Hot Gangbang Orgy

I was at home feeling somewhat bored but really horny. My pussy hadn't been touched in days except by me and I was needing some action badly. I was walking around my house and decided to look outside. I noticed that my neighbor next door was having some work done so I decided to look at who was doing it. Suddenly one of the sexiest guys I've ever seen came into view. He stood about 5'11 with a white hat on turned backwards and a sexy muscled body with six pack abs with his shirt off. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet with the fantasies of what he could do to me.

Seeing him working with some wood on a bench, I started fantasizing about him bending me over that bench and fucking me hard right there in public in front of everybody. The thought of that alone made me hot. I then noticed that he wasn't alone and that he had 3 other sexy guys working with him, all of them happening to be shirtless too. My nympho brain started to go into overdrive as all these nasty thoughts of a hot group orgy filled my mind. I could just picture these guys all taking me right there in my neighbor's yard.

I started fantasizing of all the things these four guys could do to me. Have one sucking on my tits, one eating my pussy, one having me suck his rock hard dick, and the other one fucking me from behind. The thoughts alone were making me hot and I knew I had to do something about it. I wanted to go to my bed and masturbate but I decided I'd rather have them make me cum instead of having to do it myself. So I opened the screen door and walked outside, the warm sun hitting my body. I let my eyes focus on them all as I started walking towards my neighbor's yard.

"Hey guys." I said giving my best sexy smile.

They all then looked up at me.

"Hey." they said.

"So I see you're getting all hot and sweaty out here. My don't you all look so damn sexy with your shirts off. So what's everybody's name?" I said as I reached the yard.

Each guy kept looking at me, their eyes roaming up and down my body.

The first hot sexy guy then said to me "Yeah it's quite hot out here. I'm Kevin and these 3 other guys are Chris, Trevor, and Matthew".

Suddenly all the thoughts of what I wanted to happen started running through my head. I decided to be bold and aggressive so I walked up to the Kevin.

"Want to have some fun with me? I am so horny and a complete nympho. ", I then whispered to him.

I then leaned in and kissed him on the lips letting my hand travel down to his shorts and grabbing onto his cock through them. He felt my kiss and hands quickly throwing down his tools. He then pulled me close to his body, letting his hands find their way down to my ass grabbing then squeezing all the while rubbing his hardness against me. I moaned into our kiss letting my free hand run down his back.

I then reached up and took off his hat placing it on my head. He noticed but did not really care. We kissed hotly for a good 5 minutes. We then pulled apart and looked at each other.

"Oh yeah I definitely want to have some hot fun with you babe. Let's get busy." Kevin said.

"Take me right here baby. I'm so horny I cannot wait." I said.

He smiled sexily at me then leaned me up against the wood bench getting in front of me and letting his hands move off my ass. He then placed one hand on my tits and the other on my pussy, rubbing gently. I started moaning to his touch because it just felt so damn good.

"Yeah you slut, moan for me. Moan so god damn loud that all my buddies hear you and want to join. Would you like that?" Kevin said.

"Oh hell fucking yes I would love that. I've always fantasized about being in a orgy." I said.

"Mmmmm good because that is what is going to happen." Kevin said.

He then rubbed my body some more stopping only long enough to take off my clothes. I moaned louder as I felt his mouth move down to my tits and suck on them. I wanted to feel him touch my pussy so badly, to help give me the first release of our sexual encounter together. But I knew I'd have to wait until he was ready to attack my pussy with his tongue. Suddenly all of his buddies started hearing me moan.

"Hey, did you hear that? I could have sworn I just heard a moan of pure pleasure from a woman that was pleased.", Chris said

"Yeah we all heard it too. Sounds really close. Maybe we should go and check it out. Not like the guy who's paying us is really going to care anyways. "Trevor and Matthew said.

So all three of them dropped their tools anyways and walked towards the sounds. Suddenly they walk up onto us, seeing their buddy Kevin getting his mouth full of tit.

"Ah ha, so this is where the moaning is coming from. Damn look at her, she is so sexy. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of that hot ass." They all say.

They stand back and watch as my new lover gets his mouth full of my tit. I look up and notice that we are being watched.

I smile then say, "Join us."

All their eyes suddenly get big as they take in what I just said.

"Are you k**ding?" Trevor says.

I open my mouth to speak. Suddenly Chris says "I don't fucking care is she is or not. I want some pussy and I'm going to get me some right now.".

He then strips off his pants and underwear crouching on the ground. He gets in between my legs placing one of them on his shoulders. He then extends his tongue out and starts eating my pussy using long hard strokes.

"Oh fuck yes eat that pussy." I cry out.

The other two guys look at each other then at me. They both realize that I am dead serious and quickly get their clothes off.

Trevor then comes up to me his dick hard as a rock wanting me to give him one hot blowjob. He knows that I cannot get on my knees to suck him because I have one of his buddies at my pussy eating me out. So he figures out a way to where he can stand and still let me suck him off.

He figures it out and brings his cock up to my mouth shoving it in. I moan at the sensation then start sucking him wildly letting my tongue run over the head then down the shaft. He starts moaning as he feels my tongue and he grabs onto my head holding it there while he starts fucking my mouth. I moan at all the sensations I am feeling, from my tits being sucked to my pussy being eaten while I suck this hard dick.

