Date Night (femdom classic)

DATE NIGHT (femdom classic)
A wife turns her husband into a sissy slut who is f***ed to service other men and women.

Tonight was"Date Night" and as usually was the case, I'd spent
the day in a high state of anticipation. My wife, Chris, and I had
created the "Date Nights" several years ago to merge our divergent
sexual desires into a mutually satisfying relationship.

My sexual tastes ran to the more exotic side of the spectrum bondage,
f***ed oral sex, prolonged sessions, feminization and role
reversal were exciting fantasies for me. Chris playing the
dominant role was a common theme in all of these schemes.

Chris, on the other hand, much preferred warm, tender romantic
loving. Kissing, carressing and cuddling were turnons for her.
She claimed to have no fantasies of her own and therefore found it
difficult to act out mine. While admitting that she could probably
play the dominant role with someone else, she was reluctant to do
it with me. She was afraid that playing games with me in the
submissive role would turn me into a wimp. Yet, she loved me and
wanted to please me.

Our compromise solution was our planned DATE NIGHTS scheduled
twice a month. On these nights we would engage in some of the
wilder sexual practices, while the rest of the time would remain
normal. This plan had worked well. With my special desires
satisfied on a scheduled basis, I was content. Chris found that
she was able to play "games" occasionally as the rest of our lives
together was exceptional. Needless to say, I look forward to these
DATE NIGHTS. Chris found herself enjoying most of these nights
despite a certain reluctance to let herself go. She still felt
uncomfortable in the dominant role since she had never been an
aggressive person, but she gave it her best efforts to keep me
happy. When I was happy, our lives went smoothly.

Tonight things would not be routine. I sensed a new, more
determined attitude the moment Chris walked in the door from work.
Without our usual casual conversation about the happenings of the
day, she ordered me to go into the bedroom and take off my clothes.
As I left to comply, she poured herself a glass of wine and lit her
first cigarette of the day. Inhaling deeply, she mentally reviewed
her plan and became resolutely determined to carry it out.

When she walked in the bedroom and saw me standing naked, a
smile came to her face. "Very good", she praised. "You follow orders very
well." She had me put leather cuffs on each wrist as she passed
the strap around the vertical posts of the poster bed. After
snapping one wrist to one end of the strap, she stretched my arms
so she could secure the other cuff to the other end. I now stood
naked in helpless bondage and totally at her mercy. Her sweet
smile disappeared as she informed me "I had to tie you up since I
have a plan and there are parts of it you won't like! Now, it
doesn't matter whether you like it or not! I am in total control!"
She was so right! Straining against the bonds was futile. They
were unbreakable. It suddenly dawned on me that this was a game
that would not be over in an hour or so.

Chris went into the small bathroom and returned with my
shaving mug, brush and razor. As she worked up the lather in the
cup, she said "You've been hinting that you wanted me to turn you
into a woman for some time, well tonight's the night!" Shaking
her head sadly, she said "I am going to transform you into my slave
girl all right and you will get the full treatment! Poor dear, I
am afraid you have no idea what you are getting into, but it is too
late to back out now! You wanted this and you're going to go
through with it all the way.!"

Using the brush, she soaped each of my armpits,then took the
razor to shave them clean. "Mmmm nice and smooth," she remarked
running her hands over the newly bald areas. "This is how a lady
keeps her arms," she informed me. Next she knelt in front of me and
soaped up one leg, then carefully shaved it from my toes to my
crotch. This process was repeated with the other leg before moving
to my genitals. After applying a generous coat of lather, she
carefully shaved my scrotum warning,"Hold very still, or you'll
become a real woman!" I didn't move a muscle until she was

The hairs between my legs and around my ass recieved the same
close shave treatment. My pubic region was shaved to form a small
triangle before she stood up to lather my face. When I realised
that she intended to shave off my beard and moustache, I finally
protested. It had taken a long time to grow that foliage, and I
didn't want to lose it. As my mouth opened, Chris shoved the saopy
shaving brush into it demanding," Keep your mouth shut bitch! YOU
wanted this game, NOW you are going to get it!"

She shaved my face and neck, completely removing all traces of
hair while I stood in meek silence. Playing the dominant role she
was determined to show me that my wishes were inconsequential.

The shaving gear was put away before Chris rubbed my body with
a sweet smelling lotion. "A lady has to keep her skin nice and
soft." she cooed sweetly as she rubbed it in. When finished with
the lotion,she brought out the bright red nailpolish and painted my
toenails. "Very pretty dearie," she exclaimed admiring her
handiwork. As my fingernails were being painted she remarked
casually,"Some of those long fake fingernails would look wonderful
on you, we'll have to get some when I take you shopping with me."
My eyes widened in surprise, she was serious about this!

A roll of duct tape was brought out and strips of it were used
to form my chest meat into female breaasts. "I thought about buying
you a set of falsies, but decided that this would be better. Now I
can get at your nipples to control your movements,and so on."She
explained. Once satisfied that my "titties" were to her liking and
held firmly in place, she moved down to my crotch. My cock was
pulled between my legs and secured there with more duct tape so
that while being able to walk, it would remain immobile. "We won't
be using that for sex." she announced,then continued,"As my woman
you'll just have to sit down to pee as any girl must. Now the
experience will be much more realistic, since it's the only way
you'll be able to go." She chuckled at her diabolical way of
turning even routine urination into a part of my training as her
submissive. I was to find it necessary to wash my bottom after each
time I urinated. Only one of many new difficulties I was to

A pair of pantyhose were put on my feet, then slowly pulled up
my hairless legs to my waist. High heeled shoes were placed on my
feet making it difficult to maintain my balance as I awaited her
next whimsical idea.

Chris stood squarely in front of me,and pinching one of my
nipples in each hand, kissed me f***efully. My cock throbbed trying
to become erect, but unable due to it's confinement. "Don't go
away." she said with a grin as she left the room. Ha! Some joke. I
was still secured by my arms and standing in high heels. Looking
down at my body was a disconcerting experience. My breasts were
small, but real and my legs encased in panty hose with no
protruding cock, looked very feminine indeed. Especially so with
the painted toenails and high©heeled shoes. A dramatic change in
such a short time!

Chris walked back carrying her make-up case, her refilled wine
glass, and a mirror. The mirror was propped up on the dresser so I
could see my helpless state for a few minutes while Chris smoked a
cigarette and sipped her wine. When SHE was ready, she warned me,"
Watch very carefully as I demonstrate how to apply make©up. I'll
show you this time,but from now on whenever I want you as my slave
girl, you'll do it yourself." As she rubbed a base coat on my face,
I watched in stunned silence realising that she'd already planned
on making this a regular occurance.

Chris smiled to her self saying,"You know it's going to be fun
to call you from work, tell you to get ready and KNOW that you'll
do all of this preparation before I get home. YOU can meet ME at
the door in a negligee with a drink." She laughed,"As you get
trained in your slave girl duties, my life is going to get a LOT
easier. After all, that's the whoke idea of having a slave in the
first place."

Applying blue eyeshade on my eyelids she noted,"This will make
you look like the trampy slut you are." Long fake eyelashes were
added and a heavy coat of mascarra applied, followed with the
eyeliner. My eyebrows were darkened and lengthened. She softly
muttered to herself,"Maybe I should shave these off too, so the
bitch would have to draw them on every morning." fortunately she
didn't carry through with that notion. Rouge was put on my cheeks
and bright red lipstick on my lips as I stood helplessy watching
this transformation proceed.

Chris placed her blonde wig on my head saying,"This old wig
doesn't do you justice, we'll need to get you a new one." Obviously
she planned for this game to continue into the future,as spending
money on sex toys wasn't something she usually even considered.
After fastening a pair of her old clamp on earrings on my
earlobes,she stepped back to admire her creation. " You make a fine
looking woman," she praised, then added,"Now you need to learn to
act like one."

She strapped on the dildo stating," I am going to play the male
role whenever I wear this. You will be my slave girl, and as such
you WILL perform all of my normal tasks and still be constantly
available for MY sexual pleasure." The cuffs were removed from my
wrists as she said," We won't need these restraints now that you
know your place. In your condition you'll make a better woman than
a man anyway." Looking at myself in the mirror, I had to agree with
that assessment.

"It's too bad, but I'm afraid you won't be doing any swinging
for quite a while," she said with mock pity,adding,"None of our
friends would swing with something that looks like you, would
they?" I answered meekly,"No Mistress." Upon hearing this she gave
me slap on the rear demanding,"When I am wearing this, YOU WILL
call me SIR!" I was shocked by her f***efulness, but managed to
reply,"Yes sir."

She had me put on a lacy, black nightie which barely covered
my buns. In the mirror I could see that with the tape now concealed
and only the cute little bulges of my breasts showing, the image was
complete! I did look like a woman! Chris had put on a pair of men's
shorts with the dildo protruding from the fly, and one of my
longsleeved shirts. In appearance,we had already reversed roles.

Chris kissed me firmly, then f***ed me to kneel in front of
her. She pressed the dildo to my lips ordering,"Kiss my cock slut."
She added," All of us men love oral sex." I lightly kissed the head
of the dildo feeling very humiliated by the homosexual implications
of this action. "Take it in your mouth slut." she commanded. My
lipstick covered lips parted and she quickly thrust the dildo into
my mouth. I gagged at the intrusion and Chris with feigned concern
said,"She doesn't like sucking cock?" Then she ordered,"Suck it
good slut." She asked,"You do want to be a good slave, don't you?"
Now really into her dominant role, her hips kept thrusting that
dildo in and out of my mouth so I was unable to answer.

"Don't displease me slave or I'll tie you up and whip your ass
bl**dy." I knew that she was serious about playing this dominant
role and determined that I behave in the manner befitting the slave
girl role she'd assigned me. "By God," she declared," If you want
to play kinky games, we'll see how you like being totally
submissive!" She kept me at my chore until the sensations of the
dildo on her body combined with the feeling of power brought her to
orgasm. Her thrusting slowed and at last,she withdrew that horrible
instrument from my mouth. "Not too bad slut, you make a pretty good
cocksucker." She continued by saying,"With enough practice, you'll
be a great cocksucker!"

Chris walked behind me handing me a jar of Vaseline and
said."Pull down your pantyhose and you'd better smear this on your
"pussy" to save yourself a lot of pain. I'm going to fuck that
virgin pussy and you're so nervous that it'll probably not get
wet." I pulled my pantyhose down to my ankles and liberally smeared
my ass, both inside and out. "That's a good girl, get yourself
ready for your big stud."she cooed.

