Devon and I

It all started one hot summer afternoon. I was in the bathroom taking a shower. Since it was just me and my 18-year-old son Devon at home now, I left the bathroom door open. Anyways, as I was taking my shower I distinctly heard footsteps outside the door. I couldn't see much because of the steam that had built up, but could just barely make out the silhouette of Devon standing there watching me.

Realizing my very horny son was watching me, I opened the shower door just enough for him to be able to take in my huge DDD tits and my tight shaven pussy with his eyes. I heard my son gasp with lust as he saw my body come into view, knowing he was becoming turned on.

Becoming very turned on myself, I did the only thing that came natural. I spread my legs open and shoved 3 fingers up my tight cunt. A loud moan escaped my lips as the pleasure ran through me. I then started fingering myself hard using my other hand to massage my tits. I could hear my son moan as he watched me.

I then used my right foot to open the door the rest of the way, my moans becoming louder as my pleasure was increasing. Wanting Devon to see me more, I turned around and placed my back against the shower wall. I then spread my legs wider and really started going to town on my hot aroused body.

Suddenly I saw Devon walk in his beautiful hard cock sticking straight out in front of him. I started moaning louder as I watched him stroke his cock in front of me, his eyes totally focused on my hot little snatch. I then felt my orgasm coming on as I pumped my fingers in and out of my pussy harder. Wanting to focus on him as I came, I kept my eyes on his cock the whole time.

I started pinching my nipples as my orgasm came on knowing it would push me over the edge. Suddenly it hit me, my eyes closing only for a second as the loudest scream ever escaped my lips as my orgasm washed over me.

"Oh Devon!" I screamed out

Devon, upon hearing that, quickly released his cock and walked right up to me. He then shoved one of his fingers up my tight pussy adding to my three planting his mouth directly on mine, kissing me hard.

I started kissing him back, my tongue slipping into his mouth. I let my hand slip off my breast only to quickly slip it onto his hard cock, slowing stroking him feeling his swollen head throb in my hand. I could hear him moan as I stroked him, his kisses getting hungrier and more aggressive.

I started fantasizing in my mind as we kissed that he would shove his cock right up my tight pussy and fuck me right there in the shower with the water running over the both of us, really hoping that he would.

Then just as if he was reading my mind, I felt Devon pull his finger out of my pussy. I waited a few seconds then pulled mine out too. We then stopped kissing long enough to look in each's other eyes, both of seeing the hot i****tuous lust shining.

Devon then quickly lifted my legs and placed them around his waist, shoving his rock hard cock in my pussy in one swift thrust.

"Oh fuck mom, your pussy is so tight!" Devon moaned out.

"Oh Devon baby, your cock is so fucking big. Fuck me hard. Fuck your nympho of a mom like the slut I am." I responded.

"Oh yeah mom you are a slut. My slut that I get to fuck whenever I want. I'm gonna fuck you so hard!" Devon said huskily.

Devon then started fucking me hard as promised his hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy with ease. The pleasure was so incredible that I just let him have all the control, letting my arms wrap around his strong muscular shoulders holding on to him.

Devon, feeling me hold on to him, just started pounding me harder his hands finding their way back to my ass. Gripping onto my ass cheeks, he started driving into my pussy harder hitting my cervix and pushing past it.

"Oh fuck Devon, you're so deep. No man has been that deep in my cunt for a long time!" I moaned out.

"Well if you like how hard I'm fucking you now mom then just wait to you feel this" Devon said.

Not really sure what he meant by that, I didn't want to question it. I just started fucking his cock back with my pussy squeezing my muscles around it. I then started scr****g my fingernails up and down his back lightly, giving him a taste of pain with pleasure.

Devon, feeling that, groaned with pleasure in my ear as he kept on fucking me. Then with one swift movement he spread open my asscheeks with his left hand letting his right hand explore my tight lil puckered ass hole, his index finger slipping inside past my sphincter.

Feeling that, I gasped with pleasure and dug my nails in harder pushing my ass against his finger wanting it deeper. The sensations were becoming unbearable now as I felt one orgasm after another wash over me.

Devon, feeling my nails dig in deeper, shoved his finger in farther spreading me open. He then started fingering my ass hole harder and faster, speeding up his violently pleasurable thrusts in my pussy.

