F*rced To Be A Slut (for BBC)

f***ed to be a Slut
Story from the perspective of a mom who is f***ed to become a slut for their neighbors daughter. The mother’s daughter also becomes her mistress and mom gets nigger fucked
Tears ran down my cheeks as the nigger cock rammed my pussy from behind. Jessica watched with a smile on her face as she often did. Here I was, in the back of a van in a mall parking lot, getting my white pussy violated by a nigger buck while the woman who had become my Mistress watched with humor. Here I was submitting to yet another of her wicked desires.

I suppose I should explain a bit of how this came to be. My name is Kimmy Sullivan. I am a 38 year old married woman with one teen-age daughter. While pushing 40 and having a c***d, I have kept my body in nearly perfect shape. My breasts are still perky and, as I had been told on occasion, my ass was to die for. My husband once said that I was a 5'5 brick shit house, the comment made me blush. My husband is a high end business man who travels a lot and who is a respected member of the community and of our church. I too am a respected member of the church and admittedly, was nothing more then an average waitress in a small town before my husband came along almost 20 years ago. I was almost 19 when we married and had never been with a man and had been with no one else since, until recently that is. The town we live in is very small with only about 5,000 residents. There is only one church and almost everyone is a member, even if they do not attend on a regular basis. Once married, I left my job and became a full time house wife and later on, a mother.

Our house sits on a six acre plot with two others and there is nothing else for a couple miles in any direction. It was my dream home and my husband made sure to get it for me. Originally, there was to be more homes but with the economy and the small size of the town, the developers left it at three. One of the homes was occupied by the couple that own the local mini-mart. The other sat empty for quite some time. I remember the day that Jessica and her mother moved in next door. I found out that her father had passed away and her mother bought the house with the life insurance money to move out of the big city. Nice to be an hour from the big city, her mother had told me. I was thrilled to have a couple women next door that I could socialize with when my husband was out of town.

One day, as my husband was away on business, I had gone over to take a pie as a gift. I did not see their car and assumed that Jessica's mother, Ann, was not home. No problem I figured as I could just leave it with Jessica. I went around back when there was no answer at the door and that is when my life changed.

I froze when I saw her on the back patio. She was completely naked and playing with herself in a lawn chair. I am not talking cards here, she was full on masturbating. I stood there dumbfounded. Part of me wanted to yell at her for sinning in such a way. Part of me wanted to just quietly walk away. However, for reasons I may never understand, I just stood and watched. More shocking then that was the effect it was having on me. I noticed that I was becoming aroused. Shame hit be like a fist and for the same unknown reasons, that shame only fed the arousal. I was still standing there watching, very aware of my own wetness, when Jessica noticed me. I thought I would die from embarrassment. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. She motioned for me to come over to where she was. I do not know what the hell I was thinking. I was just so embarrassed that I went over to where she was without any real thought. Some part of me thought that maybe it would not seem like I was a pervert if I went to her.

I started to say something and she put a finger to my lips. Her other hand went to the snap of my denim shorts. In seconds my shorts were at my ankles.

"What are you doing Jessica?" I managed to say.

"Shut up and I will not tell my mother that you were trespassing and peeping at me on our property!" She replied.

I was shocked, scared and had no idea how to respond. Jessica took advantage of that. Her hand grabbed me at the back of my head and pulled me to her. Our lips met in a kiss even as her other hand f***ed its way between my legs.


Her reply shocked me, humiliated me and perhaps defeated me.

"What am I doing Mrs. Sullivan? Question is, what are you doing? Look how wet your cunt is, you liked looking at me masturbate!"

Her fingers had found their way to my pussy and for the first time in my life, someone was touching me there other then myself or my husband. I realized at once that she was right, I was soaked. My panties were wet and her finger slipped into my pussy with ease. I went flush with humiliation.

"Jessica, please stop it." I said.

"I don't think so Mrs. Sullivan, you’re a slut and this is what you secretly want.” She replied.

Here was this 18 year old teenage girl, that sometimes hung out with my daughter, doing something to me that only ONE other person had done to me my entire life. Oh my, she was young enough to be my daughter and the only relief I felt was that my own daughter was staying the night at a friends in town.

The humiliation continued as she nearly ripped my panties off me and continued to massage my clit and finger my pussy lips. My eyes stung with tears that will welling up and yet, I just stood there and let it happen. I am still not sure if it was the fear that she would tell Ann or something else that held me there. All I knew was that I was shamed and humiliated beyond words and for some dark, sinful reason, it was feeding my arousal beyond a point I had ever been.

