Help Wanted: Group of men to Gangbang my Niece

It all started when my 21 year old Niece asked me for money. She said she needed it to but a new phone because hers broke. I was recently laid off and didnt have any extra money to give her but she really wanted a new phone and her birthday was coming up so I came up with a plan. I told her as long as she would pay for the data plan I would buy her a new Iphone. She was so excited. I told her that we would pick up the phone next Monday. In the meantime I put an ad online at Craigslist. The ad said I was looking for about 10 or more men any age any cock size that I wanted from them 25 dollars apiece for the honor of gangbanging my 21 year old niece. They could do anything they wanted to her for an hour as long as it wasnt too violent. To please get back in touch with me and that i was looking to meet at a local hotel Monday at 1:00 oclock in the afternoon. By Sunday I had 15 guys ready to fuck my little niece.
When Monday rolled around at about 11 in the morning I told her she should dress up a little since we would going to the mall to pick up the phone and she should look pretty. She decided to wear her best outfit, a leopard top that showed off her 36D tits and a little blach skirt that came just below her kinda chunky ass. She put on her 4 inch black heels which made her taller than she was which was 6 foot 1. She had just washed her blonde shoulder length hair so it was straggly.
" Wow", I said, "You look good enough to eat Erica."
She looked at me with her green eyes and sighed,"You are such a pervert Uncle Stan."
I told her she looked a little sick and did she want some cold medicine. She took the pill not knowing it was a d**g to make make her a little woozy.
We got in the car and headed for the mall. When we were heading down the road i looked at her and she was in a awake but in a daze, her eyes a litle glossed over. I told her that before we got to the Mall that i had to stop into a hotel and get her the money to buy the phone. We got to the motel and I told her she should come withme that i didnt feel it was safe for her to stay in the car in this neighborhood. She could barely nod and I helped her from the car to room number 121.It was 12:30 and none of the guys had shown up yet. We went inside and I laid Erica on the bed.
"How you going to get the money, Uncle Stan?" her words slurred.
"Just waiting on some guys who owe my money, honey. It wont take too long."
Afetr about 15 minutes there was a knock on the door. I looked out the ppephole and there was about 5 guys outside. I opened the door a crack to show them my Niece on the the bed and then told them it was 25 bucks a piece. The first two guys were young like in their 20s in t shirts and shorts. The other guys ranged from 40 to 60. As he handed me the money the 60 year old said he hadnt had pussy in 40 years and he hoped he could keep it up. I laughed and we all went inside.
"Honey," I said to Erica, "Looks like the money is starting to roll in. Now these men are paying for your phone so I think you should show them how grateful you are."
Now I dont know if tit was the d**gs I gave her or if she was really just a slut, but she exactly what I meant when i said that. She got up off the bed and started dancingaround the men, grinding up against them, licking her red lips.
"OK guys you remeber the rules, you can do anything you want to her except v******e" i warned.
As the younger guys were taking off their shorts diplaying their raging hard ons, Erica went straight to the older man and looked him straight in the eye and said, " I want your old fucking cock in my mouth, now." She put her hands on his pants and undid his botton and f***ed his pants down. His cock was about 3 inches and his pubic hair was grey.
"Oh, I am going to enjoy this old man," she teased.
She opened her mouth to put his cock in her mouth but before she could get her lips around it, he peed right into her mouth. Instead of getting upset or mad, she looked right at me and said, "I am going to enjoy this Uncle Stan, you are a fucking pervert."
By now 5 other guys showed up and i took their money and told them to have at it. By now the youger men had taken Ericas clothes off and she was on her knees in nothing but her red lacy bra and black thong panties. Three of the men were rubbing her tits and her cunt, she had 2 cocks in her mouth, the older man and another man in his 40s with a huge 8 inch cock and swollen balls. She was going back and forth between the two men licking the cocks and spitting on the cocks and rubbing them. The other 5 men were standing around playing with their cocks that reanged from 5 inches to 7 inches, some cut the others uncut.
