My Unwanted First Time

I figured to amuse some people I should post this true story on xhamster. At the time I was 19, now I am 20. A girl who went to my college, who always ignored me if I talked to her, one night got her friends and ****d me. She was kinda hot, white like me and with glasses. Her friends were both redheads and were meh. But, she told me to come to her house because she was having a birthday party. When I entered the room, she hit me on the head with a baseball bat. When I woke up I had a headache and three naked women staring at me. I looked at myself and I was naked too. I asked, "Errrm...what the fuck is this!?" then one of the redheads crawled on top of me. I screamed, "GET OFF!" and attempted to push her. But, now she was giving me a handjob. I kept yelling at her for a while to stop, and I attempted to resist getting an erection. It took a while, but eventually my dick sprung up. I was pissed. I yelled at her, "You whore! Why are you doing this!? WHAT DID I DO!?" and finally she answered with "Because, your 'friend' here likes you. She invited us to here so we could help her with you." Then, the other redhead got on top of me. After a few minutes of footjobs and blowjobs, the redheads got off of me. The girl who invited me there got on me and said, "Are you a virgin? I'm not." and I just nodded. After a couple minutes of ****, she said "You look like you're in pain. Is it just that you're actually in pain or you merely are unhappy about this?"
I answered, "Well, I'm definitely unhappy about this. Faggot..."
And in about a half an hour she was done with me. The two redheads whispered the one who invited me a question. She nodded. They rolled me onto the floor and gave me a few footjobs and then f***ed me to have vaginal sex with them. They were then done. I was glad it was over, but still pissed off that I had been ****d. I then got their baseball bat and hit the one who invited me in the head. I left the redheads be. I got my clothes on and left while the redheads were in shock.
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