i got fucked raw by the UPS dude....i am so sore now
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I'm:stephanie wegner, 47
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Kids:Yes, we do not live together
Occupation:farm wife
Education:Some high school
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I am honry farm wife. I love having sex outdoor

a lady in public, and whore in private

I used to hate giving blow jobs. I am sure it could be argued that I still don’t love them, but the mind shift has certainly come a long way in the positive for stud. My history with giving oral sex is one I’ve heard from a few of you. Your first experiences were not all they stacked up to be, my first boyfriend had a hygiene issue and that made getting near his dick with my mouth very unappealing. Ick. I also, still, have an issue with the texture and taste of semen. It’s just hard for me to handle. I’ve also had a pretty bad gag reflex that I’m learning to overcome, but not without a long struggle.

And by long struggle with the whole thing I’ve been with stud for 10 years. This has been a long long process to get where I am and I know he’d say I have a way to go yet.

Blow jobs were a service in my mind. They weren’t sexy because I didn’t like them. They do nothing for me, even to this day. But now I can say that I actually enjoy them. What I didn’t understand about his insistence that I give him blowjobs and be happy while giving them is that my enjoyment was pleasurable to him. I thought that as long as I served him I didn’t have to enjoy it. And honestly I had a really bad way of looking like I was being forced into it anyway – who wants that? He certainly didn’t.

So I started faking it. It was silly at first and very obvious that I was smiling and looked happy to give him a blow job even though I wish he hadn’t asked me. It was amazingly hard to do and we spent many many conversations about my dislike for blowjobs and why I should work on enjoying them. Yup, I was going to learn to enjoy something I didn’t like.

Now that’s behavior modification!

Let me just stop you here though, because I can hear the tisks and rocks rattling in your head in disbelief that I could not like blow jobs. “Everyone likes blow jobs,” you’re thinking. Well, not true. I’m a living example of someone who didn’t like to give blow jobs. And I’m sure that there is something that you don’t enjoy doing that your partner just loves.

I had decided that I was going to change my perceptions of blow jobs and why I didn’t enjoy them. The biggest issue I had, and still do have is that I don’t like the texture of semen. It’s unavoidable and I’ve yet to figure out how to get over that, but once I realized that the whole blow job could be enjoyable up to that point I knew I was on to something. I started watching videos on blow job technique.
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Hey, thx 4invite but accept only invite from verify People!
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Very nice profile
Thanks for the invite
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Thanks, for add, Mistress.
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I will.
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I can
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Love is a NAME, SEX is a GAME forget the NAME and play the GAME!
A greeting from your friends Mach of far such a good profile show us still more from you. Thanks for the friendship! Thanks for the invitation !
Liebe ist ein NAME, Sex ein SPIEL vergesse den NAMEN und spiel das SPIEL!
Ein Gruß von deinen Freunden mach weiter so ein gutes Profil zeig uns noch mehr
Dank für die Freundschaft! Dank für die Einladung
21 hours ago
Mmmmmmm....Stephanie, I may have to work on that for you. It is so much fun to watch you in action. Thanks for the add as a friend. If I make a visit to MT, would a house call be welcomed?
21 hours ago
Then do you make house calls

1 day ago
Always shoot bullets, never blanks
1 day ago
You going to make me a video tribute?

1 day ago
Hhhhmmmmmm....maybe I need to consider being a UPS driver.........
1 day ago
Been in Havre.........surely wish I had seen you there, baby.........I would have gladly given you all you wanted. Would love to be a friend.
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Thank you for the add.
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Thanks x
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Thanks for adding me
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Thanks for the request. I love your hot profile.
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he was big and brown now my white pussy is loose, flappy and sore...stephanie
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DAMN he must be BIG BROWN and you now know what he can do for you hehe- happy hump-day SJ
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Thanks for the add. Very sexy stuff you have posted. Thank you!
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Great pictures and videos, thanks for the add
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thanks for the add
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I like private
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Thanks for the invite..
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What can brown do for you?
2 days ago
UPS service must be great over there,must stand for "ultimate pussy service" 😊
2 days ago
So you managed to get the UPS guy to delivery his package
2 days ago
Well, sounds like they got some really great benefits...lol
2 days ago
Must have been nice
2 days ago
I once had a female UPS driver ask me "what's the difference between a Big Mac and a blowjob?"

I don't know.

"I'll come back after my shift and show you"

And she did!
2 days ago
who care, I just home delivery.......

