Me and My roommate: In her panties Part 1

Her name is Kristen and she is my roommate. She is five foot five 125 lbs long black hair and a killer body. My trouble began when i discovered a pair of her panties in the dryer while i was drying my clothes. Ther were cute, yellow bikini cut nylon, size 6. The last time i wore panties was when i was younger and i would borrow my older s****rs panties. My s****r though had boring panties, cotton mostly and white. I examined the panties, then i put the crotch up to my nose and sniffed. They had already been cleaned and i couldn't smell anything. The trouble was I was hooked, I had to have a sniff of her cunt. I went into her room. She had a hamper by the door and I was in luck, a red pair of panties were in the hamper. I quickly grabbed them and put them to my nose. I took a big whiff and wasn't prepared, the smell was overwhelming, it was as if i was smelling her cunt. I pulled out my 6 inch cut cock and started to jack off. I couldn't help it. Then i stoppped. There was a bra in the hamper as well. It was a black bra, i looked at the label, a size 34b. I took off my shirt and for fun i put the bra on, a perfect fit. I went back and put on the yellow panties, also a good fit. She had a full length mirror in the room, i looked at my self and i my cock got even harder. I sat on her ved and while sniffing her cunt in the panties, I played with my cock through her panties. I closed my eyes thinking of her when i heard the front door open.
Oh my God I thought to myself, i cant run out in the living room but i can't stay here, what will I do? I ran into her closet.
I could hear her come into the room, my heart pounding. After a few minutes I thought I heard her leave so i walked out and she was standing there, her arms crossed looking at me.
"You don't think I saw that my panties were missing from the hamper, Stan?"
I knew I was in big trouble, I didnt dare move." COme a litle closer, let me see you."
I walked over to her, my head hung low, my cock now very soft.
"Well, well, you are very lucky, you look to cute for me to be mad at you, in fact those panties look better on you than me," she laughed.
She saw that had a pair of her panties in my hand.
"So what were you doing with a pair of my used, dirty panties, Stan?", she looked at me as if in disgust," Are you a pervert? Do you like to smell dirty pussy stained panties? Answer me you little faggot and if it pleases me maybe I will let you smell my real cunt."
"Yes Kristen i was smelling them."
"Call me Miss Kristen you fucking queer."
"Yes Miss Kristen"
" I also see that you have a tenny tiny cock, its so small, if you dont get it hard for me I will spank you. You want that?"
In my mind i did want that so i tried really hard to think of anything to noe get my cock hard.
She waited a few moments and then said,"Well looks like Miss Kristen is going to spank you, get out of my room worm and when i call you, you better run back in here."
I left and stood in the hallway fot like 10 minutes.
"Get in here now, faggot." she yelled from her bedroom. I ran back in the room and saw her standing by the bed, she had on a black leather bra, her white tits straining to get out. Her panties were jet black, also leather. She was wering black boots that came up to her knees and in her right hand was a whip.
"So I didnt know that when i asked you to be my roommate that I got a sissy, a little worm who likes to dress in girls panties and bras and smell used panties and play with his little cock. What i am going to do is to spank and whip my little bitch, my little girl until i spank all the sissiy right out of you. If I can then i will let you to anything you want to me. Ok?"
"Yes Miss Kr..."
"Shut up, till I say you can talk. You know what until you learn to be a real man, a man with a real cock I am going to call you Stephanie, cause all I see right now is a little girl,OK?"
I learned my lesson and just stood there and nodded.
"Good, she hissed," you are learning Stephanie. Now get over here and get on your knees and lick my boots."
I got on my knees and licked her boots. She raised her foot and stuck the heel into my mouth like a cock. I sucked on the heel. She sat on the edge of her bed and I continued to lick and kiss her boots.
"Thats enough little girl.Now get on my knees so i can teach you a lesson."
I sat on her lap and she pulled down the panties, she began to hit me with the whip. At first softly then with more vigor, she wouldn't stop. I could feel that my bottom was getting red with whelps. She threw down the whip and began spanking me with her hand. My cock was getting hard, I could't help myself. She put her hands between my legs and felt my hard on. She massaged my cock and balls. Suddenly she stuck a finger in my asshole.
"Do you like that Stephanie? Thats what a cock feels like in you asshole. You like a cock in you ass little girl?" she yelled." or do you want to admit that you are a man, I can feel your cock baby. Tell me you are a man and you like pussy and i will let you fuck me, yuo like that don't you? Ever since you moved in, I know that you wanted me. You want to suck on my titties and put that cock of yours in my tight asshole, dont you?" she whispered.
"Yes," I began weakly," YES" i said more strongly."I am a man i want to FUCK you Kristen. I want to put you on all fours and fuck your ass."
I stood up and tore off her panties and bra and stuck my cock in her mouth.
"Now its my turn" I declared," suck my cock like a good little girl."
To be continued.
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3 years ago
Just putting panties on gives me a hard on!! Thanks for the post!
4 years ago
good start
4 years ago
nice i can't wait for the rest