the lost phone

The Lost Phone
by Clive St.clement-Royal

It was a warm day and I had been sitting in the busy cafe for two hours now drinking tea and working on my laptop. I was trying to write my thesis for my masters degree in volconology and it was not going to plan. The waitress, as instructed brought me a new cup of tea every 30 mins and put it down and cleared away the dirty cups. It was then I noticed a woman come in the cafe and look round for somewhere to sit, I indicated that she could sit at my table and she came over and sat down, followed by the waitress and she ordered a coffee and a cheeses sandwich.

"Hi, thank you for letting me sit with you, it is busy today. My name is Becca." she said to me.

"Hi Becca I'm John, and it is quite alright there is room." I replied as I went back to typing. As I worked I was sneeking a look at Becca, she seemed to be around 22 and had a nice figure, what I could see of it. Shoulder length blond hair cascadede down her back and was kept out of her eyes by two clips. She had a sweet looking face her nose was not too big and had, big blue eyes. She was wearing minimal makeup which made her more alluring. As she ate her sandwich her phone rang, she answered it with a sigh. "Yes what do you I dont want to see you again........I am not going to tell you again leave me alone or I will go to the burser and the police.....good bye ass hole." Well I was amazed that such a beutifull woman could get so worked up.

"Sorry about that John, a fellow student who won't take no for a answer" she explained.

"Don't worry Becca, you hear a lot sitting in here all day."

"You sit here all day."

"Yes, have to get this thesis finished and can't work at home due to my f****y always arguing and not giving me any peace, can't work in uni libary as it is not all that quite either. At least it is resonably quite here and I don't have to get up to get a drink as Sally keeps me in tea."

"I have to go now I might see you again tomorrow then" she said as she got up from the table.

" Yes, I will be here just after nine see you then." I replyied. I worked on for another hour and decided to call it a day, as I started to pack up my laptop and books I noticed Becca had left her phone on the table and she had not come back for it. I put it in my laptop bag for saftey as I would probly see her tomorrow.
The following day I took my usual seat in the corner and ordered my breakfast and tea from Sally. I was just tucking in to my breakfast when I saw Becca come in the cafe, she was looking worried but when she saw me her eyes lit up and came strait over to my table and sat down.

"John, when I was with you yesterday did I have my phone with me, I have lost it and dont know where it is."

"Yes you had it yesterday because your ex called you."

'"Thats right he made me so upset I did not know what I was doing, now I can't find my phone and I'm lost with out it, it is the only way I can keep in touch my f****y and what friends I have."

"Do you call me a friend as well."

"Well you could be why."

"Well you better put my number in it then." as I pulled her phone out of my laptop bag.

"Oh You found it, thank you John for keeping it for me." She slid up the bench seat and put her arms round my neck and pulled me to her and gave a me a long lingering kiss on my lips. It was so passionate I felt a stirring in my cock, which I had not felt for a while, then I felt something else, her hand was rubbing the length of my cock and squessing it.

"I must repay you for that, can you not do any work for a while and come with me, I want to show how gratefull I am for the return of my phone."
I picked up my bag and holding her hand we left the cafe. We walked down the main road and into a block of flats. She called the lift and when it came down and the doors opened she dragged me into it and pushed the button for the tenth floor. As soon as the door shut she was in my arms kissing me hard with her toungue fighting its way into my mouth. I ran my hands down her back on to her ass and squezzed her two lovely bum cheeks and pulled her to me, lifting her slighley and pumping my now hard cock into her covered pussy. She through her head back and gave a small scream of delight.
DING went the lift as we reached her floor and the doors opened. She grabbed my hand and rushed me down the corridor till we reached flat 134. she grabbed a key out of her pocket, opened the door and dragged me inside. All this time since we left the cafe Becca had not said one word.
Now we was inside her flat she slammed the door shut and started to remove her clothes.

"Quick get your clothes off and fuck me." she said as she pushed me into her bedroom. Well what could I say, I stripped off my clothes in record time and joined her on the bed.

"Please make love to me John I need you so much."

"Becca, we have only just met." I replied.

"I don't care I just need to be loved and now." as she moved down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I moved her round untill she was over me and I could get to her pussy. I was supprised how wet her pussy was in fact it was dripping on to me. I put out my toungue and found her little button and slowly licked it. That caused her to shudder all over and more liquid to gush out of her pussy. I circled her clit with my toungue and then licked up towards her vey wet hole and back down. Her pussy tasted sweet and there was plenty of pussy juice to get into my mouth. She by now had made my cock all wet and was trying very sucsessfully to get all of it down her throat. The sucksion she was applying when she lifted her head off of my cock was great. As she took my length back down her throat again I returned to her hole and made my toungue into a tube and pushed it into her and fucked her that way for a while, I also brought my right hand upto her ass cheek and pushed my thumb into her soaking wet cunt. Pushing it in and out a few times to get it wet I then moved it up to her puckered anus and pushed it slowly in to the first joint.

"ARRRHHH thats nice I like it she screamed, now turn me over and get your cock in to my cunt and fuck me, I want to feel you come in me as well, so don't hold back." She rolled off of me and I turned round and got between her legs. It was the first time I had realy seen her body. She was beutifull, she had full rounded tits a flat belly and a shaven pussy. I took her tits in my hands and bent forward and sucked the nipples which were standing up rigid.

"Yes yes that good I like that, now fuck me" she cried. I went to get hold my cock to place it at the enterance to her cunt but I found that her hand had beaten me too it. She was rubbing my cock as she manovered it to the entance to her love tunnel. I held my body up on my arms and pushed forward. I felt my cock enter a very tight and wet tube. I noticed Becca was wincing as if I was hurting her so I stopped.

"Why have you stopped" Becca asked

"I thought I was hurting you and I don't want to do that"

"Don't worry, its just you are big and I'm tight, just get it in, please"
I started to push again and pull out a bit then back in a bit more. After a few strokes I had the head of my cock fully in her when she put her legs round me and grabbed hold of my ass and pulled me all the way into her. Now when I pulled out and pushed back I was hitting her wombe and my balls were hitting her ass. Becca's cunt was getting wetter with each stroke and she was getting more vocal with every stroke.

"Thats it fuck me....fuck me....faster...harder...mor ..more." I could feel my balls starting to constrict so I knew I was not far off coming. It felt like her cunt was wrippling up and down my cock as if it was milking me.

"Yes yes yes I'm coming" becca cryed, this pushed me over the top and I felt the first shot of baby juice leave my cock and hit her womb.

"I comming as well." I shouted.

" Yes, yes we made it together," Becca cryed as she kissed me, "that was great, I needed that". My cock started to soften and slip out of her cunt along with my cum and all the fluid she had produced, it ran down between us and soaked into her bed. She pushed me off of her then went down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked and licked all the cum off of me.

"Oh dear we have made a mess of the sheet have'nt we. I better change it before we go to bed tonight." She remarked.

"Go to bed tonight" I asked.

" Yes, you said you don't have a girl friend did'nt you, well you have now, well not a girl friend but a lover. You don't have to work in the cafe anymore you can work here and if you feel that you dont want to go home any more you can move in here with me." I was shocked.

"Is this your flat then."I asked.

"Yes of course it is, when I came to uni earlier in the year I did not want to live in halls so daddy brought this flat for me and there is plenty of room for two."

"Did your ex come here"

"No he knows nothing about this place only you have come here in more ways than one."

"Thank you, when can I move in, lover"

"Now" as she came into my arms and kissed me.

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