Kneeling behind me, forcing my legs apart she used pressure on
my back until my face was on the floor. I was wide open and ready
for HER pleasure. Pressing the head of the dildo to my asshole she
cautioned,"This may hurt at first, but you'll get used to it, and
in time get to love it." As the head was f***ed inside me, I moaned
" It's too big SIR!" Chris just chuckled, "It's just your bad luck
that your master is so well hung. Don't worry, bitch, you will
learn to take it all inside. I am going to give you plenty of

The dildo was slowly f***ed in until I could feel the attached
balls against my body, then eased back out part way and these
strokes repeated at an ever increasing pace. Her hands reached
under my nightie and pinched my nipples. Thus impaled on her cock,
the hands on my teats were controlling my movements, causing my
rear to rise to receive each thrust. With ever increasing vigor,
she was fucking me. The portion of the dildo inside of her was
stimulating her nearly as much as the pressure on her clit. Her
passion rose in direct proportion to her speed and the f***e
applied. I was helplessly being ****d and my moans of pain only
served to enhance her feeling of power.

Finally, she had again achieved organism and slumped across my
back, kissed me on the neck and pulled out of me. I was weak from
the assault. Chris got up to light a cigarette as I laid there for
a few minutes. My mouth ached, my nipples ached and my poor ass
throbbed from its violation. At last I got up and hobbled to the
bathroom where I sat on the toilet and urinated. Due to the
position of my taped up cock, some urine sprayed on my ass cheeks.
After carefully wiping the remains of the urine and the slime
oozing from my asshole, I took a washcloth to wash carefully my
"private parts". I pulled up my pantyhome, arranged my wig which
had moved during the vigorous ****, straightened the negligee and
went back to the bedroom. The high heeled shoes made walking
difficult which Chris noted by saying, "You walk like a clod. "
She suggested "when you walk in heels, take small steps. Put one
foot in front of the other. It'll give your ass a cute little
wiggle." She had me walk up and down the hall several times until
she was satisfied, then ordered "Remember to walk like that all the
while you are the slave girl even while doing domestic chores."
Chris walked to the f****y room to work her crossword puzzle and
told me to fix her supper. "I'm in the mood for a T.V. dinner,
you'd better just have a salad. You have to watch that figure,

I fixed her a T.V. dinner and made myself a salad. We ate
supper quietly before I cleared the table. Chris had me empty the
dishwasher and set up the coffee for morning. She said, "Turning
into my slave girl took some of my precious time, but as you learn
your duties, it may turn out to be worth it. It's nice to sit here
watching YOU work while I relax."

"Take one of our movies and put it on the VCR, make it a love
story", she ordered. I thought for a moment and put the movie Love
Story in the machine. She motioned for me to sit beside her on the
couch. During the movie, Chris necked with me. She kissed and
caressed my body, played with my breasts and even slid her hand
inside my pantyhose to play with my pussy. By the end of the
movie, she said "You really have got me turned on now, let's make
love." She had me lay on my back in front of the fireplace, placed
a big pillow under my behind and got on top of me. She slid my
nightie up, pulled off my shoes and pantyhose. Spreading my legs
she f***ed the dildo inside of me and once again fucked my still
aching ass. "You love this, you little slut, don't you?" she
asked. When my answer wasn't immediately forthcoming she slapped my
ass and repeated,"DON't you?" I gasped out,"Yes Sir!" "Then tell me
how much you love it slut, a man's ego feeds on praise." she
ordered. "Oh sir, it feels so good." I lied, since it felt like that
dildo was tearing my insides wide open."Your big cock fills my
pussy so full, I love it."

She smiled and without missing a stroke said."You'd better
work on that voice. You need to speak in a higher tone, one more
suitable to your current status. When I take you to public places,
I want people to think you're my girlfriend and not some wimp in
drag." The thought of being in public dressed as a woman was so
utterly humiliating to consider, that it triggered my orgasm and I
came all over my stomach. Chris's sneer clearly showed her disgust,
but she continued ravaging my poor ass until she again reached her
climax. "Look at this disgusting mess you made on MY property!" she
exclaimed. Using her hand she scooped my come from my stomach and
f***ed it into my mouth saying, "That's a good slave,swallow every
bit of that slime." She had me lick her hand clean before sending
me to the bathroom to clean myself.

Upon emerging from the bathroom, Chris took me by the hand and
put me to bed. She crawled in beside me, caressed my body
lightly, kissed me and cautioned me, "You'd better get some sl**p
dearie, You've got a busy day tomorrow." Then she rolled over and
went to sl**p. It was a long time before I could get to sl**p.
SHE'D had several orgasms during the course of the evening, while
the only one I had was even turned into a source of my humiliation.
In my fantasies serving Chris as my dominant Mistress had been a
big turn on, but the actual experience had been only pain and
humiliation. I already regretted getting into this, but had
promised in my eagerness to go along with ANYTHING SHE WANTED, and
now was stuck with living up to my word. Finally I drifted off to

I was awakened by Chris playing with my titties. From a deep
sl**p to my function as a sexual servant was a swift transition! As
she rolled over and moved behind me, I saw myself in the mirror and
was instantly reminded of my slave girl role. The head of the dildo
was again f***ed inside my ass with difficulty and Chris snarled,
"you are such a tight little bitch. If your pussy grows shut this
fast, I'm going to have to think of some way to keep it opened up!"
She ****d me vigorously until achieving her orgasm, all the while
making me moan with feinged pleasure. Though less painful than the
first experience, it was nonetheless humiliating to be so used. With
a light slap on my fanny,she told me to clean myself up there was
WORK to be done. Meekly I complied, already dreading this day.

About the time I had cleaned up, Chris walked in holding a butt
plug and ordered," Insert this in your vagina; pretend that it's a
tampex and you're on your period." I stared at her in disbelief a
moment before she snarled,"NOW BITCH!" I took the proffered plug
and slowly f***ed it up my ass. Chris said with sarcastic
sweetness," A girl has to function despite her discomfort, so get
dressed and fix my breakfast." Chris went to read her paper. I
pulled on my pantyhose, put on the highheels, slipped my nightie
over my head and walked my female walk to the kitchen. I made a big
breakfast of bacon,eggs,toast and orange juice. Then setting the
table, I served my MASTER. She didn"t bother to thank me for all of
my efforts, just told me to clean up the mess while she read the

"Change the linens on the bed." She ordered without even
looking up from her newspaper. I went tothe bedroom, pulled the
sheets from the bed and along with the pillowcases put them in the
laundry basket. I found the clean sheets and remade the bed.

Chris had finished reading the paper by the time I returned to
the f****y room, and she told me," Go wash the make-up off your
face and you'd better shave real close today. We're going shopping.
You may wear your own shoes and pants, but leave the rest as it
is." She smiled smugly and said,"We'll play some more after we've
done our shopping."

Chris was ready about the same time I was today. Getting off
the make-up took longer than I had imagined. When I asked if I
might remove the fingernail polish, Chris shook her head
saying,"You can keep your gloves on dearie, in fact you'd better.
We don't want everyone to know that you're really a girl."

We got into the car and I was relieved to see that my tits
didn't show as prominently under my jacket as they did under just
the nightie. Chris drove us clear across the city before she pulled
into a Wall©Mart parking lot. I found the walk to the store quite
uncomfortable due to the plug wiggling inside my ass, but didn't
bother complaining as that would have been fruitless.

In the cosmetics department she picked out some fake
eyelashes, a set of fake fingernails and some new cosmetics in
shades of red so garish that she'd never wear. We moved on to the
ladies department where she picked up a pair of black lacy panties
and held them up in front of my crotch saying," These will look so
sexy on you." I blushed in humilliation as other women shoppers and
clerks turned to stare at me. She selected matching bra, garter
belt and several pairs of black mesh hose.

When we got to the wigs, she looked them over for a while
having me try on a couple before deciding on a shoulder length
model whose color closely matched my own. By now quite a few people
were watching my degrading experience. "This one will do," Chris
said,"Until your own hair grows long enough to do something with
it." We took all of these items to the checkout stand and paid for
them with Chris chatting nonchalantly all the while about how
pretty I was going to look. It was with great relief that I finally
regained the relative safety of the car.

We next drove to a thrift shop where Chris had me follow her
down the aisles while she selected several outfits for me. She'd
hold each up in front of me before accepting or rejecting each one.
When a middle aged saleswoman came up and asked if she could help
us, Chris said, "My slave needs some different clothes, and is not
worthy of new ones." The lady looked at me very strangely and then
proceeded to show us some of the sluttiest outfits she had in the
store. Fortunately Chris didn't make me try them on and model them
for her! We again paid for our selections while the clerks and
other customers snickered at our performance.

Back in the car Chris told me, "You did well slave, it's an
important part of being submissive to bear humiliation when it
pleases me to inflict it upon you." On the drive home she
explained, "Since you're going to be my slave girl, I want you to
look good. I won't have an ugly slave! You needed some things of
your own and when we get home we'll get you fixed up real pretty so
that you'll be more attractive while you work. You do want to look
attractive for me don't you slut?" "Yes SIR." I murmered in reply.
This was getting completely out of hand! Normally my sweet wife
thought that spending money for sex "toys" was foolish, but today
she seemed to enjoy it. In fact she was smiling in anticipation of
the fun yet to come.

As soon as we walked into our house Chris said, "Get those
men's clothes off and we'll see how your new stuff looks on you."
I stripped off my clothes and when I was naked she handed my new
panties. I put them on and then the matching bra. The garter belt
was next. I pulled each of the mesh hose onto my hairless legs and
fastened them to the garter belt. "You have nice legs slut." Chris
praised me.

We went to the main bathroom where Chris supervised as I
applied my make up in the manner I'd been shown the night before.
The new lashes were tricky since I've always been sensitive about
my eyes. The eyeliner and eyeshadow were also difficult, but I
finally managed. The rest was relatively easy except for the false
fingernails. After my new wig was on and brushed out a bit, I
really looked like a woman! Finally I put on the little French Maid
outfit she'd purchased including the little white cap.

Chris looked me over, then said."You look like a perfect maid
my sissy cunt. Now all of this effort transforming you will be
worth it as you learn your domestic duties." Handing me the frilly
apron she advised, "You'd better get started, you've got a lot of
work to do."

The rest of the day I followed her orders; vacuuming the
house, cleaning the bathrooms, doing the laundry, dusting, etc..
Chris sat playing computer games and reading a book about female
dominance. She'd come around occasionally to check my work and of
course, to fondle my body a little. The little prissy steps I was
f***ed to use in the high heeled shoes made it hard to do my work
very fast.

When at last all of the assigned tasks were completed I went
to the f****y room where Chris sat reading. She looked at me with
a wry smile saying," According to what I've been reading, it seems
like I should get another lady or two to assist me in training you
more thoroughly." I gasped! Having her alone in the dominant role
was bad enough, but to be a slave girl in front of other women
would be too humiliating for words. Chris stated firmly," I sense
that you wouldn't like that...too bad! What you want doesn't count
during these sessions. You are my slave and I will decide what
happens, you will do as you're told.

"Watching my maid work has made me horny." Chris announced.
She stood up stroking the dildo she wore and ordered," Pull down
your panties and remove your tampex, it's time to fuck!" I slid
down my panties and stepped out of them. There was a brief moment
of relief when I removed that fiendish plug from my ass, but it was
not to last for long as she f***ed me to my hands and knees. The
dildo was again f***ed inside me. Fortunately the pain was not
nearly as severe this time, since the tampex had done it's job of
loosening me up.

