b*****rly-s****rly Love

Hey everyone. This erotic story is about how my b*****r Dan and I found true love plus hot sex with each other. We had lost contact over the years but found each other again last year on the Internet. At first we started chatting sometimes romantically and sometimes erotically. Other times we would be watching each other masturbate on web cam. I loved to watch him jack off his big hard cock for me. It would turn me on so much that I would feel my pussy juices practically running down my legs. I would find myself wanting him so much that I couldn't stand it. I also found myself falling deeply in love with him; finding love way beyond our b*****r/s****r love we already shared for each other.

When my b*****r started sharing his feelings for me and admitted that he was falling deeply in love with me too, I felt like flying. I knew I wanted to be his girlfriend despite our sibling connection. I knew for sure I wanted to be his and only his for as long as possible. I came forward and told my b*****r this, not sure of what his reaction would be. Part of me was afraid that he would tell me that we couldn't be together like that, that it would be too taboo. But I knew I couldn't let that stop me from trying to win his affection and his love. I waited for my b*****r's answer, only to have him tell me that he definitely indeed wanted me to become his girlfriend. I felt my heart soaring as I realized that he wanted what I wanted which was an actual relationship.

My b*****r then asked me to be his in which I of course said yes. We then started talking about meeting again only this time in person. Since he lived in England and I in the USA I knew that I would have to fly there so we could finally be together. So we discussed it and decided that in the month of October I would come there. I booked the ticket and excitedly waited the moment until I could leave. Until then we kept on talking online, telling each other how much we loved each other and how we couldn't wait until I got there so I could join him in his bed so he could fuck me hard as he fantasized of doing all those years.

Then suddenly before we knew it, October was upon us and we were counting down the days until I was to leave to come join him there for a month and a half. Every day that I saw him on cam I found myself falling even deeper in love with him and felt the lust that I had for him growing even deeper. He even asked me if we could act like husband and wife when I got there which I happily accepted for us to do. Then just like a dream come true the day for me to leave came. I grabbed my bags and drove to the airport, the thought of getting to see him swarming around in my mind constantly. As I got to the airport and then went inside going through all you have to go through I could feel my heart racing with joy. As I got through security and went to my terminal to await my airplane I started imagining of how it was going to be once I landed at Heathrow. I started imagining of how it was going to be like once I saw him, of how we were going to embrace passionately then kiss deeply knowing that no one around us will know that we are siblings, and that even if they did figure it out that we wouldn't give a damn anyways.

As my plane came into it's terminal and I got in line to get on it I could feel myself smiling with excitement. I walked down the walkway and onto the plane finding my seat easily. I then sat down, buckling up ready to go. As everyone got on the plane and we took off I started smiling even wider feeling my heart race and my pussy throb with lustful wanting. I knew the moment we got back to his place that after we both slept some that he was going to fuck me as hard as he could and that he wouldn't care if he hurt me cause he knew I was into that kind of thing. I felt my body starting to get hot at the thought of that and found myself wanting to masturbate but I knew that I had to wait.. that I would get the pleasure that I was seeking later on. I found myself thinking about him the entire day and a half plane ride there. As the day turned into night and then into day again, I heard the pilot announce that we were landing at the airport. I suddenly realized that I was going to see him very soon and I found myself practically wanting to jump off the plane so I could run into his waiting arms.

As the plane landed on the tarmac and everyone started getting off the plane I grabbed my bag then got in line reaching the exit door of the plane. I then stepped out of the plane and onto the walkway leading into the airport. As soon as I stepped into the airport I went through security and then over to baggage pickup where I claimed my other bag. I then went into arrivals. At first I couldn't find my b*****r because there were too many damn people in the way. I then spotted him standing there looking so damn fucking handsome that I had to literally catch my breath. I walked up to him, my heart still racing and my pussy wet with lust. He turned to me and smiled, our eyes meeting each other, the love shining so deeply in them that it could light up a thousand rooms.

