Naruto Lemon Series Part 1 (What she looks like)

You sat slurping up some Ramen with Lee since Naruto was with his team training. You finished your second bowl and put it down clapping.

"Well I'm full." you said happily as Lee laughed finishing his first.

"You know Naruto will just want to come get ramen after training." he said as you laughed nodding.

"Of course.. and I wonder who will pay." you said narrowing your eyes playfully.

"Hehe well you should head to the training field they should be finishing up." Lee said as you nodded standing up fishing for your money.

"Don't wory about it Yami-chan I'll pay." he said smiling as you hugged him tightly.

"That's why I love you!" you said then skipped off leaving him red and flushed.

You jumped into a tree and began tree hopping towards the training field till you spotted Naruto and stopped.

"Come on Kakashi-sensei! I'm hungry for ramen and I know Yami-chan will be coming soon." Naruto said flailing his arms in the air as Kakashi sat reading.

"She will eh?" Kakashi said looking up into your tree as you giggled in your head.

"She's a loser.. just like you." Sasuke said crossing his arms as you glared towards him.

"Yea well screw you to Sasuke." you said hoping out of the tree and landing gracefully.

"Yami-chan!" Naruto yelled hugging you as you smiled patting his head.

"Hello Naruto-kun.. Kakashi-sensei.. Pinky.. Sasgay." you said getting more and more emotionless with every person.

"Hey Yami-chan, Sakura-chan's having a party tonight you should come." he said shaking your shoulders as you looked down at him.

"Hmm sounds interesting.. sure I guess I'll go." you said tapping your chin as he smiled happily.

"You're going right Sasuke?" Sakura said looking at Sasuke with hearts in her eyes as he turned the other way.

"Sure.. whatever." he said walking off as you glared towards him.

"What an ass." you murmered crossing your arms as you felt Kakashi pat your head.

"He could be worse." he said as you snorted a laugh saying, "Sure he could.."

"Well I'm gonna go get ready Naruto, I'll meet you at Sakura's later." you said as Naruto nodded smiling as you waved walking off.

You got ready quickly and began walking to Sakura's house with your nose in the latest issue of Make out Paradise. You didn't care about being called a pervert you were proud of it, it made life all the more fun! You finally made it as you knocked on the door and Sakura answered it as as she moved out of the way. You were lucky Sakura didn't hate you, maybe it was cause you weren't after her Sasuke but either way you still despised her.

"Yami-chan you made it!" Naruto yelled rushing over to you with Lee right behind him.

"Course I did.. there is no party without me." you said smirking as they both laughed.

You walked around talking to the other rookie 9 as Shino and Sasuke were near the walls by themselves.

"So how have you been Yami-chan?" Kiba asked as you smiled saying, "Pretty good. Though I wish some people weren't so emo and non social.."

You said as Shino titled his head at you and you waved your hands saying, "Not you Shino you are to cool to be emo."

Kiba turned towards Sasuke as he glared towards you.

"What are you looking at R-tard?" you said as he looked away hning.

"You really hate him don't you." Kiba said as you replied, "Yes.. yes I do."

"Well at least you aren't obsessed with him." he said as you nodded saying, "I have a little more intellagnce then those air heads."

"This is why you're awesome." Kiba said giving you a high five as you both laughed.

After a little while people began to get restless so Sakura decided you all should play truth or dare. Everyone sat in different spots, you were between Naruto and Lee while Sakura and Ino swarmed around Sasuke making you snicker lightly.

"Alright I'll go first! Sasuke truth or dare?" Sakura said turning towards him as he frowned.

"Truth." he said simply as Sakura replied, "Do you like me?"

"No." he said without missing a beat as she looked at him sadly. God.. asshole.. even if I don't like Pinky I mean honestly.

"Naruto truth or dare?" he said as Naruto perked up saying, "Dare."

"Kiss Hinata." he said simply as Hinata became as red as your hair.

You watched as Hinata passed out just before he could reach and you surpressed a giggle.

"Kiba! Truth or dare?" he said excitedly as you turned towards him.

"Hmm Dare." he said with a toothy grin as you whispered to Naruto making him smirk.

"I dare you to walk around Konaha in a kitty outfit meowing at people when they say your name!" he said as everyone burst out laughing.

"Yami. Truth or dare?" he said as you looked at him challagingly and said, "Dare."

"Hehehe.. I dare you to make Sasuke get an erection." he said smirking as your eyes narrowed.

"Dog boy say what!" you said slightly off balance as he grinned crossing his arms.

"You gotta give Sasuke an erection." he said smirking wider.

"How the fuck am I supose to do that.." you said still trying to register what he said correctly.

"Look you read those perverted books and your mind is a gutter use your imagination." he said as you turned to a glaring Sasuke.

"Gah.. but I don't wanna.." you mumbed pounting out your bottom lip lightly.

"So you're a chicken?" he said as your eyes narrowed. Damn he knows how to get me!

