I pay my Niece for Sex

My nieces name is Erica, she is 21 and will turn 22 in October. The last time I saw her years ago she was a skinny thing with no tits. Due to circumstances, I had to move in with f****y recently that includes my niece. She has now turned into a woman. She is tall, short blonde hair with a few tats on her arms and she wears black rim glasses.
I had began living in the house for a few weeks when i noticed that she would leave her panties and bras in the bathroom. I would go in and pick up her size 6 thongs and sniff them while i would jack my 6 inch cock. Her pussy odor was intoxicating, sweet and a little stinky at the same time. I wanted to take her 36C bra and spill my cum on all over it but I couldnt take the chance, I had gotten in trouble for cumming on my roomates shoes and got evicted and that was why I was living here in the first place. I couldnt stop thinking about here while in the samr house as her, i would sneak peeks of her in bathing suits or in a towel after taking a shower, afterwards which I would go in my room and jack my cock thinking very dirty thoughts about her.
A few days ago i was coming home when I notices Erica sitting on the front porch.
" Hey Uncle Stan, give me some money."
" For free?" I inquired. " Im sorry but in this world you have to earn it." I said jokingly.
She stared right at me in her low cut top and shorts and said in all seriousness, "Oh Uncle Stan, I can make it worth your while."
Well she didnt have to say that twice. She said that everybody and left and we were alone ar least for a few hours.
"Well," I said. " lets go into your room and lets see what we can work out."
We went into her bedroom and she got on the bed.,
"So, what are you thinking about?" she asked.
"O.K. well lets start. I will give you 5 dollars if I can have a pair of your used panties, 10 dollars if I can see your tits, 25 if i can touch and suck your tits, and......" she cut me off.
"Well Uncle Stan, you are a dirty pervert, but I knew that, but lets cut the B.S., give me 50 bucks and I will let you do anyhting you want to me for an hour."
She was already starting to take off her shirt and I could see her blue satin bra, then she pulled off her shorts and she was wearing the black thongs I had seen in the batroom. She took the panties and grinded them against her cunt,she put her fingers in the panties and began massaging her pussy, she began to moan. She took her fingers out and licked her fingers. She took the panties off and smushed them against my nose and face.
"You like that, Uncle Stan?." You like the smell of my cunt? I know you sniff my panties and jack off, fucking pervert."
I pulled a 5 dollar bill out of my wallet.
"Thats for your fucking panties Erica. I then pulled out a 2 twenties and a ten." and now you are fucking mine for an hour."
I took off my clothes and stood in front of her while she sat on the bed. I put on her panties and my cock got hard. I stuck my cock in her mouth and she began to cough.
"No, no, no you fucking bitch, you are going to take Uncle Stans cock in your goddmamn mouth and you will not gag or cough."
I began to fuck her face and i could see tears streaming down her eyes.
"Now play with your bald cunt baby, thats it now stick your fingers in yuor tight asshole while i fuck your mouth, thats it baby stick your fingers in,cause in a minute your going to feel my cock in there."
I took of my panties and stuffed them into her mouth and turned her on her knees and hands.
"Know you fucking dog, Uncle Stan is going to fuck his little niece in her asshole."
I didnt lube her or anyhting, I just shoved my cock in her ass as hard as I could. It wouldnt go all the way in but I didnt care, I f***ed myself deeper and deeper, holding her hips while i fucked my baby.
"Now baby i am going to pull the panties out and I want you to bark for me, bark like the dog you are. or i will spank you."
I pulled the panties out and she tried to make a sound but couldnt, I slapped her ass hard again and again till finally i hears her bark.
"Arf, arf arf" she cried out.
"Now what are you Erica?"
" I am your fucking doggie, Uncle Stan, a fucking bitch, a cum whore."
I reached over and squezzed her tits, pinching her perky pink nipples.
"Oh, my little bitch i am going to cum, and i want to cum all over your pretty face, I want to destroy your face"
I pulled pout and she turned around and my cum couldnt contain itself. My warm sticky jizz spurted on her face, it got in her hair and lips and nose and eyes. I got a hand mirror."Look at yourself, you see that? You are nothing but a cum dump, nothing more."
She began to wipe my cum from her face.
"No, no baby not done just yet. I have a way i want to clean your ugly face."
I stood there for a few moments and then i began to empty my bladder on her face, my piss sprayed all over face, mixing with my cum.
I took her monry and threw it in her lap.
"If you want anymore money, you know where to find me, bitch." I left her on her bed with a sore asshole, her face covered in my piss and cum and she was crying.
Least you feel sorry for her, 2 days later she hit me up for some more money but thats a story for another day.
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1 year ago
I've got a niece that is love to do that to.
2 years ago
Nea, 2 rough
2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
sounds like a great series in the making with both neices
3 years ago
fuckin hott
3 years ago
wow hot!!
3 years ago
good job, way to employee youth !
3 years ago
3 years ago
Im wet reading that..
3 years ago
i would have done the same to the money hungry bitch,then take her to the public toilets and given her to a dozen old men to dump their load on her hot horny young body for a half hour and charge the old blokes 25 cents for the cumdump
3 years ago
Thats the way to treat her and obviously she liked since she is back for more money....Maybe I should try that with my niece when she asks for money again..LOL
3 years ago
fuck i'd love to see some photos of her
3 years ago
your a bad man ;-)