I dropped my bags to the side and got closer to him. We then embraced hugging as hard as we could. We then pulled apart only long enough for our lips to meet. We kissed so hard and so deeply that I could feel my heart take flight and the rest of the world disappear around us. We stood there in a tight embrace kissing for about a good five minutes or so. We then pulled apart and he grabbed my bags both of walking out the airport together going to his car. We started talking about different things, reaching his car quickly. He then walked to the back putting my bags into the backseat both of us getting into the car the same time. As he started the car, my handsome b*o offered me a drink that he bought just for the two of us. I smiled at him not being able to take my eyes off him and thanked him for the drink. We then took off out of the parking lot and got on the road heading for his house.

As we drove down the road my b*o reached over and took my hand into his, squeezing it gently. I squeezed his back, letting the smile on my mouth go even wider. He then stopped squeezing my hand and just held it intertwining our fingers together tightly. As we got closer to his house I found it hard to sit still. I just wanted to have him pull the car over so I could jump out of my seat so I could undo his jeans and unleash that beautiful hard cock of his. I just wanted to slide his hard cock into my pussy and ride him until sunset right there on the side of the road. But I knew that I have to wait until we got to his house before I could get that beautiful cock of his inside of me.

As we reached the town he lived in then his road I could hardly contain my lust. I knew I had to have him later on that night that I wouldn't be able to go the rest of the night without feeling his cock inside me. We then reached his house and he stopped the car both of us getting out. He grabbed my bags from the backseat and I followed him up the steps to his front door. As we reached his front door and walked inside I suddenly realized how truly sl**py I was. So I let my b*o know that I was tired and he told me that indeed he was tired too. So we headed towards the stairs leading to our love and lust palace. He brought my bags with us as we both practically raced upstairs, both us excited to finally be together. We reached his room quickly and he sat my bags aside as I collapsed on his bed. He then shut the door and joined me taking my hand back into his as we both fell asl**p together.

The day quickly turned into night as we slept together on the bed. We both then woke up and looked at each other, equal smiles of joy appearing on each other faces. I found myself getting lost in his eyes as I looked at him. I suddenly then realized I was hungry and let him know so. He then let me know that he was hungry too so we decided to head downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. We both got up off the bed together and headed downstairs to the kitchen both of grabbing something quick to eat. I felt my horniness start to grow and I knew that I had to have him as soon as we got back upstairs that I just couldn't wait anymore. As Dan turned towards me he could see the lust in my eyes and he knew it was time for us to get to the hot fucking that we both wanted to do. We both ate as quickly as we could and then headed upstairs practically running each other down to get to the bedroom.

As we reached the bedroom I laid down on the bed with Dan joining me soon thereafter. He took one look at my body and then leaned down to my mouth our lips meeting quickly. He then let his hands reach my body and he started feeling me up his left hand reaching my breasts squeezing them bringing me so much pleasure. He then slipped his right hand down in between my legs rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I started moaning and pushing up into his hand grinding my pussy against it letting him know I wanted more..much more. He quickly took the hint and moved his hands only long enough to remove all my clothes along with his throwing them to floor.

Dan then brought his mouth down my breasts sucking and biting on my nipples making me cry out. I knew I couldn't just lie there and do nothing so I reached over to him, letting my left hand trace up then down his back feeling his muscles flex. I could hear him moan from my touch and I loved it. Dan then moved his mouth down my body kissing a sweet trail straight to my pussy. I opened my legs as wide as I could as he quickly reached my pussy. I heard him get on his knees on the bed and then felt him bring his mouth to my dripping wet pussy, his hand spreading my pussy lips as his hot hungry tongue made contact with my clit. I started crying out in pleasure as I felt his tongue start to lick my clit in hard long licks.

I reached over and took the bedspread into my hands as he licked me bringing me more pleasure with his tongue that I had ever felt any man before him be able to do. I started moaning louder and louder as felt his licks start to speed up. I knew that he wanted me to cum on his tongue but I knew that I'd rather cum on his dick so we both could feel it together while he was inside of me. I knew that I didn't have to let him know that though because I had a feeling he wanted the same thing. I kept on moaning as I felt Dan licking me a lit bit more. I then felt him stop and watched as he climbed on top of me slipping his rock hard dick right into my soaking wet pussy. I took my hands off the bedspread and placed them around his hot naked body thrusting my pussy up against his cock as I felt him start to fuck me as hard as he could. I started crying out in pleasure feeling my whole world turn upside down and inside out we fucked, my entire body shaking in multiple orgasms as I grabbed tighter onto him not wanting to let go for anything in the world.