She vigorously ****d my ass until she reached her orgasm. I
collapsed on the floor feeling very used, but she lay down beside
me and caressed my body. She made me tell her how wonderful it
felt, how nice she'd been to fuck me and other such lies. She in
turn told me how nice it was to possess a slave.

She said," You've had a busy day slut. You haven't even
started supper yet, but that's ok, I'm in the mood for pizza
tonight." She went to the phone and called Domino's. She ordered a
pizza with everything on it. Playing her role to the hilt, she
didn't care what I wanted.

Turning to me she said," You'd better fix your face dearie,
and straighten your dress....You look a mess." I complied with a
wondering look on my face. Chris said, "You want to look like a respectable
pussyboy when the pizza man comes." Nervously I waited until the doorbell
rang. I didn't dare speak, so I just handed him the check and tip,
took the pizza and closed the door. I don't think he noticed
anything strange about it, but I felt demeaned by appearing even
briefly in front of a man dressed as I was.

We sat at the table to eat and Chris proposed a toast," To our
new DATE NIGHT game." As we clinked glasses I was struck by the look
of those long painted fingernails holding my wine glass. She
insisted that I eat the meal without picking off the ingredients I
disliked. She commented," It's not ladylike to pick at your food."
I tried to eat as daintily as I could manage with those long

After supper she led me to the bedroom where she removed the
dildo. "Tonight we are going to make love as lesbians." she
announced. We stood kissing and caressing while she slowly
undressed me. When we were both naked, we crawled into bed. Under
her direction I caressed her breasts, licked her nipples, kissed her
body all over and performed oral sex to bring her to orgasm. This
slow, unhurried, prolonged lovemaking was especially satisfying to
her as she needn't worry about turning me on. She did fondle my
tits a bit, but only because she wanted to.

When at last she was satiated, we lay cuddled closely while
she said, "Well Babe, this game was what you wanted and I really
enjoyed it too. I hope that it was ok for you, but that's not
critical I've discovered that having a slave is great! While you
didn’t do as good a job of cleaning as I would have, you'll improve
in time. It took a sex game to get you to help with the housework,
but it's nice to know that twice a month you'll be domestic." Still
in my submissive role, I cooed a falsetto," Yes Mistress."

"From now on, when it's the day for DATE NIGHT," she
continued," I will have you go grocery shopping. I'll make you a
list, you will buy the stuff and put it all away in the morning.
Then you will shave your body, bathe and get into your slave girl
getup. You will be ready when I get home so I won't need to waste
time getting you fixed up." She was speaking softly, but letting
that she had taken control of the DATE NIGHT agenda.

"You wanted me to be dominant," Chris reminded me. "I gave it
a good try and discovered that I LOVED it!" she said with a smile.
"Many people would think it looks stupid to see you as a feminized
submissive. but I enjoyed the power trip and got a lot of work done
for me. If we're going to play kinky games, I might as well unload
some of my chores onto you."

She kissed me and said,"Get out of that getup now baby, get
cleaned up and come back to bed. The game is over for THIS time."
I arose, went to the bathroom and ripped off the tape letting my
cock spring free. It felt great to stand up and pee again! My wig,
fake eyelashes and fingernails were removed and carefully stored
before scrubbing off the make up. I used polish remover to clean
the paint from my toenails. Stepping into the shower I let the warm
water flow over my aching body. My feet were sore from the many
hours spent in heels. I was weary from all my chores. My poor ass
ached from the repeated anal ****s and of course, the tampex. My
cock untouched for so long now stood erect, appearing strange
without it's normal hairy surroundings. My legs were smooth as
silk. It had been some weekend!

It was nearly midnight before I crawled back into bed. Chris
was still awake and I pulled her close to kiss her firmly. We made
passionate love as husband and wife in our normal roles. For the
first time since the beginning of our game I had a normal orgasm
without having to eat my own come. We fell asl**p in each other's

Sunday all was normal. Neither of us mentioned anything about
the previous events. Several times during the day i noticed Chris
staring at me with a mysterious smile. I sensed that she was
thinking about our next DATE NIGHT. I thought about the experience
all day, realizing that in creating this dominant personna I'd made
a lot of work for myself. "Give a man what he thinks he wants and
he won't like it." Chris had once remarked. She had been so right!
It was too late now, I knew. She had learned to love being in total
control and unless we eliminated DATE NIGHT altogether; I was going
to be her slave twice a month.


It was finally Friday. It was to be our scheduled Date Night! It had been
two weeks since Chris had made me her sissy slave and decided that twice a
month she would be my Mistress. At first these nights turned me on far more
than they did Chris, as I really liked to play a very submissive role. She
had found it difficult to get into the spirit of things at first and had
only participated in order to keep me happy. All that had changed after she
dressed me as a woman and used me like one. Once she had experienced the
power of having me totally under her control, she found that she loved it!

Tonight, things would be taken to a new level. I had made contact with a
guy on the computer bulletin board, named Bryan, that wanted to play the
role of Master to both Chris and I. When I explained that she was not into
playing submissive roles, he offered to come over and make love to my wife,
while I was bound and helplessly f***ed to watch. That idea intrigued me.
We have been swinging for quite a few years now, and I had never seen her
actually making it with another man.

Tonight she came home from work, and without even pausing to talk about her
day, she ordered me to go to the bedroom and strip naked. Sensing that
something was different about her attitude, I hurriedly complied. She
turned the music into our bedroom far louder than normal. By the time she
came into the bedroom, I was naked. She smiled oddly and said, "That's a
good sex slave."

Reaching behind the bed, she pulled out the restraints I had made several
years ago, consisting of leather cuffs connected by seat belt material.
Humming softly, she fastened me to the bedposts so I stood facing the bed
with my arms spread-eagled. Next she got a roll of duct tape and taped my
ankles together. She then took some strips of that duct tape and taped my
chest meat into small, but very real breasts. All of this we had done
before, and it was one of my favorite games. I suspected that she would
soon dress me in one of her nighties. Instead, she left the room saying,
"Don't go away." She chuckled softly as she left. Unbeknown to me she went
down to our "toy" chest and brought a bunch of our adult toys upstairs.
With the music up so loud, I couldn't hear anything else. While I stood
firmly secured, she sat down to play computer games in the other room. I
waited patiently, having no other choice.

After what seemed like a very long time, she walked into the bedroom, with
Bryan. She had called him up and told him to come over. Tonight was
certainly going to be a new experience!

Bryan walked over and checked how securely I was fastened. "You did a
beautiful job Mistress Chris." he said as he pulled her into his arms and
kissed her deeply. They laid down on the bed and kissed and caressed each
other for a while, before Bryan suggested that perhaps they ought to get me
into a more slave-like state. Chris asked, "What do you mean Master Bryan?"
He replied," I always keep my slaves closely shaved, do you have a razor?"
"Certainly my dear" Chris replied, and retrieved it from the main bathroom.

Bryan wasted no time as he proceeded to shave my body totally from the neck
down. When I started to protest, he shoved a dildo gag into my mouth, and
strapped it in place. "A good slave should be seen and not heard." he said
giving me a slap on the ass for emphasis. This shaving didn't take long
since it had only been two weeks since my last total body shave. Bryan
remarked when the shaving was complete, " The slave looks like a little boy
now, except for those cute little titties you made. I think that I would
rather have a slut slave tonight, let's play dress-up with our toy." "Great
idea Master Bryan", Chris replied. She then added, " I love having her as
my sissy slut too." For the next hour they put make-up, a wig, high-heels,
bra, pantyhose, etc. on me. They even painted my fingernails and toenails!
I could see myself in the mirror, and was stunned.

Chris got them each a glass of wine, which they sipped as they sat chatting
as if I wasn't even there. Soon, Bryan was helping Pat get undressed and
she helped him get ready. Bryan asked Chris," Shall we blindfold HER?"
Chris said," Hell No! Make the poor worthless slut watch while a Real Man
makes love to me."

They began with caressing each other's nude bodies and soon moved on to oral
sex. Bryan slipped down to her crotch and soon she was moaning with
pleasure. She never got worked up that fast with me! When Chris took his
magnificent, hard young cock into her mouth, I felt the tears running down
my cheeks. In my fantasies it never was like this! I could only watch in
pained silence.

For a couple of hours they made love until they had mutual orgasms. While
they cuddled in the warm afterglow, Bryan suggested ,"It's time to put our sex
slave to work". He picked up my feet and laid me on the bed with my head
hanging over the edge. He then guided Chris until she straddled my face.
"Make the little sissy slut lick your cunt clean." He undid my gag. Chris pulled my face
to her crotch and ordered, "Lick me bitch!" I had never tasted another man's
cum, very rarely my own. Now I was powerless to prevent doing so. I
licked and slurped at her steaming pussy lips and deep inside her cunt until she had another orgasm. She finally said, "That's all I can handle for now." Then she added," Bryan, I know that you said you were straight, but I think you should make the sissy
slave lick you clean also; SHE does such a good job."

She took his cock in her hand and pressed it to my lips, saying, "That's a
good girl, lick all my juices off of this Wonderful cock." In my bondage
state, I was f***ed to lick his cock and balls while the strong smell of
recent sex filled my nostrils. Chris said, "Open your lips bitch, take it
in your mouth. I want to turn you into a sissy cocksucker." Bryan slid his limp
dick into my mouth and f***ed me to suck and slurp until he was once again
fully erect. Then he grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth, completely
oblivious to my gagging. As a Master he was unconcerned with my discomfort,
and concentrated on his pleasure! The roughness used in this oral **** was
unexpected and made me realize that I really was under their control. The
"game" had gone too far, but now I could do nothing to stop it.

He finally came in my mouth and told me, "Swallow it all slut, spill one
precious drop, and I will beat the shit out of you." I obeyed, despite my
revulsion. Chris applauded crying, "Magnificent, Master Bryan. It would be
fun to watch you fuck the slut's tight cunt, but I want to save your next
orgasm for myself." She got the strap-on dildo and as she put it on said,
"So I guess I'll have to do it. She wanted to be a slave, and slaves don't
fuck, they get fucked."

Bryan undid my hands and f***ed me to my hands and knees ordering me," Ok
Slave, beg Mistress Chris to fuck your poor worthless pussy."

