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[Story] my bww neighbor wants to be my slave pt 2

I walk over to my couch and tell her to crawl over to me, she gets on all fours and starts to crawl to me while I take off my pants when she gets to me I order her to start sucking my dick, she starts to suck my dick I tell her to put her hands behind her back as she sucks my dick. She only is going down half way so I but my hand on her head and f***e her the rest of the way down making her gag. I light up the L again watching my slave sucking my dick, she stops and ask if she can hit the L, I slap her in the face and say did I say u could stop sucking my dick get back to work slut. I stand ... Continue»
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[Story] my bww neighbor wants to be my slave

I was in my third year of college and I lived on the top floor of a two story house. I new neighbor moved below me we talkd to couple times. She is 19 in her second yr of college. Later that week I was about to smoke a L so I called to so see if she wanted to join in the festivities. She askd me to lock the door that connects the house. Half way though the L she looks at me and says "I have something that I want to ask you"
I replied what
Then she asked this"I want to be ur fuck slave ill do anything you want to me" at first I didn't know what do say because I was hi gh as fuck and shocke... Continue»
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