Jessica took a break from violating me and pulled my shirt off. She then removed my bra and panties while I submissively allowed her to. She smiled a wicked smile and licked a tear that had run down my cheek. Then she kissed me again before pushing me to my knees. There, I came face to face with her pussy. I wanted to look away, get up, run, something. However, I simply knelt there and stared at it. Being blond, Jessica's sparse pubic hair looked almost non-existent. She pulled my head towards her pussy.

"Please, no Jessica, please." I said without looking away.

With that she pulled my hair back, forcing me to look in her eyes and said,

"Feel your pussy Mrs. Sullivan! Do it!"

More tears fell as I did as she ordered and rubbed my own cunt.

"Well, what do you feel?" She asked.

"I.... I am..." I stammered.

"Say it!" She shouted.

"WET, ,my pussy is wet!" I said as this verbal admission of my arousal seemed to double the wetness between my legs.

"You know why you are wet?" She asked.

"I... no I... please" was all I could say.

"Because underneath your prim and proper church going exterior, you are a slut Kimmy, a slut who wants to be humiliated and abused!" She said.

I was not sure what shocked me more. Her using my first name, which was not proper in these parts, or the foul name that she had just called me.

"Admit it Kimmy, admit that you are just a sinful little slut!" She added.

As I was somehow trying to register what she had just said, I became aware that my hand had not left my pussy. In fact, I was lightly teasing my clit. More humiliation hit me and again, served only to heighten my arousal.

"I... I... am... a... sl... slut! I stammered.

That was when the impossible happened. Right there, on my knees in front of this 18 year old girl, masturbating myself, I orgasmed!

Jessica watched as I came down from it. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm in my life. I glanced up at her and saw that wicked smile.

"Got ya." She said.

With that she pulled my face to her pussy. I had heard of women that did this sort of thing but I never even thought about doing such a vulgar sinful act. Jessica however was not letting up and my lips met her pussy.

"Lick my cunt you slut!" She commanded.

I was truly ready to push her away and run but I noticed something at that moment. Something that I had never known about myself. There was some part of me that was enjoying this treatment, this humiliation. I realized this as I became aware that I still had not removed my fingers from my own pussy. In fact, I was nearing another orgasm as I continued to massage my clit, which was actually starting to become sore at this point. My lips opened and my tongue lashed out at her clit. Maybe I had never done this, but I knew what I liked the few times my husband actually did this to me. Her wetness coated my tongue and lips and she began to ride my face. A brief moment of reality hit me and the intense shame washed over me again. Almost immediately, I orgasmed! I pulled my hand away from my sore clit as tears again streamed down my face.

"I did not tell you to stop playing with your pussy slut!" She said at once.

My hand returned to my swollen clit like I was not in control of my own body. Oh my, I thought, what is happening to me?

This action caused a reaction in Jessica as she tensed up and orgasmed, flooding my mouth with her juices. She held my head, my mouth smashed in her pussy until her orgasm subsided. Then, she stepped back and looked at me.

My face was flush with shame, covered in her juice.

"Lay on the lawn chair facing the house." She ordered.

As I moved to the chair, my hand never left my sore pussy.

"Now Kimmy, you are going to masturbate to another orgasm while I watch and you are going to tell me why you are doing it. And I want you to abuse your cunt just the way you secretly want to be treated – hard and rough." She said.

I laid on the chair, my legs off it on each side exposing my cunt and asshole fully. I assaulted my pussy like I never had before. I was not just masturbating, I was violating myself in a very rough manner.

"I... I am a... slut." I managed to say.

"Go on." She commanded.

"I... I am masturbating because... because you have told me to." I said.

"And?" She said without hesitation.

"And because... I... I..." I hesitated.

"SAY IT BITCH!" She yelled.

"And because I like it, I like being a slut! I like being f***ed to humiliate and degrade myself for your pleasure." I spouted out.

With that, my third orgasm hit me. With each wave of humiliation came a wave of the orgasm. I did not stop and let it subside calmly like I would when I was alone in the privacy of my home, I attacked my clit through the entire orgasm which seemed to draw it out for longer then I had even known. When it finally came to a close, I noticed that Jessica was at the table next to the sliding glass door which went into her house. She had something in her hands. Oh my, no! It was a video recorder.

"Yes Kimmy, everything that just happened was recorded." She informed me.