"Fine.. on two conditions though." you said standing up.

"Name them." he said as you crossed your arms.

"One.. Pinky.. Blondie you don't kill me.." you began as they glared but nodded anyway as you finished saying, "And two... I am not to be touched. I can only do the touching."

"Fine." he said as you sighed walking over to Sasuke as he sat on the love seat.

"I want to stress now that I hate you and if in any way you think I like this I will rip your balls off." you said as he seemed slightly surprised but nodding anyway.

Kiba popped in a strip song (Porn Star Dancing) and you sighed pulling your hair out and tossing the hair tie to Naruto. You began dacing sexily as you slowly began removing your hoodie as he stared at you emotionlessly and you decided to step it up a notch. You climbed into his lap and straddled his hips as your hands began working there way up his shirt and you rubbed up and down his chest as he twitched lightly. You smirked running your hot breath down his neck as he shivered lightly and you began rocking your body back and forth on his lap. You slowly slid off his lap as you kneeled inbetween his legs pulling them apart as he watched you with wide eyes. You slid your hands up his legs and past his shorts as your hands eased up towards his hips and back as he clenched his fists. You could tell he was liking it so you smirked and brought your hand over his crotch and began running your hand over him lightly as he closed his eyes. You began doing it harder as he began to get harder under your touch and you climbed back onto his lap grinding your hips into him harder.

"Do you like that Sasuke-kun." you said seductivily as he groaned lightly.

You felt him grow bigger as you said his name again lustfully until he was ready to burst.

"Hehe I think you did it Yami-chan." Naruto said as you got up making Sasuke blush and try to cover himself.

You turned towards the guys as Kiba was bitting his lip in lust and Lee was blushing and looking away. You picked up your hoodie putting it back on as you smirked.

"My perverted work.. is done." you said plopping back on the couch and turning towards Kiba.

"Oh and don't sl**p tonight Kiba cause you wont wake up." you said smiling innocently as he laughed nervously.

Sasuke left the party without another word as Sakura declared the party offically ruined. You didn't really care cause you just humilated the great Uchiha infront of everyone.. yes life was good. You and Naruto were walking together as he began bursting out laughing.

"Man I can't believe you went through with that." he said as you smirked putting your hands behind your head.

"Of course.. who wouldn't want a chance to make Sasuke feel uncomfortable." you said as he laughed reaching his house.

"Well I'll see you tomorrow Yami-chan." he said as you kissed his cheek and waved walking to your place.

You couldn't shake the feeling of being watched but you simple shook it off as nothing and hummed making it to your house. You unlocked the door and walked in taking your sandals off as you sighed happily walking towards the kitchen. You got a glass of water and placed it down walking to your room as you tried turing on the light but it didn't go on.

"Stupid light bulb.." you murmered as you went over to your table and lit a few candles so you could see.

You began unzipping your hoodie when you were suddenly slammed into the wall.

"What the hell?" you yelled when a hand covered your mouth.

"Promise not to yell and I'll uncover my hand." you heard a familiar voice say as you nodded lightly.

They removed there hand as your eyes adjusted and you saw Sasuke standing there.

"Sasuke.. what the hell are you doing in my house?" you said glaring as you tried to break free from his grip.

"I want you to finish what you started." he stated as you felt him push his still erected member onto your lower stomach making you glare.

"I'm not interested.. get one of your fan girls to do it." you said pushing him off as he held your wrists tightly.

"I don't want them.. I want you. You drive me crazy.. your fiesty and clumsy.. and I just gotta have you!" he said as your eyes narrowed towards him.

"What makes you think I want you?" you said as his eyes looked into yours.

"Everyone wants me." he said as you laughed dryly saying, "Well I'm not one of them."

"See! This is why I want you.. I like you a lot Yami!" he said as his voice raised slightly.

"Well buddy it takes two to tango." you said looking away as he sighed.

"Look, just this once.. if not.. I wont leave you alone until we do.. it's not like I'm taking something from you." he said as you looked towards him surprised.

"What are you talking about?" you asked as he rolled his eyes saying, "I know you've had sex with Naruto before."

How the hell did he know about that! You thought as your eyes widened and he smirked.

"So you like me cause I'm an ass to you?" you asked as he nodded slightly making you frown.

"Well shit if I would have known that I would have at least pretened to be obessed with you.." you said sighing upsetly.

"Enough talking.. " he said pushing closer to you as you groaned annoyed.

"You seriously wont leave me along till I do this will you?" you said boredly as he nodded making you sigh deafeted.

"Fine.." you said still agrivated as he smashed his lips to yours. Guess I might as well play along and humor him...

You let his tongue slid in your mouth as it began massaging yours begging it to play as well as you inwardly sighed doing so. His hands let go of your wirsts and finished unzipping your hoodie as he threw it off and brought his hands up your fishnet shirt.

