Hotel Sex

You im me and tell me to meet you at a hotel. You then tell me to bring my toys and come prepared for a night of fun. I start asking you for details but you will not tell me any. All you will tell me is "be ready for me.". I become wet at the thought of what we might do together. I reach down and rub my pussy under my shorts then my panties feeling how truly wet I am. I can tell I'm already soaked. I rub my pussy some more telling you on the im. Reading that makes your cock get hard quickly and you start stroking thinking of getting my pussy around you. You tell me that you are masturbating too and I immediately have an orgasm without even barely touching my clit. I gasp as it runs through me. I tell you and you just moan at the thought. We both sit there masturbating for a while.

You then tell me it is time for you to go to the hotel and to get the room. You then tell me to go ahead and come over there to meet you. I say "okay" and turn off my computer. I then get up and grab my keys heading out the door. I quickly drive to the hotel and arrive just in time to see you heading towards the room with the key in hand. My clit throbs as I watch you..taking in your entire body with my hungry eyes. I get out of the car and walk up behind you keeping my distance a little so not to let you know I am there.

I watch as you reach the room and open the door walking inside then shutting the door behind you. I decide to act like I just got there so I slowly stroll up to the door. I then knock, as all the while my pussy is getting wetter. You hear my knock at the door and you walk up to it opening it. You see me standing there and you smile. At the same time your cock throbs through your shorts.

"Come in sexy.," you say and I do.

As soon as I walk in, you close the door behind us. You then come up to me and stand behind me, your arms wrapping around my waist as you push your cock into my short covered ass. I moan as I feel how hard you are. I push back a little rubbing myself against you. You can't take much more and you quickly bring yourself in front of me. You then grab my hand and lead me back to the door where you open it. We then walk outside.

I am not sure where we are going but I don't want to ask as I don't want to spoil the mood. We walk down the sidewalk and then suddenly stop. You notice I have my backpack full of sex toys and you are glad I brought it. You let go of my hand and lightly push me up against the wall of the building. You then reach down and cup your hand over my pussy feeling the wetness soaking through my panties and shorts.

"Mmmm you're so wet for me, aren't you." you say as you start rubbing finding my clit easily.

I shudder and moan as I feel your hand working me over. You love that sound and you do it more then stop. You then reach into my bag and pull out the blindfold quickly bringing it up to my head slipping it over my eyes so I can't see where you are taking me.

"Mmm that's so hot seeing my new little fuck toy blindfolded like that." you say.

You then rub my pussy a little bit more then stop again. You grab my hand again and we start walking more to the destination you have picked out for us. I feel my arousal growing not knowing where we are going loving the kinkiness of the situation. All the while as you are leading us there, you bring my hand (the one your holding) up to your covered cock making me stroke you as you walk. You have to control it however, because you know if you do not you wouldn't be able to make it any further before having to fuck me right there on the sidewalk.

You see our destination straight ahead..which is a elevator that is completely empty. You know what your plan is for us in that tie me up and have your way with me knowing we will both love it. We quickly speed up our walking as you pull my hand harder onto your cock feeling me as I rub faster wanting so badly to get that cock inside me. We then reach our destination and you push the button on the elevator watching as it opens. You know nobody else will be using this tonight, as you made sure of it beforehand.

You lead us into the elevator pushing the button to close the door. You then lightly push me against the elevator wall, quickly moving my hand off your cock. You undress me and then yourself throwing both our clothes to the side. You reach into the bag and pull out some clothespins. You notice my nipples are hard and are just right for pinching. But first, you lean down and suck on them hearing me moan. You like how hard my nipples feel between your lips. You then bite on them feeling me shake and shudder with pleasure/pain.

"Oh so you like that don't you. Well if you like that then wait until you feel this." you say.

With that you remove your mouth and place the clothespins on my tits, one at a time. I moan out loud because of the sudden sensation on my tits. You then stand back to admire your work so far and feel your cock jump with extreme horniness. You want to just take me right there but you know you still have more to go before you can fuck me. You reach into the bag and grab the handcuffs opening them. You grab my arms and place them over my head with one hand as you use the other one to place the cuffs around them quickly locking them into place. I feel my handcuffs holding my hands above my head and I know now for sure there is no turning back that this is the point of no return. You then stand back and admire your work some more.