Dan and I fucked as hard as we could for a good 20 minutes. I then felt him cum deep into my unprotected pussy with me coming soon afterwards and at that moment I really didn't care if he knocked me up because I wanted him too. I felt him breathe in my ear as he held me tight..just as tight as I was holding him. He then moved his head up and looked into my eyes staring deep into them as he finished cumming into me. We then kissed as he climbed off of me and laid down next to me catching his breath. I felt utter joy and pure pleasure run though me as I realized that I just got fucked by my b*o..my boyfriend..my love. I knew that I would never feel this wonderful or satisfied by another man for the rest of my life.

He then looked over at me and I looked at him both of us just letting each other get lost in each other's eyes. I could see such love shining them and I could hardly wait to see what the rest of my visit had in store for us. Dan then got up off the bed and grabbed our clothes so we could get dressed. He handed my clothes to me and we both get dressed quickly. We then decided just to take it easy the rest of the night and enjoy being together.

The next day we both woke up together. Dan then let me know that a friend of his was going away for the week and wanted us to housesit for him, which meant we would have the whole place to ourselves to fuck as much as we wanted. I smiled at him and he let me know that we needed to head out to follow his friend to the airport so he could get the keys from him. So we got up from the bed, grabbed my things, and went downstairs to his car. We noticed that his friend was waiting for us so we got in Dan's car and drove behind his friend to the airport. Dan then got out and said goodbye to his friend while he was handed the keys, which he put in his pocket. He then headed back to his car and we headed to his friend's house reaching it quickly.

As soon as we got to his friend's house we got out of the car and went inside, tossing my bags to the floor. We both then went to the kitchen and had a snack because both of us were hungry. We then sat down on the couch and watched some TV for a little while both of us enjoying being alone together. Dan then looked over at me and I could tell that he was feeling pretty horny so we decided to go up to bed so we could fuck and then get some sl**p because it was late. So we both headed upstairs and into the bedroom where we stepped out of our clothes getting quickly onto the bed where we both laid down. Dan then leaned up over me where he started sucking on my breasts and then kissed his way down to my pussy eating me out just as damn good as he did before making me cry out.

The thought of us getting wild in someone else's bed made me hornier that I had ever been in my entire life. Knowing that the smell of us would be forever embedded in their room drove me crazy. I looked down as I felt my b*o eating my pussy out so damn good that I felt myself come hard on his tongue. I heard him swallow my juices then watched as he moved up my body and slipped his cock into my pussy fucking me so damn hard again just like before. I reached up and grabbed onto the headboard as he started slamming into my pussy making sure that I felt all of his wonderful rock hard cock inside of me. I started feeling so much pleasure that I almost wanted to pass out. I never before had known that sex could feel this damn good. I looked up at him as he fucked me, never wanting my gaze to leave his face because I loved watching how the pleasure just ran over him as he felt how truly tight his naughty s****r/girlfriend's pussy felt around him.

Dan and I fucked hard right here on that bed for a good 20 minutes or so then we both came together, both of us sending a share of moans up into the air so loud that it could have woken up the entire neighborhood. But we both didn't care. All we cared about at that moment was that we were alone together, our two bodies joined as one, both of us feeling ecstasy. He then slowly collapsed down onto me and we held each other for a little bit as the pleasure ran over us. We then pulled apart and he laid down on the bed next to me both of us fully satisfied for the night. As the next day's light dawned on us, we both looked over at each other and then got up both of us taking a shower one at a time. We then went downstairs and spent most of the day watching TV, sneaking looks at each other from across the room. Later on in that week we were sitting together on the couch side by side. I was feeling really horny so I reached over and placed my hand on his jean-covered dick. I then started rubbing and stroking his dick watching as his eyes came over to meet mine.

"Oh s*s what are you doing?" Dan asked.

