My First Time In Panties Thanks s*s! Part 1

This is a true story so it wont be he usual lots of dirty sex stuff. I just find true stories more erotic but thats me.
I lived alone with my mom and s****r. She was very pretty was my s****r, blonde, blue eyes not fat but not skinny either, just a enough curves and meat if you know what i mean. I was a always a horny young man. When my s*s and mom were away i would sneak into my s****rs room and go through her panty drawers. She had an assorment of cotton and nylon panties mostly bikini cut. nothing too sexy but some cool colors like purple, pink and yellow. I found out she wore 36 C cup bra and had a few stockings and high heel shoes. Now these were the days before internet and porn so i had to use my imagination when i would jack off.I would think about my mom and s****r naked when i played with my cock.
One day as i was playing with myself my s****r walked into my room. I didnt know what to do, i was on the bed naked eyes closed. I dont know how long she had been stabding there but when i finished and came on my bed i opened my eyes and she was still there.
"You know you can go to hell for doing that." she said to me.
I was so scared. "I dont wan tto go to hell, I am so sorry. What can I do?"
"Meet me tonight in my room when Mom is asl**p and I will help you"
LAter that night I went into her room. She had a book with her called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask. She said it all kinds of things in there about sex and masuturbation. We looked through the book for awhile. I learned about circle jerks and gloryholes. Finally she saidthat she wanted to see my cock up close. I was happy to oblige. I pulled it out and it she stared at it and then touched it and started to stroke it. I got hard fast. How does that feel she asked? i said great. The only hand who had touced it before was my own. I know that you have been going through my panties and things she said. Have you ever put them on before? I told her that i had not. So she went and got a pair of white nylon panties size 5 and a white bra and put them on me. She had a full lenght mirror. My cock was making a tent in the panties. She was laughing. You are a pretty girl she said, she greaabed a poloroid camera and started taking pics. I was modeling doing poses. She touched my cock thru thepanties stroking me again. I have never felt like before, my little cock was going crazy, i thought i was going to cum right there in her panties and thru the panties into her hand.
"oh no you dont cum yet little girl," she said. "we are just getting startred.
End of Part 1. Look for My first BJ.Thanks s*s Part 2 soon.Thanks for reading.

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2 years ago
I love it..
2 years ago
3 years ago
very nice..lets hear more
3 years ago
lucky, boy... keeping it all in the family...
3 years ago
3 years ago
good really
3 years ago
Very good start, cant wait for more mmm
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
nice start , hope you write some more
3 years ago
Thx for the story Stanlok. Very similar to some of my experiences growing up! I agree with you, real-life stories are hornier than made up ones. Read mine in my blog