my bww neighbor wants to be my slave

I was in my third year of college and I lived on the top floor of a two story house. I new neighbor moved below me we talkd to couple times. She is 19 in her second yr of college. Later that week I was about to smoke a L so I called to so see if she wanted to join in the festivities. She askd me to lock the door that connects the house. Half way though the L she looks at me and says "I have something that I want to ask you"
I replied what
Then she asked this"I want to be ur fuck slave ill do anything you want to me" at first I didn't know what do say because I was hi gh as fuck and shocked I then said if I do this there will be some rules one if that you can not tell anyone about this and ill tell you the rest later, she says ok exciting. I tell her to stand in the middle of the room cause I wamt to see what my slave looks like, she gets up and walks in the middle of the room and starts taking her clothes off.
she stands before me naked she is 5'3" tall weights about 190 pounds(short fat and wide u could say) she has huge tits thick thighs and a big fat ass. She also has a bush but ill take care of that later.
I get up(im only 5'6" muscular and weight 140 pounds and have a 6"dick) walk behimd her grinding my dick into her ass and start squeezeing and feeling her tits up, then I ask her who do these belong to now? She replies u. I then tell her she has to respond to me as master. I take my right hand and start rubbing her pussy and she is already wet, I jam two fingers into her and notice that's she is pretty tight. After finger fucking her for a lil I take out my fingers and bring them up to her face and put them into her mouth and ask her who does this belong to she says you master I jam them down her throat some and make her gag and I say get use to being gaged, I then take my two fingers out her mouth and jam them into her ass hole roughly and ask her who this belongs to, she replies you all of me belongs to you use me any way you want.
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8 months ago
Great start, but i want more!
8 months ago
would love to just make the leap and submit to someone i barely know.