"Oh no.. strip and dance." you said pushing him away smirking as he gave you a challenging look.

He began doing as you asked as you sat crosslegged on your bed feeling surperior. (Me: When I wrote this I pictured Sasuke dancing like the guy from America Pie when he was stripping.. *falls to the ground laughing*) Once he was down to his boxers you let out a little laugh as he looked towards you strangly.

"What's so funny?" he asked raising his eye brow as you smirked.

"You've never had sex." you said plainly as you could have sworn a blush came over his cheeks momentarily.

"Oh this should be fun.." you said quietly as you pushed him onto the bed with you above him.

"You wanted sex you got it.. but.. it's going to be my way." you said as an evil grin appeared on your lips as he gulped nodding.

You reached over to your little drawer and pulled out handcuffs as you quickly hand cuffed his wrists and ankles before he could tell you to stop. You took your mesh shirt and tank top off along with your pants leaving you in your undergarments. You brought your mouth down to his neck and began sucking on it roughly until he moaned making you smirk and bite that spot hard enough to draw bl**d. You traveled down his body until you reached the tent in his boxers and slowly slipped them off and smirked.

"Hehe.. I've seen bigger." you said as he gave a little glare but you silenced it by reaching for your bra strap.

"Oh wait! I forgot." you said reaching over with a blind fold in your hand.

"Yami.." he growled lightly as you laughed evily and put it over his eyes.

You took off your bra and pressed your chest into his as you reached over his ear and nibbled on it.

"Do you want to touch me..?" you said seductivily as he bit his lip and nodded his head.

You undid one of the handcuffs and took his hand placing it over your breast as he began squeezing and playing with it roughly. You held in a moan as he rubbed his thumb along your nipple and he gritted his teeth telling you he wanted to see. His hand trailed down your body resting at your panties as you clicked your tongue grabbing his hand. You pulled his hand away and put it back in the handcuff as he growled agrivated.

"Hey you're the one that wanted to do this.. I didn't, so I believe I have the right to tourtue you." you said slipping off your panties as you sat back on his lower stomach.

You reached over to your little drawer and grabbed a condom as he looked to your side unable to see what you were doing.

"What are you doing?" he asked questionably as you put it on him smiling saying, "Making sure you don't expect me to restore your clan." (Remember k**s don't be a fool, wrap your tool.)

You kissed him again allowing his tongue passage as he kissed you hungirly while bucking up towards you lustfully. You slowly slipped inside him biting your lip so you wouldn't moan as he tried to bring his hips closer to yours but you held them down.

"Yami.." he groaned as you moved for a moment but stopped nipping at his chest.

"Beg.." you said smirking as he grinded his teeth.

"Yami..move." he said huskily as you smirked lightly.

"But you didn't say the magic word." you said stopping your sway as he let out a little moan.

"Please.." he said breathlessly.

Who knew you could make the great Sasuke Uchiha so vaunerable and out of control, it felt so good. You decided to stop tourtering him and began to ride him slowly as his fists tightened on the handcuffs making you smirk lightly seeing him holding in a moan.

"Yami.. please.. let me touch you.. let me see you." he said in a light demanding voice as you laughed lightly.

You untied the blind fold as he gazed over your body lustfully while you reached down taking off only his hand cuffs to his hands. He roughly pulled you towards him as he smashed his lips to yours while his other hand began massaging and teasing your breasts in desperation. His hands traveled down to your hips as he began gliding you along faster as you happily followed as you began riding him faster and harder. Light groans and moans began leaving his lips as your hands rested on his chest as you slid your hands along his body. You felt his grip on your hips tighten lightly as his eyes began to flicker with control.

"Faster." he said as you laughed to yourself and placed your head next to his.

"Whatever you say duckbutt." you said grabbing your head board and began pounding onto him.

He groaned deeply as you rode him fast and hard and his head tilted to the side in pure pleasure while you felt yourself begin to pant. His mouth found it's way to your breasts and he began sucking on your soft skin as you groaned lightly tightening your hold on the head board.

"Yami.." he moaned out as your pace quickened as fast as you could as your breathing became ragid and hard.

You cried out reaching your peak as just the feeling of your walls clamping down on him sent him over the edge as he cried your name reaching his climax. You fell ontop of him as you both tried to get your breath back while you slipped him out of you and laid to the side.

"See aren't you happy you did that?" he said turning towards you as you rolled your eyes.

"Just shut up you ass.. and I better not hear you telling others I did this or I will personally kill you." you said meaning every word as you knew he believed you.

"Don't worry.. I wont." he said as you nodded turning over and closing your eyes.

"And I still hate you." you said lightly as you pretened to fall asl**p.

He undid the hand cuffs to his feet and got dressed putting your sheet over you and kissing your cheek.

"I love you Yami." he said quietly as you tensed in your mind lightly while he walked out of the room.

"I wish you didn't.." you said to yourself as you slowly drifted to sl**p.
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