Sunday with the neighbours (another true story)

I had always had a thing for the woman next door. Her name was Sandy and she had the best body a man could want, a true MILF. She worked as an accounts assistant for some small business locally, she was always immaculately dressed with make up and hair to match, a true looker. She was around 40 at the time, same age as my wife Suzy, I was just 30, a toy boy to the red head temptress Suzy. We were very friendly with the neighbours, Sandy’s husband Ted was a great guy, loved a drink and the finer things in life all to as much excess as he could get away with. Sandy would always peg him back when he started to get a bit d***k or showed he was enjoying himself.
Now I had known Sandy for a few years prior to meeting my wife, she would come into the bar I ran with her s****r and a couple of her friends. I knew her to be a fun type once she had loosened up after a couple of drinks. She knew me as the guy who fucked her best friend and she wanted some but being married was quite sacred to her so it just never happened in those years prior to me meeting and marrying Suzy.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon when Ted came into our house with an expensive bottle of whisky. It was his intention we drank that whisky before Sandy came back from working overtime and he got stopped from his enjoyment. Suzy was fine with it all, she knew I worked hard all week and enjoyed my weekend time.
We finished the bottle, Ted was starting to show signs of d***kenness, as was the norm, he just got louder and a bit daring with Suzy who I know he had a crush on, he had previously d***kenly told me it was her red hair and petite figure that did it for him. On queue Sandy came in from work just as I was opening another bottle, difference was this time she wanted…. no needed a whisky after a hard weekend working overtime. I duly obliged grabbing a glass and filling it with a huge measure. As usual, she looked immaculate in her black business suit with knee length skirt black holdups stockings and heels. I told her to get comfortable on the sofa next to Suzy and relax, she duly did, kicking off her heels with a huge sigh of relief and unburdening herself of the suit jacket. (that’s when I got a look at the hold ups stockings!!)

We were all very comfortable in each others company always had been.

A few whiskies later Ted had nodded off in the chair, another custom he had and we accepted, Sandy and Suzy were loosening up nicely after a few more drinks, the impromptu party was moving along nicely.
Sandy requested we put something on the TV to drown out Ted’s snoring, “any requests” I asked, “Some of that porn you two watch on a night would be nice” she laughed. Yes she could hear it in her house and we were regular viewers of it. I had a good collection and many satellite channels I could get which had constant hard core porn on them. “Ok” I said, at that Suzy said no, a bit scared Sandy would take offense once sober, as I said she was a bit tight arsed about sex stuff normally. Anyway Sandy was adamant she wanted to see the porn, she had never seen anything that was hardcore, after all she was 40 and not a k!d.

I put on a run of the mill porno, nothing too extreme, just sucking, licking, wanking and cum shots. I didn’t want her to freak. We all sat there laughing as the porn played away and Ted snored loudly.

After about 15 mins of porn and chat to my amazement Suzy started to get a bit horny and was telling Sandy all our intimate details of where we had fucked outdoors, how big my cock was and how she liked to think she was being watched fucking when we had it outdoors. Sandy piped up, “Feel free if you want an audience, I am more than happy to see what you get up to when this porn is on.” At that Suzy was straight onto my trousers, tugging away at the zipper, within a second she was sucking away at my already hard cock.
Sandy started laughing loudly as she moved from the end of the sofa to get a better look at what Suzy was up to. “Christ you have his cock in your mouth Suzy, I thought you were pretending” she said.
At that Sandy took off her shirt, down came the skirt and tights until she was stood in her matching light blue bra and skimpy panties. All the times I had imagined Sandy’s fit body has just come true. It was every bit as nice as I thought it would be. She walked over to the sl**ping Ted and shook him vigorously, Ted awoke from his d***ken stupor to be greeted by Sandy tugging away at his zipper trying to get at his cock. “What the hell” exclaimed Ted, shut up and let me get your trousers off said Sandy. Ted looked over at me, I was still being sucked off nicely. Ted could not believe what was going on. He stood up, his trousers came down, Sandy was on his cock in a split second. Now I got a surprise at Ted’s cock, it was no more than 4 to 5 inches hard, I am a little above average at 6 and ¾ or 7 inches I like to say rounding it up. I watched as Sandy slowly sucked away whilst bent over Ted as he sat in the chair with an amazed look on his face mouth wide open, Sandy’s bottom was a picture, I could just go over and eat her out I thought to myself.
I piped up, “We should all go upstairs, I would hate the neighbours to come in” at that Suzy got up, took my hand and rushed off upstairs, she was hot to trot. “Sure you want to come?” I asked Ted and Sandy. “Be there in a second” said Ted, he needed condoms from his house, Suzy and I don’t use them so I had none.
I went up, followed closely by Sandy, she would wait upstairs for Ted coming back, she didn’t want to miss a thing.