"You see slut, I was making a tape for a couple guys I know that live in the city when you came over and just didn’t bother to turn it off."

"Now, here is the deal, you will do whatever I say and whenever I say or this tape goes public!"

"Jessica, no please... I..." was all I said when she slapped me across the face.

"From now on, you will call me Misstress Jessica!" She said.

"But I... I..." was all I could say before another slap hit me.

"Do you understand?" She yelled.

"Yes... Misstress Jessica." I could think of nothing else as my mind had gone numb.

"Good, now take your naked ass home." She commanded.

I started to put on my clothes and she told me that I was to crawl back to my house naked. I did so, without question.

I ran from her back yard to mine and went into the back door of my house, to my kitchen. I stood there for a moment as everything sank in. Tears hit me again, this time as a full on crying. That was when I knew I was lost, as I realized that my wetness had returned. Once again the humiliation was causing my body to betray me. Right there, in my kitchen, standing in front of the sliding glass door, I again assaulted my pussy. The realization hit me that, while unlikely, it was possible for someone outside to see me there. This fed my fear and humiliation and I fell to my knees as I roughly massaged my clit and I shoved not one, but three fingers into my pussy. The thought of my husband, or my daughter seeing me like this was all it took and I fell to the floor in what would be my fourth orgasm.

So now, several months later, here I am. Doing what my Mistress commands, anytime, anywhere. That was after all, the agreement. This day, is a story, for another day.

I had waited until my husband had left Monday for his two week business trip. I got dressed in a short one piece mini sundress and high heals. I put my make up on thicker than normal for me and, as instructed, no panties or bra. As I drove towards the city, as always, I prayed that no one would notice me in any way. After all, it would not do well for a church going wife and mother to be seen this way in this town.

The drive to the city takes about one hour and it always gives me time to reflect. I thought about the months that had passed since Miss Jessica had taken over my body and soul. I thought about that last trip to the city where I was taken by a nigger stud in the back of his van while Miss Jessica watched. To make matters worse, it was in a crowded mall parking lot. The whole time I feared that someone would notice and report us to security or worse, the police. Yet, there I was, taking the first black cock I had ever had and being made to say how much I liked being fucked by nigger cocks. As I thought about it on this drive, I noticed a wetness starting between my legs. Damn it, part of me did like getting fucked by him. His cock was far bigger then anything I had ever seen. At least four inches larger then my husbands average six inch cock. The humiliation was so intense, I cried through most of the fucking, even as I had multiple orgasms.

I arrived at the address given to me. I was surprised that it was a shoddy looking building with almost no windows. It almost looked like a warehouse. I noticed the van in the drive as being the same one I was fucked in. There were a few other cars there as well. I noticed that my pussy seemed wetter knowing that black man was here. I went to the door.

A woman answered the door. Well, woman is a strong term for someone that was lucky if she was even 17yrs old yet. I noticed that she had a serious demeanor about her and simply told me to come in. I followed her to a room that was as large as a small warehouse would be. Light shone from the few high placed windows. I saw Misstress Jessica talking to the owner of the van and, oh no, four other black men. Again, perhaps men was to strong a term as they looked as young as the girl. Even though they were only nigger teenagers, they were strong and well muscled. Mistress Jessica looked like she was a rich little white girl and they looked like they came from the other side of the tracks.

All of them stopped to look at me. The girl pushed one hand up under my skirt for a moment and roughly massaged my pussy while her other hand fondled both my breasts. I felt the humiliation return as I knew she felt wetness. The five black guys looked and me with hunger which added to my shame and wetness. A signal from Miss Jessica and the girl stopped, but not before shoving one finger into my wetness. She smirked at me and joined the others.

"She has no underclothes on Miss, as you ordered." The girl said.

"Man, I cannot believe we are gonna get us some white pussy." One of the niggers said. The humiliation that this k** was talking about me like that increased my shame.

Miss Jessica motioned me to the center of the room. There was a single mattress on the dirty floor and it was covered with plastic.

"Here is how this works slut." She began.

"Each one of these men owns a cell phone and each one has five black friends they can call to join us here."

My heart raced at that thought, twenty five niggers? What did they call that, a Oreo gang bang?

"So, you do absolutely everything they tell you or they start calling and you will not be home for dinner. I am sure that your daughter would be full of questions if you came home in the middle of the night." She added.

