From One Nympho To Another

After corresponding through e-mails, we both agree to meet. We both know how hot we are for each other.

I can hardly wait. I feel my hard nipples press up against my shirt and my pussy become wet as I think of all the hot stuff we will do.

I am so hot thinking of you that I cannot help but retire to my bed where I can get myself off. I move away from my computer and go over to my bed, stripping my clothes off the whole way there.

I lay down on my bed and spread my smooth legs open wide. I bring a hand up to my tits where I play roughly with my hard nipples, pulling on them and pinching them.

My other hand finds it way down to my dripping wet tight pussy. I find my clit easily and I start rubbing with one finger, my eyes closed and the fantasy of you touching me in my mind.

Your name escapes my lips as I slide a finger down to my fuckhole. I slip it inside deeply and start fingering myself hard.

The image of you in between my legs enters my naughty mind and I push my finger deeper, making it split me open.

I cry out your name again as I start working my one finger on my clit, pushing it downwards and rubbing it extremely hard. The pleasure is so incredible that it makes me see colors.

I add another finger to the one in my fuckhole and I start fucking myself harder and faster with it. I can feel my orgasm building quickly and I want it so bad. I want to scream your name out as I cum.

I keep on rubbing my clit pushing my orgasm closer and closer. The images of you attacking my pussy with your mouth fill my mind over and over.

Suddenly it is upon me and I feel it hit me. I scream out your name as I cum, the fingers in my pussy working simultaneously. I don't stop playing with myself until my orgasm washes over me fully.

After it does that I pull my fingers out of my pussy and bring them up to my mouth. I shove them inside and lick all my tasty juices off, enjoying my small treat.

I then look over at my clock realizing I need to go to bed.

Seeing that you are flying here tomorrow and getting here early, means I need to get some rest. So I get up off my bed and turn my computer off, but not until I leave you a hot lil message to make you want me more.

After doing that I put some clothes on and go to bed. I then go to sl**p. The night passes quickly and soon it is morning. I wake up to the sunlight in my eyes and get out of bed.

I realize quickly that this is the day we are going to meet and it makes me so horny knowing that.

I want to masturbate again but I will wait, cause I want to save it for you. I go and get a shower, getting myself all clean for you. I then get dressed and eat some breakfast. I have to leave in ten minutes cause I have to go pick you up.

Ten minutes passes by quickly. Before I know it it's time. I grab my car keys and other things, heading out to my car. I get to my car and get in starting it.

I then back out and get onto the road. I put the car into drive and drive on ahead to the airport. The traffic on the freeway there is not too bad and I feel my pussy grow wetter just thinking of you.

As for you, you are on the airplane coming here. Thoughts of me have been running through your mind all morning long and your cock is once again painfully hard because of it. You had to use the restroom three times already just to jack off so you can be ready to meet me.

You decide this time though not to jack off, as you want me to see what you have waiting for me. So you stay in your seat. Suddenly you hear the pilot telling everybody that you have arrived at DFW, which is the dallas/forthworth airport.

You feel yourself become more horny just thinking of seeing me and pressing your body up against me.

Your cock strains to be let loose but you hold your composure beautifully. You get out of your seat and walk down the aisle, getting out of the airplane.

You get out of the airplane and start walking towards the airport lobby. You are not sure if I am there yet, but you are waiting.

I finally get through the traffic and I pull into the airport parking lot. I find a space and pull my car into it, stopping it. I then pull my keys out and get of my car shutting the door behind me.

I walk into the airport doors going up the escalator to where you are at. I reach into my pocket and grab a small sign I made for you with your name on it. I decide I'll hold it up so you can find me.

I get to the lobby and I start walking around, holding the sign up above my head to where it can be seen.

You look around, looking for me. Suddenly you see a sign with your name on it and you figure out quickly that I'm the one holding it. You start walking towards the sign.

I look ahead of me and see this really handsome guy walking towards me. I figure out quickly it must be you.

You see me and know you have found the right person. You feel your cock grow harder as you look up and down at my body.

Realizing I have found you, I drop my paper sign.