I didn't say anything. I just kept right on stroking him harder and faster feeling his dick grow rock hard under my hand. I heard him unbutton his jeans and pull them down just a little bit. I then moved my hand up and brought it under his jeans then his underwear letting my hand slide down until I reached his dick. I then started stroking his dick again feeling him get even harder. The feeling of his dick in my hand was driving me crazy and I knew I had to have him soon that I wouldn't be able to go the entire day without him fucking me. I let my thumb run up over the head of his dick while the rest of my hand stroked his shaft. I started feeling him thrust up into my hand and heard him moaning. I was totally loving it. I then felt Dan's hand as he moved it over to my jean-covered pussy. He started rubbing me through my jeans. He then moved his hand up undoing my jeans, sliding his hand underneath both my jeans and underwear. He moved his hand down until he found my pussy. Once he found my pussy he spread open the lips and used his finger to find my clit, which he started rubbing vigorously. He then let the rest of his hand travel along my pussy stroking my soft velvety walls feeling my juices soak his fingers. The feeling of him playing with my pussy was driving me so fucking crazy I couldn't stand it.

"Oh b*o..." I moaned.

I started moving my pussy up against his hand grinding against his fingers letting him know how much I was enjoying him touching me. But I knew I wanted more that just to have him play with my pussy. I wanted him to eat me out...to fuck me right there on the couch. I wanted him to claim my body as his again just like he did the two times before. I wanted to feel the head of his cock pressing into my cervix..the length of him thrusting deeply inside me making my tight pussy stretch around him. I wanted to commit the greatest sin of all..fucking my own b*o. The taboo of the thought of us fucking wildly like a****ls my whole time there made me want to do it more. As he kept on playing with my pussy I kept on stroking his dick harder and harder knowing that pretty soon he would want the same thing that I did.

Dan felt my pussy as I thrusted it up against him. He knew what I wanted which is what he wanted. So he moved his hand out of my pussy letting my hand move off his dick. He then got down on the floor before me, reaching up and taking my jeans then my panties off. He then spread my legs as wide as he could and got his mouth in between them bringing it up to my pussy. He then started eating me out again letting his tongue lick me up then down not missing an inch. I looked down and watched him as he ate me out. I started moaning aloud as he ate me, the pleasure overtaking me so much that I couldn't stand it. I knew that never again would I be able to find a man that could eat me out as good as he could and that I would be spoiled sexually after him. The pleasure then started overtaking me so much that I couldn't look down at him anymore. So I leaned my head back and rested it against the couch as he kept on pleasing me.

"Oh yes b*o..mmmm...yesssss" I kept on moaning aloud over and over.

The seconds turned into minutes as I felt the pleasure of his wonderful tongue-lashing overtake me. I couldn't think or barely breathe. I was just lost in such deep ecstasy that I didn't care if I ever came out of it. For all I cared, the world could have stopped right there and then but since I had him with me it wouldn't have mattered. Every time I opened my eyes all I could see was colors. I could feel my body soar with pleasure as my heart raced with love for him. I then felt my orgasm peaking and I knew that I had to let him know.

"Oh god b*o I'm cumming. Oh yes I'm cumming." I cried aloud.

The moment Dan heard me say that, he moaned and then started licking me even harder. I could tell from the way he was licking me that he wanted the full taste of me on his lips..to coat his tongue and mouth with my sweet pussy juices. I started pushing my pussy hard up against his tongue rubbing my clit up and down it. I then grabbed onto the couch as I felt my orgasm hitting me and I started moaning as loudly as I could letting my hips come up then down as my orgasm shook right through me. As Dan felt me come on his tongue, he moaned even louder and then started swallowing my juices taking them all down his throat not letting his tongue slow down off my clit for one second. As I felt how powerfully he was licking me I knew he was enjoying this just as much as I was.

Dan kept right on licking me until my orgasm subsided. He then got up off the floor and brought his lips up to mine kissing me so passionately that it practically caused me to slide off the couch. The taste of my pussy juices were still fresh on this tongue as he slid it inside my mouth French kissing me and I loved sharing them with him. We kissed passionately and hungrily for a good five minutes or so.

