My Niece and her Student and Me.

I couldnt believe that i had a young boys cock in my mouth, tasting his young firm cock while he was eating my nieces unshaven furry blonde cunt. It all started when i went to visit my 22 year old niece last week. When i got to her house she had a note on the front door that told me she would be home late because she still had work to do at the school where she was a substitute teacher. I went inside and sat down in the living room. After a few restless minutes I decided i was curious and wen into her bedroom. I knew exactly where i wanted to go and i started going through her dresser drawer, After a few draweres of noting but jeans and shirts finally bingo, her panty drawer.I ran my hands over her silky and nylon panties and bras and pulled put a cute pair of see thru green panties with a little bow on the front. I began examing the panties and saw that the tag said SIZE 7. I looked around just in case anyone was home and unzipped my pants and pulled the pants and my underwear down and began stroking my growing cut cock with her panties. I closed my eyes thinking about her while i stroked. I walked over to her laundry hamper and was in luck. a [air of blue VS satin panties were crumpled in the bottom of the basket. I grabbed the panties and started sniffing the crotch. Her pungent pussy smell was strong.
"Excuse me, Uncle Stan?" My niece cried out."What are you doing?"
I looked up and standing in the doorway was my niece, her medium length blonde hair resting on her shoulders. She was wearing a tiger print top blouse and a short black skirt. She was 5 foot 5 but her 4 inch heels made her taller than me.
"Oh my God, Erika, I am sory I didnt mean to,I mean I couldnt help myself." i stuttered.
"So, Uncle Stan do you think about me when you do that? Do I turn you on? I mean i am your niece. You used to babysit me when i was what 11, 12?"
I didnt know what to say, my cock was still hard. I couldnt deny it.
"Miss Fowler, are you going to grade my paper or what?" a mousy voice said.
I didnt evrn notice but behind Erika was a boy in a t shirt and jeans. It must have been one of her young students.
"Well Matthew i was going to grade your performance like we do every week but I dont know what to do with my Uncle here."
"Im sorry Erika Ill go, sorry." I said weakly.
"No Uncle Stan, I want you to stay. If you get off with just my panties wait till you see this."
I sat on the bed, not knowing what to do while she went into her closet. She grabbed a couple of things and told me and the boy to get naked and wait for her while she changed.
The boy got naked while I watched him. He was hairless and his little cock got instantly hard. I took off the rest of my clothes and tried not to look at him but i kept staring at hos body, I was wondering what his cock tasted like.
"You know Uncle this could be alot of fun for all of us, to be honest when you were babysitting me I always wondered what it would be like if yuo fucked me and now maybe we will find out." She was standing in the doorway with nothing on but a black leather panties, black stockings and 5 inch heels. She wasnt a small girl but not fat. Her ass was well rounded and her 36D breats were firm and her pink nipples hard.
"First. Matthew lets see how well you studied. Its time for your oral exam."
The boy boy got up and went to his knees in front of Erika, She squatted down and offered him her hairy blonde cunt. His tongue began to frantically lick her pussy.
"Slower, baby, not so fast. Its not a race." she moaned and he bgan to slow and she was rocking her thighs back and forth to match his tongue. He was darting his tongue in and out of her cunt.She began moaning and playing with her tits. After a few moments i began to stroke my cock.
"Stop Uncle Stan. I dont want you to waste your fucking cum just yet." she demanded,"Now Matt this week you have 2 oral reports to do." Go to my Uncle and suck his old cock for me. And you better do good or yuo won't get an A."
I was scared, i never had a guy suck my cock much less a boy but i was excited. Matt came up to me and got on hos kness and began sucking my cock. He wasnt able toget my 7 inch cock all the way in hos mouth but it wasnt for lack of trying. I took his head into my hands and began to f***e his face into my cock.
Erika began yelling."Thats it Uncle Stan, fuck his face, make him your bitch. You like it dont you Uncle? Having a boy suck your cock while I watch? You are a fucking pervert. You really want to fuck my asshole dont you? She turned around and stuck her ass into my face." But not yet, not till i know you will do a good job." she said. "Now i want yuo to suck Matts cock and get it wet, dont make him cum just get it lubbed up."
Matt sat on the bed and I got on my knees and I put his little peter into my mouth. My tongue rolling over his head. I spit on his cock and began jacking his cock. I looked up and his head was tilted back in ecstasy.
"Now MAtt fuck you teacher like a dog ok?" Erika started. " Like i showed you last week, you know the pictute of the two dogs."
She got on all fours on the bed and ne climbed behind her and he began shoving his cock into her big ass. He was a fast as a rabbit. Erika was moaning a little but i knew his little cock wasnt enough for her. After a few minutes of him trying his best to fuck my niece she told him to get on all fours himself.
She reached down to my cock and she stuck her tongoe out and began licking my cock like a popsicle.
"Now Uncle, fuck Matt while watch."
I got behind Matt and stuck my cock into his little asshole. He began to yelp a little as my head dissapered into his asshole. I knew this was as far as my cock would go but i started fucking him a little with just my head.
"Ok Uncle Stan now you are worth to fuck, me, your niece, the little girl you wanted to fuck all those years ago. oh and Stan you better fuck me better than that. I want to be your bitch, you got that. And MAtt get in front of me.I want you to cum in my mouth while my Uncle fucks me."
I took my cock out of the boy and pushed my whole cock into her asshole, She was taken a bit by surprise and yelled."Now thats more like it." I grabbed her hops and began fucking her hard, her tits swinging away. She was suckink Matt and he came in seconds, a litle white cum was dribbling out of her mouth.
"Yes, yes, Uncle make me bark, oh yes ARF ARF i am a fucking bitch! I need a fucking cock in my asshole Uncle Stan. You gonna cum old man? Are you?"
I scramed that i was and she got up and took Matt by the head and she began kissing him in front of my cock. She took her hand and jacked me for a minute till i could feel i was about to burst. My warm gooey cum squirted toward her and Matts faces. She captured my cum in her mouth and kissed Matt gain, sharing my cum with him.
"Now clean up you two and I will take you home Matt and get the fuck out of my house Uncle Stan. And you better be her again next week same time, you got it? And maybe next time I will fuck you and you will feel how much it hurts, you faggott."
I left stunned, her panties in my pockets. I would sniff and JAck off to her panties till next week.
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much better
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Great story!
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awesome story Stan
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Very nice!
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Very good story.
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Spell check would do wonders...Other than that is was a good story. Thanks for posting
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