Kinky Love

We have been talking on the phone and in Instant Messages with each other all day, telling each other how bad we want each other and that we are both so turned on thinking about each other.

I tell you that when you get home from the office I will be waiting on the bed, nice and naked for you.

Ready to be your little fuck toy.

You tell me that you have a surprise for me as well. You then smile as we say goodbye and hang up the telephone.

As you’re driving home from the office, I call you.

“I am in bed playing with myself and getting all wet thinking about what you are going to do to me.” I say.

Just hearing that turns you on so much.

You start getting hard in your pants right there in the car while you’re driving home.

As soon as you pull into the garage, you start to strip off your clothes and head towards the bedroom.

I am lying on the bed, and I see your shadow walking towards me. I see that you are completely naked and that your big cock is standing straight out, hard as hell.

The sight of your body and your big cock excites me. My pussy starts to flow, my sweet juices dripping all the way down my legs.

Walking over to the bed, you grab me by the back of my head and pull me up towards your face.

You hold my head in your hands as you lean down and give me a great big passionate kiss.

Our tongues dive in and out of each others mouths, trying to have it all at once.

You reach down with your hands and pull me up to you. Then you take your hands and to play with my tits. You squeeze and massage them.

You then take your fingers and place them on my nipples. You pull and twist on them hard.

I start to moan as my nipples become rock hard.

You push me down on my back onto the bed. You then get on top of me.

I feel the heat of your body against mine feeling your big huge cock pulsating on my leg. I moan and whimper in sheer joy.

You then put my hands above my head and grin wickedly as you pull out a pair of handcuffs.

I moan with delight knowing your going to make it to where I can’t move. I love when you get kinky with me.

You then proceed to take the handcuffs and handcuff my hands to each bedpost.

You lean down and lick my ear. You then speak into it.

“You are my little fuck toy, baby. I am going to pound you so hard, like the fucking little cum slut that you are.” You say.

I just grin and purr happily, knowing that I am about to be pounded hard.

You take my legs and place them over your shoulders. You take the tip of your dick and put it right in front of my quivering pussy.

I am aching for you to push it inside me. I want it so badly.

You know this but you don’t want to make it too easy.

“Beg for my cock, bitch. I want to hear you begging for it like the little slut that you are for me to fuck you.” You say.

“Oh please baby slide that big cock into me. I need and want it so badly. I am such a slut for that cock baby. I need to feel you inside me. Give it to me baby. Turn me into more of a slut for you.” I say.

You hear my hot sexual begging and you decide to give it to me.

Because you want me just as bad as I want you.

You slowly slide all the way inside my tight little pussy, causing me to start moaning more.

I look down letting out a huge gasp as I see and feel your thick cock press into me, stretching me out. I continue to moan loudly.

You smile and pull all the way out. You then slam your cock all the way back into my tight little hole, making me scream with joy as you pump hard.

You then start going in and out of me. Faster and harder pumping my pussy so hard with your big fat cock.

“You are my little nasty slut and my little whore. I just fucking love giving my big cock to you baby.” You say.

“I am your nasty little bitch baby. I love when you fuck me so very hard like this. Drives me so fucking crazy.” I say.

I then scream out in pleasure not being able to help myself.

You then do something that I am not even expecting to happen.

While I am still handcuffed, you push my legs back behind my head. You then really drive in and punish my pussy with your cock.

The feel of your cock so deep inside me and how hard you are fucking me, coupled with the fact that I am restrained becomes too much for me.

I start to scream your name and cum all over your pounding cock.

You feel my pussy tighten around your throbbing dick. You pump harder and deeper, making me cum again.

I scream even louder in a huge second wave of ultimate pleasure.

As soon as I cum on your cock, you pull out and stand right over my face.

You then f***e your cock into my mouth. You tell me to be a good little whore and suck our combined juices off your cock.

I start to greedily suck your thickness, trying to take in as much as my can.

You start to pump your cock down my throat telling me to keep on sucking.

I gag a little but you tell me to suck all your cum off your cock and take your cock all the way in.

After I suck your cock for a little while longer, you pull out of my mouth and remove the handcuffs. You then put me on all fours, and handcuff my hands again.

You then get behind me.

“I am now going to fuck your little asshole hard. Don’t try to resist for you will never win.” You say.

I hear you and I moan a little. I then flat out scream as I feel your pussy soaked cock push into my tight little asshole.

It hurts at first but you continue having your way with me not letting up.

“Take my cock slut. Take it like the whore you are.” You say.

All I can is moan and whimper a little out of pain.

You slowly push your all the way inside my ass. You then start to go faster and harder.

The pain goes away as I feel you inside my ass. I am ready for you to start slamming your cock in and out. I moan loudly letting you know this.

You hear my moan and you know that I am ready.

You start slamming all the way in and out of my ass, making me scream as you pound my asshole good.

Soon you are hammering me so hard that I am on my stomach while you just lay your hard cock into me deeper and deeper.

“Finger your pussy while I fuck you.” you say.

I hear you. I then reach under me and shove my fingers in my pussy.

You slam in and out of my hot ass harder.

I start working my pussy good. I then feel a huge rush.

You continue to pound my asshole keeping up a very lustful rhythm.

I start to explode and scream again. I shake as I cum hard. I cum so hard it actually shoots out of my cunt and onto the bed.

You’re ready to cum now too, so you pull out and move up to my face.

“Look at me and open your mouth. You’re going to taste my cum and swallow it.” You say.

You then jerk your cock off in front of me.

I open wide and stick my tongue out ready to taste you.

You start to scream and moan as you shoot huge hot streams of thick cum all over my face and into my mouth. The jizz completely covers my face.

You then unhandcuff me.

“Suck the rest of the cum out of my cock. You are my good little cock slut.” You say.

I suck out every drop of cum from your dick. Then I start to lick up the cum off my face like a good cum eating whore.

We then collapse for a little rest

And get ready to go again!
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