I then laid down on the couch as he pulled all his clothes off. I then watched as he joined me on the couch lying down on top of me staring into my eyes the whole time as he slid his cock home right where it belonged. He then reached up and grabbed onto the end of the couch as he started pounding my soaking wet pussy hard making the couch squeak underneath us. I reached up and grabbed onto his back letting my nails dig in as we fucked hard. The feeling of his cock hitting home inside me was making me weak at the knees and I was so glad that I was lying down. I wanted him to fuck me forever..to never stop until we were both too tired to go on. I found myself wanting to stay at his side for the rest of my life...to forget my life back home and just become his girl till the end of time. I knew then that he would be the only guy who could keep up with my ravaging sex drive, who could bring me to the brink of pain that I loved and even f***e me to go a little further. I then let him know what I wanted.

"Oh b*o..yes...fuck me harder!" I cried out.

I grabbed onto Dan's back harder now as he fucked me even harder giving me all the pleasure that I was seeking. I loved to hear his moans because I knew that he was feeling what I was feeling. The connection I felt between us was so deep that I knew it would never end. That in the end it didn't matter that we were b*o and s*s..that now we were boyfriend/girlfriend that we were unstoppable. As that thought ran through my mind I wrapped my legs as tightly as I could around his waist and held onto him as I started fucking him back as hard as I could. I knew that we would both be cumming soon and I wanted to enjoy it while I could.

The day turned into night as we fucked both of us becoming so lost in each other that we both just held on as we started to feel our orgasms peaking and then hitting us both at the same time. I kept on pushing my pussy up against him as I came hard all over his dick drowning his dick in my juices. I then felt his i****tuous baby making cum squirt deep inside of me and I just lost it letting out the loudest moan I could. As we both enjoyed our orgasms we kept focused on each other. Then as our orgasms subsided I kept on holding onto Dan not wanting to let go.

Dan let go of the couch and then looked down at me. We both leaned towards each other and kissed passionately once again our tongues dancing around in each other's mouth, both of us enjoying just the sheer pleasure from that. We then stopped kissing and pulled apart both of us sweaty from the recent fucking. We both got dressed suddenly hearing the doorbell ring. Both of us looked at each other thinking that "shit we've made too much noise and now we've gotten caught". He looked at me then me at him. Dan then went and answered the door only to find out it wasn't about us at all. Dan shut the door and then came over towards me looking at me as we both started laughing. He then sat down next to me and we both kept right on enjoying the afterglow of our lovemaking. That night we both went to bed together where we fucked again nice and hard, with him biting on my nipples then even my pussy lips and clit bringing me pleasure with pain. I loved telling him that he could hurt me like that cause I knew that he loved the rush it gave me to feel that feeling.

The next night he took me out to dinner and it was so nice being with him out in public. I loved walking next to him into the restaurant holding his hand as we got our food. I loved how romantic he could be when we were together. Then as we got our food and went back his car to go home I even loved riding next to him. It was so nice. As we got home that night and ate I found myself just enjoying being in his presence. It didn't matter to me that I was in a different country. All I cared about was being with him, which was something I had been aching to do for months. As that night ended and the next day came to light I knew that we would get hot together again. And for sure we did.

I was sitting on the couch and he was sitting on the couch across from me. I reached into a bag and grabbed a strawberry flavored lollipop. I then took the wrapper off and started sucking on it like I was sucking his dick, taking my time enjoying the taste. He looked up and saw me, watching me for a little bit. He then got up and came over to me sitting down next to me. He then leaned over and started feeling up my body getting me really hot. I knew that he was getting hot from watching me suck on the lollipop and that he wanted me right there right now.

So I laid down on the couch spreading my legs wide letting my left foot rest on the floor as he leaned over me slightly. He then raised my shirt up taking my pants then panties off thereafter. Once he had me how he wanted me he took of his clothes. Dan then leaned down and sucked on my breasts some biting the nipples. I started moaning around the lollipop having to take it out of my mouth every once in a while. Once he got tired of sucking on my breasts he moved down my body and got in between my legs bringing his mouth to my pussy where he started eating me out. But this time he did something a little bit different. He let me suck on my lollipop a little bit more and then reached up taking it out of my mouth. He then brought it down to pussy and rubbed it all over getting it all sticky. As soon as he got through doing that he laid the lollipop aside and started licking my pussy stopping only long enough to say something.

