroom. You reach your bed and climb in to it. You smile as you think of me. You then go to sl**p.

Everything has changed between us. For now we are no longer just neighbors. We are lovers.

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4 years ago
i need a neighbor like that
4 years ago
my neighbours aren't like that...
4 years ago