You in Bitch - dom instructions to pussyboys

You in Bitch – dom instructions to pussyboys

Online instructions from a dom to his sissy pussyboy.

O.K cunt! Enough of this on-line shit! Time to put your mouth where my
cock is! You've told me about your sleazy desires and fantasies, and your nasty need
to be dominated. Either we're going to do something about it, or you can
just fuck off! I don't have time for pussy boys who don't follow
through. I've been thinking about what I'd like to do to you! Here
goes! I'm gonna get a hold of as many rough tops in the area as I can,
and we're gonna fucking abuse and degrade you for our entertainment. There is a sleazy motel
downtown, and I'm gonna get a room for the night. I'll tell you when
and where I want you to be. You better be there, and ready bitch! First, you've got
a lot of preparation to do! I'm giving you two weeks notice and you
better follow my instructions to the letter, or no cock and ass for you!
If you don't do exactly what I tell you, I'd just shit on you, kick you
in the head, and throw you out in the street buck naked!

First, NO CUMMING! You'd better not cum for two weeks before we use and
abuse you! I want you hot, ready and out of your mind with slutty lust!
Go and buy a large butt plug, and shove it up your hot horny fuckhole! Wear
it for two weeks! Your pussy asshole better be ready for a relentless onslaught
of cock! Your sissy fuck hole is going to be roughly fucked, pissed in and cummed in!
Repeatedly and without mercy! You will be nothing more that a worthless piece of
fuck meat, who's only purpose is to serve the tops who are going to use
you that night. You better shave all the hair off your body! Not a single
strand better be left! Start as soon as you receive your instructions so
your skin isn't all cut up and bumpy. I want my fuckpig to be smooth and
hairless. Practice deep throating large cylindrical objects at least
three times a day! If you gag on cock, we aren't going to care, we'll
just shove the meat in deeper! If you puke, we'll make you lick it up
and then feed you more dick! Get your nipples pierced too. I want to
twist the steel rings in your tits, and chain them to your cock. You also
need to buy a leather cock cage, with a ball separator. Not one of these
pussy little leather straps, but a full cock length cage, with thick a
thick gauge ring to hold it in place behind your balls. It also needs to
have a ring at the tip so that we can chain your tits to it or hang
weights from it. Wear this everywhere you go! Just before you are
summoned to your fate, you better clean out your boy cunt, lube it up
good and have that buttplug in place! Any shit on our cocks will be fed right
back to you, after we smack you around! That bitchboi fuckhole better be squeaky
clean, or you'll be eating shit all night!

Now, to the night! I don't know how many tops are gonna be there, but
you can bet your faggy little ass that there will be a lot of `em.
They'll be all different types. Some muscular and smooth, maybe lean and
hard, large and hairy, maybe black, maybe Hispanic, but rest assured they
will all be horny, buzzed on booze, coke, poppers and pot. No matter what
we're on, we'll all be sportin' large, hard, leaking cocks, just
aching to abuse a pussy faggot like you. They'll all know what you are
and why you're there...just a hole to fuck and piss in. I'll tell you
the night before when to show up and where to be. Be on time! Before you
knock on the door, strip all your clothes off and leave them on the
ground. Then get down on all fours before you knock and stick your ass up
in the air toward the door. We might let you in
right away, or we might take our time, and leave you outside in front of
the room in that humiliating position for all the world to see and know
what a worthless piece of sissymeat you are. Once I open the door you gotta
beg me to let you in. You gotta tell me how badly you want us to abuse and humiliate you. I
want to hear you to beg us to fuck you, stick our cocks down your throat,
piss on you, grind our sweaty, smelly assholes on your face and f***e
multiple cocks into your fuckholes. If I think you pleaded well and loudly
enough, I might let you in. If I do, you are to crawl directly into the
middle of the room, put your head down on the floor and stick that randy
little ass up in the air and wiggle it while you shout “FUCK ME…FUCK ME…FUCK ME” as loud as you can. Then take your hands, grab your ass cheeks and
spread them for inspection. That pussyhole better be clean, hairless, and have
that butt plug shoved in tight! I'm sure all the men in the room are
gonna start talking about you then. They're gonna call you a pussy,
faggot, cunt hole, fuck meat and every humiliating thing that they can
think of. After I rip the plug from your twat, I'm gonna shove at least
four fingers in there. I'll twist them around and pull them in and out.
When I remove them, there better not be any shit on them. If there is, I
already told you what we're gonna do. If I think it's clean enough,
I'm going to put a collar around your neck, with a three-foot chain
attached to it.

