my bww neighbor wants to be my slave pt 2

I walk over to my couch and tell her to crawl over to me, she gets on all fours and starts to crawl to me while I take off my pants when she gets to me I order her to start sucking my dick, she starts to suck my dick I tell her to put her hands behind her back as she sucks my dick. She only is going down half way so I but my hand on her head and f***e her the rest of the way down making her gag. I light up the L again watching my slave sucking my dick, she stops and ask if she can hit the L, I slap her in the face and say did I say u could stop sucking my dick get back to work slut. I stand up infront of her and started to face fuck her she gags repeatedly, I pull out her mouth and she gasps for air I then shove my dick back down her throat and hold it there for couple seconds pull out I repeat this for couple minutes then I feel that im going to cum and I tell her that she better swallow all of it, when I come I can see her making sure she swallows all of it.

I tell her let's go down to her apartment to see what toys she owns, on the way down I tell her this door must always be open for me and when she is home she is not allowed to wear a bra and must be in shorts or sweatpant for easy access for me.

When we get to her place she crawls to her dresser and opens up a drawer and pulls out a small vibrater. I tell her to suck my dick to get me hard again and once Im hard again I tell her to get ontop of me and ride me. She gets up and straddles me and starts bouncing up and down, while she does this I start slapping her tits hard making her moan I order her to start switch directions so I can see her huge ass riding me ass I slap her ass hard repeatedly turning her ass a rose red color causing her to cum. I can feel me getting ready to come again amd blow my load in her. I notice what time it is and decide to go to bed

I tell her that im sl**ping down here. I go into her bathroom and take a piss and when I return I tell her to suck my dick again, I then tell her to lay on her stomach on her bed and tell her to spread her ass, I then get ontop of her and without warning I shove my dick into her asshole and reach under her and grab her tits and tell her good night and hope she enjoys sl**ping with my dick in her ass, she replies ill do anything for my master
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8 months ago
i LOVE dress code rules!
Is there a part 3?