Dad's Love

I am currently at the University of Oregon. It had been almost 4 years since I had visited my father for that one unforgettable summer. I had been waiting for this summer to come because it was the last summer before my b*****r and I graduate. My father always loved having us all there for the summer, and he always made sure that we all had the most fun as a f****y. But the last summer my mother just didn't want to go anymore and she wanted to stay here in Texas for a change. She told us both that if we ever wanted to go there for the summer we could. This summer was turn, and I wanted to have a blast there and not waste time. I wanted to do so many things in just 2 months that I made a list of every thing that I wanted to do with my father.

I started to pack my things as my mother was waiting for me in the car. She drove me to DFW airport since my father had a first-class ticket waiting for me to pick up there, my dorky b*****r wanted to stay home for some odd reason. I told my mother that I would be fine the whole plane trip to Southern California.

When we got to the airport I picked up my ticket that my father had paid for. We had to wait for what seamed like an hour at the terminal gate that went to Los Angeles, my mother wanted me to call once I got there that way she would know that I was alright. I had let her know that I would and my 2 months of summer time there I would find things to do. When they called for my plane number, I gave my mother a big hug and got onto my flight. I got so excited to find myself in first-class that I almost had an orgasm right there in my seat. I had a seat right next to the window; I could see my mother waving to me as the plane was leaving the gate. I waved back to her hoping that she might see me from my window. As the plane took off I could see the ground go by so fast that to me it was just a blur.

It had been 2hours since we took off from the airport and we had just crossed the time zone, so I had to set my watch to Pacific Time. The pilot said that we had now get ready to land into LAX and that we'd be landing in 10minutes. When the plane landed and reached the gate I had to get off. I was walking to the doors when I saw my father standing right there just waiting for me. I gave him a big huge cause I hadn't seen him in like 2 years. We went and picked up my things and went right to his truck. We had got in and started out to his house. I told him that my flight was fine. I had just looked at him like he was the most handsome father that I had. I guess you can say in many ways to me as a woman my father looked very hot and for a distinguished man of 46yrs old.

He told me that he had my room all set up as I left it the last time that I had been here. I told him that I had plans to go so many things in the 2 months we had together as a father and daughter. He had told me that in 2 hours he had a business deal to do, and that we would get to do things together tomorrow. He let me know that I could go to the mall or something while he had his meeting today. He gave me the keys to his spare car that mom drove when she was here. I told him that I had just got drivers license 2 months ago, I guess he trusted me with his car cause he said not to worry and just handed me $1,000 to spend on myself while I was here. He drove off and I got my things into the house and to my room. I then drove right to the mall and stayed most of the morning there. I really didn't buy much of anything that most teens my age would buy. I took out my cell phone called and told my mother that I was fine and that the trip was good. When I got back to my fathers house I had seen my father's truck parked in the front. My guess was that he had been done with the meeting he was at.

I parked the car in the driveway, and then I walked inside the house. I could hear what hear faint noises coming from the back bedroom. The noise was coming from my father's room the door was wide open since he never heard me come back from the mall. I slowly crept down the hallway the noise started to sound like a woman moaning, and then I could hear my father moan. I made it to the bedroom door and I looked in he was completely nude and had a monster size dick in one hand watching a porn jacking off.

I had never seen a dick as big as my fathers before. In the whole moment I started to feel my thong panties getting wet and my mind was filling with the thought of i****t. I was playing with fire here and anymore that fire might burn me. I had to leave and go to my room fast, I slammed the door as to make it known that I was home.

Since I saw my father beating off to a porn I knew I had to do something for myself. I slipped off my skirt then took off my thong pulled off my top and started to rub my clit and my tits. In my thoughts was my father fucking the hell out of my pussy after 10minutes of fingering my pussy I had my silent orgasm.

That night my father wanted to treat me to a really nice dinner so he took me out to Denny's and told me that I could order whatever I wanted on the menu. During the whole dinner my father was talking to me and making eye contact with me and was flirting with his own daughter, I really didn't know how to take it so I just acted like he was just not doing it at all. After dinner when he was driving I sat in my seat wondering what it would be like to have my own father fuck me like he would any woman.

Something happened this afternoon to me when I saw my father's huge dick. But what also was going on was that his dick was so hard that he didn't even know his shorts had become a tent. Not only that my pussy was getting really wet at the thought of my fathers huge dick penetrating my pussy and taking my virginity. I made a bold move and asked him how big his dick was. I knew that it was a very bold move cause my father pulled into the driveway of his house and just looked at me like I was asking a forbidden question. He told me that I shouldn't worry about that right now that you'll see one soon enough when I got older. I stammered and told him that I caught him beating off to porn when I got back from the mall.

He told me that was not for me too see at all. He told me to go to bed and not to talk about it ever again. The next day I awoke to find my father getting ready to take a shower. I decided that the only way I was going to get my own father to fuck me was to just tell him to. I got up fast was already half undressed. I slowly opened the bathroom door as to not let him know I was going to come in there and shower with him because I knew just how big the shower was. I grabbed the door opening it and getting in quickly the thoughts of what I was about to do with my father swarming though my head.