"Please Mistress Chris, fuck me for your pleasure." I begged. I received a
resounding slap on both cheeks of my ass. Master Bryan said," You have much
to learn slut! That's not what you were told to do. You must obey ALL
orders exactly and instantly! Now try again." My mind raced to try to
remember his original order. " Please Mistress Chris, please fuck my poor
worthless pussy." I pleaded. Chris now knelt behind me and smeared a large
gob of Vaseline on my asshole and using one, then two fingers, she f***ed it
inside of me. "Purr for me bitch, show how much you appreciate all that I'm
doing to you." Chris snarled with a new f***efulness in her voice. So I did, cooing like a little girl," Oh Mistress, that feels so wonderful." Bryan
grabbed one of my nipples with each hand and pinched them quite hard. " You
must always address her as Mistress Chris, you have no right to use less
than her full title." Bryan sat holding my nipples so my face was scant
inches from the cock that had so recently ravished my mouth, while Chris
f***ed the dildo inside me. "Go ahead Mistress Chris," he said," Fuck the sissy
slut." Chris grabbed my hips and began savagely fucking my ass. She had
used the dildo on me before, but never so roughly. All of her natural
tenderness had vanished and been replaced by a new sense of her power. This
was not lovemaking, this was ****!

With Chris ramming the dildo up my ass and Bryan controlling my movements by
his fingers pinching my nipples, I was trapped on a hideous ride that I knew
would end only when they decided. The pain in my nipples was intense and
almost overcame the pain in my ass. My urge to be submissive had long since
dissolved into real fear. Chris alone would have quit long ago, but with
Bryan's support she was actually enjoying herself. At last they tired of
this and with a little pat on the fanny, Chris pulled out the dildo. "Not
too bad slut, you'll improve with practice. Don't worry you'll get lots
more practice." she promised. I was allowed to collapse onto my side, my
hands went up to my throbbing, painful nipples.

Bryan told Chris, "This slave is easily controlled through her nipples, we
should get them pierced. With some rings permanently installed through
them, she could be easily dominated even when I'm not around." Chris smiled,
"Hmmm, it would be a constant reminder of her new status. Let me think
about it." " It would be simple, we could take her right now to a friend of
mine who'd be glad to do it. He'd do the job for a blow job." Chris said,"
The blow job is no problem, now that our slave is a cocksucker." She laughed
and kissed him lustily. A shiver ran through me as I realized they were
discussing me like a piece of fuckmeat.

"Let's save that for another time," Chris said," Right now I'm hungry and
need another drink." They got off the bed and ordered me to get my lazy slut
ass up and busy. While they sat on the couch necking, I fixed their drinks.
When I delivered them Pat tweaked my sore nipples saying, "Yes some rings
might be just the thing, they'll look sooo cute." She sounded so serious, I
was scared.

I returned to the kitchen and fixed them tv dinners and soup. When I set
their meals on the table, I noticed he was licking her nipples and she was
loving it. They ate ignoring me completely. Bryan commented," Slave is
going to have to learn to cook better than this, after all WE are going to
need to keep up our strength for all of the great sex we are going to have."
Chris replied," Don't worry, Slave is going to learn MANY new things. The
bitch wanted this scene, well now she's just going to have to live with it."

Bryan said," From now until the next Date Night you should continue her
training. Do not have intercourse with her, you may use her tongue for your
pleasure, of course, and I would recommend that you fuck her pussy several
times a day. It's very important when training a new slave to remain
dominant at all times." Chris answered," Oh yes, you masterful hunk! Of
course you are right Master Bryan."

After they finished eating they went to the bedroom for more sex while I
cleaned up. Soon they called for me to join them. I was made to kneel on
the floor beside the bed and watch while Chris rode his cock to another
orgasm. Again, they made me use my tongue to clean my wife’s cunt and Bryan’s cock when they were finished.

Master Bryan had me dress him in his clothes when he was finally ready to
leave. When he was fully dressed, he stripped me naked. "One last chore
Slave, I want you to display your hairless body to me and Mistress Chris,
while you masturbate." This was the final humiliation, I stroked myself to
orgasm catching my own cum in my left hand. "Poor slave didn't get any
supper, You may eat your cum." I hesitated for a moment, then seeing the
looks they were exchanging, lapped up my own cum. Bryan announced. "Well
you are now a cocksucking, cum gobbling, little sissy slut sex slave."

He then tied me hand and foot on the floor, replaced the gag and
passionately kissed my naked wife. As he left I heard him tell Chris thanks
for a great time and to call him anytime. She told him that she certainly

Chris returned to the bedroom, looked down at my helpless body and said,"
This was a GREAT IDEA you had. I really enjoyed myself. He was a REAL STUD
and wore me out." She crawled into bed and turned off the light. She said,"
I can hardly wait to continue your training, goodnight Slave." I could only
lay there in stunned silence, with my nipples aching, my tortured ass in
pain, reeking of sex and dreading the morning. Even more than another day
of housework and service as a maid, I was dreading the next DATE NIGHT.
Chris seemed only too willing to f***e me into new degrading situations.
What would be next?


During the two weeks since Chris and Bryan had used me as a sissy sex slave,
neither Chris or I had discussed that night. She had found the night very
stimulating, while I had found it degrading and not nearly as exciting as it
had seemed in my fantasies. Chris had made it clear while in her Mistress
role that I was to keep my body shaved even between Date Nights. " Having
to shave you every time takes up too much time and delays my pleasure." She
had said. Since I was still in my slave role at the time, I had to comply
with her order. This shaving myself became a time consuming part of my
routine grooming procedure.

Chris informed me, " Tonight we are having company. Bryan told me about a
couple that he thought we should meet. I talked with the lady on the phone,
and they are coming over tonight. I do want you to be on your best behavior
tonight slave." I was surprised by her announcement as she had never made
plans without consulting me before becoming my Mistress. Now she seemed to
be doing it whenever she pleased. She asked, " Do you understand that you
will obey instantly and not embarrass me in front of them?" I responded, "
Yes Mistress." Chris said, " Good, if we can expand the cast of players in
our ` game', the possibilities will geometrically expand." When we first
started our secret games she had thought of them as a very personal matter
and her willingness to invite other people into our play showed how much her
attitude had changed since gaining such power over me. I really wished that
she had discussed this with me first! Chris had agreed to meet them to see
if the chemistry seemed right. She had invited them over for drinks with
the prior understanding that there would be NO SEX that night. Although we
had never seen either Rachel or Jerry in person, Chris had exchanged
fantasies with Rachel several times during phone conversations. They were
to arrive at around 7:30 pm. At exactly 7:30 the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and welcomed them into our home. I took Rachel's hand and
gave it a gentlemanly kiss. She glared at me haughtily and hissed," You'll
pay for this effrontery slave. No one touches me without my permission." I
mumbled, "I'm sorry Mistress." Jerry removed Rachel's coat and carefully
laid it on the couch before shaking my hand. Rachel looked stunning in her
black leather halter top, mini-skirt and thigh length spiked heeled boots.
She went to Chris and gave her a big hug by way of greeting.

We retired to the f****y room and I took the drink orders. While they began
a conversation I mixed the drinks and served them. Jerry thanked me but
Rachel stopped Chris as she started to say thanks by holding up her hand and
saying, " You should never thank a slave for serving you dear; it is their
privilege to do so." Jerry nodded his affirmation of her statement. Jerry
was quite a bit bigger than I was and could be easily described as what
Chris would call a hunk. I could see there was a physical attraction there,
which did not escape Rachel's discerning eye. She asked Chris if she would
like to inspect Slave more closely. Chris casually said, " Why yes Mistress
Rachel, if it's not too much trouble." Rachel replied, "No trouble at all,
STRIP Slave." Jerry stood up and removed all of his clothing without
hesitation. When his trousers were removed we could see that he was wearing
lacy pink panties. Chris raised her eyebrows in surprise upon seeing them.
She knew that I loved it when she made me wear panties, but wouldn't have
suspected such a thing about a hunk like Jerry.

When the panties were removed his huge cock was nearly fully erect. Chris
reached out and took it in her hand. It must have been at least 9" long and
thick as well. He stood stoically still despite Chris's tender stroking.
Chris exclaimed, "Mistress Rachel your slave is magnificent! And so well
trained!" Rachel replied, "Thank you Mistress Chris. Your slave could be
easily trained as well. I could help you with that process if you like."
She continued, "It would be no bother at all; I enjoy breaking a man's
spirit and bending him to our will."

Chris's enthusiasm for this game had increased dramatically since seeing
Slave's nude body. "Why not," she said. " My slut was always talking about
wanting to be my submissive fucktoy; it will serve the little bitch right to
give him what he thinks he wants." She turned to me and ordered, "Strip
slut. Let's show Mistress Rachel what she has to work with." Emulating
Jerry's unhesitating obedience I stood up and took off my clothes. Mistress
Rachel came over to me and looked me over carefully. My hairless body, so
carefully shaved a couple of hours ago drew a nod of approval, but my dick
hung submissively limp and she snorted," Poor Mistress Chris, how in the
world could you ever be sexually satisfied with such a worthless cock?"
Chris just shrugged her shoulders.

Chris had clearly changed her mind about the NO SEX tonight rule as she
turned to me and ordered, "Slut, go get into your fucktoy outfit. Be quick
about it! We'll be waiting right here." A while back, Chris on one of our
DATE NIGHT weekends had taken me on a humiliating shopping trip where she
bought my slave girl outfit. A little French maid outfit with a very short
skirt; wig; a matching bra, panties and garter belt set; high heeled shoes
and black mesh stockings; and a complete make-up kit composed what Chris
called my slut outfit. I hurried off to obey her command while Chris and
Rachel continued chatting about what they might like to do tonight. Jerry
was still standing silent like some naked decoration when I left.

In the bathroom I glanced at my hairless body and was amazed at how easily
my masculinity had disappeared along with the body hair. I painted my
toenails with the garish red polish Chris insisted I use. While they dried,
I applied my make-up as Chris had previously instructed me. She had me use
blue eye shadow to enhance my sluttish look. The long fake eyelashes went
on much easier now that I had practiced. The mascara and eyeliner were also
getting much easier to apply.

When the make-up was completed, I pulled the black mesh hose up my smooth,
hairless legs and I hooked them to the garter belt. Using strips of duct
tape I taped my chest flesh to form the petite but real feminine breasts
that Chris loved to play with. After I put on my bra the tape was invisible
and my nipples protruded from the holes in the peek-a-boo bra. The matching
lacy panties were next pulled on with my cock and balls tucked neatly
between my legs. These black matching items always made me feel so
feminine. I stepped into my short French maid skirt and put on my puffy
sleeved, low necked blouse. My wig was next put on and brushed out a bit.
I put on a pair of hoop earrings and the choker necklace. My high-heeled
toeless shoes always felt awkward when I first put them on, but I was able
to walk in them quite nicely by now.

Taking the case with the fake fingernails from the cabinet, I glued them on.
I always saved them for last as it made the rest of the transformation too
difficult if I was wearing them. Those fake nails were already painted to
match my toenails. Looking in the mirror I could see that I had done a good
job. I looked every bit the slut Chris wanted to serve her. The degrading
prospect of appearing like this in front of Mistress Rachel and Jerry still
made me nervous, but to please Mistress Chris I would do anything! Or at
least that's what I'd been saying, now that would be tested severely. I
wasn't sure that I was ready for whatever might happen. But, this had been
all my idea to start with and I felt compelled to go through with it.

