Naruto Lemon Series Part 9

You heard your alarm go off as you groaned picking it up while you threw it across the room and flipped over. You heard the alarm go off again as you growled and flipped the covers off grabbing a baseball bat and whacking at it until it was in pieces. You rubbed your eyes and looked at your handy work as you sighed. Guess I went to far this time...

You sighed picking up the pieces and throwing them away as you took a quick shower to wake up then got dressed. There must be a reason I was suppose to wake up so early...damn my small memory. You finished getting ready and walked out of your apartment walking along the streets trying to remember what you had forgotten. It was something very important... but what! You bumped into someone as you fell and looked up to see your buddy Naruto.

"Yami-chan… sorry." he said helping you up as you smiled.

"It's alright Naruto, I just forgot something today and I can't remember what..." you said scratching your chin.

"Hmm I don't know what it could be. Maybe some ramen will help you remember." he said as you smiled nodding.

You sat eating ramen as your brain began to hurt from trying to remember.

"I can't remember... what could have been so damn important." you said waving your hands as Naruto slurped up his second bowl.

"Maybe it's nothing and you just accidentally set your alarm." he said as you shrugged smiling.

"I guess so... hey... wait… that reminds me. Why aren't you training today?" you asked turning towards him.

"Oh... Kakashi-sensei is taking the day off cause the new Make Out Paradise book came out… didn't you now that." he asked curiously.

"Shit! That was it! I wanted to get up early to get a copy! Sorry Naruto pay for me I have to go now!" you said frantically as you sped off to the book store.

You ran through the streets swerving through the people as you sk**ded in front of the book store and looked in the window to see there were no more.

"NOOOOO!" you yelled falling to the ground and punching it repeatedly.

"Yami-chan?" you heard as you turned slightly seeing Kakashi with the new book in his hands.

"Hi Kakashi..." you said looking down as he walked closer.

"What's wrong?" he asked standing beside you.

"I set my alarm for today... smashed it... forgot that the new Make Out Paradise book came out today... and am now to late cause the book is gone!" you said pointing to the shelves in anguish.

"I'm sorry Yami-chan... hey if you want... I'm almost done reading it. You can come by my house tonight to read it if you'd like." he said as you instantly jumped up and hugged him (Like Naruto did when Kakashi told him about them entering the Chunin exams).

"You're the best Kakashi!" you said happily.

"Hehe it's not problem Yami." he said as you knew he was smiling under his mask.

You skipped off after he said to meet him around 7 and you beamed happily running into Lee.

"Hey Yami-chan... did you get that perverted book that came out today?" he asked as you smiled lightly.

"No... but Kakashi-sensei told me to come over tonight so I could borrow it." you said clapping happily.

"Hehe is that so?" Lee said laughing as you eyed him funny.

"What's so funny." you asked as he looked at you innocently.

"It's probably just an excuse for you to come over Yami-chan." he said as you blushed.

"Lee-kun... honestly..." you said playfully glaring as he laughed at your flushed face.

"Sorry... well I have to go, Gai-sensei and I have to go train." he said as you nodded watching him run off as you crossed your arms.

Kakashi wouldn't think something like that...would he? You shook your head getting the dirty thoughts to the side as you walked to the training field to train a little.

You were beating a training dummy as you heard footsteps and turned to see it was Naruto again.

"Hey Yami-chan." he said smiling as you smiled back at him.

"Hey Naruto, what brings you out here?" you asked stretching your limbs as he smirked.

"I heard that you're going over Kakashi's house later." he said as you eyed him suspiciously.

"You're point?" you asked as he laughed saying, "Are you excited?"

"Well he's letting me read the book I wanted so yea of course... but judging by your face I'd say you weren't even thinking about the book." you said crossing your arms as his smirk widened.

"You know me to well Yami-chan." he said laughing as you rolled your eyes smirking.

"Look I know you know what I think about Kakashi but it's best we both keep the colleague relationship we have right now cause it would just make things difficult." you said shrugging as Naruto crossed his arms.

"What a horrible excuse Yami." he said laughing as you pouted out your bottom lip.

"Must you be so blunt." you said as he put his arm around you saying, "You know I don't mean any harm plus you'll get to see under his mask."

He wiggled his eye brows as you laughed lightly and smirked saying, "True... also it will be nice for comparison purposes."

Naruto blushed deeply crossing his arms as you giggled at his reaction.

"Not funny..." he said as you smiled hugging him as he sighed.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, you'll always be my favorite." you said as he smiled saying, "Yea I know."

"Well I better get going, I promised Konohamaru I'd hang out with him." Naruto said as you nodded saying, "Alright I'll see you tomorrow then."

He waved goodbye as you were left by yourself to train for a few more hours. Your mind though kept drifting back to what would happen tonight with the great Kakashi.