"Mmm..strawberry pussy." Dan said.

I started to become hotter at the thought that he just did that to me. I grabbed onto the couch as I started feeling him licking my pussy hungrier now like he just couldn't get enough. I loved how his tongue felt against me, stroking my pussy every which way making me feel all different kinds of pleasurable sensations. I couldn't believe how kinky my b*o was but I found myself loving it. He was the first guy that ever did that to me and I knew from that moment on I would never forget this moment with him.

As Dan kept on licking my pussy, I just kept on moaning as loud as I could thrusting my pussy up against him. I knew that as much as he'd never get tired of eating me out that I'd never get tired of having him eat me out. I started to feel Dan lick me even harder now using his tongue to reach every single crevice in my pussy not missing an inch. I knew that I couldn't take much more that I had to have him fuck me right there just like he did to me days before. I started to feel my orgasm peaking faster and faster just like a roller coaster. I started pushing my pussy even harder against his face now letting him know I was very close to giving his tongue a cum bath.

Dan felt my pussy pushing up against his tongue and he knew his naughty s*s was close to giving him a small taste of heaven. He started licking my clit even harder now..as hard as he could. He could feel his hard dick throbbing with need and he knew he had to fuck me soon or he would go crazy. As I felt Dan's tongue licking me as hard as he could I felt my orgasm fully peak and then hit me like a freight train. I grabbed onto the side of the couch as hard as I could literally digging my fingers in as it hit me. I knew I had no time to warn him for he could already taste his reward on his lips. I felt him keeping on licking just as hard as he helped bring me fully over the edge and then back. I couldn't barely moan or even move it was that powerful. I knew that I wanted him to fuck me now, to slam his cock so fucking hard into me that it would cause both of us to literally jump up off the couch. As I felt my orgasm wash over me I knew it was time to get straight to what we both wanted.

As Dan felt me finish fully cumming on his tongue, he got up from where he was sitting. He then climbed on top of me as fast as he could taking his cock into his hand leading it where it belonged. He then shoved it so hard and so deep inside of me that I literally felt my body leave the couch. I looked up at him as he started fucking me hard, making me cry out. I knew that this fucking would be like no other because this time he was more turned on than he had ever been before. I knew this because I could see it in his eyes and feel it in the way he was fucking me. I let him know I was feeling the same way too by pushing my pussy up against him as hard as I could causing the head of his cock to first touch my cervix then push past it. I knew that normally that would hurt but at that moment I was feeling so much pleasure that it didn't really matter in the end.

As the fucking between us started to become hotter and wilder causing the couch to squeak loudly underneath us I could feel my sex drive shoot up even higher than it had ever been with anyone else. It was like he could do things to me that only he would be ever able to do. I knew at that moment that I had found someone special, someone that I would forever have a connection with no matter what happened.

I heard Dan moaning louder as each second passed by and I knew he was getting close to cumming deeply inside me, that he was getting close to spraying his wonderful i****tuous cum inside me. I also knew that I was ovulating and at the moment that he came inside me that he was probably going to knock me up for sure. The thought of carrying his baby inside me made me want it to happen. I started tightening my pussy muscles around his dick to give him more pleasure wanting him to enjoy this as much as I was. I then looked up at him as he pounded effortlessly in and out of me. I could tell he was very close now and I was ready to receive his life-creating gift.

I started pushing my pussy as hard as I could up against him urging him to cum inside me right at that moment. As Dan felt me pushing up against him he felt his orgasm suddenly hit him. He started moaning and thrusting as hard as he physically could inside of me causing his cum to shoot out of his dick and inside of me. At the same time I started cumming too so of course I started moaning out loud as I could. The feeling of our two juices mixing together inside me was driving me crazy in a good way.