Oh no, every time she mentioned my daughter, my shame tripled. She knew that and enjoyed tormenting me with it. My wetness tripled too as I thought of my daughter seeing me act like a total slut for these niggers. I cannot explain it, but several of my fantasies since this all began was that my daughter was somehow part of it. Her own 18th birthday was but weeks away.

"Do you understand slut?" Miss Jessica asked.

"Yes Misstress Jessica." I answered.

I noticed that the other girl was setting up a video camera. I got weak in the knees knowing that this was about to be video taped and thus, giving Miss Jessica even more to blackmail me with. Even as I dreaded this, another part of me was glad that she would have it, as clearly I deserved to be treated this way and I wanted to be filmed humiliating myself. In fact, maybe this was my punishment for me becoming aroused the first time I saw Jessica masturbating. Mistress was right – I really was a slut, and I loved being used and degraded.

This thought was interrupted by hands pulling my sundress off. Four of the nigger bucks were already naked and had come over to me. I was shocked to see that even though they were all teen-aged, even their black cocks were larger then my husbands.

I was roughly shoved to my knees on the mattress and fed the first cock. As I took it in my mouth, I noticed that the girl was stroking the owner of the van to hardness while they watched with Miss Jessica. I took two more cocks, one in each hand and the fourth guy got behind me and started to roughly finger my pussy. My mouth went from cock to cock as I noticed that they were all between seven and maybe nine inches in length. Two of the guys let me do the work, but the one in front enjoyed r****g my mouth. He called me names like fucking white slut and cum whore while he shoved his cock all the way into my throat. I gagged often and saliva drooled out of my mouth and onto my breasts. The guy behind me laughed and slapped my ass hard as he tweaked my clit. One of the other guys then slid under me as I was made to sit on his cock. Shamefully, my first orgasm hit. As it subsided, the guy behind me put his cock to my asshole. Oh no! I thought I would die as his cock entered my ass. I did not have much time to think about it as the guy began r****g my mouth again.

The three of them kept a rhythm as I stroked the forth and the usual happened. I started crying. Tears streamed down my face as my second orgasm shot through my body.

I lost count of my orgasms even before the two in my ass and pussy filled me with cum. The guy fucking my face filled my mouth with so much cum I could not swallow all of it. The forth guy shot his load all over my face. I just laid there, cum in my stomach, mouth, ass and pussy, cum all over my face, and cried. It was then that I noticed the owner of the van had been fucking the girl and was cumming inside her. As soon as he was done, she came over to me. She told me to roll onto my back. I knew better then to disobey as they still had the cell phone option. She lowered her pussy onto my face and told me to eat the cum from her cunt. More tears as I did this and then she shoved a large vibrating dildo into my pussy. She relentlessly fucked my pussy with the dildo as she smeared my tongue and face with her pussy. As an orgasm hit me, she increased the pace of the fucking. I thought I would pass out as I went from one orgasm to another. She did not let up and continued the assault for more then 15 minutes. I was nearing yet another orgasm when she abruptly stopped. I had longed for it to stop but now that it had, the frustration was overwhelming.

Miss Jessica was standing behind the video recorder and I was now alone on the mattress.

"You will now masturbate slut while to tell us how you feel Kimmy." She said.

My hand shot to my pussy and I noticed at once that I was slick with the cum of a stranger. I also noticed that I was extremely sore. I explained this to Miss Jessica, or more accurately, to the camera. I was rough with my clit, somehow feeling the need to punish my cunt. She told me to continue.

"I... I feel like a slut. Because I... I... enjoyed being fucked by those nigger bulls."

"And what else have you been thinking about Kimmy?" She asked.

I did not even think to stop myself, maybe I did not want to.

"I am fantasizing that my daughter is watching this right now, watching me be a slut and begging to be fucked and abused!"

With that, I orgasmed.

Miss Jessica simply said,

"Interesting that the slut wants to share her humiliation with her daughter."

They left me there that way. I noticed that the dildo was also left there. I grabbed it and turned it on. The next hour was spent alone, r****g myself to countless orgasms. Fantasizing that the guys had called their friends and that my daughter was there watching. The shame and humiliation had never been more intense, nor had my arousal.

When I got home, there was a message from my daughter on the answering machine that a friend had called and she was staying the night so they could study for a test tomorrow. As you can imagine, I punished myself with sexual torture the rest of the night.

What had I done? I hung the phone up, very upset. My husband had been on the line, telling me that he would not be home from his business trip for our daughter's birthday.

"How often does your daughter turn 18?" I had asked him.

