In Roomates Panties Part 2: The Revenge

"Now it's my turn, BITCH!"
I tore Kristen's panties off and stuffed them in her mouth so she wouldn't talk. Her pussy hadnt been shaved in what looked like a long while, I also discovered that she syes her hair black for she was a true blonde, her pubic hair was wild and thick just like my s****r when i saw my first cunt. I went through her panty drawer and found 2 pair of stockings. I toon them and tied her arms to the bed post. I ripped off her 34b cup bra and pinched her pink nipples. They stiffened at my touch.
"Now," I said "You are going to be my girl and I am going to be your daddy." I will take your dirty panties out of your mouth if you promise to be a good girl,nod if you understand."
She was crying but she nodded. I took the panties out and then shoved a finger into her cunt. She cried out. Now Daddy didn't like what you did to him so I am going to teach you a little lesson. I took my cock and I put it up to her face. She opened her mouth like I was going to shove my cock in there but i had a little surprise. I began to piss, first it went into her mouth and dribbled down on her tits, then i finished by pissing on her bush. Now suck your Daddy's cock and get all the pee out baby. She put my cock in her mouth and licked my slit cleaning the pee out.
"Oh thats a good girl, Daaddy likes that."
"Now I am going to free your arms cause you were good"
I untied her arms and slowly put her on her hands and knees.
"Now i am going to fuck my girl in her big ass like a good bitch."
I took my cock and put it up to her asshole and pounded her hard, she beagn to yelp and cry.
"Thats it baby bark for me"
She began to bark."ARF ARF"
I slapped her ass with my hand over and over till red whelps appeared.
"Oh yes, Daddy is fucking his little bitch, you hairy fucking bitch. Tell Daddy you want his fucking cum in your mouth."
"Oh yes Daddy," she began."I want your cum in my mouth, i want to swallow your seed. I am a whore and a bitch and I will never ever make fun of you again ."
My cock was going in and out of her tight ass the friction making me about to cum. I pulled out and shoved my 6 inch cock in her mouth. I held her nose as my cum spurted into the back of her throat. She was gagging, cum coming out of her mouth. Tears running down her face. As i finished i put my face right up against her face and I opened her mouth and licked inside her mouth tasting my own cum, i took some of my cum into my mouth and then i spit it out into her face.
"Next time baby girl, when you see Daddy jacking off into your panties I want you to clean it up with your mouth. Or next time I will do really bad things to you."
I left her on her bed soaked in my cum and piss, crying but also smiling, I knew in the back of my mind that next time she would disobey me just so she would see what I would come up with next time.
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1 year ago
part 1 and 2 made a good story
3 years ago
yes a good one
3 years ago
this is very good
3 years ago
yep good