"Come on guys," I pleaded," MAke her earn her phone, fuck her, piss on her, lick her. I want her to feel like a little doggie, a bitch that needs to be trained."
The three men who had been rubing her, ripped off her panties showing her full blonde bush and took off her bra, her tits firm, her nipples hard as diamonds and pink. While sucking the 2 men still, one of the guys grabbed her ass and got her to stand a little bit. He took his 7 inch cut cock and shoved it in her asshole. She was taken back a little and gave a little squeal. Another man got in front and started licking her cunt. The other men were gathering around her mouth and ass. They began to take turns, they were fucking her asshole and cunt while the other men were taking turns getting sloppy wet blowjobs. I was getting turned on myself lookinf at her white ass and tits jiggling as the men were thrusting their cocks in her ass, si i began to take off my clothes and playing with my 6 inch cock. I went over and grabbed her black panties and took a big sniff, her cunt smelled so good. I took the panties and began stroking my cock.
"Thats it guys, fuck my little niece." i said. Now Erica I want you to tell me and all the guys here what a slut you are and how you want them to cum all over you."
"Oh yes, Uncle, I am a fucking dog I like cocks in my tight asshole. ARF ARF ARF. Fuck me guys, i want your cum on me. I want to be a cumbucket."
The first guy to cum was the youngest guy, maybe 18, I didnt card him, he was in her mouth and he pulled out and sprayed his thick gooey cum on her face. It was alot of cum and it landed on her head, her nose and her lips.
"Good start" she said,"but i want more i am a fucking slut and i deserve to be covered." she pleaded.
It didnt take long, two more men who had been jacking came on her face. By now the rest of the guys had made a circle around her, she was sucking and jacking as many cocks as she could.Three of the guys came at the same time, the cum was falling off her face and chin and landing onto her tits.
"Litle doggie needs her protein shake." she said as another guy came on her face. She was covered in white sticky jizz, she couldnt even open her eyes.
I think we all knew not much more cum get fit on her face so the last 3 men came on her tits. She began rubbing the cum all over her tits and she was pinching her nipples.
"Now" i said, its my turn you fucking bitch."
I went behind her and entered her ass, i was pumping hard, holding her thick hips.
"You are my dog, always remember that. Bark fr me, bark for your perverted Uncle." I could feel I was about to explode, she was screaming and barking, she had her orgasm.I stood in front of her and aimesd my cock right in her face and pissed all over her face, mixing my pee with the guys cum. Her face was a mess. You can eat now baby i told her and she was wiping the cum and piss from her face and licking her fingers, swallowing it all.
The guys put their clothes back on and began to leave. Erica sat back on the bed and looked at me and smiled. I gave her the money and told her get showered and lets get her phone. She laughed and said,"Uncle Stan, I was thinking about after the phone,I was looking to get a new TV, could you help me with that?"
We both laughed.
"Oh yes baby ill get you a new High Def 3-D tv, its going to cost a lot, we are going to need alot more men if you want that."
She laughed, looked me in the eye and said, I was thinking we could go shopping next week.Ill be ready Uncle and maybe next time we could change that no v******e rule."
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6 months ago
HELL YEA AWESOME SEXY,love to be there clean up bitch boi licking her clean sweetie
7 months ago
I d love to try this on my friends
1 year ago
Hey Uncle Stan , I will give you $50 for a one on one fuck with her and $100 for an overnight fuck with her....MMMMMMMMM...5/5
2 years ago
i got 25 dollars
2 years ago
wicked uncle...i d love to plan this with my niece either lol
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
gangbangs are a good way to make money
2 years ago
hot sexy story man and if its true its even hotter, but regardless that was hot man
3 years ago
I'd pay good money to see that...
3 years ago
i want to meet your niece too she a hot slut
3 years ago
I'd like to MEAT your niece Uncle Stan!!!
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
very hot story