I knew after this our relationship would change but I didn't care because I knew that my b*****r Devon was fucking mom so I figured that it was only right to have Dad fuck me. Besides what is it they say about i****t being best hehe. Anyways, once I did that I was committed to doing what I set out to do with my father. He saw me fully nude when I was born so I didn't think that he would mind seeing my naked body again only just older and more to my body. I looked at him with lust in my eyes. I then just pushed him to the shower wall grabbing his huge dick in my hand the mere feel of it making my young virgin pussy ooze with my juices. I then put my mouth around it and started sucking his dick like a Popsicle letting my tongue lick every inch of his delicious manly meat. All he could do was to stand there and take it while his own daughter was sucking his dick.

With the warm water hitting us both I really didn't care about that. All I cared about I was having his huge dick penetrate the deep recesses of my un-fucked pussy. I heard him moan like the other day and I knew that he loved it. I sucked his dick a little bit more until I started tasting his delicious precum. Knowing I better stop before he shot his hot load down my throat I stopped quickly and then got up bringing his face up to mine. I then started to go right for his lips and have them meet with mine. When they did our kiss was that of two lovers with a shit full of lust kissing.

After that I looked into his eyes and I could only see lots of sexual lust for me. He licked his lips and then he went down to my big 38D tits where he started to suck on and then bite my nipples. I moaned loudly letting daddy know that I was enjoying it. He then took his manly hand and started to rub my smooth clit pushing me up against the wall. He then got down onto his knees and started to lick my hairy pussy with his tongue hard and slow. It gave me lots of pleasure that I have never felt before. The room started spinning so I closed my eyes during the whole time as I felt my father finger my pussy while he was licking my clit.

It felt like I was about to have the biggest orgasm I could ever want to experience. Then as my father licked faster I had what felt like a life draining orgasm, I had to some how hold myself up while my father kept licking my pussy like the a****l he had become. He reached up and started to pinch both my nipples hard twisting them at the same time. He even was rubbing my big tits hard and slow, which felt so fucking good. He then stopped and stood up taking both my legs up pushing my back harder to the shower wall. He then rammed his monster dick into my tight little twat really deep. I cried out then grabbed onto him as I just realized that my father had taken my virginity quick and fast.

It didn't hurt much. Just a dull pinch was all I felt. I then could feel my father shove his monster meat all the way into my pussy I cried out even louder because his dick felt even better as it filled every crack of my pussy. Even the head was bigger than the shaft, which was driving me crazy as I felt the head of his huge dick hitting my g-spot every time he was going in and out. The faster he went the more powerful his thrusting got and the more intense it felt.

My own father's dick felt like a ramming piston that a machine was jamming in and out of my tight little hot wet cunt. In 10minutes I had about 12 orgasms and it just got harder to keep up with my father the way he was fucking me. I hadn't really thought him fucking me was going to be hot and this damn good before. With the 39 orgasms that I had in 45 minutes he still was going strong and not yet had his first climax. I had my mother to thank for my high sex drive and the ability to have multiple orgasms. I remember listening to them fuck and I remember hearing my mom count out each time she came on my father's dick hearing him moan out saying "oh yes you love it baby" as he fucked her harder.

But anyways I guess I might have been wrong just after I had my last orgasm because I had felt his dick get bigger and stretch my pussy even more. Then in one huge gush he had cum into the depths of his daughter's pussy. I felt his hot creamy cum drip down my legs. I really had no choice to stop him cumming in my pussy like he did. After that whole morning things just got better for the next 6 weeks that we had the summer together. We spent most of our summer together fucking each other in the shower since that was the best place to get laid in and sometimes on the king size bed he had. Other times we went to the beach and he would show me how nice the water felt. When that time came around for me to leave he did something that I never expected him to do. He kissed me deeply like he was sad to see me go. He even gave me a hug too and told me that he loved us k**s and wait for the next time me and him get to have another summer together again.

He gave me a small manila envelope that felt like it was really big. It was marked to my mother. He stated that I should give the envelope to her and not to argue about it just to take it. As I got ready to get on the plane he told me that I have something very special in my bag and to use it with care. I wasn't sure what he meant by that but I said my goodbyes and got onto the plane. Made it home good I gave mom the envelope. She said that she knows what it is and not to worry about it that it will get put away in the bank. The whole time I was in the car thinking about what my father meant by what he said at the airport. I got back to my own room opened up my bag and there laid a big manila envelope with my name on it. I opened it up it had a letter from my father in it. All it said was that:


Here is you college money, now you can go to any college that you want. Just remember I love you very much. Spend your money wisely.

Your loving father.

I even found the same kind of envelope made out for my b*****r. I gave it to him and his eyes got wide as he saw that dad had left the very same amount of money that he gave to me for him to use on what he wanted. All that I know is that in mine was a picture of us together and it made me think of how both my b*****r and I have it so good. Our parents might be divorced but they still love their k**s more than others could ever love.
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3 months ago
HOT!! but I fell something missing... I wanted to hear more juicy words... father,son fucking mother and sister or father fucking and leaking son...
11 months ago
3 years ago
really good
4 years ago
wonderful sexy
4 years ago
it turned me on lol