"God damn you look so sexy. I can't wait to taste that pussy of yours. Are you ready to feel my tongue baby?" you ask in a husky tone.

"Yes I am very much ready." I say in a breathy seductive tone.

You lean forward and kiss me, slipping your tongue in my mouth feeling my tongue slip into yours in return. We start French kissing as you bring your hands up to my tits tweaking the clothespins feeling my nipples being tweaked at the same time. I moan loudly into our kiss as I feel your hands playing with the clothespins. We kiss some more then you pull away letting your tongue run over to my ear and then down my neck your hands slowing moving downwards towards my pussy. I gasp and moan with every lick wanting so badly to shove my pussy onto your tongue. But I know I must wait.

Your tongue finds it way down to my tits where you lick my swollen nipples and around the clothespins taking in every inch of tit flesh. You feel your cock growing harder and your tongue getting hungrier. You know you can't wait anymore. You reach up and take my hand gently lying me down on the floor making sure it's not too dirty. You then get down on the floor next to me as I lay down the rest of the way and spread my legs open wide my juices whiffing through the air. You smell them and quickly get in down between my legs. You then let go of my hand and bring them both up to my lips holding them open. Your tongue waters as my entire pussy comes into view. You bring your tongue forward and start licking my pussy starting at the top and working your way down then back again. Your tongue feels so good that it's driving me crazy.

I feel my juices run into your mouth as you lick more and more. I want you to finger me and I let you know that by lifting my hips into your face. You notice that and you slip your left hand down to my pussy sliding your index finger into my sweet wet pussy.

"Oh yes! Give me more." I cry out.

You hear me and know what I want but you're not ready to give it yet. You just start fingering me as your tongue works over my pussy taking my clit into your mouth as you start sucking. You then bite down lightly and hear me cry out. You can tell that I like it so you do it again. You then lick my clit where you bit feeling it swell between your lips. Your tongue is like magic on my pussy and I can feel my orgasm coming on so fast.

"Come on baby..make me cum..make me cum." I start saying over and over.

You hear me and you start licking harder working your finger faster. I feel my orgasm coming on and I know there's no stopping it.

"Oh yes I'm cumming!" I cry out.

You hear me and you just start licking faster working your finger even quicker. I then cum on your tongue my entire body shaking as my orgasm washes over me. You taste my juices as they soak your tongue. You wait until I'm done coming then get up onto your knees bringing your cock up to my pussy. You line it up then shove it in bringing your arms down at the same time to brace yourself as we fuck. I quickly wrap my legs around you pulling your body tight to my body making us become one.

We start fucking hard not caring to even try to go slow our two bodies working like a fine oiled machine pumping and grinding. Our moans become one as we both feel the most incredible pleasure of our lives occurring right here. You bring your mouth down to mine and we start kissing our tongues quickly sliding inside each other's mouths, our kisses becoming more hot and lustful. We start fucking harder and harder the sound of skin slapping skin echoing in the elevator. You then decide you want me doggie style so you quickly pull out of me.

"Turn over and get on your knees." you say.

I move as quickly as I can getting in that position. You get behind me and slide your cock back in using one hand to grab onto my hair as your other one slaps my ass repeatedly. We start fucking again our two bodies getting back into sync. You slap my ass harder as you fuck me quicker feeling your own orgasm coming on.

"Ah yes I'm cumming." you say.

I hear you and then suddenly we both feel your warm cum shooting into my pussy.

"Oh fuck baby..ohhhhhhh gawdddddddddddddddddd." you cry out.

Feeling your warm come makes me cum again too and I cry out with you. You then lightly collapse on top of me gathering your breath as I gather mine. We both lay there for a while then you pull out. I move off my knees and sit down on the floor. You reach down and help me stand up pulling the clothespins off my tits watching my face as I wince as the bl**d flow comes back. You then undo the cuffs putting them all into the bag. The last thing you take off is my blindfold. I open my eyes and look at you.

You put the cuffs away then lean forward kissing me. We quickly get dressed. You then take my hand and open the elevator door. We walk out the elevator and back to the room. Once we get inside, we go at it again. We go into a hot 69 then fuck again all night until morning both of us satisfied.
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