Now the real fun is gonna to begin. I'll order you back onto your hands
and knees. Then it's time to make your first round. A man, (a real man,
not a worthless pussy hole like you), is gonna stick his dick in your
mouth, and start pissing. You are to drink it all and not spill a drop.
If you miss any, I'm gonna whip your ass ten times with my belt. Then
you are gonna go to the next one and do the same thing. On and on until
you have d***k the stinky, hot salty beer piss out of every cock in that
room. If you somehow manage to drink it all, without spilling a drop, I
think I will whip your cock and balls a few times anyway, just for fun. By the time you
are done being our urinal, we should be ready for some more fun. Your
pussy probably will have relaxed without the plug in it for a while, so
you should be tight again. We'll probably throw you on the bed and
torture your nipples for a while. I'm sure all the men will want to take
turns riding your face with their holes. By the time we're ready for
something different, you should have tasted every sweaty, shit stinking
hole in the room. Hope your nipples will have healed in time, because
those rings are gonna get tugged, twisted, chained together along with
your dick head and those chains will be tightened. Were gonna make sure
that those tits and that little weenie you laughingly call a clitty cock are
stretched to the limit! After all that, I'm gonna roll you over so your
cunt is up in the air again. I'm sure that someone will want to hang some
weights from the ring on the tip of your cock cage. It'll be funny to
watch you writhe in pain and discomfort. Then, it's time for the pig
sticking to begin! I don't give a shit if you have cum yet or not. If
you haven't oh well, if you have, you're still gettin dicked! What I'm
gonna do, is squat behind you, lean over and put one hand on the back of
your head to steady me. This is gonna give me some pretty good leverage
for this fuck. I'll be putting my full weight on that arm, so your head
will be mashed into the mattress. With my other hand, I'm gonna line my
dick up with your pussy pucker. Then I'm gonna shove. This isn't gonna
be any slow easy entry into your pussy, this will feel like a red-hot bar
of steel has violated your fuckhole. My cock is about ten inches long, and
I'm not stopping until it's completely bottomed out in your slutty
cavity. You will feel every centimeter as it travels up your fuck chute past your asslips.
If I leave it in deep, it's because I want to enjoy the feeling of your
tight pussy wrapped around my meat. And it better be tight! But I might
just start long dicking you right away. I don't care if you need to get
used to having my cock in your hole, or if you aren't used to being
fucked by a real man with a real cock, you're just gonna have to take
it. If you whine, yell or whimper, I'll just have one of the others
shove a cock down your throat to shut you up. After I'm in, I'll just
grab your hips and start pumping away. It'll be so hot to look down and
see my meat r****g your sissy faggot ****hole! I love watching my long pole slide in and
out of a hot man pussy. It's such a turn on to see my greasy cock as it
pulls out of the hole, the ass pucker of a man's slutty cunt wrapped
around it. Everyone will be able to hear the sloppy squishing noise as it
plunges in once again, finished by the smacking sound that my hips will
make on your thighs. As I fuck you, my entire being becomes my cock,
ramming your ass pussy. I will be fucking you hard! Now I can fuck for a
long time, but there are a lot of other men waiting to use you. So, I'm
just going to fuck you until I feel my dick start to swell even more.
That old familiar feeling of my balls churning, and every nerve in my
cock, tells me your gonna get your first load. I feel the seed boiling up
through my shaft, and squirting out the slit at the end. Your ass gets
even hotter as I feel the flood of my man juice spurting deep into you.
After I'm done breeding your pussy, I'll just pull out and step back.
The next guy will take my place, and use my cum as lube for your next
fuck. If your mouth is empty I'm going to use it to clean off my cock.
If there is a dick shoved in it, I'm just going to watch as you gag on
man flesh, while I use your hair to wipe my pole off.