When I walked back into the f****y room, I was surprised to see Slave's head
under Chris's skirt! He was performing oral sex on her while she and
Mistress Rachel continued chatting nonchalantly about their plans. Chris
looked up to notice me and praised," Well done Slut, you look very pretty
tonight." Mistress Rachel put her hands on the hem of my short skirt, lifted
it up and examined my panty clad bottom. "Nice ass Slut, we'll have to find
a use for that." she said menacingly.

Chris was becoming very aroused by Slave's ministrations now so Rachel asked
her," Why don't you take Slave into your bedroom and enjoy him for a bit
Mistress Chris?" Chris replied, "Thank you Mistress Rachel, I think I will."
She stood up and ordered, "Stand Slave." When Slave immediately stood up,
Chris took his cock in her hand and led him by it down the hall to the

Mistress Rachel smirked at me and ordered, "Slut go to our car and bring me
the travel bag in the back seat." I looked at her in disbelief, I just
couldn't go out of the house dressed like this! Her dominant glare won out
over my reservations quickly and I swished out to the car parked in our
driveway. Retrieving the bag as rapidly as possible, I hurried back into
the house. Mistress Rachel said softly, "That's a good slave. You have
real possibilities Slut. I know that the plan was for No Sex tonight, but a
Mistress always brings a few toys along, just in case."

She opened up her bag and pulled out a riding crop. "Bend over Slut, and
grab your ankles." she ordered. I wasn't expecting this at all, as my
agreement with Chris made it quite clear that I wasn't into pain. Obviously
she had her own agenda! She pulled down my panties and lightly whipped my
ass cheeks, gradually increasing the f***e applied until my ass was sore and
quite red. "A Slave, even a Slut like you, should walk around with a
pretty, red ass."

Soon she quit the whipping and let me stand up to remove my blouse and bra.
Mistress Rachel caressed my titties and licked and sucked on my nipples. My
cock became erect as she told me how nice it was to have such a pretty
little sissy for a slave. "Get down on your hands and knees bitch," she
commanded. I got down on all fours as she reached into her bag and produced
a jar of KY jelly. Greasing my asshole she worked one finger inside me. As
it wiggled around I writhed and moaned." The only sounds you are allowed to
make are those of pleasure, and you had better make lots of those to show
your Mistress how much you appreciate all of the trouble I'm going through."
she warned me as she shoved in the second finger. I lied, "Oh yes Mistress,
it feels so good." I continued moaning with feigned pleasure as her third
finger was squeezed into my tight asshole. Rachel commented ,"Your cunt is
too tight. Oh well, a series of butt plugs will soon loosen up your pussy."

My cock was screaming for the relief of orgasm as she continued forcing that
lubricant into my "cunt", but Rachel just laughed asking with mock concern,
"You'd like to fuck me right now, wouldn't you Slut?" I pleaded, "Oh yes
Mistress Rachel, Very Much so." She laughed out loud and said, "You fool,
you are the Slut and you GET fucked!" "Besides," she continued, " How dare
you think your pitiful little cock could please ME! I can have Slave fuck me
whenever I want, listen to the sounds coming from the bedroom."

Chris was obviously deep in the throes of passion, judging from the moans
of," Oh yes Slave, More Slave," etc. coming from the bedroom. She never
got that loud with me. This was not working out as it had in my fantasies!
Chris had gone wild with pleasure! So far I had only suffered pain and

Mistress Rachel now strapped on a dildo and knelt behind me. "You wanted
some fucking, I'm going to give you some fucking." she promised. The dildo
was slowly f***ed into my well greased asshole filling my insides with it's
bulk. She reached around and grabbed my nipples, pinching them f***efully.
With her using my nipples to control my movements, I was f***ed to hump my
ass to recieve her vigorous thrusts. The pain from my nipples overcame the
painful thrusts in my ass. I was horribly trapped into submitting to this
****, which would only end with Mistress's orgasm. When at last, she came,
the dildo was removed.

When I collapsed with exhaustion on the floor, my hands went up to my
throbbing nipples. They were too sore to touch! Mistress Rachel put the
dildo to my lips as she straddled my chest. " Go ahead Slut, lick it clean.
You got it dirty, now you clean it!" she ordered." You stupid little bitch,
you forgot to douche before you had sex. Don't worry dearie, as my slave I
will give you a nice warm enema before I fuck you in the future." An ENEMA!
I had really let myself in for more than I had bargained for. My tongue
tentatively licked the dildo. "Must I bring out the cat-o-nine tails to
enf***e my will?" she asked sweetly. Remembering the pain from just the
crop, I answered, "No Mistress." and really licked the dildo until it was
totally clean.

Saying, "Come Slut!" she led me into the bedroom where my wife was still
enjoying a marathon, multi-orgasmic fuck with Slave. She looked so sexy all
flushed, sweaty and thrusting her hips wildly upward to meet Slave's
vigorous thrusts. She was truely beautiful! Mistress Rachel said," You may
climax now Slave." And he DID! It was amazing! Mistress even controlled his
orgasms with her power.

He bent down to kiss Chris deeply as she shuddered with another of countless
orgasms she'd enjoyed. "That was excellent Slave!" she praised him for all
of the pleasures he'd given her.

Mistress Rachel beamed with pride over her demonstration of power, then
ordered," Kneel by the side of the bed Slut. Slave assist Mistress Chris to
get into position to be cleaned." Slave helped Chris to the side of the bed
and d****d her legs over my shoulders. Mistress Rachel now told me," Now
lick her clean Slut." Slave's come was oozing out of my wife’s cunt now scant
inches from my face. This was revolting, to lick another man's come from my
wife was too degrading for words. Slave shoved my face right into it, and
realizing the total futility of resisting, I began to lick her clean. The
smell of the sweat mixed in with Chris's natural juices and Slaves musky
male odors made my mind reel, but I licked her clean bringing her to another
orgasm. Finally she said that she's had enough and needed to rest for a

Mistress Rachel now brought Slave's cock to my lips saying," Go ahead Slut,
finish the clean up. Lick Mistress Chris's juices off this magnificent
cock." Chris sat up and said," Yes you little sissy cunt, I want to watch
you lick his cock clean, He has earned that much. What a magnificent
stallion he is! Now lick him good Slut." I used my tongue to lick the
mixture of her juices and his come from his dick feeling totally degraded by
my situation. Still half dressed as a girl; wearing a wig and in heels; my
nipples painfully throbbing; and my ravished ass oozing the melted KY jelly;
I was licking another man's cock! How had things gone this far so fast?

When the girls were satisfied that his cock was clean, they decided it would
be fun to watch me suck it! Chris put it to my lipstick covered lips and
cooed, "Come on Slut, suck on his cock for me. You've already eaten his
come from my pussy and I want you now to go the final step. My little Slut
is going to become a cocksucker!" Mistress Rachel added," Since you are
obviously not capable of fucking like a man, you need to learn some other
skills in order to be useful."

Chris pushed Slave's cock into my mouth. Even in it's semi-flaccid state,
His cock filled my mouth. Rachel sat on the bed and started caressing Chris,
while both of them encouraged my efforts. As I sucked and slurped his cock,
it grew to full erection. This seemed impossible as he had come so
recently; this guy was a fucking machine! He grabbed my head and began
thrusting into my mouth, choking me with it's sheer bulk. I was gagging as
his cock hit the back of my throat, but his grip was very firm and I was
powerless to escape his fucking my face. His brutal oral **** continued
until I felt him cum in my mouth. It seemed that pulsing spurts would
never stop filling my mouth.

Finally he pulled his spent cock out of my mouth and Mistress Rachel
ordered," Swallow every bit of it Slut, Slave has worked very hard to give
you that gift of cock cream and it would be so ungrateful to waste a single drop." So
despite my revulsion, I swallowed it. "That's a good girl." she praised me.
When the tears cleared from my eyes, I could see Chris licking Rachel's
pussy. She had never done that before, but was now so turned on that it
seemed perfectly natural.

As I lay on the floor trying to recover from my oral ravishment, Chris
looked up from her work and commanded," Cocksucker fetch us some more
drinks." I got to my feet and wobbled on the high-heeled shoes to make
another round of drinks. I really NEEDED a drink to get the taste of come
out of my mouth!

Returning to the bedroom I saw both Chris and Slave bringing Rachel to
orgasm. They took their drinks without even a word of thanks and sat
chatting as if I wasn't even there. Mistress Rachel pulled my face to her
crotch and had me lick her pussy while the conversation continued unabated.
In my fantasies about being a submissive, sex slave it was never like this.
In them I received some sexual satisfaction. Now I was being used for
everyone else's pleasure with no regard for mine.

After several more rounds of drinks and a couple of hours of recovery time
Mistress Rachel Asked," Mistress Chris don't you think it's about time that
Slut got to cum?" Chris pondered the question a moment before answering, "
Yes, I guess she has earned that privilege." Mistress had Slave lift me up
and lay me on my back on the bed with a pillow under my ass. He picked me
up so easily that I was made aware of his great strength. To resist would
be futile. He could overpower me with very little effort.

Mistress Rachel began fondling my cock and Mistress Chris playing with my
very tender nipples while Slave put his cock to my mouth. The girls told me
to suck it to make him hard again. "Go ahead Slut, Do it!" Chris commanded.
"You're already officially a cocksucker now, so it's only a matter of more
practice." she added. By now I was beyond offering any resistance and
totally submissive. Like a true slut I took his cock in my hand and placed
it in my mouth. Once again I slurped, licked and sucked him to full
erection; only this time he didn't start that violent thrusting. Instead he
withdrew from my mouth and moved down between my legs. He raised and spread
my legs. I was about to get anally ****d!

The girls kept working on my cock and nipples. Chris moved to straddle my
face, facing Slave. I was f***ed to lick her pussy while Slave f***ed his
cock up my ass. The pain of this intrusion would have been much worse if
the earlier dildo **** hadn't already loosened me up some. Chris got off my
face and said," That's it Slut, enjoy being fucked by a real man. You'll be
getting a lot of this in the future, so you might well learn to like it."
Chris advised adding, "You wanted to be treated like a woman, well this is
how a REAL MAN treats a woman. You'd better enjoy it."

Slave was thrusting inside me with increasingly powerful strokes toward his
climax when due to Mistress Rachel's stroking my cock, I came all over my
stomach. " How cute!" Mistress Rachel exclaimed. She scooped up my come
with her hand and f***ed it into my mouth encouraging," You've gobbled
enough of Slaves cum, you might as well eat your own." I swallowed my own
come and licked her hand clean despite the violent thrusting which caused my
body to bounce with his tempo.

Mistress Rachel at last said, "You may cum Slave." In seconds I could feel
the warm spurts filling my asspussy. He slumped forward and gave me a long, deep
French kiss. he pulled out of me, leaving me too weary and sore to move.
The three of them sat drinking and smoking while I tried to regain my
composure. When I was able to move I hobbled to the bathroom to clean my
poor leaking ass.