As both Dan and I came together, we let our eyes lock on each other's allowing the love plus lust to shine. We both then moaned one last moan together as our orgasms peaked then subsided both of us feeling satisfied for that moment. Then we both looked at each other one last time before he removed his now limp but satisfied dick out of me. He then stood up and went upstairs to clean himself off. As I watched him go upstairs I sat up feeling his cum swim deeply inside me. I then grabbed my clothes and got dressed allowing my body time to relax after getting royally fucked by him. As I sat there on the couch I heard Dan come back downstairs, his eyes meeting mine with a smile appearing on both of our faces. He then went over and sat down on the opposite couch again, which is where we stayed for the rest of the night until we both went to bed.

We then spent the rest of our vacation there just fucking and relaxing. As the time came for us to leave his friend's house and go back to his, we both grabbed my bags and headed out the door getting in his car. We then drove to the airport where Dan handed his friend the keys thanking him for letting us stay there for a week. He knew that this friend would have no idea that we fucked on their couch or bed countless number of times. And he knew that both of us didn't care if his friend did notice that in the end it wouldn't matter at all what they thought.

Dan then came back to the car and we drove back to house both of us still feeling quite horny for each other. We both knew that we would fuck back at his house for the rest of my vacation but that we would give each other's bodies a little of bit of rest so we didn't make each other too sore. As we reached his house he stopped his car and we bought got out. We then carried my bags back inside. As soon as we got inside we really weren't sure what to do so we both just decided to relax for a while.

A few days passed between fuckings to give each other some room. During those days we mostly just watched TV or played on the computer. Then as a few days had gone by, we both started feeling really horny for each other again and we knew we had to fuck again. When this feeling came over us we were downstairs lying on the pull out sofa just relaxing. We decided to do this because we wanted to be comfortable downstairs. I was lying near the window and he was lying next to me. The room was slightly lighted with just a light on the wall above us on which really help make the mood.

As Dan and I were lying next to each other, we looked over at each other. He then leaned over towards me bringing his lips up to mine. I leaned over slightly and met his lips with mine, feeling a fire run through me as we started kissing passionately. I then opened my mouth slightly and felt Dan slipping his tongue inside meeting with mine. We both then moaned as we started kissing feeling the heat in the room starting to rise. I loved how he kissed me cause it always made me feel so damn hot. Anyways as our kissing started to become more passionate Dan let his hand slide over to my breasts where he started massaging them feeling my nipples grow rock hard under his hand. I started moaning louder because his touch felt so damn good and I didn't want him to stop.

Our hot kissing continued for a good 10 or 15 minutes. He then moved his mouth off my lips and onto my neck where he kissed then licked his way up then down on my neck making me shiver with pleasure. As he was doing this, he brought his body even closer to mine and started pressing his hard dick up against my leg making sure that I would feel how hard I had made him. And oh boy felt it I did. The feeling of his cock pressing up against me made me just want to reach down, rip off all his clothes, and just ride him right there. But I didn't want to rush the fucking because I knew that'd be coming soon enough. So I just laid there as I felt him kissing up and down on my neck, occasionally moving his tongue up to my ear where he licked it making me shiver more with pleasure. As soon as he got tired of doing that, he played with my tits some more getting my nipples as hard as he could. He then moved down off the bed sitting down at the end of it. As I watched him move down there I knew exactly what he was going to do so I spread my legs open wide inviting him to partake in my love tunnel.

Dan saw me doing that and he automatically moved up bringing his mouth directly up to my pussy. He then spread my lips open and just like he had done so many times before and he started eating my pussy. I started moaning reaching over and grabbing the bed sheets as I felt the pleasure he was giving me start to overtake me. I then closed my eyes and allowed the pleasure to overtake me as I felt his wonderful tongue licking me. I knew that it wouldn't take me long to orgasm this time around because I was so hot from our kissing. So I started concentrating on cumming for him so he would fuck me nice and hard like I wanted more than anything at that moment.

Dan noticed that I was concentrating on cumming so he started to eat my pussy out like he had never done before using extra hard licks to bring me right to the edge of heaven. He knew that I wanted him to fuck me at that moment and he found himself wanting to fuck me too. I started moaning as loud as I could as I suddenly felt my orgasm washing over me. As it hit me, I went from hot to burning up not really caring at that moment if anyone outside the house could hear me. All I cared about was cumming for my b*****r and giving him the taste that he loved and ached for.