The sun had begun to set as you figured you should head to Kakashi's to see if he had finished yet. You finally made it to his house as you knocked on his door lightly hearing someone motion you in. You opened the door and saw Kakashi sitting on the couch with the book as he looked up towards you.

"Oh Yami-chan, you're early." he said as you smiled saying, "Yea I had nothing better to do..."

"Well would you like something to eat, I can make you something while you read." he said kindly as you inwardly smiled saying, "That would be nice."

He handed you the book as you looked at it like it was the holy grail and smiled eagerly to get started. You plopped on the couch and begin reading as he got started with the cooking. You were just about to get to a good part when you felt a tap making you jump slightly.

"Hey I finished." he said as you smiled keeping your place and walked towards his counter.

You both began eating as you wondered how Kakashi could be such a good cook. You tilted your head and looked at him to see his food was already gone. You sighed wishing to get a glimpse of his face but alas he was to quick for you.

"So when did you learn to cook Kakashi?" you asked as he looked towards you and said, "When I was young, after my father died I took care of myself mostly."

"Well he would be very proud of you." you said sweetly as you knew he was smiling behind his mask.

After eating you walked back to the book and opened it up again while Kakashi started washing dishes. You knew you should have at least helped but you couldn't miss reading the good parts before helping.

Your body began getting hotter as you were reading a steamy part of the book. You bit your lip as you shifted feeling your body aching to be touched and ravished. You could feel yourself become wet as you knew there was a deep blush coming to your cheeks.

"Reading a good part eh?" you heard Kakashi whisper into your ear as a shiver of pleasure surge through your body.

"You make it sound like you know what part I'm reading." you said trying to calm your thumping heart but knew he was smirking behind his mask.

"Believe me when I say I can tell since I had the same reaction but I didn't have the pleasure of having someone around..." he said huskily as you smirked. Oh you're dead...

He began walking away from you but you stood up grabbing a hold of his Jonin vest and slamming him into the wall. Your hands slithered up towards his mask while his hands went over yours letting you pull it off. You took a moment to take in his handsome features then he closed the space between you both.

Your hands began tangling through his hair as his held your head in place pushing his tongue in past your parted lips. He pushed you backwards till you hit his table while you both were still in a heated make out session.

You finally had to break for air as you panted lightly looking into his eye (Hehe cause of the Sharingan eye, don't want him to lose any energy do ya?). You could feel your zipper being pulled down as you broke eye contact with him and said your hoodie was already being removed for you. You slid off his Jonin jacket as his shirt soon followed, your hands began grazing over his well toned body while your mouth watered loving his body so far.

"Have I struck you in awe?" he said smirking as you scoffed lightly and took off your mesh shirt, tank top and bra.

Now it was his turn to gawk as his mouth hung open making you giggle and lift his chin up saying, "Have I?"

He pressed his mouth to yours again as his fingerless gloved hands ghosted there way to your breasts squeezing them gently making a light mewing sound escape your lips in pleasure. Your hands were quick at work on his pants as his hands decided to do the same to your own. You hooked one of your legs around his waist as you pressed against him making a little grunt escape his lips. You smirked grinding painfully slow as he growled lightly looking down at you.

"That's not very nice Yami." he said as you smiled innocently stopping your actions.

"Then ravish me already." you purred as he smirked taking off your panties then his boxers.

"As you wish." he said plunging deep inside of you as your body tensed up in shock then melted into his.

He began thrusting inside you as you moaned as his mouth traveled down to your breasts. You felt his slick tongue circle your breasts then begin sucking on your left nipple while your hands raked along his back. Your leg that was hooked around his waist tightened to each of his thrusts making him go deeper while he groaned against your breasts.

Your other leg wrapped around his waist as you felt your back being pressed hard against the table. With each thrust you could hear the table smacking into the wall and that only added to your arousal. His hands rested on your hips while his mouth came back up connecting with yours again in a sloppy lust filled kiss. You began panting as you could tell he was reaching his peak because his thrusts were more frantic and had less rhythm.

"Oh Kakashi.. " you moaned against his neck as he groaned your name feeling your legs tighten.

You began saying his name each time getting a little louder as you felt the knot in your stomach tighten tightly. His hot breath was hitting your neck making wonderful shivers surging through your body while your toes began to curl.

"I.. Kakashi-san... I.. Nya!" you cried coming as the feeling of you tightening around him sent him over the edge coming inside you.

Your legs wobbled and turned to jell-O as he quickly held you in place sitting you on his desk. You hugged him close as you were getting your breath back and closed your eyes just enjoying how close you both were.

"I'd have to say that was better than in the book." you said as he chuckled against you and looked up.

"I can let you read the rest a different day." he said as you smirked saying, "Sounds like an excuse to get me over here again."

"Yea... but it's a good excuse cause I know you'll come over for it." he said smirking as you were pushed down on the table and thus started the chapter over again.
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