Im sitting in front of my computer camming and playing, there is a knock the the door and i know that heart begins to race as i go answer it. He comes in and sits on the sofa and i sit across the room deciding if I'm gonna make a move or not..see we had a past..long story short we got high together and got freaky. Anyhow i told him that i missed getting high with him and hes says back to me "I think about that all the time" I got bold and asked him if he needed some incentive and got up from the chair and stood in front of him and took off my sweatshirt
revealing the sexy outfit i was wearing underneath i took my tits out and put them to his lips and he instantly devoured them, sucking and licking and biting my nipples. i took off my pants and he moved the g string aside and started to play with my pussy as he sucked my nipples, i was soo wet for him and needed his cock to touch my pussy, i got naked and i climbed in his lap and took out his cock stroked it some and then i put the head of his cock on my clit and started to grind on it folding my pussy lips around his cock. feeling his cock growing inside my pussy lips and him sucking and biting my nipples i start to moan his name "yes ***** yes". i move from his lap to my knees and spit on his cock getting it nice and wet stroking it fast and hard then i put my lips to the head of his cock lick it and put it in my mouth and just suck it in and out of my mouth..i take it deeper and deeper til I'm at the base of his cock and i suck it up and down with it deep in my throat. he moves me back to the chair and spreads my legs wide give my pussy one long lick and then puts his face into it and ate my pussy furiously. he grabs my nipples and pinches and pulls at them i start to moan out loud and say to him you missed this pink pussy didn't you ***** you love the taste of my pussy don't you ***** he nods his head quickly as he devours my pussy. I'm grinding my pussy into his face calling his name and telling him to abuse my nipples and slap my tits he begin to do so and i say to him that's right ***** you know how i like it nice and rough he continues to suck my clitty biting it nibbling it... I'm moaning soo loud now it feels soo fucking gooooooooooooood!!!!! i scoot done to the floor where i open my pussy lips and put the head of his cock in my pink pussy i bounce up and down on it... the phone rings and the fun is over.... TO BE CONTINUED.......................
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3 years ago
Good start
3 years ago
Looking forward to more. Hot story so far.
3 years ago
Hot start.