I knew it was not his fault. His career often took him away for weeks at a time. But this was a big deal and I knew that Maggie, our daughter, would be crushed.

Add to that the fact that I knew Miss Jessica would use the extra two weeks to abuse me even more then she had the last two weeks. It was a rule that I had to inform her when my husband was out of town. These past two weeks I had been used by over a dozen different men, mostly niggers, and ordered to masturbate to orgasm once every hour when Maggie was not home. My clit was so sore and my pussy raw. Damn, speaking of that, it was almost time to masturbate again. I dare not miss the time as it was set up that I masturbated in our spare bedroom. The window of this room faced Miss Jessica's bedroom window and if she checked and I was not there, well, I did not want to know the exact consequences. Miss Jessica was home a lot and always checked by looking through the binoculars she made me buy for her. As I climbed the stairs to our second floor, I could already feel the wetness starting between my legs. I hated the fact that this continued humiliation had this effect on me. I wanted more then anything to be a faithful, loving wife and someone that my daughter could look to as a role model. Yet, I had become the very thing that Miss Jessica said I was, a slut. I dropped all my clothes in the hall and went to the bed naked. I laid down and removed the large dildo from it's hiding spot. At least everything was ready for Maggie's party tomorrow evening. She had told me that she invited a few select friends and that she did not want anyone else coming over. I agreed and let her make the plans.

I thought of the beautiful young woman she had become as I slid the dildo into my pussy. Shamefully, I thought of her sitting in the chair in the room as I fucked myself with the dildo. I became painfully aware of how sore my clit was and, perhaps in some way to punish myself for thinking of my daughter, I started slapping my clit hard as I f***ed the entire length of the rubber cock into my pussy. I glanced out the window and saw Miss Jessica. Humiliation doubled as I noticed someone standing next to her. I could not see who it was as they were standing in the shadows of Miss Jessica's room.

Suddenly, the phone rang and I answered it.

"Do not stop for 30 minutes this time slut, keep fucking youself." Miss Jessica ordered.

Darn it, normally one orgasm and I could stop. Miss Jessica knew I was multiple orgasmic and once I had one, they rolled in one after another, usually only a minute or so apart.

"Yes Misstress." I replied and hung up the phone.

I assumed that she was entertaining someone at my expense. This added to my shame and humiliation and the first orgasm hit. I wanted desperately to stop, even for a moment, but I knew better so I continued the assault on my pussy. I thought that maybe the person she was with would come over and that I would be f***ed to fuck whoever it was. This thought brought on the second orgasm as so far, Miss Jessica had not made me soil the sanctity of my home with me fucking someone else in it.

"Forgive me." I thought as I continued to abuse myself.

30 minutes and 13 orgasms later, I was done. I hoped that Miss Jessica and her friend were entertained as the 15 total orgasms left me so weak, I could barely walk. The phone rang again.

"Clean up and come over slut." Miss Jessica ordered.

I got into the shower and was deeply frustrated with the fact that I was still aroused, even after all that. Damn it, why was I such a slave to my body? When I got to my pussy with the soap, I could not even find the will power not to bring myself off one more time, shamefully imagining my daughter again watching me act this way. I finished and threw on a mini-sundress and headed over.

Miss Jessica was alone. Admittedly, part of me was relieved and part of me was disappointed.

"Come in Kimmy, I have a special reward for you." She told me.

Her "reward" was only another way to humiliate me. She had me strip naked and sit at her desk. She already had a private chat room set up and activated her web cam. It was set so that it showed all of me from the neck down, only my face was not viewable. Miss Jessica explained that she had invited some people from a sex chat room to view me as I masturbated. With that, I noticed seven names pop up on the screen. It seemed that five of them were men and two were women. They started saying things about how hot I was and I had to listen to each of them through the computer speakers. I could feel tears welling up as the humiliation of this display of power Miss Jessica had over me was viewed by these strangers.

"That's right Kimmy, cry slut. I like it when you cry." Miss Jessica said.

She did. She always found ways to make me cry and my emotions were so mixed that it did not take much. My crying increased as my hand went between my legs to confirm that which I already knew, my cunt was soaked.

"Oh yeah baby, finger your cunt some more." One man said.

"Torture your clit bitch." One of the females added.
“Pull on your twat lips, really stretch them out from your cunt – and then do the same thing with your nipples,” another ordered.

I followed each of their instructions as they were given to me. My first orgasm was building.

"Got any toys?" One man asked.

