Fifth Story: What I've Been Up To Lately

This is the fifth story of many real stories I have to share. They are in order here:

These are real events that happened to me personally, however since they happened at various points throughout the years, I might forget a detail or two and I might make certain details a little more grandiose. But all of the important, major stuff is forever etched in my mind. All names are, of course, completely made up.

Check out my first story for an introduction, but basically I am a 23 year old woman from Canada with too many adventures in my past.

You should also check out my fourth story as a lead-in to this one.

I felt I should post an update on what I've been up to lately and why I haven't really been online.

This should be a short entry, but basically I have been seeing James a lot, seeing other friends and spending more time offline.

James and I were / are basically dating, but we haven't called it as such and we're still fucking other people, which I am more than fine with.

2 weeks ago James, some friends and I all went to a club downtown. The time a the club itself was mostly uneventful, until I went to the washroom. Walking down the stairs to the washroom directly behind me was a cute (but dirty) punk-ish guy, about 30 years old.

As we were walking down I didn't even notice he was there (I was pretty d***k) until he complimented my hair.

"Sick hair. Looks good on you."

I said thanks, complimented the tattoos exposed by his sleeveless shirt and continued walking towards the bathroom. But he quickly asked if he could hug me and before I could respond he already had his arms around me. This was no ordinary hug -- he grabbed me from behind and pulled me hard into him while pushing his crotch into my ass. I thought about struggling but it was happening so fast that struggling seemed futile. I also was kind of enjoying it.

He finally let go, turned me around and licked my cheek. I laughed simply because I wasn't sure how to react.

"haha, sorry, I have to pee."
"Come in with me."

He held my hand and led me into the guy's washroom and into a stall with him. The stall didn't have a door and the toilet was filthy, but I pulled up my skirt, slipped down my panties and sat down.

He took his dick out of his pants and started rubbing it while he stared at my pussy. I seemed to pee forever and his dick kept getting bigger and bigger.

When I was finally done I wiped myself, told him thanks for covering the stall door while I peed and stood up to put my panties back on. But he grabbed my ass, spun me around and had his dick ploughed inside of me in what seemed like an instant.

Almost just as quickly, he came inside of me. He pulled out and I expected him to try to run back upstairs, but he stuck two fingers inside of me, letting some of his cum drip into the toilet and then pushed his dick inside of me again. He started fucking me fast and hard again, but this time seemed to be unable to cum extremely quickly.

After a few minutes of this impromptu fucking, two people came into the bathroom. The first guy saw us, snickered to himself and used the urinal. The second guy saw us and realised he knew the guy fucking me.

"Hey man. You want in?"

The other guy didn't even speak, but almost just as quickly as the first guy, he was inside of me. He was smaller than the first guy but wasn't just fucking me fast and hard like a dog.

A few minutes of mindless fucking later, he spun me around and then sat on the toilet seat, with me on his lap. The first guy grabbed my head and rammed his dick into my mouth. The smell of cum, pussy juices and his unwashed body combined made me gag.

Thankfully, this didn't go on very long before the other guy came inside of me and instantly pushed me off of his lap. He pulled his pants back up and dashed out of the bathroom. The first guy grabbed me by the hips and tried to penetrate my ass, but he was too limp and I was trying really hard to stop him. He finally decided to put his dick back inside his cum-stained pants and also dashed out of the bathroom.

Don't feel too bad for me. This was a fetish of mine and I could have stopped them both if I really wanted to. But I was also flirting and fooling around quite a bit with the first guy before entering the bathroom.

Going back upstairs to James and our friends was awkward. I didn't bother cleaning out my pussy, so my panties were soaked, nor did I bother checking my hair / makeup. I must have looked like I was just fucked, because our friend Rachel just laughed at me when she saw me come out of the washroom.

We didn't stay too long at the club after that.

Everybody went home and James invited himself over to my place. When I got home I managed to sneak to the washroom to clean myself up, but when we were going at it that night I think he suspected something weird was up -- he commented on how soaked my pussy was. But he came inside me, ate me out and then passed out with his head on my tits. Everything seemed fine the next day.

Anyway, this was one of the crazier nights over the past few weeks. I'm sorry it's so much shorter than my other stories, but there was really nothing else worth mentioning about the evening. No, I do not know who the punk guys were and no, I did not get an STD.

I'll try to post something a little more entertaining soon!
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4 years ago
lovely and horny
4 years ago
loved it!
4 years ago
I'm happy about the STD part. Then, I would be pissed at you ;)
4 years ago
still it is a very good story & thank you for sharing
4 years ago
Read all your stories, mmmm made me hot