Billy's Tale (extract)

*This is part of a story I am currently working on about two very talented18-19 year old Math students. In the stories I tutor them aside of school. This a extract from Billy’s tale.

I slowly placed my left hand on Billy's leg under the table whilst he continued to stare at the complex equation on the sheet in front of him. My right hand was also under the table, but this hand was under the skirt of my thin summer dress, my fingers were gentle penetrating my soaking opening, intermittently switching between my cunt and my swollen clitoris. I caressed Billy's inner leg, growing bolder as the pleasure between my own grew, Billy glanced up from his work and gave a very sheepish smile, his cheeks blushing, I smiled back warmly, and asked sweetly "how are you getting on?”
"I'm all done I think.., it wasn't has hard as I was expecting" as he spoke Billy glanced down at my chest and cleavage, then quickly away again, I felt him wriggle in his seat through my hand still rubbing his inner thigh through his thin suit trousers.
"Lets have a look then shall we?" I kept my left hand on his leg but removed my right hand from under the table and reached across Billy to pick up the paper, sweet pussy adore filled the air around us, my fingers were glistening in the light escaping from the front room windows, Billy breathed in the scent, his eyes never leaving my hand, I placed the paper in front of me asked my young charge to pass me the pen he had used to complete the algebra paper, our fingers and hands touched as we exchanged the pen, I made a conscious effort to fumble slightly, making sure that Billy felt my pussy soaked fingers and that some of those juices were transferred to his hands.

With pen in hand, looking down at the test sheet I began to slowly mark the paper as I did this, under the table my hand roamed further left and at last brushed against his erection, I placed my hand over the tent in is trousers and continued my massage.

Billy's young cock must of been only around 5 inches and not at all thick, for a lad of already 18 years, his penis was a little on the small and underdeveloped side, but I liked that, always have, don't get me wrong I like big ones too but something about a little willy really gets me going. I was in no fit state to accurately judge Billy's mathematics so I opened a text book to the correct section and simply marked the Billy’s test paper from the list of correct answers, all the while I squeezed his small rock hard member, every few questions I turned my head to watch my young students reactions, Billy was relaxed now, leaning back in is chair with his eyes closed. For all I knew I was the first person other than Billy himself to have touch his manhood, he was quite clearly enjoying the experience. When I had completed my examination, and calculated Billy’s score checked my watch, it was 10 minutes to 5, almost time for him to leave and are session to come to an end.
" So Billy", I said removing my hand from his material constrained penis,
"you did quite well, 16 correct answers out of a possible 20, your improving considerably", Billy’s mind was quite clearly on more important things, he simply nodded in response, and stared at my bra less DD breasts.
"Would you like to use the bathroom before your Mother arrives?” Billy paused, contemplated the proposition briefly then responded almost in a whisper and once again with the nod of his head,
"Yes Miss Cartwright", those words he uttered almost brought me to an orgasm right then and there, such a sweaty.
"Ok then you know where it is." he stood slowly and awkwardly up from his chair, and we both glanced down and the tent in his trousers, his 5 inch cock pressing up against the tight material, are eyes then met and I simple smiled, and looked down once again at is willy. As he turned to leave the room, I placed my arm round his shoulders, gave him a kiss on his red cheek and squeezed his tight bottom. Once Billy was upstairs and I heard the bathroom door shut, I undid my dress top and put on a bra from my laundry basket, I did not want Billy’s mother to get the wrong impression.

Around 5 minutes later Billy’s mum rang the door bell, as I went to great her, I heard Billy make his was back down the stair from the bathroom, his trousers no longer bulging. I opened the door to his mother. Lisa was a little older than myself, I would guess in her early 50's, she was a petit lady with short grey hair, rather plane looking and very flat chested I noted. Lisa seemed a pleasant enough women, mild mannered much like her son, there was a clear f****y resemblance, are weekly encounters were always brief and I was of cause always very courteous, some of my other students parents often stopped for a chat and sometimes a cup of tea, but Lisa and Billy always seemed to be in a rush. They thanked me for my time and went on their way; Billy was quite clearly very uncountable, which I must admit I took great pleasure in.

After Mother and son had safely departed I walked upstairs to the bathroom, where to my delight I found the baggy cotton knickers I had deposited on the floor prior to Billy’s arrival, they were sodden with creamy boy cum just as I had hoped they would be. I took them into my room, lay down on the bed and proceeded to masturbated my still wet fanny, rubbing the cum socked panties deep into my pussy, I had such a lovely orgasm picturing Billy rubbing his cock and sniffing my soiled knickers.

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2 years ago
AWESOME story thanks for posting it
2 years ago
sweet and sexy lady
2 years ago
Very nice!
2 years ago
very good