For the rest of the night, you're going to get ****d repeatedly.
Remember, you said that this is what you wanted. I'll probably just sit
back for a while, smoke a joint, and watch the other men fuck you in a
frenzy. They'll cum in your asshole, shoot copious loads of dick seed down your
throat and hose your body down with their fuckslop. Maybe I'll talk them
into double fucking you. Wouldn't you like that faggot? Two big slabs of cock
meat plunging in and out of your ass pussy at the same time? At some
point, we'll probably drag you into the bathroom and all of us will piss
on you at one time. Yeah, you'll look so pathetic laying there on the
bathroom floor, covered in piss, your tits and cock trussed up in chains,
cock cream fluids plastering your hair against your body, leaking cum out of
your fuckholes. I'm gonna have to take pictures of this to post on the
internet for all to see. Before the night is over, we're all going to
piss in your asshole. We'll shove our cocks in, and flood your bowels
with more, hot, yellow urine. I know that when I'm done pissing in your
pussy, I probably won't be pulling out right away, cause I'm sure I'll
be ready to cum again. I'll just fuck you rough and hard `till I seed
your hole one more time. After we're done, we'll just open the door to
the room and shove you outside. If you're lucky pig, your clothes will
still be there. If not, have fun!

So, fuck face, that's the deal. You in, or are you gonna wuss out? None
of this is up for negotiation, you're either in all the way, or just

Part Two – A few nights after the sissy **** gangbang

Hey Bitch! I know you're on-line! Are your tits and ass healed yet? Man, by
the time we were done with you the other night, they were red, black,
blue and swollen! Fucking awesome! I thought we were gonna rip those new
rings right out of those big ass nipples of yours! Any more weight and we
would have. That slutty ass was raw and bruised and my Gawd those asspussy
lips were hanging out like the sleazy twat that you were! Toward the end,
you were getting so loose, that I had to whip your cunt with my belt like that
so I could try to tighten up your gaping cunt some. I mean, there that fuckhole was,
all gaped wide open, all that cum and piss leaking out of it. I bet we could
have driven a truck in there and you wouldn't have flinched. You'd have
probably begged for more! I can hear you whining now, `Please sir's!
drive another freightliner up my ass! Oh Please, oh please, oh please fist fuck my twat againn!!!
Oh well, we were pretty much done with you by that time. I came at least
four times up your ass, and the other tops outdid me!

Yeah, that was fun the other night at the motel! Only one thing was wrong
though, YOU FUCKING Didn't THANK US! I mean, six big beefy tops ****d
you, pissed in and on you, blessed you with our cocks, cum and asses, and
you didn't say thank you! Ungrateful pussy! I figured you'd forget!
That's why I stole your clothes from in front of the door. I thought
that if you cannot even show us any gratitude for abusing your sorry
faggot self, you didn't deserve to wear clothes when you left. I bet you
had to run to your car to keep from being seen. It must have been a funny
sight, seeing you run naked, all bow legged, raw assed, red and bruised, wet
with man juices, trying not to be seen by anyone before you got into your
car. By the way, did you have a spare key? I took your keys and wallet
along with your clothes. Hell yeah, we had a good time! You were such a
sleazy fuckin faggot whore! You're nothing but a couple of fag holes for us
to use to get our dicks off, and to have fun abusing. Pathetic queer down
on all fours begging to be fucked, ****d and abused! What was even
funnier was the guy that came up the stairs and saw you naked in front of
the door begging us to let you in. Man he was so turned on when you were
telling us what you wanted us to do to you! He asked if he could come in
a join the fun. I said yes. We let him in and three of the guys grabbed
him, threw him down on the bed, tied him up and ****d him! Yeah, he
thought he'd have some fun helping us abuse you, but he got an assful
and a mouthful of manmeat himself! I don't know why we did it, he just had
a look that seemed to plead, Please! Roughly sodomize me! Do you remember
him screaming like a girl? Yeah, while you were down on the floor with
my fist buried up your twat, the two big black guys held him
down and the big hairy white guy with the gut plowed his virgin ass cunt.
I remember, when he fucked him he used nothing but a little spit and his
own precum as lube! They had to stuff a piss soaked jock strap and wrap
his head with duct tape to get him to shut up. Hey we all took a turn
with him before we threw him out of the room naked too. What a funny sight, he
landed on the hallway floor outside the room, his ass all hanging open
and wet from our cum being injected into his unwilling cunt! We just
threw him out naked and leaking cum, slammed the door and turned our
attention to you. Later, after you'd left, he came back and wanted us to fuck him
some more, but we were too wiped from fucking your twat that we told him to take a hike.
So, how much piss did you drink? Man, you couldn't get enough
of the stuff! You were just a piss gulpin whore! Gawd what a turn on! I
loved leading you around that room on the leash attached to your balls, making you drink the
hot, beer piss from all those big cocks. But I think the highlight of the
night was when me and the big dicked blonde guy double fucked you and
pissed in your nasty cunt while the rest of em hosed you down with their

