Fastasy about my 19 year old neice Part 1

This is a fantasy story mixed with reality.
A few months ago I as evicted from my apartment. I had nowhere to turn, no friends or f****y who would take me in. I had to turn to my s****r who lived 100 miles away but I had to do what I had to do. At the house lives my s****r, her husband and their two daughters, one 21 the other 19. The 19 year old I had last seen when she was 11. She was a small blonde little girl. Oh my how the years had been kind to her. She had grown tall, still blonde, her tits were a nice size and a nice full ass. About 2 weeks after moving in, I went to the bathroom and lying on the floor was Erica's bra and panties. The bra was red with little black dots on them. I noticed the size was 36 c. The panties were black and pink thongs, size 6. I took the panties and started sniffing them, smelling her cunt. My cock was hars and I jacked my 6 inch cock till I came in the toilet. The next day, everyone was gone. I headed straight to her room, in hopes of finding more panties and her dirty things. She had sexy high heel shoes, lots of thongs and a couple pair of bras. I took all the things and gathered them on her bed and stripped down. I took out my cock and began fucking her shoes while smelling her panties. I put on her bra and played with my "tits". I was moaning and so I didnt hear that she was home. I turned around but I couldnt stop. It wouldnt matter, she caught me red handed or rather red cocked. She looked at me. I thought for a decond i was in trouble.
"Wouldnt you rather have the real thing Uncle Stan?" Oh yes Erica i would. She pulled off her shirt, she wasnt wearing a bra. Her tits were perfect, little white things with perky pink nipples. It looks like you have on my bra Uncle hehe. Wanna taste my tits? I reached over and squezzed her tits. I put my mouth on her nipples and tasted. She leaned her head back and moaned.
Oh yes Uncle bite my nipples, you are suck a fucking pervert. She stuck her hands down her pants and began touching herself. She pulled her hand out and stuck her finger in my mouth. Thats is just a taste Uncle, I want you to lick my fucking pussy, and I want you to do a good job or i will tell my mom and you will be in big trouble.
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2 years ago
I love young pussy when their so willing to fulfilling all your most incestuous dreams!!!!
2 years ago
3 years ago
very good start