With that, Miss Jessica handed me a lubed vibe butt plug. I shot her a pleading look but she just smirked at me. I took it from her and with no preparation, I f***ed in my ass in one shove and turned it on. The sudden painful violation of my asshole brought me over the edge as my first orgasm hit me. Miss Jessica then handed me a cock shaped dildo and I ****d my pussy with it. The comments from the people on the other end of the web became more crass and vulgar. Nevertheless, I continued to do as they instructed, tears streaming down my face as I shot from orgasm to orgasm.

I could hear the guys cumming as they no doubt were playing with their cocks at my shameful display. As one would leave the room, someone else would immediately replace them and within a moment, join in the comments. I lost count of my orgasms over the hour Miss Jessica made me fuck myself on cam for multiple strangers . The grand finale was Miss Jessica walking over and making me eat her pussy until she came. I was painfully aware that this meant someone may see part of my face since Miss Jessica adjusted the cam so the viewers could see me eat her pussy. This fact added so much shame and humiliation that I orgasmed. It was no ordinary orgasm but one that did not subside for almost a minute. It was followed by several smaller ones until Miss Jessica came herself and smothered my face with her juices. She shut off the web cam without a word.

"Bend over the chair." She ordered.

As soon as I was in place, she began whipping my ass with a leather belt. It struck my ass, pussy and thighs and I shamefully orgasmed from the beating.

"This is what you get for enjoying that so much slut!" She yelled and continued to whip me.

Every time the belt landed on the butt plug, I shuddered. It added to the stimulation in my ass.

"Well, you like coming so much slut, masturbate!" She ordered.

Again, like it had a mind of it's own, my hand shot to my sore, abused pussy. I orgasmed again and she whipped me until it subsided. She put on a strap on dildo and came up behind me. With severe f***e, she shoved in deep inside me.

"What are you?" She asked.

"A worthless slutcunt, a fucktoy for your enjoyment." I answered without hesitation.

She laughed and fucked me hard until I had yet another orgasm. When she pulled out, I fell to the floor. My hand was still massaging my sore clit.

"I have not even begun to fuck your mind slut." She said.

"Lay there and orgasm again, do not get up until you do and then get the fuck out of here." She added.

"I will enjoy these next two weeks immensely." She said as she left the room.

My mind was numb as I tried to remember if I had told her about my husband not coming home for another two weeks. Surely I had, how else would she know that she could abuse me for two more weeks if I hadn't? As all these thoughts hit me, so did my orgasm. Driving home from the mini-mart with some last minute items for Maggie's party, I thought about many things. For one, my still disappointment over her father not being able to return from his business trip to be at his little girl's 18th birthday party. Other thoughts filled my head too, like how much in the past couple weeks Miss Jessica had abused me. I had not heard from her today with any special requests and I was truly happy about that. I simply wanted my daughter's party to go well for her.

Maggie had insisted on making it a rather small gathering and asked that it just be her invited friends and not anyone else. I had thought about inviting a couple of the ladies from our church but it was my daughter's day and I was OK with her request.

After pulling into the driveway, I noted that Miss Jessica's house was dark. I figured she must have been out somewhere. Good, I thought as I walked to my door. I entered the house and Miss Jessica was standing in the living room.

"Took you long enough slut." She said.

My heart jumped into my throat and my heart started pounding. I did not see anyone else, not even Maggie.

"Where... where is Maggie?" I stammered.

"She is enjoying her party, shall we join her?" Miss Jessica replied.

I sat the grocery bag on the counter and numbly followed Miss Jessica upstairs. I could hear voices, mostly male voices, coming from our spare bedroom. My heart pounded even harder and I could hardly breath.

We entered the spare room and I froze at the sight before me. Maggie, my daughter was stripped completely naked and laying face down on the bed. Her arms and legs were tied to the four posts of the bed putting her in a spread eagle position. I noticed that there was a pillow shoved under her tummy, raising her ass into the air. She was completely exposed and being stared at by eight nigger bucks and one Asian girl that I did not know. All of them looked to be between 15 and maybe 20. All the guys were dressed but the Asian girl was wearing only a pair of black crotchless panties. Additionally, there was the video recorder that I had seen so many times before. While I noted this glancing about the room, my eyes quickly returned to my helpless daughter and our eyes met. Two of the men walked up to me and began to remove my clothing. My daughter watched as I stood there and let it happen. They stripped me down to my panties and then sat me in a chair. My hands were cuffed behind the chair and my legs were bound with silk ties to the legs of the chair. This position caused my breasts to push out and spread my legs a couple feet apart. Maggie just continued to look at me. As hard as I tried, I could not tell what she was thinking. Then, Miss Jessica spoke.