As my orgasm peaked and then stopped I felt my body suddenly go into a hunger need for his cock. So I opened my eyes and thrusted my pussy up at him to let him know it was time to get busy. Dan noticed what I was doing and he knew what I wanted. So he moved up off the floor and climbed on top of me taking his time to bring his cock up to my pussy. And even as soon as he did that he teased me a little bit by rubbing the head up against my clit making me ache for him more. I started thrusting my pussy up against him trying to get him inside me not really wanting him to tease me.

Dan noticed that I was getting slightly frustrated at his teasing so he stopped teasing me and just gave me what we both wanted by slipping his cock deep inside me. He then started fucking me hard right there on the pull out couch making it squeak very loudly underneath us. We both started breathing hard and moaning as we fucked both of us feeling the same amount of pleasure running throughout both of our bodies.

I reached up and grabbed onto his back just like I did the first night we were together, letting my hands get a really good grip onto his back as I wrapped my legs around his waist. As soon as he felt me doing this, Dan started fucking me even harder driving his cock painfully hard into me showing me who was boss when it came to the fucking. I couldn't help but let my moans go to the loudest point that they could go. I felt not only my body but also my heart fully yielding to him for the rest of eternity that night. I knew I was his forever.

We fucked as hard as we could that night giving each other equal amounts of pleasure. We both then came together both of us moaning into the air the sweet sounds of our shared pleasure sounding so beautiful to my ears. Then, as we got done fucking, we both held on each other for a while before letting go to get cleaned up. We then spent the rest of the night relaxing and just enjoying the afterglow of our special love. We spent most of the rest of my vacation relaxing and spending time together.

Oh yes, before I forget there was this one day of my vacation where my handsome b*o took me to a park where we walked together holding hands looking at the ducks and talking about our future together. Then as we were walking back to his car, he stopped us under some shade leaning over and kissing me oh so romantically right there in public. I didn't really care who saw us because all I cared about was being with him. The feeling of us sharing such a romantic moment together just made my heart dance with joy knowing he was my man and I his woman. We then went back to his car and went home. Then there was the night were I went down on him and sucked his dick letting my tongue run over the head as my mouth bobbed up then down on his shaft making him moan which I loved hearing. Then there were the nights where we laid together on the couch bed and he fingered my pussy to orgasm always encouraging me to cum for him each time always saying the same thing.

"Oh come on baby...yes..come on cum for me" Dan would always say.

Then the time came sadly for me to go home which I didn't really want to do but I knew I had to because it was so close to Christmas. I was so sad to leave him cause I was and still am so deeply in love with him. I had been experiencing some morning sickness so I knew that for sure I was pregnant with his c***d.

The night before I had to leave we laid in his bed together talking about our relationship before we fell asl**p together. And then before I knew it, the sun had come up and it was time for me to go to the airport to catch my plane so I could go home. So we both got up and went downstairs. We then stopped in the hallway of his house where I started crying because I didn't want to leave. He took me in his arms and told me it would be all right. I stopped crying long enough for us to go outside to his car where we both got in. He then drove me to the airport and got out with me walking all the way with me through baggage check in then up to security where we had to say our goodbyes. We kissed passionately, said, "I love you" to each other, and then parted ways as I walked through security to my terminal where I sat waiting for my plane. As I walked through there I started crying really hard because I found myself missing him already. I just wanted to turn around and run back into his waiting arms but I knew I couldn't. Then my plane came to its gate so I walked to my plane where I got on and flew home, my heart heavy with sadness the whole way there. As soon as I got back into the USA and then into TX I drove home thinking of him the whole way wishing he could be with me but knowing he couldn't.

Well that's what happened to us when we were together in 2007. I still think of him everyday and wish I could see him in person again. We still do chat online and cam-to-cam with each other. I just wish I could be in his arms again. Maybe if I get lucky we'll be able to get together in person again. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.
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I'm rock hard now. Great story
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