My body was now bouncing on his wildly, my hands digging even harder gripping onto him. I wanted to repay the favor so I let one hand slip down to his ass. I quickly spread open his asscheeks and ran my finger around his virgin ass hole. I then slipped a finger inside feeling how tight he was.

All Devon could do was moan as he felt my finger invading his ass hole. Not really knowing what to do since he never felt that sensation before, he just kept on fucking me feeling his orgasm come on.

The water started becoming a bit cold and we both started shivering. I wanted to go to the bed and had a feeling that Devon did too.

"Devon baby let's get out of this cold shower and slip in between some nice warm sheets." I said.

Devon looked up at me and smiled. He then pulled us both out of the shower stepping backwards not letting his cock or finger leave either one of my hot tight crevices. We then started walking towards the bed, my back facing the mirror.

Reaching the bed quickly, Devon just threw me upon it and started driving into my pussy faster and deeper feeling his orgasm getting closer and closer. He then looked down at me as we fucked his eyes still shining with a lust that I hadn't seen in years.

I quickly then lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders wanting maximum penetration. I wanted to feel his cock go as deep as it could almost to the point where it felt like it could tear me in two.

Devon felt my legs go up on his shoulders and he smiled wickedly down at me as he started driving his cock as far as it would go. Feeling every inch of my pussy with his big hard cock was really driving him crazy. He let his finger stay in my ass a few moments more then slipped it out.

Devon then brought his finger up to his mouth and sucked on it tasting my ass hole. After doing that, he let his hands rest on my tits where he started groping them and using his thumbs to massage my throbbing nipples.

Feeling his thumbs massage my nipples was too much for me to take and I started coming hard. So hard that it felt like a blackout washing over me as I felt my pussy convulse and shake against his hard cock.

I then let my finger slip out of his ass hole and back onto his shoulders as I kept on coming gripping onto him for all it was worth. As I felt my orgasm wash over me I gripped onto his shoulders harder and f***ed his cock to go even further into me.

Feeling that, Devon couldn't take it anymore and he started coming too. His hot cum started shooting into my tight pussy soaking my walls and cervix. As he came, he grabbed onto my tits so hard that it felt like he was going to pull them off my body.

I knew I was going to have red hand marks on my tits as soon as we were done but I didn't care. I was just feeling so damn good as pleasure kept on running through me.

"Oh fuck mom, I'm coming so hard inside your hot lil snatch. Filling you up so good. You're the best fuck I have ever had." Devon said.

"Oh yeah Devon I feel your cum feeling me up baby. So warm and so hot. You're the best fuck I've had in a long time." I said.

Devon just kept on gripping onto my tits as he came his eyes still focused on mine. He then leaned down and kissed me again his tongue slipping in between my lips.

I started kissing him back letting my tongue slip into his mouth. I started French kissing him feeling his cum still filling me up. I was so amazed that someone this young could have so much hot cum stored in his balls for me.

Devon kept on thrusting inside me until he felt his cum slowing down and stopping. He then slowly pulled his cock out and laid down on the bed next to me, letting his lips leave mine.

"That was great mom. I swear you've got one the tightest pussies in TX. I could fuck you forever." Devon said.

I looked over at Devon and smiled. I then climbed on top on him and kissed him some more letting my pussy grind against his soft cock. I could feel his cum run inside of me and I was so glad that he fucked me. But I also found myself still very much horny and wanting more.

I kept on kissing him some then let my mouth work it's way down his body, stopping to suck on his tits and lick them. I let my tongue circle his tit and lightly bit down on it. I then moved over and did the same to his other tit.

Devon looked down as I did this not really being able to believe that I wanted more but at the same time being glad that I did. He moaned softly letting his hands run though my hair as I licked his right tit.

I then moved lower kissing his chest letting my tongue lick his stomach and even his belly button. I could feel his cock slowly start to regain it's hardness as I licked. I found myself wanting so badly to suck him to hardness again.

So I slowly licked my way even lower reaching his cock quickly. I moved off of him and got on my knees letting my hand circle his cock. I started stroking his cock looking up at him the whole time. Feeling it get harder the more I stroked.

As I watched his cock slowly grow to hardness again, I licked my lips wanting to taste him. Not being able to help myself I stroked his cock a little bit more then moved my hand quickly replacing it with my mouth. I then started sucking him slowly at first letting my tongue circle his cock head.