2 days ago
Does anyone know if UPS is hiring????
2 days ago
delivery with a smile!!!!!
2 days ago
he did not use a rubber.....stephanie
2 days ago
2 days ago
really hot status
2 days ago
Was it a creampie?
2 days ago
UPS? Unlimited Perverted Sex? :D xx
2 days ago
Lucky guy
2 days ago
That would be a video I wanna see!!!!!
2 days ago
So what now?
2 days ago
Did he unload inside you or on you?
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wow would haved love to have seen thet
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thankyou for the friend!!!
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thanks for the invite.
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sexy xx
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Yea babe I do
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big thanks for the invite !!! great vids pics !love your honest profile... I had an ex g/f who was like you she tried sucking cock just could get past the cum thing...I read where if the women SUCKS on a mentho lyptus cough drops it helps numb mouth and throat and gave me an unbelievable sensation ...well she tried it and it worked for both of us ! she finally loved to suck my cock and swallow with a tasty delight ! give it a try you'll love !!!
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thanks for the add...nice profile
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Thanks for the invite babe.Thats an awesome profile you have
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Fake it til you make it
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nice profile
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Thanks for the add! Love your profile!
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Thank you for the add sexy great pics and videos
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What video or pix would you like me to cum over for you? Xx
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I'd be very happy to do a tribute for you sexy xx
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thanks :)
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beautiful profile
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needing some on this fricken cold nite
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8 days ago
Dan's hand were tied behind his back with ropes and he sat uncomfortably in a wooden straight back chair. His tall lean figure struggling against the wrist constraints was exactly what Angela wanted. She stood watching him in amusement. Dan had worked as a private investigator and had sought her out to question her in a crime of passion and now he found himself prisoner in her world. Two men, presumed to be Angela's bodyguard's, stood behind him and watched every move and every gesture he made was scrutinized.

Angela was a tall leggy blonde with a face of an angel and the body of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield rolled into a voluptuous woman who oozed a dangerous form of sexuality that could not be denied. She wore a black leather dress that hugged every inch of her curves and tall black boots with spike heels that could be used as a dangerous weapon as much as foot wear. Her eyes were tempting pools of sapphire and when she spoke to him they seemed to shoot tiny white bolts of lightning at him.

"So tell me again why you're here," she commanded slapping the table in front of her with the palm of her hand.

"I told you. I have a client that wants some information?" Dan said as confidently as one could when their hands are bound.

"And who is your client?" Angela pressed.

"That I can't tell you," Dan said.

Angela walked back and forth under a dome light that cast shadows making her look angelic as her name in one minute and a sex sorceress that was her real persona in the next.

"You can't tell me, but you want me to answer any questions you ask," she almost laughed at the ridiculous idea.

Dan licked his lips. The woman was sexy hot there was no denying it, but she was also smoking hot and even in his wildest imagination he could see that if he got too close, she could burn him with a simple touch of her finger.

"And what if I don't want to answer any of your questions?" Angela taunted him.

Dan swallowed hard. His intention was not that of being caught. He just wanted to get the information he needed and escape without anyone knowing, but that was a long forgotten scheme. Now he just want to make it out alive.

"No harm done. Just let me go and we'll pretend this never happened," he tried to smile, but it fell into a grimace.

Angela pursed her lips and paced once more then stopped and returned to the table that was between them.

"I have an idea," she began. "If you can endure what I am about to do without showing any interest, then I will set you free and my guards will escort you back to your hotel in person."

"What are you about to do?" Dan asked.

Angela ran her tongue over her ruby painted lips, "I'm going to do one of my very favorite things," she purred.

The guards in back of Dan moaned and he could feel them shift their weight as if bracing themselves for what lay ahead.

"And what if I lose?" Dan asked.

Angela opened the drawer beneath the table and pulled out a Colt 45 and aimed it at Dan's head.

"This will be your punishment," Angela said flatly. "And I never miss at this range."

Dan's throat went dry and he could feel his heart race in his chest. Whatever Angela was about to do would determine whether he lived or died. Those were his only choices. Angela drew the gun up and down the length of Dan's torso.

"Strip down," she ordered.

The guards untied the ropes that held Dan's hands bound behind his back then pushed him to stand.

"Do as the lady says," one the guards said in a gruff voice.

Dan looked to Angela then to the guards. The game had begun and he had no choice but to play it. He removed his shirt, t-shirt, shoes, and finally his jeans and underwear. In his nakedness he stood before Angela who eyed him like a side of beef hanging on a hook. She liked beef, liked it a lot, and if she had to give him a rating, he would be USDA Grade A.

"Now what?" Dan asked.

"It's really quite simple," Angela began. "You will sit in that chair and no matter what I do or how I do it, you are not to get off. That means no masturbation and no touching whatsoever. If you can maintain a full cock after I'm through, I'll let you go."

Dan already could feel his cock twitch. "I can't help getting a hard on," he cried.

"Well I would be very disappointed if you didn't, but you just can't cum," Angela clarified.

Dan could hear the two guards behind him chuckle, "What about these two?" he asked.

"Oh they can masturbate if they want to. It's one of the perks of being my guards just as long as they keep an eye on you so you don't get off and try to escape," Angela stated.

Dan sat down in his chair with the understanding that his life depended on not getting off. He took a deep breath. It would be difficult, Angela was gorgeous and probably the sexiest woman he had ever met, but to save his life, he had to do it. He licked his lips again in preparation for what was to come.

"All right. Let's do it."

Angela purred seductively, "Let's see now. Where do I begin?"

One of the guards removed the table and the other replaced it with a soft red velvet chair that slanted slightly back for a perfect view. Angela had it especially made for her size, comfort and used it on special occasions such as this. She rubbed her hand along the velvet arm of the chair and smiled.