By this time it was quite late, and Chris invited her new friends to stay
the night. She leaned over and gave Rachel a big hug and kissed her warmly.
She lay back in the bed and announced," Mistress Rachel and I will sl**p
here, Slave and Slut can sl**p in the other room." As she turned off the
light she reminded me, "Take off your pretty clothes carefully sweetie, and
wear your pink nightie to bed." sarcastically adding, "You do want to look
pretty for Slave don't you?"

That night was long and sl**pless for me despite it being short by the
clock. Slave cuddled up to me and caressed me like I was his woman...I
guess in some ways, I WAS. What a night this had been! I finally drifted
off to sl**p.


I was awaken by Slave putting his cock in my mouth. " Now Baby, suck my
cock not to please the Mistresses, but because You want to." he said. I
shook my head no. He squeezed my balls just hard enough to make the point
that I really had no choice. He straddled my chest and waved his cock mere
inches from my face urging, " Beg for it Bitch; You know you want it." His
tightened it's grip on my balls and I knew that I was being made an offer I
couldn't refuse.

He kept me begging to suck his cock for several minutes before he slid it
into my mouth. This time I only had to suck it until he was erect before he
left to present himself to his Mistresses. What relief I felt when he left!
I didn't think I could handle another of those brutal oral ****s this
morning. I went to the bathroom to pee and while there reapplied my makeup
before presenting myself to the Mistresses.

Chris was licking Rachel's pussy while Slave was fucking her from behind.
Mistress Rachel looked at me and ordered, "Fix us some breakfast Slut, and
leave that nightie on...I like to look at your cute little ass." I left them
heavily involved in their three-way action and went to the kitchen.

By the time I had finished cooking a beautiful breakfast of bacon, eggs and
toast; they came straggling out and sat at the table. They chatted happily
about what a great time they'd had while I served them their food. They
completely ignored me except for patting my fanny whenever it came within
their reach.

Slave pulled me onto his lap, and kissed me full on the mouth. I struggled
to get free; this was too humiliating...he was treating me as if I were a
REAL woman who belonged to him. They all laughed at my embarrassment and
Mistress Chris said," It's too late to be shy now Slut! He's already fucked
you at both ends and filled you with his come. Besides, you stupid sissy
cunt, I've told him that he can use you for his pleasure whenever he wants.
You had better cooperate or we will need to really hurt you."

I knew that Mistress possessed both the will and the means to inflict a
great deal of pain. Discretion being the better part of valor, I relaxed
and submitted to his caresses. He was sucking my nipples and I was getting
turned on. The girls moved to the couch to watch us perform and were
caressing each other while giving encouraging advice.

Slave had me kneel in front of him and beg to suck his cock. Mistress
Rachel urged," Come on you little cocksucker, you know you want to put on a
show for us." I begged quite realistically, "Please Slave let me suck your
beautiful cock. I crave your cum. Etc." Slave pulled down his panties and
held his cock to my mouth. I opened my mouth and took it inside. Mistress
Chris said, "Slut looks so pretty with a cock in her mouth, doesn't she?"
Mistress Rachel replied, "Yes she does. It's so nice to watch our slaves
playing with each other, as we direct the action."

This morning Slave was much more gentle with me. He stood holding my head
in position, but didn't violently **** my mouth. He was content to let me
stroke and suck him to orgasm. Now it seemed more like making love than
****. After all, this was mostly a show for our Mistresses. They seemed to
be enjoying our performance and it felt like it was a long time before
Mistress Rachel finally said, "You may climax now Slave." As on previous
occasions Slave came on cue filling my mouth with his spurts of semen.

No sooner had he climaxed when Mistress Rachel ordered me to crawl over to
the couch and open my mouth to show them Slave's come still held in my
mouth. Mistress Chris said, "That's a good cocksucker Slut! You have
learned a lot in such a short time." Mistress Rachel told me," You may now
swallow it Slut." I swallowed it all without gagging. Maybe they were
right, I could adapt to new tasks!

"Slave, it's your turn now. We want to watch while you suck Slut's cock."
Mistress Rachel commanded! When I stood up Slave knelt in front of me.
"Hold up your nightie Slut, so we can get a better view of your clitty cock." Mistress Chris told me. There I stood holding the hem of my nightie with both hands while
Slave sucked me to orgasm. It didn't take very long as I had been allowed
very little sexual relief during this game. The girls inspected his
mouthful of cum before having him swallow it. Mistress Chris said," Slave
give Slut a big kiss." Slave took me into his arms and we kissed like
lovers. The taste of my come in his mouth was mingled with the taste of his
in my mouth. Strange, but somehow now after all the degrading things I'd
been f***ed to endure, it didn't seem so bad.

Mistress Rachel ordered Slave to fetch her strap-on dildo, and Mistress
Chris told me to get hers for her. Slave and I looked at each other, but
did as we'd been ordered. The girls strapped on the dildos and greased them
up while Slave and I got into the positions demanded. I lay on my back and
Slave was on his hands and knees with our mouths locked in a kiss. Mistress
Chris began fucking me with her dildo while Mistress Rachel was fucking
Slave with her's. Despite the vigorous thrusting the Mistresses were using
in their simultaneous dildo **** of their slaves, we were ordered to
maintain the kiss throughout the ordeal. Our moans were stifled by each
other's mouth and tongue.

By the time the Mistresses were done, it was mid-afternoon. Mistress Rachel
told Slave to get dressed and gather up their belongings. It was time to
leave. When all was ready they walked to the front door and Rachel gave
Chris a big kiss. Jerry and I shook hands and they left.

Chris told me to shower and get out of my slut outfit. She said," You smell
like a whorehouse!" I put all of my slut stuff away and got cleaned up.
Chris was sitting at the computer playing games when I came back out. "
Well dear, I hope you enjoyed this "game"; I know I did." She said without
looking up from her game. She went on," When you first suggested these
weird ideas I thought you must be sick, but I've never enjoyed sex so much
before. You really looked cute sucking his cock, and I'm so proud of how
well you obeyed our orders. Besides, that Rachel is a wonderful lover."

I mumbled something about how I was happy that she had such a good time,
failing to mention that I had experienced mostly pain and humiliation. As I
turned to leave the room Chris said," By the way, Rachel invited us to a big
party at their house in two weeks. There will be lots of Masters and
Mistresses there to help in your training. I need to buy a new Mistress
outfit for the event, but you will go already dressed as Slut. I told her
that we would be there." Stunned by her lack of consultation with me first ,
I nodded saying, "Yes dear." I had created a monster by unleashing her
feminine power.


It had been two weeks since our wild weekend with Rachel and Jerry. They
and my wife Chris had turned me into a total sex slave, using me for their
sexual pleasure. I was made to dress like a woman and sexually used as a
woman. My ass had been dildo ****d by both women as well as Jerry's actual
****. They made me lick pussy for hours, often while filled with semen. I
lost track of how many times I'd been f***ed to suck Jerry's cock; sometimes
until he came in my mouth, other times just to get him hard for the ladies
pleasure. One way or another, I'd been coerced into swallowing every drop
of semen expended that weekend, even my own.

All My life "cocksucker" had been a terrible insult; now I was one! The
girls were referred to as Mistress Chris and Mistress Rachel the entire
weekend. Jerry had been called 'Slave ', while they had given me a slave
name of 'Slut'. They had used me as a slave with no regard for my pleasure,
being f***ed to satisfy their every whim. While serving two Mistresses had
been one of my fantasies, things had gone way past my vision of such a
scene. Even Slave had used me as his sex toy! I had certainly been made to
live up to the name of Slut!

At the end of my degrading ordeal, Mistress Rachel had invited us to a party
at their house in two weeks. Chris had accepted without consulting me,
considering that a frivolous act for a Mistress. I had wished she had
consulted me; I would have declined that invitation. One weekend of total
humiliation was quite enough! While it been a total turn-on for Chris being
a powerful Mistress served by two slaves, I had experienced only pain and
degradation. I was hoping to never see Rachel and Jerry again. They had
been instrumental in my degradation causing me to fear having to repeat what
had been a miserable experience. Besides, I was ashamed to face them after
what they'd seen me do.

Chris had been a very reluctant Mistress at first, but had found that she
loved having a slave to use for household chores and as her personal sex
toy. Now she looked forward to Date Nights and I had come to dread them.
There was no way she would let me weasel out of my rash vow of total
obedience. On Date Night I was her slave, the rest of the time our
relationship was normal. A weird arrangement, but I was stuck with it!

Chris and I hadn't spoken a word about our wild weekend since it happened.
Our lives returned to normal on the surface, but I was having a hard time
dealing with my feelings. The bisexual aspects bothered me a lot since I
had always been straight. Only the fact that I had been f***ed into acts
personally repugnant to me, made my memories somewhat bearable. Since Chris
had enjoyed herself so much, I knew I'd need to work on adopting a slave's
accepting attitude to survive any future games. There certainly were more
to come in my future.

Any faint hopes that Chris had forgotten about the party disappeared when
she phoned me from work saying, "I'll be leaving work shortly; You'd better
get ready. Remember we have a party to go to tonight." The sweetness in her
voice was meant for anyone in her office who might overhear her side of the
conversation. Realizing she was unable to speak freely, I asked, "Do you
mean for me to get ready as Slut?" She replied sweetly, "Yes Dear, that's
what I mean; see you soon" and hung up on me.

Damn, I'd really need to hustle to get ready before she came home! I
stripped off my regular clothes and got into the shower to begin shaving my
body. Slut was required to be completely hairless from the neck down.
Chris had decided that it kept me feeling submissive, and she was right.
Anybody seeing my body would immediately know that I was owned by some
Mistress, as a man would normally be hirsute. Fortunately the shaving went
quickly as I had completely shaved only two weeks before, and I normally
wasn't very hairy to begin with.

After washing carefully and toweling myself dry, I rubbed the sweet smelling
lotion all over my skin. Chris had told me that a lady should have nice
soft skin, and insisted that Slut use this particular lotion. Normally I
don't even put on suntan lotion as I despise the oily feel of it, but orders
are orders so I rubbed the lotion into my skin.

I painted my toenails with the garish red polish Chris had selected for me
and while they dried applied my makeup. The long fake eyelashes were glued
in place and a heavy coat of mascara used to enhance their appearance. The
eyeliner, and blue eye shadow went on much easier these days. At first I
could hardly manage to get it on as I am very sensitive around my eyes, but
over the many months of doing this twice a month, I was getting quite good
at it! The eyebrow pencil was used to darken and lengthen my eyebrows.

Once the eyes were done I put on a base coat and then some rouge to
emphasize my cheekbones. Red lipstick was put on my lips in a heavy coat.
Chris had chosen my makeup to stress the sluttiness of my appearance, and it
surely did that. When I was fully made up I looked like some cheap hooker!
She'd told me," Since you are going to be used as my slutty bitch, You might
as well look the part." While I disliked looking like this, it did help me
get into my Slut role and Mistress had ordered it.