Devon, still looking down, started moaning more and pushing his cock up into my mouth wanting just as badly as I do to get it hard again. Keeping his hands in my hair he started pushing my head down on his cock wanting me to go deeper.

Feeling Devon push my head down I did as he wanted and let my mouth slide down his entire shaft. I then started sucking him harder and faster feeling him regain his hardness very quickly. Feeling that in my mouth turned me on so much that I just kept on sucking him letting my hands find his balls and play with them.

I found his balls quickly and started rolling them in my hand one at a time feeling hotter heavy cum in them. Wanting so badly to taste his cum this time around. At the same time I kept on sucking his hard shaft letting my head bob up and down quickly.

I looked up at Devon and could see that his eyes were closed because of the pleasure I was giving him. I smiled slightly and moaned as my mouth kept on working him over. I hadn't felt a cock this big in my mouth for quite a long time and I loved every moment of this.

Devon kept on pushing my head down wanting me to take all his length in.

Not being sure I could do it but wanting to please him, I relaxed my throat and let the rest of his shaft slip into my throat. As soon as I felt his entire cock in my throat I started bobbing my head up and down quicker letting my tongue lick every inch that I could.

Devon, feeling my entire mouth around his shaft, suddenly decided that he wanted to take control again. He started thrusting his cock up into my mouth fucking it like a pussy. He then reached down and grabbed onto my right nipple pulling and pinching it knowing I would go crazy over that sensation.

Feeling him pinching my nipple I lightly bit down on his cockhead as I kept on sucking him. His cock was so hard now that he could easily fuck me again if he wanted, but I had another plan in mind. I wanted to 69 with him so he could eat my pussy at the same time that I sucked him off.

So I quickly moved on his body again only this time letting my mouth slip off his cock for a few seconds. I then let my legs slip around his head and lowered my pussy to his mouth, letting my mouth slip back down onto his cock at the same time.

Devon, realizing that we were going to 69, quickly let his hand slip off my tit. He then brought his hand up to my hips and gripped onto them bringing my pussy even closer to his mouth. He then extended his tongue out and started licking my entire pussy hungrily.

Feeling Devon start to lick my pussy so good I started sucking him hard again letting my entire throat relax around his shaft. When I felt my nose hit his pubic hairs I quickly started bobbing my head up and down his cock letting my tongue lick again.

Devon, feeling me suck him so damn good again, just kept on licking my pussy letting his tongue first circle my clit then slip down even lower and into my tight lil fuckhole. He then started tonguing my pussy using his tongue like a dick reaching every area he could getting my sweet juices all over his tongue.

As I felt Devon tonguing my pussy I know I wouldn't be able to last long cause of what he was doing. So I decided to make the best of it and grind my pussy on his face as I kept on sucking his hard cock. I could feel his hot cum slowly start to creep up his cock and I knew he'd be coming soon as I would be.

Devon felt me grinding my pussy on his face and it drove him into total lust. He started tonguing my pussy harder and faster then let his tongue slip upwards onto my clit again. He took my clit in between his lips, bit lightly then started sucking hard.

Feeling my orgasm coming on for sure now I quickly lifted my head from his cock. I knew I had to let him know I was coming so he'd be ready to taste it.

"Devon..oh Devon fuck baby I'm coming. Lick my clit hard baby. I want you to taste my hot cum juices as I taste yours." I cried out.

Devon, hearing me, did as I asked and let his lips slip off my clit. He then started licking my clit hard using quick licks feeling my clit throb on his tongue.

I could feel my orgasm hitting me like a freight train and I knew there was no way I could stop it. I just kept on grinding my pussy against his tongue and let my mouth slip down onto his cock again wanting to taste him more badly than ever now.

Devon could feel my orgasm too and he just kept right on licking his tongue working like magic on my clit. He then gripped onto my hips harder as he felt his own orgasm hit him thrusting his dick up into my throat as quickly as he could get it to go.

I felt myself coming first as I felt my pussy juices soak his mouth and my clit throb against his hungry tongue. I couldn't moan too loudly cause of his dick in my mouth but I did as best as I could to let him know how good it felt to be coming in his mouth.

Devon, feeling me coming, just licked up every bit of pussy juice he could. He then slipped his mouth off of my pussy and brought his head around to the side of my hips. Feeling his orgasm coming on now, he just totally went wild.