"So slut, did you think your little girl was totally innocent?" She asked.

"Wh.... what?" I replied.

It truly had never crossed my mind that she was doing anything sexual. She was raised to love and taught to wait for marriage.

"Your daughter loves giving head and eating pussy, even if she is still a virgin" Miss Jessica said.

"There is one thing however that she truly wanted for her birthday Kimmy, she wants to be your Mistress and for you to be her submissive mommy slut, just as you have been mine." Miss Jessica continued.

I looked at my daughter again, disbelieving what I had just heard. Looking her in the eyes, I saw a look that I had not seen before on her, a look of desire. A smirk slowly spread across her face.

"So, I made her a deal. I told her that if she did anything I wanted tonight, I would make her birthday wish come true." Miss Jessica said.

"No, she did not come to this idea on her own Kimmy, it was after I showed her a few of our videos of you acting like a slut. Seems that she feels you betrayed her Daddy and she wants to make you pay herself." She went on.

My heart was beating so hard that I thought anyone in the room could hear it. What had I done? Was this a way of punishing me? Even as I thought this, I noticed that I was becoming wet at the thought of being at my daughter's mercy. Yes, I thought, let her punish me for being unfaithful to her father. Part of me had wanted that for months.

"So Kimmy, your punishment from me is to watch your little girl get deflowered by several big black nigger cocks while you are helpless to stop it." Miss Jessica said.

"Noooo, no please do not do that Miss!" I pleaded.

I feared at that moment for my daughter's immortal soul. Let mine be dammed but not my sweet Maggie. My pleading brought a ball gag which one of the guys silenced me with. I then watched as they all started to disrobe. The Asian girl, which I heard Miss Jessica call Janet, went to my daughter and started to massage her pussy. She must have known what she was doing because my daughter was moaning within a moment. From where I was, I could see my daughter's pussy and could tell that it was getting wet. My daughter just continued to look at me as she moaned.

The first guy climbed on the bed, his eight inch cock right at the entrance to Maggie's virgin pussy. Janet walked away and came over to me, stand behind me as to not block my view.

"I changed my mind Jessica, I do not want to do this." Maggie said.

"Too late." She replied.

"Mommy, help me, make them stop. I'm sorry, please do not let them do this." Maggie said as she looked me in the eye.

I tried to speak but the ball gag prevented it. Shame and humiliation hit me ten fold as I realized my panties were now soaked. My daughter was about to be fucked by eight niggers and I was helpless to stop them. The shame was simply the fact that part of me did not want to stop them. Inner feelings fought with each other as part of me wanted desperately to stop what was about to happen and part of me wanted to see it happen. Tears started streaming down my face.

The cock that had been at her pussy now pushed forward, violating my daughter's virgin pussy. He was not nice about it either as she shoved it in with one thrust! Maggie screamed. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at me.

"Noooooo, make them stop mommy!" She said.

The guy fucking her just went faster and harder at her pleading. Janet reached around my waist from where she was behind me. Her fingers found their way under the seam of my panties and a finger slid in my pussy without effort as wet as I was. Her thumb massaged my clit as she worked her finger in and out of my pussy, my daughter watching as she did.

"Your mommy is very wet Maggie." Janet said.

"Look at your daughter getting fucked Kimmy. Makes you hot, doesn't it slut?" Miss Jessica said.

That was all it took as my first orgasm hit me. As I looked at Maggie, and I realized that she was having an orgasm at the very same time. My crying increased but Maggie started to laugh.

"You are as big a slut as they said mommy!" she said.

"I didn't really want them to stop, I just wanted you to feel helpless, and here you are, cumming as you thought he was r****g me! She continued.

With that, the man fucking her tensed up. I knew he was cumming and he filled her pussy with his sperm. He walked over to me, removed my ball gag, and shoved his cock into my mouth.

"Clean my cock bitch!" was all he said.

I could taste his cum and yes, I could taste my daughter's pussy juices on his cock. It was intoxicating and as Janet continued to torture my pussy, I orgasmed again. As he pulled out of my mouth, I noticed that the second man had taken position behind Maggie. His cock was about the same length of the first, but it looked bigger around. As the first guy had done, he shoved inside her with one thrust.