Using strips of duct tape I formed my chest meat into those petite feminine
breasts that Chris loved to play with. They had grown over the years of her
sucking on them and pulling on my nipples. I had grown to love her doing
that so much that now I was unable to climax without that added stimulation!
I was totally dependent on her for my sexual release. With such complete
control so easily gained by using my nipples, Chris seldom needed to use the
ropes or chains anymore.

I got out my frilly white nipple -less bra and put it on concealing the tape,
but leaving my nipples exposed. They were already erect and protruded
sexily through the holes in the fabric. The matching Panties and garter
belt went on next. I opened a new pair of white mesh stockings and
carefully rolled each one up my smooth legs, and hooked them to the garter
belt. After stepping into my black, toeless, 4" high-heeled shoes, I looked
at myself in the full length mirror. I did have nice legs and a cute ass!

Taking my long wig from its form, I put it on and brushed it a bit.
Smiling I thought," It wouldn't be too much longer and I won't need to wear
this hot wig." The girls had decided that my hair should be allowed to grow
long enough to be styled in a feminine fashion. The very idea of both
Mistresses giving me a permanent sent a wave of submissive pleasure over me.

My frilly French Maid dress was the next thing I donned. It was very short
and barely covered my buns. Any time I bent over my panties would show. I
put on a dainty pair of earrings and the black velvet choker necklace with
the white bow. The little French maid cap completed my Slut outfit. I had
been transformed from a normal man into the sissy sex slave Slut!

The final step was to put on the long fake fingernails. I always saved them
for last, since wearing them made the rest of the transformation process too
difficult. My own fingernails were long enough to polish, but Chris
insisted that I wear these extra long fake ones to increase my helplessness.
They made even simple tasks more difficult. Besides she liked the way they
looked on me. Once they were glued on, I painted them to match my toenails
and I was ready. Mistress would be pleased!

Just then I heard Chris walk into the house from the garage. Damn, if I'd
only had a few more minutes more I could have greeted her at the door
presenting her a glass of wine. Mistress always loved that demonstration of
servitude so much, and I knew she was displeased when it wasn't there. It
wasn't my fault, she should have given me more time. The transformation to
Slut took quite a bit of time and she should know that.

Chris was carrying some bags which I took from her and set them on the
counter. She smiled at me and said, "You look very pretty Slut, good job."
I helped her off with her coat and hung it up before serving her a glass of
wine. She took it and told me, " take my bags into the bedroom, but don't
look in them...I have a surprise for you." "Yes Mistress." I replied and
started to obey when she added," Stay in there until I get through with my
call to Mistress Rachel." I muttered another, "Yes Mistress.", picked up the
sacks and carried them to the bedroom. It wasn't fair to be treated like a
c***d, after all the trouble I'd gone through getting ready, but as her
slave I wasn't entitled to fairness.

After about a half an hour of conversation, Chris finally came to the
bedroom and asked, "Did You douche Slut?" I was puzzled by her question, but
replied," No Mistress, I never douche." She looked at me in a condescending
manner asking," Oh Slut, do I have to show you everything a girl should
know?" She reached into one of her sacks and pulled out an enema bag.
Ordering, "Take off your panties dearie; your Mistress will show you this
time." she went to fill the bag. THIS TIME? That meant that she was
planning to add another chore to the "get ready" process. I pulled down my
panties and stepped out of them.

Chris returned holding the full enema bag and told me," Bend over and grab
your ankles slave, you do want to be clean for tonight's party, don't you?"
I muttered," Yes Mistress." and complied. She inserted the nozzle in my
asscunt and released the clip flooding my insides with warm soapy water. I
felt an instant need for relief, but she kept me standing there for at least
five minutes before allowing me to hobble into the bathroom.

The embarrassing noises made as my burden was released, caused Chris to
laugh at my discomfort which only increased my humiliation. The cramps soon
subsided, but it seemed to take forever before there was nothing left to
expel. I washed my bottom and returned to the bedroom to find Mistress
already dressed.

Mistress Chris was wearing a black leather halter top which pushed her
magnificent breasts up very alluringly. Her black leather skirt came to
mid-thigh. She had high black leather spike- heeled boots that went up
beneath her skirt. I was stunned by her beauty! She looked every bit the
dominatrix I wanted to serve. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful
mistress! For years I had wanted her to buy such garments, but she always
thought spending money on clothes she couldn't wear to work a foolish waste.
After one weekend with Mistress Rachel, she had thrown caution to the winds
and bought this wonderful outfit.

She motioned for me to kneel in front of her and lifted her skirt. She wore
no panties! I kissed her wonderful pussy and Mistress Chris was pleased by
this sign of my submission. " You are such a good slave Slut, I have a
present for you." She said reaching into her bag. She pulled out a lace-up
corset ordering me," Take off your dress and I'll help you into this." I
quickly obeyed and soon was laced very tightly into the corset. Breathing
was difficult and I wondered how I would be able to move while wearing it.
Mistress Chris praised," Darling, it does wonders for your figure!" I looked
in the full length mirror and saw that she was right. It did improve my
figure, and if it pleased Mistress I would manage somehow. I put my dress
back on.

Mistress now handed me a butt plug and a jar of KY jelly saying," Put this
in your asscunt Slut; it'll loosen you up for later." I greased up the plug and
f***ed it inside me embarrassed that she was watching this process. She
smiled pleasantly saying," Isn't it nice of me to be so considerate that I
allow you to prepare yourself and thereby avoid some of the pain associated
with anal ****?" I replied," Yes Mistress, that's very kind of you." and
meant it. If my ass was going to be ****d, it would help to have it
prelubricated and loosened.

As I reached for my panties, Mistress commanded, "Leave them off tonight, I
want to have your cute slave ass totally accessible to me and my friends at all times.
" I shuddered to think of countless hands fondling my bare bottom, and worse;
but merely dropped the panties on the bed. Mistress motioned for me to
follow her, so of course, I did.

We went to the hall closet where Mistress donned her long leather coat and
handed me a short cape to wear. She looked wonderful, I looked very
skimpily clad. Indeed I was! With my bare bottom barely covered, I knew
that every little breeze would immediately be felt. I prayed that we
wouldn't have to walk very far from where we parked to get to the party.
Bad enough to be dressed like this without freezing or having to meet
strangers on the street.

Mistress pointed to the overnight bag on the floor of the closet and
ordered," Bring that slave. Mistress Rachel told me a Mistress always has a
few toys along with her, so I packed a few things." I picked up the bag and
followed her into the garage. Naturally she was going to drive, so I got in
on the passenger side. The seat was cold on my bare bottom, but my shivers
were mostly due to nervous apprehension of what lie ahead. I didn't know
what would happen, but was sure that it would not be pleasant for me.

Mistress drove expertly the few miles to the party, following Mistress
Rachel's directions like a born navigator. I was very nervous about being
outside our house for the first time dressed as Slut. What if we got into
an accident, or had a flat tire, or any number of unforseen things which
would expose my humiliating condition?

Mistress fondled my genitals with one hand as she drove asking," You are
going to be a good sex slave tonight, aren't you Slut?" I answered, "Yes
Mistress." She continued." I want you to obey without question any order you
are given. Don't embarrass me in front of the other Mistresses or Masters
who will be there or you will be very severely punished." This threat
surprised me, as our game didn't include a lot of pain. Some of Mistress
Rachel's ways were clearly rubbing off on her. I pledged," Mistress I will
be very obedient. You will be proud to show off how well trained your slave
is." And I meant it! My Mistress would not look foolish in front of the
others by having an errant slave. I would do my best to make her proud!

We arrived at the party location without incident, and found a place to park
only a few doors down the block. Mistress told me, "Bring the bag slave,
it's party time." I grabbed the bag and followed her closely up to the
house, where Mistress rang the bell. Jerry answered the door and ushered us
in. He was dressed in an outfit almost the twin to mine, and obviously in
his Slave role. He curtsied to Mistress saying," Welcome to Mistress
Rachel's domain Mistress Chris." He helped her off with her coat and hung it
in the closet as Mistress Rachel appeared. She immediately gave Chris a big
hug and kissed her warmly.

After a few minutes of caressing and greeting they parted and Mistress
Rachel told Slave," Take Slut's cape and hang it up." He stepped behind me
and removed my cape, taking the liberty of reaching one hand under my dress
to fondle my bare buns before hanging it up. It was apparent that he still
thought I was his "girlfriend" and open to his full use. I had been hoping
that was a one time thing.

Mistress Rachel looked at me critically for a few moments before saying, "
It's nice to see you again Slut, Mistress Chris has done a good job of
making such a worthless slave look presentable." Mistress Chris indeed; I
had gotten ready all by myself and it angered me not to get credit for it.
I didn't show my anger, but merely said," Yes Mistress Rachel." I noticed
Mistress Chris smile discretely, and knew she was pleased with my answer.
Mistress Rachel took Chris's hand in hers and led her into the living room
while Slave and I followed obediently.

The living room was one of those large rooms associated with mansions of the
late nineteenth century. Sitting on the couches and fine leather chairs
were two Masters and two more Mistresses. Their status was instantly
apparent since they were all dressed in black leather outfits and
comfortably seated. Their slaves either knelt at their feet or stood
respectfully behind them. The slaves wore mostly frilly, skimpy outfits
except for one girl who was naked wearing only painful looking nipple
clamps. Her pussy was shaved adding to her naked, helpless appearance; and
her petite body had several welts as evidence of her Master's displeasure.

Mistress Rachel started the introductions saying," Let me present Mistress
Chris to you Masters and my fellow Mistresses, she has only one incompletely
trained slave, but she has great potential and is a fantastic partner in
bed!" Mistress Chris announced," This is Slut, it is a pretty good slave and
I hereby give my permission for you to use it for any purpose you might
desire." I cringed inwardly since I had trusted Mistress to protect me from
the others possible excessive mistreatment and she had so nonchalantly given
me over to them. As previously instructed by slave, I smiled sweetly and
gave a little curtsy to the Dominant ones.

Master Jack arose, kissed Chris's hand gallantly and said," Pleased to meet
you Chris, I'm sure we'll get to be very good friends." He was a big man and
with his imposing presence augmented by his leather outfit seemed to
personify the title Master. He gave a quick wave to the naked girl and she
moved to kneel before Chris kissing her feet. Master Jack told Chris," This
is slave M, and she is of course at your service. You may beat her, or
order her to do anything you choose." Chris said," Thank you Jack, that's
very nice of you." and kissed him warmly on the mouth.

