Me at Wal Mart with panties and a young Cock Sucke

I took a pair of black snoopy panties size 6 from the womens section as well as a pair of pink Twilight My little pony panties and a matching bra from the girls section and took them with me to the dressing room under a pair of pants in case a clerk saw me walking into the dressing room. I went into the room and took off my pants and shirt and slipped int the snoopy panties. My cock wasnt yet hard so the panties fit me well. I put on the girls bra and that fit me as well. I started looking into the mirror admiring myself while i took the My little pony panties and started rubbing my bulge. I didnt know it but i had left my stall door open a little and a young looking boy was peeking at me. It was early in the morning and there was noone else in the dressing rooms so i took up the courage and waved the boy into my dressing room.
"You here by yourself?" I asked.
"Yeah my parents and s*s dropped me off here while they took her to the denist. I saw you sneak in he dressing rooms with those panties and I had to see if you were going to steal them. he said.
Looking at him in the light i couldnt tell his age but he was cute. Blonde hair, blue eyes with a Justin Beiber like haircut. In fact if you saw him at a glance you could mistaken him for a girl. It was then that i realized that i was standing in a pair of panties and a bra and he hadnt said a word about it.
"Have you ever seen a man in panties before?" I chuckled, tying to laugh it off.
"Well to be honest mister I have taken my s****rs panties, bra and shoes and tried them on my self while i play with dick. Is that wrong?"
"Oh no not at all in fact thats how i started." I looked him over and he looked like he could possibly be small enough to wear the pony panties i had." We are in a dressing room. You wanna try on these panties? maybe you could buy a pair for you and your s****r." I laughed.
He took the panties and then unzipped his jeans. He had on blue pair of underwear on. he turned around and took off his underwear and then slipped on the panties and turned around. It looked as though Twilight the Pony was in 3D as his cock was as hard as it could be straining against the cloth fabric.I got on my knees right in front of his bulge and kissed the bulge. He out his hand on my head and patted it. I took his little cock out of the top of the panties and licked his perfect white cock. I looked up and his head was tilted back, his breathing getting harder. I pulled the panties down a little further and cupped his balls in my hands while i took his whole member into my mouth, spit coming out of the corners of my mouth. I took my cock into my hand and began rubbing my cock.
"I am your s****r now ." i whispered," and i want you cum in my mouth b*****r."
I began working his cock back and forth, every know and then licking his balls. After a few minutes he took his cock away from my mouth and began stroking his cock in front of my face moaing a little louder now. I was looking right as his little piss slit when all of a sudden his white warm salty cum hits me on my lips. I lick my lips and then take his cock back in my mouth to suck the rest of his cum. His hard on never leaves and he stays hard, damn i hate young k**s and their constant hard ons i thought.
"Now its my turn," he said and he got on his knees and started on my cock.
"What the hell is going on here Tommy?" a female voice shrilled just as he was starting on my cock.
I open my eyes and what do i see but a girl who looks exactly like the boy in front of me with my cock in his mouth.
Oh hi s*s, look what i got on, you favorite pony," Tommy laughed.
To my amazement she started laughing too and she got into the dressing room with us. "Listen, she stared Mom and Dad are still shopping so lets help this old man cum so we can get home.
But thats a story for another day, Part 2 soon.
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getting 2 suck off a young boy in dream
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naughty story
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Awesome!!!!! Thanks