You reach down to pick it up for me. But as you are doing that, your face comes in contact with my jean-covered pussy. You can smell my hot sexual arousal through them and that makes your mouth water.

I look down, noticing this. Instivinticvly I push my pussy against your mouth, forgetting that we are in public. I then grab onto my firm breasts, squeezing them.

You look up watching me. The sight makes you so hot. And the fact I'm doing it in public makes you hotter. You notice my pussy in your face and you cannot help yourself. You kiss the outside of my jeans then bend down and lick the area where my clit is. Feeling this, I moan loudly.

This makes everybody turn and look at us. I notice this and I look down at you watching you.

"We've got an audience." I say.

You stop licking and look around you noticing the faces. You decide that you are too hot to stop now but you least till we get to the motel.

You get up and stand in front of me. You then lean forward and kiss me hard on the mouth. I move my hands out of the way and press myself against you. I kiss you back.

Our tongues slip into each's other mouths as we kiss. The people around us stop staring and go on their way. While I am kissing you I reach down between us and place my hand on your covered cock.

I start stroking you feeling how hard you are for me. Just the feeling of your hard cock makes my pussy juice soak through my panties and jeans.

You moan into our kiss as I stroke you. You then reach down and place your hand on my soaked jeans. You feel my juices as they get onto your hand. You find my clit quickly and start rubbing it..just to tease me like I am teasing you.

I moan into our kiss as you rub me. I am getting hotter by the second and I know I can't wait much longer. I must have you in the motel now.

I reach down and grab your hand. I then lick the juices off. I move my hand off your cock.

You feel this and you pull your lips away. So do I. You then look at me.

"You ready?" you say

"Mmmmm yes" I say

You take me by the hand and lead me out of the airport. We get to my car quickly. I open both doors and we get in. I start the car and we drive from the airport to the motel.

The whole way there, you hand has found it's way back onto my pussy and you are rubbing me making me wetter and hotter. My hand has found it's way back onto your cock and I am stroking you again.

I drive fastly to the motel. We get there quickly. I pull into a spot and stop the car. We then move our hands off each other and get out of the car. We walk up to the motel and go inside the doors.

I turn to you cause I'm not sure who's going to pay for the room.

"So who's going to pay?" I say to you.

You turn to me. You decide since I picked you up and everything that you will pay for the room. So you go up to counter and take out some money for the room.

I walk around the lobby waiting for you. I look over and notice you standing there at the counter paying for the room. You look so good just standing there.

You hand the money over and get the room key. You then walk over to me. You give me a lustful look that just screams, "let's go so I can fuck you".

I notice this look and I return it with a look of "I want you so bad"

We walk from the lobby to the room. We reach the room and you open the door with the key. You then open the door and turn on a few lights.

I walk in behind you taking in the room around us. It is a really nice room with a big huge bed. I walk up to you and turn you around to where you are facing me.

I then start taking my clothes off even before you have a chance to close and lock the door.

I haven't even noticed that you haven't cause I am so horny.

You notice though and walk quickly over to the door. You shut it and lock it, making sure that nobody can get it. You then turn towards me with an a****l look in your eyes. You start taking your clothes off just the same as I did.

I watch you as you strip for me and I feel my body heat rise from lust. I continue taking off the rest of my clothes until I am completely nude in front of you.

You watch me as I take off the rest of my clothes. You see my nude body appear before you and it makes you so hot. You take in my firm breasts, my stomach, my tight shaved pussy, my curves, and long legs.

You even look up at my lips noticing how perfect they look to slide your cock in between. You take off the rest of your clothes until you are completely nude in front of me.

I notice that you are and I cannot keep my eyes off you. I take in everything from your hair, to your chest, to your hard cock, to your legs. You look so very fuckable to me as I look to you.

I walk over to the bed and lay down on it, spreading my legs wide. I invite you over to have your tasty treat by winking at you and crooking my finger towards you. I don't have to use words to show how you how hot I am.

You notice I am lying on the bed with my legs spread. You quickly walk over to the bed getting in front of me. You let your eyes move to my pussy where you take a good look at it. You lick your lips and get down on your knees.