"I believe I'm ready. Are you ready gentlemen?" she asked.

Dan could hear the two guards unzip their jeans and he knew what they were about to do. He didn't want to look back, didn't want to look queer, but almost envied their ability to stroke when he couldn't.

Angela placed the Colt 45 on the seat of the chair and slowly slipped out of her dress letting the soft leather fall to the floor. Her breasts, firm and supple, bounced as she leaned over to remove her black lace thong panties sliding them along her legs to her black boots. She removed one leg then the other and the quick shot of the blonde curls of her pussy made Dan's cock jump. Angela caught him and smiled.

"I take it you like it," she said.

Dan said nothing but shook his head trying to clear the thoughts of his tongue getting tangled in those curls. His cock stirred and he tried to will it back down while he could hear the sliding of skin on skin as the two guards each stroked their own cocks with their hands.

Angela leaned back on the red velvet feeling the soft fabric against her skin. Her hands began to knead her breasts and her fingers plucked at her nipples. Dan squirmed as he watched her play causing the pink nubs to tighten at her touch and when she spread her legs for him to see her mound, it glistened with her juices. He took several deep breaths and let them out slowly and tried to turn his head away, but one of the guards slapped him on the back of his neck and he refocused on Angela.

"Naughty boy," she reprimanded as she retrieved the Colt 45 from behind her and slid the muzzle over each of the nipples allowing the cold metal to tighten the nubs even more. Then as if it were a heat seeking missile, she lowered the weapon to her pussy and ran the tip of the gun through the mangle of soft blonde curls. She then slid the cold hard rod between the lips of her pussy and when drenched she brought the weapon to her lips where she licked the length of it like the shaft of a cock.

Dan felt his shaft tighten and no matter how he tried to will it down, it remained hard, glistening with precum eager to seek release. Angela saw him struggling to maintain and eager to help the release her own orgasm, she pointed to the guard on the left of Dan. Quickly the burly guard, his cock rigid and dripping precum, came forward and fell to his knees before her. Angela pulled his head down to her mound.

"Eat me," she said and the guard obliged spreading Angela's legs apart and diving into her pussy like a man who was starving.

Dan could see Angela squirm as the flicking tongue of the guard lapped at her juices and stiffened her clit. Her hips began to move and she moaned with delight as the sensation of his tongue sent waves of orgasmic charges throughout her body. Dan squirmed as well trying in vain to take away the urge to stroke himself as he heard the guard in back of him grunt and groan fully enjoying the spectacle.

Angela saw that Dan was struggling to maintain his will and pushed the guard eating her pussy away. The guard who had been stroking his own cock as he ate her, reluctantly gave up his status and returned to his position behind Dan. She then motioned for the second guard to come to her. He moved past Dan and went to Angela where she instructed him to drop his pants. He said nothing, but did as he was told. His erect thick cock was ready to burst. It was then Angela leaned forward and took the massive rod into her mouth. Dan could feel his balls tighten and the pressure of his cum begin to burn and rise. He shifted in his chair, but to no avail. His cum was at the base of his cock and ready.

Angela licked the guard's cock stroking it with her tongue then dove onto it with her mouth taking it deep into her throat. The guard moaned and his legs quaked as the sensation of her mouth on his cock drove him mad. She stroked it with her tongue feeling the rod jump and pulse until finally she released him.

"Now finish the job," she commanded him.

The guard needed no further urging as she leaned back on the chair and he straddled her driving his cock deep inside her wet swollen pussy slamming his balls against her ass as he did. Angela moaned throwing her head back as the guarded pummeled her pussy. The guard behind Dan began to stroke faster and faster. His breath became ragged as he grunted deeply and Dan could hear the sound of the guard's cum splatter on the cement floor.

Angela wrapped her spiked heeled boots around the guards back as he rammed her pussy again and again until she called him to stop and immediately pulled out of her. He stroked his cock maddeningly with his hand until his cum exploded over her chest and stomach. He came again and again on her while she spread it over her breasts and stomach with her hands massaging it into her skin.

Dan closed his eyes. He stretched his legs with his hands gripping the side of the chair. His rigid cock burned with desire while engorged veins bulged against his foreskin. He watched as Angela took the guard's cum over and over. Precum oozed from the head of Dan's cock and dripped down the side of his shaft. It bounced and jerked up and down. Then what he didn't want to happen was out of his control and he could feel the rush of cum shoot up the length of his shaft and erupt. Hot streams of cum flew over his stomach and hips. To stop was useless as his body jerked in orgasmic convulsion draining him of his hot rich cream. He twisted and turned in his chair as the rush overwhelmed him. His breath was ragged as he realized what he had done. Moments later, as his senses returned, he looked over at Angela who held the Colt 45 directly at him.

"Bang. Bang, you lose," she smiled
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nice to meet you ;)
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what you need honey

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What you going to give me for Valentines Day? SAME as YOUR GOING to GIVE ME ;) FUCK ALL
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thanks for adding me
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Hello, thank you for accepting my friendship. In the shared pleasure. Kissessss
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Me too!!!
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Thanks for adding me, if you have a chance come look at my content, would love to get your comments.

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