Suzy was stripped naked and in bed when I got there, I stripped and got in next to her, the bra and panties set was quickly dispatched from Sandy to reveal a very nice very black and quite hairy but well maintained pussy. Her tits were a very nice just more than a hand full in size with small and hard nipples. This was in contrast to what I was used to with Suzy. She was a real redhead with a wispily hairy red pussy, a small pair of tits barely a handful but a sensational tight body and ass. There I was, in the middle of 2 beautiful women, Sandy made a grab for my cock, Suzy already had it. “Do you want to have it for a while Sandy?” Suzy asked, like my cock was going out on loan. “If that’s ok with you” she replied. At that Suzy released and Sandy took hold.

Ted arrived, a box of condoms in hand, threw one at me and said, I insist on this. Fair enough, Both women were capable of getting pregnant, Sandy knew I had been around of which I am sure she had told Ted that info. Ted stripped, he got in the side of Suzy, Sandy slid the condom on my cock, very professionally I thought. I was still laid on my back, I slipped my right hand onto Sandy’s pussy which was soaking wet. I moved my left hand onto Suzy’s pussy, that too was wet, I slipped a finger into each pussy slowly. I was in heaven. Sandy slipped down the bed, next thing she was sucking away on my condom covered cock. Suzy pulled my hand away from her pussy as Ted went down on her. After a few minutes, Sandy whispered to Ted who was showing Suzy’s pussy an awful lot of attention, “ is it ok?” she was asking permission to fuck me. Only if I can fuck Suzy he exclaimed. “Ok with me” I said, “yeah hurry and get it in me” Suzy gasped out. I knew that voice, she was desperate for a cock, any cock would do.
Sandy held my cock as she straddled it, in a flash she had pulled off the condom as she inserted my cock into that beautiful pussy. She leaned forward and passed the condom to me, shaking her head as to say hide it. She wanted skin, and nothing less.
Sandy started to grind he pubic bone into mine as her pussy gripped my cock hard. I watched as she gritted her teeth with sheer enjoyment. Fuck me this was dream land. Ted was in a world of his own, he had Suzy´s legs in the air and was pumping away with all his might. Sandy leaned back to take in as much cock as she could, I looked down to get a look at that fit body and keep a mental picture for future wanking purposes. Fucking hell, Sandy had a massive clit, it was sticking out like a small cock.. I stopped her grinding, pulled her off my cock and went straight down on that huge clit. I took it in my mouth like I was smoking a fat cigar. This was a bonus, I loved eating pussy and especially large clits.

I stayed down there slurping and sucking away for a few minutes, next thing, Suzy joined me, Ted was finished, off to the bathroom to sort himself. When Suzy saw the clit, she immediately started licking and sucking at it, I was surplus to requirements now! I had never seen Suzy with a woman, she had never shown any interest even though I had asked on many occasions as men do.
I stood up and moved around the back of Suzy as she had her ass high in the air whilst tending to Sandy. Sandy was in ecstasy by the look on her face. I dropped the condom on the floor Sandy had taken from me, I entered Susy from behind and started pumping in rhythm to the licking and moans. Within a minute I was shooting my load of cum into my wife, the same pussy my friend Ted was in a few minutes earlier. As I withdrew my cock, Suzy´s pussy was in an orgasm spasm, the cum was oozing from it. Ted was transfixed on Suzy and Sandy. Moments later, a loud squeal announced Sandy had cum too.

I again got to get a good look at Sandy´s fab body as she got dressed, I want that in the wank bank I thought. We all got cleaned up and dressed and reconvened in the TV room.

A pact was made that we were never to tell anyone, to meet up separately for affairs or use this against our partners in any argument.
Well 1 out of 3 aint bad!! That’s another story.

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19 days ago
Oh yeah that does read nice keep flowing the print please!
10 months ago
10 months ago
superb story…well written to…love to see the ladies and hear more about your adventures
10 months ago
very good Thanks for the posting
10 months ago
Superb story, dream come true ;)
10 months ago
10 months ago
Awesome,,,hope you have some hot pics of the ladies:-) :-) :-) :-) thanks
10 months ago
Brilliant story mate, that is a very probable situation; thanks.