"Oh fuck mom I'm coming now. Oh yeah take it all down your throat. Taste all of my hot cum." Devon said.

As soon as I heard Devon I felt it. His warm cum shooting out of his cock head and directly into my hot waiting mouth. I started swallowing it all down as it came out enjoying the taste so much. I kept on playing with his balls at the same time feeling the hot cum that was still in them.

Devon feeling me sucking his cock just laid back and enjoyed the sensation as his cum ran into my mouth. He started thinking of ways he wanted to fuck me next and at the same time let his eyes focus on my ass deciding he definitely wanted to fuck me there.

I kept on sucking his cock as his cum kept on shooting out. I sucked his cock for at least 15 minutes more until I was sure he had stopped coming. I then lifted my head from his cock and turned my head to where I could look at him.

Devon feeling me look at him let his eyes meet mine. He then gave me this look that said "get me hard again mom I want to fuck your ass".

I read the look right away and smiled knowing what he wanted. I then climbed off of him and got off the bed only long enough to get on the floor. I quickly then reached up and grabbed his hand helping him sit up because I wanted him to watch as I sucked his cock hard again.

Devon took my hand and sat up. He then saw me sitting in front of him with my mouth directly at his cock getting ready to suck him again. Taking charge again, he quickly took my head into his hands and led my hungry cock sucking mouth to his shaft.

I let him lead my mouth to his shaft. As quickly as I reached it I opened my mouth and took him in again. I then started sucking him only this time wasting no time on sucking him softly. I wanted him hard again as much as he wanted to be hard just like before.

Devon watched me as I sucked his cock helping to slide my throat down his shaft again as he felt himself getting hard. He could feel the i****tuous lust run throughout him like a d**g and all he knew is that he wanted more, that he had to have more.

As I felt his cock getting hard again, I could feel my pussy and ass both throb with need. I knew that he had already fucked my pussy and that there was another hole that needed some loving which was my ass. I already knew he was going to fuck me there and that just made me suck him harder.

As I felt Devon's eyes on me, I couldn't help myself and I just started going to town on his cock letting my mouth bob on his hardening shaft. I wanted him to get hard so badly that I started thinking of different ways to help that happen. I know that Devon wanted to the same thing by the way I could feel him start to thrust up into my throat again.

I kept on sucking Devon harder and quicker using my hands to massage his balls. I could feel his cock quickly getting rock hard again and I just moaned against him cause I was so glad he had the ability to get hard again in no time flat.

Devon, feeling his cock getting rock hard again, decided he had to fuck my ass right now. He quickly helped lift my mouth off of his cock and then reached over spanking my ass hard a couple of times.

I let my mouth rest some as I felt Devon slap my ass. I knew he wanted me up on the bed on all fours and I quickly gave in, climbing up on the bed getting on all fours with my ass sticking up in my air. I then let my head lay down on the bed as I waited for him to come up behind me.

Devon, seeing me on all fours, quickly moved behind me. He took one hard look at my ass and felt his cock jump with excitement. He wanted to fuck me so bad but first he decided he just had to taste my ass. So he brought his mouth up to my ass and shoved his tongue into my ass hole licking it.

I almost passed out from the pleasure I started feeling as I felt Devon's tongue licking my ass hole. I reached behind me and opened my ass cheeks for him so he could get better access with his tongue. I was so glad at that moment that my son was such a horny lil devil with a hungry tongue and an unstoppable sex drive.

Devon, noticing I opened my ass cheeks for him just dug his tongue in deeper licking every inch off my ass getting it wet. He wanted to make sure that my ass was lubed enough to take his big 13 inch cock.

Devon kept on licking my ass for about 10 minutes more until he was sure it was lubed up enough. He then decided he had to fuck my tight ass for sure now, that there was no more waiting he wanted to do. So he slipped his tongue out of my ass and replaced it with his rock hard cock pushing it easily past my sphincter into my hot ass.

Feeling Devon's cock in my ass was fucking incredible. I let go of my ass cheeks and just let my head rest lightly on the bed as he started fucking me slowly. I let him have all the control again as I know how much he loves to be aggressive with me.

Devon looked down as he fucked me feeling his cock slide effortlessly in and out of my ass. Feeling a little bit kinky he started slapping my ass hard with his left hand wanting to make it red as he pumped in and out of me. He then reached up and used his free hand to grab on to my hair so he could pull it while he fucked me.