Kevin switches his mouth back and forth between my two tits getting his mouth full of my sweet milk. He knows that Chris is down between my legs eating my dripping wet pussy and he is glad that such a slut like me is getting partially fulfilled. He thinks partially because he knows I have not been fucked hard yet but he knows that's coming next.

All three guys are working over my body while Matthew watches. He's enjoying the scene he is seeing already but he really wants to join in. So he comes up behind me and grabs onto my hips bringing his hard dick up to me. He then spreads my ass cheeks apart as he shoves his dick right up my pussy. I cry out loudly against Trevor's cock in my mouth as I feel Matthew fucking me.

I am now being fully pleasured and am loving every moment of it. I feel my orgasm coming on so I start grinding my pussy up against both Chris's tongue and Matthew's cock. They both feel that and they know that I'm about to cum. So they both start working together to make that happen. Chris starts licking my clit harder while Matthew starts fucking me harder.

He grabs onto my hips thrusting his hard cock quicker in and out of my pussy making like a jackhammer motion with his dick. I feel myself reaching my orgasmic peak and I know this is it. I grind my pussy against both of them harder as I reach my orgasmic high coming all over Chris's tongue and Matthew's dick. I moan out as loud as I can, my pussy throbbing and shaking with pure pleasure.

I keep on riding out my orgasmic high as both guys keep on pleasing me. Trevor then starts thrusting his cock harder in my mouth as he comes hard. He shoots ropes of hot cum down my throat and I quickly swallow them down letting my tongue run over the head catching any drops that might be left.

"Ohh yeah baby. That felt great. You like the taste of my cum, don't you." Trevor says.

I nod my head letting him know that I do like it. His cock goes soft so he pulls it out and then stands back watching the rest of the hot scene. All the while he is jerking his cock off wanting to get it back to hardness again so he could fuck me. He knows he can do it, but it might take a while. Feeling my mouth empty now, I start crying out loudly in pleasure as I feel the other three guys still pleasuring my body. I find myself wanting a dick in my mouth again so I look down at Kevin.

I then say to him "Hey baby, want me to suck that cock for you?".

He looks up at me and gives me a look saying "Hell yeah.".

He then stops sucking my tits and moves up to my mouth. He unzips his shorts, pulling his boxers down at the same time. He grabs my head and brings his throbbing rock hard dick up to my mouth lightly shoving it in. I then start sucking him, doing the same thing to him that I did to Trevor. He grabs onto my head harder, now shoving his dick in and out of my mouth. I moan as I suck him. I feel Chris and Matthew still working my pussy over and I am loving it.

I then hear Matthew say "Oh yes I'm coming. Going to flood this hot tight wet pussy with my hot steamy come. Get ready to feel me baby.".

Just as soon as he says that, he starts coming deeply inside my pussy filling me up. I feel him come and it feels so damn good. Chris feels it too and he just attacks my clit wildly making me come again. Trevor has gotten hard again and is ready to fuck me. I just know I'm going to have one sore pussy after this but I don't fucking care.

I'm just loving having four hot guys please me. Chris gives my pussy one last lick then stops because he knows that his buddy Trevor wants to fuck me. So he moves his tongue off my pussy, his dick now rock hard too. He wants to fuck me too but he knows he's got to wait. Kevin is still shoving his cock in and out of my mouth. He knows Trevor wants to fuck me but he is not anywhere near done. So he decides to Trevor fuck me while I keep on sucking his hard dick.

Chris is now standing back watching the hot scene too. Matthew notices and he decides to join him. So now both of them are standing there. Trevor notices that my body is somewhat free so he walks over. He then slowly turns me around as not to let his buddies cock slip out of my mouth. He sits down on the grass and pulls me down with him lining my pussy up with his dick. I notice and sit right down on his dick. I then riding him keeping up my sucking pace on Kevin's hard dick.

I suck him harder and quicker as I bounce wildly on Trevor's dick. He brings his hands down and places them on my hips as he starts thrusting hard up into me. I am in pure heaven now feeling both my mouth and pussy being filled up by two hot guys. Both guys notice that I am in pleasure as so are they.

We all three keep on fucking and sucking outside in the hot sun. Kevin then comes deep in my throat as Trevor comes deep in my pussy. I suddenly come with both of them, all three of us crying out into the air. Kevin then pulls his dick out and gives me a quick kiss. He realizes he has to go back to work so he throws his clothes back on. Trevor then kisses me and I kiss him back as he finishes coming in my pussy.

We then hold each other for a little while enjoying the afterglow of our fucking. We both then pull apart and give each other one last kiss before he goes back to work. Now it's just me with the other two guys. I walk up to them giving each one of them a hot kiss in which they both return with steaming passion. They both then get dressed too and go back to work.

I grab my clothes and start walking back to my house, my pussy feeling quite sore but satisfied. I turn around and wave goodbye at them. I then reach my house going inside. I realize I'm quite tired so I go back to my bedroom where I throw my clothes down. I then lay down, the thoughts of my first hot orgy with four of the sexiest guys I've ever seen still running through my head as I drift off to sl**p with a satisfied smile on my face.
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