I lost count of my orgasms as I was f***ed to watch all eight guys fuck my little girl and with each one, I was made to clean their juices off their cocks with my mouth after they had filled her pussy. Maggie orgasmed as much or more as I did. She was as multiple-orgasmic as I was. Janet tortured my pussy without mercy and punished my nipples as well. Miss Jessica simply made verbal insults to me as she filmed the entire event.

Once the last guy was done, My daughter was untied. I was also but was dragged to the bed she had just been fucked on. They tied me down also, but sideways so that my head hung off one side and my feet, the other. I noticed that my ass was laying in a very damp spot, humiliation hit as I knew it was a mix of all their juices.

"Now your punishment begins at my hand slut mommy!" my daughter said.

She walked to my head and pulled my hair bringing my face to her completely bare pussy. Janet helped keep my head there as my daughter sat her nigger cream filled cunt on my face.

"Now you clean the nigger cock cream out of my cunt mommy!" Maggie ordered!

I caught a glimpse of another man entering the room. It was the owner of the van. I had no idea what was happening next as I was smothered by my daughter's pussy. Gobs of nigger cum started dripping out of her pussy and it covered my mouth and nose. I opened my mouth to breath and more entered my mouth. Without a conscious thought, I stuck my tongue in her pussy. I could not believe how much cum was still inside her. I simply licked and swallowed as much as I could, the rest dribbling off my chin and down my neck. Suddenly, A cock was shoved in my pussy. I was sure it was the van owner. I orgasmed as soon as his cock shoved in three times.

"That's right mommy, take that 10 inch nigger cock." Maggie said.

"You like big black nigger bull cocks don't you mommy, like them better then daddy's cock?" She continued.

At the mention of my husband, I orgasmed again even as I started to cry again. My daughter was going to use my shame of cheating on my husband as a humiliation for me. She must know that just the mention of it would make me comply with anything she asked of me.

"Say it slut!" Maggie yelled.

"I... I lik.... like big bl... black nigger bull cocks!" I managed to stammer out.

Without being told to, I continued.

"I like them m... more then your da.... daddy's cock. I am a cheating sl... slut who deserves to be fucked, punished, humiliated and abused!"

Even as I said the words, I knew in my soul that every word was true. I orgasmed again. My daughter started to roughly slap my breasts and pinch my nipples.

"You worthless fucktoy slut!" She yelled.

“Oh yes. Punish my tits baby, slap them and pinch them harder, treat me like the slut I am,” I cried.
Maggie then orgasmed on my face. I lapped at her pussy juices and sucked on her twat lips as I felt the nigger cock explode inside my ****d cunt.

I laid there as Maggie walked over to Miss Jessica. I watched as they passionately kissed, their tongues becoming one. Then Miss Jessica looked at me.

"She is my little girl now Kimmy, and you are simply her fucktoy." She said.

I knew she was right. Tears filled my eyes as Maggie told the eight guys to do what they wanted to me. As they moved me around to another position, I looked out the window towards Miss Jessica's bedroom. I saw a glow, like that of a cigarette in the dark. If everyone was here, who was watching from there? Was it just my imagination? I did not have much time to consider this as the eight guys took turns on my face, pussy and ass the rest of the night, while I watched Miss Jessica f***e Janet lick my daughter to several orgasms.

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8 days ago
I should have added SlaveKuntMommy is now a Mandingo Whore who will be not just filmed but her next degradation will be having her WhoreHoles pimped out to nigger cocks and nigger kunts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 days ago
Now thaths the PuuuuuuurFuckt way to break a wife into a kumcraving kuntlicking kumguzzling married SlaveKyntWhore !!!!!!
I know the cigarette she saw burning was her supposedly on a business trip cuckhubby who in reality arranged the entire sexperience for his SlaveKunts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 months ago
Fantastic story! The only thing that might be hotter is if mommy also had a pussyboi son to lick all of that nigger cum out of her cunt!
7 months ago
fucking awesome wished i was a fly on that wall mmmmmmm
7 months ago
AWWWW bitch! There's something about you being surprised that you are a slut that makes me scratch my fucking head! Hell, you knew you were horesefaced and that your bitch daughter was just like you, right?!?! All I'm saying is that I never... but NEVER... read a hotter piece of fuck swallow than this. You deserve no respect, Kimmie, but you have mine! The main things is I wonder how you hid your DICK from the hot fuckers and your baby girl? Maybe I'll find out in the next chapter! In the meantime, thanks!

7 months ago
Have you got more exploits to share?
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