Now bitch. You ready for round two? Hope you are because you got no
choice! You see, when I was rummaging through your wallet, I found out
some things about you. I know your name, where you live, where you work,
bank and all that shit! So, you're gonna do what I say, or I'm gonna
come to your house and **** you! Ill bring a few big guys with me to
help. If that doesn't make you submit, I'm gonna e-mail those pictures
I took of you to your buddies at work. Won't they be surprised to open
their in-boxes and see you all nasty and naked and skewered on two cocks
from both ends! So, were gonna have some fun with you again, only this
time were gonna step it up a notch or two and have ourselves some really kinky fun.

Now, you got a month to get ready for this one! You got a lot to do, so
start right now! Go buy an even bigger butt plug, the king kong horse dick one,
wear it all the time! And as
usual, NO CUMMING! Yeah, that's right, you cannot cum for a month! How
you gonna do that you miserable little fruit? Make sure you wear that
cock cage all the time too! Now for the new instructions! Go get your
pathetic little nut sack pierced! I wanna be able to hang weight from
those little peas you call balls! Maybe we can stretch that ball sack far
enough that you just might be able to pass for a man! Next you have to
have the words WORTHLESS COCK SUCKING PUSSYBOY SISSY FAGGOT tattooed on your chest
and CUM AND PISS HOLE tattooed on your ass cheeks, just
above the crack of your ass. There needs to be an arrow pointing down to
your nasty boytwat. Now for the really important part. So listen up good!
Because you got so loose at the end last time, we gotta tighten you up
some. So, you need to do some butthole exercises. Go out and buy a medium
sized wooden stool. You also need to get a dildo that is at least ten
inches long, and hard rubber. Not any of these wimpy assed soft rubber
things, but something with some meat to it! It should have a flared end
at the base. Now, what you do is cut a hole in the middle of the seat on
the stool the same diameter as the dildo. Next, put the didlo through the
hole from the bottom and feed it up so it sticks up from the top of the
seat on the stool. Then you screw a small square of wood underneath to
keep the dildo in place and sticking straight up. Now, here's how your
gonna exercise! You impale that slutty man cunt all the way down on that
stool. For a half an hour your gonna tighten your hole and loosen it.
Then your gonna tighten your hole and stand up. When you are able to keep
the stool up against your worthless ass after you have stood up, just by
clenching your cunt hole, you can take a break. Keep doing this every
day, twice a day. The second week, add five pounds of weight to the
stool. The third week add five more pounds. At the end of the third week,
a guy is going to come and visit you. He is a big hairy, beefy, retired
cop, and knows how to treat shit like you. He'll call first. When he
arrives at your house, you should be naked, ass in the air, pointing
toward the door, head on the floor, and ready to do what he says. He's
gonna test your tightness. This guy still has his riot stick, and he's
gonna just walk in the front door without knocking, and shove it as deep
as he can in your asshole. When he does this, you should grip with your
cunt muscles as tight as you can. If he has trouble pulling out his
stick, he's gonna just fuck you and leave. If it comes out easily, or
covered in shit, he's gonna throw your naked ass in his car, take you
down to the local gay cruising park where he will kick you out naked.
He's then gonna call the cops and tell them where you are. If that
happens, it should be fun! If you don't get ****d at the park, you
probably will in lockup! At the end of the fourth week, you're gonna
give us another night of fun! That pussy better be hosed out clean, lubed
up, and all the hair on your body better be gone! This time, you're
gonna shave your head too! I want you smooth, hairless, tattoed and ready to