You move your mouth to my pussy. Without one single word, you spread my lips with your hand and dive your tongue onto my clit. You lick it hard and fast making me moan out.

I grab onto my tits as you lick me, the feeling of your tongue on my clit fucking incredible. I find my pussy burning with desire to be filled by your big hard cock.

You take one of your fingers and push it hard into my pussy. You then take another finger and push it into my ass. I gasp when I feel both fingers enter because it makes me feel so full.

You hear me gasp and it drives you crazier. You attack my clit with your tongue more, licking it so hard that it makes me practically jump off the bed. I feel my mouth ache to taste your cock.

"Let's 69 lover. I wanna taste your cock." I say to you breathlessly.

You hear me and you agree without even speaking. You move your mouth off my pussy but leave your fingers where they are. You then turn around to where your cock is at my mouth.

I notice that it is and I move my hands off my breasts. I bring them up and grab onto your cock. I open my mouth and slide your cock in. I start sucking you immediately loving the taste of your cock in my mouth.

You feel me sucking so hungrily and you love it. You move your mouth back down to my pussy and place your tongue back on my clit. You start licking again, just as hard as before. My juices soaking your tongue as you lick me.

I use one hand on your cock to help give you pleasure as I suck the length of you. I can feel your cock throb in my mouth and it feels really good.

You decide to keep up the pace of your double fingering with the pace of your licking. So you start fingering my pussy and ass hard feeling both of them tightening then releasing on you.

I moan on your cock as I feel your wonderful fingering. I suck you deeper and deeper taking the whole length of you into the back of my throat.

We orally please each other for an hour. We both become so hot that we must fuck.

You move your mouth and fingers out of my pussy and ass. I move my mouth off your cock. You move and turn yourself around. You get on top of me with your cock right at the entrance of my pussy.

You then shove your cock into me so hard that the bed moves with us. You bring your entire upper body on top of mine, holding yourself up by your arms. You start thrusting your cock in and out of me so very hard.

I open my mouth and moan loudly every time I feel your cock slam it into me. I am holding onto the bed by placing my hands on the headboard as I receive one of the hottest fucks of my life.

I look up at you as you look down at me. Our eyes are locked together in a lustful embrace. I take my legs and wrap them around your back pushing you deeper into me.

You feel this and it just causes you to fuck me harder. I start fucking you back with my pussy, using my pussy muscles to squeeze your cock with.

Feeling this makes your cock as hard as it can get. You love having me fucking you back.

We fuck so hard that the bed shakes uncontrollably under us. We lose complete time, as we fuck not even realizing that it has been two hours since we started our hot coupling.

We both then cum together, your cum shooting into my pussy filling me up. I feel it and it makes me cum all over your cock. My juices run out and down my legs and onto the bed.

You feel this and you absolutely love it. You lean down and kiss me hard on the lips taking a nice good feel of my firm tits.

I press my tits against your hand enjoying the feeling. You finish cumming inside me and pull your cock out. You then give my tits a good long sucking each before getting off the bed.

You grab your clothes and put them on, reveling in the smell of our just recent sex. I get up and do the same loving the feeling of my well-fucked pussy and my finger stretched ass.

I walk over to you and kiss you. You kiss me back. We then walk out of the room and go to my car. We get in and I drive you back to the airport.

We get to the airport where your plan going back home is boarding. You lean over and kiss me passionately on the mouth literally taking my breath away. In the process you slip something into my left pocket.

I feel it and wonder what it is. I decide to find out after you leave though.

You get out of the car and wave your goodbyes. You then go into the airport and get on your plane, flying home. The whole way there you think about me and what happened. How much you enjoyed it and don't regret it.

I pull the car out of the airport and go home. When I get home I stop the car and turn it off. I then get out and go inside the house. Once inside the house I go to my room.

I reach inside my pocket and grab what you placed in there. I notice it is a note. I open it and read it. Here's what it says:

"Had a awesome fucking time with you babe. Would like to do it again. Call me if you wanna hook up with me again."

I read the note and smile. I then place it on my nightstand and get into bed going to sl**p.

But the memory of what happened between us stays fresh in my mind.

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