As I felt Devon's left hand slapping my ass cheeks and his right hand pulling my hair I was so fucking turned on from all of this that I just let him pull me up to where I could watch us in the mirror. I then used my hands to grip onto the bed because the pleasure was so fucking incredible again.

Devon, seeing that I partially sitting up now, let his eyes focus on the image of us fucking in the mirror as he noticed me doing the same thing. He then leaned forward and lightly bit my neck bringing a bit of pain to me knowing it would make my ass grip around his cock.

Feeling Devon's teeth on my neck I just screamed out in pleasure as I felt another orgasm rip through me. I'm pretty sure it surprised him a little because he didn't really know until now that my ass was just as sensitive as my pussy and that I can have orgasms from anal sex.

Devon, realizing that I just came, started fucking my ass harder and quicker using a jackhammer kind of thrusting to give us both so much pleasure. He could feel his orgasm coming on but he knew he didn't want to come in my ass. Instead he knew of a better place to cum and that would be in my mouth.

Devon started quickly thinking of a place he could fuck me next. He started looking up and down my body. After one quick look, he found that his eyes came to rest on my tits. He saw how big they were and found himself so badly wanting to titty-fuck me so he could cum.

As I kept on looking in the mirror I saw Devon's eyes resting on my tits. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wanted to fuck them and right at that moment there was nothing I wanted more. So I quickly turned my head around and looked at him.

"Devon I know you want to fuck my tits baby. I want you to. Please fuck them baby so I can taste your cum in my mouth again." I said.

Devon, hearing me, wasted no time slipping his cock out of my ass. He then quickly moved off of me so I could flip over and get comfortable.

I watched Devon as he moved aside of me. I quickly moved off my stomach and onto my back reaching up to my tits, opening them. I then got fully comfortable and waited for him to make his move.

Devon, seeing my tits already open for him, quickly straddled my chest and got his hard cock in between my tits. He then started fucking my tits hard and fast feeling his orgasm coming on knowing he wouldn't last too long.

I looked down and watched as Devon's beautiful cock slid in between my tits. I quickly pushed my tits together so it would be a nice snug fit for him so he could enjoy the sensation before he came. I decided I wanted to lick his cock head each time it came up so I open my mouth and got my tongue ready to lick.

Devon quickly noticed my tongue sticking out and my hands holding my tits together for him. He felt himself beginning to lose it and he knew this was it. He started fucking my tits violently hard just like he did my pussy helping push his cock head up towards my mouth each time.

I kept on licking Devon's cockhead each time it reached my mouth feeling him fuck my tits harder knowing he must be getting ready to come. I got my mouth ready to taste him knowing his come was going to taste just as sweet as it did before.

Devon, feeling my licking, suddenly moaned loudly feeling his orgasm hit him. He quickly moved from up between my tits and shoved his cockhead in between my lips. He then started fucking my mouth for a few minutes as he felt his cum shooting out.

" I'm cumming again. Ahhh yessss!" Devon cried out.

As I heard Devon cry out and felt his hot delicious cum run into my mouth, I moaned myself as I started swallowing his cum down again tasting it all. The taste seemed even sweeter this time at least I thought so but I didn't really care. All I care is that my baby boy was giving me his hot cum again right down my hungry throat.

Devon looked down again and watched as I swallowed his cum down my throat. He felt so pleased and satsifted that he reached up and grabbed lightly onto my face holding it there so I wouldn't miss a drop of his hot cum.

I kept on swallowing his cum until there was no more to swallow. I then looked up at Devon and winked at him.

Devon saw me wink at him and he winked back letting go off my face. He then let his cock slip out of my mouth and leaned down kissing me once more tasting a little bit of his own cum on my lips. He licked it off then kept right on kissing me.

I reached up and placed my arms around Devon pulling him close to me as I kissed him back feeling so satisfied myself. I felt myself love him in so many ways now. Not just as a son but also as a lover too.

Devon felt me pull him close to him. He kept on kissing me then let his lips slide off mine. He then leaned down and whispered in my ear "I love you mom. You're the best."

I smiled as I heard that. I truly loved having a son that I could fuck whenever I wanted and that would fuck me back.

Devon and I laid there together the rest of the night holding each other. We both drifted off to sl**p, dreaming naughty thoughts of each other and what would happen again between us for the rest of our lives.
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