Now, in a month, were gonna have another night of fun! Here's how it's
gonna go down. There is a bar downtown where all the sissy fuckpigs hang out. I'm
sure you know the one I mean. Anyhow, I’ll tell you when to be there and
you had better be on time! Don't come into the bar. There is an alley
behind the bar. You are to go to the entrance of the alley and strip down
naked before you walk into it. After you are bare ass naked, put your boots back
on and leave all your clothes on the sidewalk by the street. You better
have your cock cage on and your ass plug in! We might be watching from in
front of the bar to see how humiliating it is to strip down on a busy
street and walk into an alley wearing nothing but a butt plug, a cock
cage and boots. I'm sure we'll all be laughing our asses off! We're
probably gonna do this on a Friday or Saturday night, so there should be
a lot of people out to see you do this. Anyhow, walk your sorry self into
the alley to a dumpster that sits under an old fire escape right outside
the back door to the bar. Go behind the dumpster and you will find a
collar and chain attached to it. There will be an open lock on the
collar. You are to put the collar on and lock it around your skinny neck.
Just wait there. Men will come out of the back door of the bar for the
next couple of hours and use you as their urinal. You are to kneel and
beg them to let you suck their cocks and drink their piss. After you have sucked off at least a dozen loads of cock cream and d***k down all their cum and piss, you are to
thank them and lick their boots. I'm sure the bar's gonna be busy that
night, so you should be busy too. I think I’ll hang an out of order sign
on the stall door, and let them know that they can piss out back and get free blow jobs. You are
to do whatever any of them says for you to do. I bet you'll get ass
fucked a few times too. If any of them want to fuck you, just be sure that they put your butt plug back in after they fill up your boycunt with fuckslop, so we can make you eat that later. Be sure to swallow all the piss and cum you're offered! If you don't the men will have permission to whip you! After the bar closes, were gonna yank your pathetic ass inside for a party with
you as the centerpiece. You can bet your sorry faggot ass that there's
gonna be more than six tops this time!

The bar owner has a special room set up behind the kitchen for parties
like this. First we're gonna bind up your sissy cock and balls so that they swell up and start to turn purple, then we’ll hog tie you. Your wrists and ankles are
gonna be bound tightly together. Then we're gonna throw you into this
pit in the middle of the room that is lined with plastic. Since we all
will be d***k and higher than kites, were gonna be horny! Most of the
guys I know are good for at least four or five loads in a night. First,
comes the recycled beer. We are all gonna step up to the pit and let
loose a flood of piss on you! We're not stopping until every bladder in
the building is dry. By the time we're done, you should be wallowing in
at least three inches of piss. We better see you drinking! The entire
time you are in that pit you better be slurping up that salty, smelly man
piss! While you are enjoying your drink, we're gonna start jacking.
It'll be fun to see if we can all get off at the same time. Man what a
sight that should be! You, the little faggot queer, all tied up drinking
the piss that you are swimming in, with lots of dicks around you
erupting, hosing you down with large quantities of man jizz, splattering
all over your wimpy, shaved little body! Jeez! I could almost cum just
thinking about it! Next comes the first game of the night! It's called
`Let's see what we can shove in your ass!' The bar's owner keeps a
large stock of toys for occasions just like this. Myself, I'm thinking
I'm gonna start with the long string of four inch diameter rubber balls.
If I remember right, there's at least seven balls on the string, and
I'm gonna shove each one of them up your hot little cunt! Then I'm
gonna grab the string, and pull hard! I think I'll take bets to see if I
can pull you by the ass out of the pit before all the balls come out of your asscunt. You
better clench that nasty twat tight, because if I loose, I'll shit in
your mouth! I don't know what the others are gonna shove up that pussy
of yours, the last time we did this the sissy slut had a couple of beer bottles shoved up their boycunts, but I'm sure that it'll be fun whatever they do!

The next game of the night, is called `tag the sissy fuckmeat'. It's a pretty
simple game, it involves you getting roughly buttfucked for a long time,
by a lot of men. There's an electric hoist above the pit with a hook on
it. What we're gonna do is attach the hook to the rope binding your
wrists and ankles and lift you into the air about three feet. We'll
probably attach weights to your bound nutsack and cock ring so we can see those ugly little
things stretch downward. I'm make sure your tits will get weighted too. Then,
each one of us is gonna step up, move your little sissy balls and clitty cock aside and shove
our dicks deep in your pussyass. Each man is allowed to go ten strokes
before he tags another one to take his place. It's gonna go around the
room until the first one cums. Then he is out, and the others continue
fucking you ten strokes at a time until each of them cums. The last man
to cum wins. I can tell you, no one is going to want to be the one to
lose, so expect this to last a while! The guy that wins gets to whip your
ass to tighten you up. Then he gets to fuck you again until he cums up
your ass. Then he'll probably piss in it. I'm sure you'll probably be
pretty sore by this time, so we might give you a break. We'll let you
down and untie you. I'm gonna have you lie on your back in the piss pit.
Then I'm gonna ride your face, grinding my sweaty, hairy and smelly hole
until I cum by jacking off. I like this to last a while, so take a deep
breath! I'm sure that when the others see me doing this that they're
gonna want a turn.

Oh yeah! We're gonna play other games that night! There's one called
`double penetration' I'm sure you can figure out how to play that one
without me having to tell you! All you have to do is impale your man cunt
on a hot tops dick while he is laying on his back. Then lean forward and
get ready for another dick to slide it's way up your slutty hole. I'm
sure that we can expand this to include a triple or quadruple penetration
if you open your mouth wide enough. Hey, the more dicks you take at once,
the faster it's gonna go! There are no losers in this game! Except maybe
you! I know another game called `piss enema'! Shit, we gotta keep our
fuck meat clean man! We can play other games like `hanging six packs of
beer from the tits and balls' or `punch fist fucking the sissy cockwhore’. I'm sure
we'll be thinking of new games to play late into the night! You got any

Well, when we're all done with you or passed out, or just fucked out,
then guess what? Out the front door with you naked and covered in cum and piss! Hope your car is close by, because I wouldn't count on your clothes still being where you
left them! Man, just planning this has got me so fucking hot, I could
drill you right now! As a matter of fact, you better go fucking clean
yourself out right now, because I'm gonna be there in twenty minutes.
I'm not gonna knock, I'm just gonna walk in. You better be naked, ass up
in the air, pointing toward the door, head on the floor! Oh by the way,
I'm not bringing any lube! Get ready cunt! I'm logging off now and on my way!"

End for now???

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19 days ago
Sign me up.
29 days ago
wow what an outing that's going tobe
3 months ago
I didn't write it, but it's my fantasy too daddy...slapping my clitty for you right now....!!!
3 months ago
dirty cunt! did you make this up yourself? Sounds like daddy's fantasy about you. mmmm..... slap your clit!
4 months ago
Take me with you next time and we can drink all the cum and piss from our fuck holes.
6 months ago
Amazing, extremely sexy! Faved.
6 months ago
i like this story. but in my fanthasie not a man dominate me. i like a shemale dominate me. in red lingerie and black hairs.
7 months ago
would like receiving that kind of abuse, but not the piss, don't do water sports
7 months ago
this doesnt sound appealing 2 me hun
7 months ago
omg what a story