Sir William was next to greet Chris. He was no bigger than I, but exuded
that quiet confidence of someone who knew that any commands he gave would be
obeyed. Standing in my Slut outfit, I envied this man who took what ever he
wanted from any slave. He presented his slave "Cunt" to Chris. "This is
slave Cunt, Chris and I offer her for your use any way you see fit." he said
and followed that with," She is quite well trained and has served me well;
I'm sure that you will be pleased with her performance." Slave Cunt was a
larger woman, a bit on the heavy side. She wore a very short skirt, that
didn't even cover her shaved pussy, and a push-up bra that left her pierced
nipples exposed. She also knelt and kissed Chris's feet to demonstrate her
submission to a Mistress. Chris thanked Sir William and kissed him as a
sign of solidarity amongst Dominants.

Mistress Goddess now came up to embrace and kiss Chris as a warm welcome to
their group. She said," Rachel has raved about how wonderful you are, we'll
have to get together a little later." She then presented her slave Twink.
He was a middle-aged man, with a bit of a paunch, dressed as a harem slave girl
wearing baggy red silk pants, a matching vest with no shirt underneath, and
purple slippers that curled up at the toes. Like all of us slaves; he
looked ridiculous. It must have been some understanding among the Dominants
that a slave be dressed in such a humiliating and degrading fashion to keep them
subservient. Along with the slave name it seemed to be very effective; I
know how submissive I felt in my role as Slut! As Twink knelt to kiss
Chris's feet, his vest opened and I noticed that his nipples were also
pierced with rings in them.

The final Mistress to welcome Chris was Mistress Zelda, a very tall, large
framed, well built woman. She must be a weight lifter, I decided by looking
at her muscles. I knew that I would have been no match for her in a
struggle, she could have easily overpowered me. She had a cruel look about
her, and the whip she carried coiled over her shoulder made me fear her all
the more. If this powerful woman ever unleashed her fury the consequences
would be severe indeed! I vowed not to displease her.

Zelda hugged Chris and presented her slave Becky for Chris's use. Becky was
a short young man, made to look like a girl. He wore a ballerina's tutu
with no panties. Like me, his body was totally shaved; a status that seemed
to be the norm for slaves. when he knelt to kiss Chris's feet, I was
startled to see tattooed on his bare bottom; "Zelda's Sex Slave" These
people weren't playing a game, they were very serious about their lifestyle!
I had gotten myself into a situation where my fantasies seemed very tame by
comparison to what was likely to occur. Every instinct cried out for me to
run, but I realized the folly of that course of action. They could have
easily caught me and administered severe punishment. Besides, where would I
go dressed like this? With no money or car keys in a bad neighborhood; I
was probably better off staying here and hoping for the best.

With the introductions complete, Mistress Rachel announced that supper was
nearly ready and that the Dominants, could go into the dining room to be
served. She said Slave and slave M have been working all day to prepare a
feast worthy of them. She asked," Jack and Zelda would you mind taking Slut
to the Playroom so she will be ready for her initiation ceremony?" They
replied in unison," We'd be glad to Rachel, we'll be right back up to eat."

Master Jack and Mistress Zelda moved to either side of me and e****ted me
down the basement to the Playroom. I should have known, the Playroom was a
fully equipped dungeon! Mistress Zelda told me, "Take off your pretty dress
Slut and hang it up over there on one of those hooks." With both of those
large menacing Doms glaring at me I didn't hesitate to obey. When I had
hung my dress up I quickly returned to their sides. They took me by the
hands and led me to a table with bright lights overhead, where I was made to
lie down on my back. They efficiently strapped my hands with leather straps
affixed to the base of the table. Several leather straps secured my body to
the table. My feet were placed in stirrups like those in a doctors office
and strapped in place. A leather hood was pulled over my head and strapped
firmly in place. Master Jack said, "Make yourself comfortable Slut, your
initiation will begin after we have eaten. This hood will keep the bright
lights from bothering your eyes." Mistress Zelda whispered huskily in my
ear," I'll be back to see you later Slut; this is going to be a night you
will never forget." With these remarks they left me in helpless bondage and
went off to enjoy their meal.

I had thought myself ready for anything after the weekend with Rachel and
Jerry, but now seriously worried what kind of things my initiation would
involve that would require such strict bondage. I could faintly hear their
cheerful voices coming from their feast, they seemed to be having a good
time up there. My fears magnified during the two hours or so that I lay
helplessly awaiting my fate, until I was in a near panic by the time I heard
someone enter the room.

Wordlessly someone straddled my face and f***ed me to lick her pussy. It
had to be Mistress Goddess, I reasoned; there was pubic hair, so it couldn't
be either of the slave girls. I already knew the taste of Mistress Chris
and Mistress Rachel, and it was neither of them. The person wasn't large
enough to be Mistress Zelda; leaving Mistress Goddess to be the owner of the
pussy I was slurping. My freedom might be gone, but I could still think!

While I was so engaged, I felt some hands remove my butt plug which I was
thankful for; until it was replaced with a real cock. Suddenly I realized
my initiation would be to service every one of the Doms. Well I would show
them that I could handle that! After the way I had been used two weeks
before, I knew I could. The thrusting strokes of the cock in my ass were
matched by the hip thrusts of Mistress Goddess riding my face, so I adjusted
my tongue's tempo accordingly. The two Dominants reached orgasm
simultaneously; a clear demonstration that they had practiced this routine
on other occasions.

The pussy lifted from my face and was shortly replaced with a slimy cock put
to my lips for cleaning. I dutifully licked it clean, thankful now for the
enema that had cleaned me out. At least there was no ass juice on it this time!
Mistress had been right to administer it!

Even before I had finished cleaning one cock, I felt the intrusion of
another entering my ass. Strapped immobile as I was, I could do nothing to
avoid being ravished again. Another pussy was soon astride my face,
Mistress Rachel. I recognized the taste of her pussy when it was filled
with Slave's fuck slop, as it was now. She must have been serviced by him
already. Once more my mouth and ass were both engaged to make me an
unwilling middleman in a perverse three way encounter.

The rampaging cock now r****g my ass was significantly larger than the
previous one, so I assumed it belonged to Master Jack. Despite the larger
size it moved inside my well lubricated ass fairly easily. Although this
dual ravishment, following so soon after the other, was stretching my
endurance to the limit; I kept thinking that this was four down and only two
left to go. One to go really, since I figured that Mistress Chris would be
gentle with me. At last they were finished with their tandem ride and after
the usual cleanup they left. I lay there still secured to the table, a
horrible taste in my mouth, my ass sore and oozing slime, exhausted but
happy that my initiation was nearly completed.

My sense of time had deserted me, but it seemed like a long time until I
again heard a sound. In my weariness, I had nearly drifted off to sl**p
when I heard Mistress Zelda's Husky voice saying, "Well Slut, you sure are a
mess!" Someone removed My blindfold and I blinked under the bright lights.
I had been hooded for some hours by now and it took me a while to get used
to the light once more. When my eyes adjusted, I saw Mistress Zelda was
accompanied by slaves M, Cunt, and Twink. "Clean this bitch up, she's not
fit for my use in this condition." Mistress Zelda ordered. The slaves
scurried to do her bidding and were soon washing my sweaty body and come
oozing ass with nice warm water. It felt wonderfully soothing to be so
pampered as they softly wiped me dry with luxurious towels. I said," Thank
you Mistress Zelda." ; thinking that perhaps I had misjudged her.

She snorted scornfully," I'm not doing this for you, I don't give a shit for
your feelings slave! I just refuse to work with a filthy slave." When she
took the whip from her shoulder, I trembled in fear, but relaxed a bit as
she handed it to Cunt. "M sit on Slut's mouth to keep her quiet." Mistress
Zelda ordered. Without the hood now I could watch as the smooth hairless
pussy was lowered onto my face. It was a very attractive sight, which
seemed remarkable considering I had been f***ed to pleasure two pussies
already this evening.

"Twink suck that pitiful clit of Slut's." was Mistress's next command. My
cock was quickly sucked into Twink's nice warm mouth. Was I to get some
pleasure and relief at last? "Cunt strap on the black dildo and fuck Slut."
Mistress ordered, and soon I felt my weary ass being filled to bursting once
more. At least this time I hoped to have an orgasm myself! This prospect
overcame my disgust at having to service other slaves.

While I was fully involved with three slaves working on me, Mistress Zelda
pulled one of my nipples very hard with what felt like a pair of pliers. My
shock at this was almost immediately replaced with searing pain as a large
needle was shoved through my nipple! My scream was muffled by M's Pussy
covering my face. In horror, I realized that my nipples were being pierced!
Of course, all the slaves had their nipples pierced! Why had I thought I
would be treated differently?

The dildo thrusting continued unchanging in tempo as if nothing had
happened. The sucking on my cock and the grinding of the pussy on my face
also went on unabated. The large needle passed completely through the
nipple and was quickly followed by a ring being installed in the resulting
hole. My other nipple was even worse, since I knew it was coming. Just at
the moment the needle was shoved through my second nipple, I came in Twink's
mouth! The relief of orgasm somewhat abated the intense pain form my
violated nipple. My second nipple ring was now in place. All activity now
ceased. They had not been after sexual pleasure, it had all been to divert
my attention while Mistress Zelda accomplished her fiendish designs.

Slave M lifted off my face allowing me to look at my new jewelry. One gold
ring was now permanently installed in each nipple. My poor nipples throbbed
from their painful desecration. The rings looked strangely pretty on my
chest, but I could imagine the new levels of control Chris would be able to
achieve using them. Twink came to my face and kissed me transferring his
mouthful of cum to me. I swallowed it easily; my own come being now very
familiar. Mistress Zelda laughed at the tears running down my cheeks
saying," Poor baby, the pain from that is nothing compared to what I could
inflict with my whip, or by branding." Turning to the other slaves she
ordered," Release the bitch, get her cleaned up and bring her upstairs." ,
and abruptly left the room.

The straps were released and they helped me to stand. While Cunt washed me,
Twink freshened my makeup and M wiped my bleeding nipples gently with
alcohol. M instructed me in the precautions needed to prevent infection and
facilitate the healing of my wounded nipples. They all seemed to be
genuinely concerned for my welfare; having been through a very similar
ordeal themselves at one time or another. I would have been content to stay
here with them, but as soon as they had me presentable we all went upstairs.
The rings jiggled with each step I took; making me acutely aware of my
throbbing nipples. I wondered if it would always be this way from now on.

Walking back into the living room I felt very self-conscious with my naked
bottom no longer even covered with my maid dress. My shaved cock felt even
more exposed than usual and my nipple rings dangled outside my bra.
Mistress Rachel called me over to where she was chatting with Sir William
and Mistress Goddess. Slave Becky was on her knees sucking on Sir William's
cock. She said," Your new jewelry looks very pretty Slut." , and kissed
each of my nipples. I murmured, " Thank you Mistress." bowing in

Mistress Goddess caressed my bare bottom and gave my clitty cock a few strokes
bringing it to erection. " Look at how cute her little thing stands up; I
think Slut wants to cum again." she said. " Do you want to come Slut?" ,
she asked sweetly. With the stroking arousing me even in my battered
condition, I answered, " Yes Mistress Goddess." She released my cock and
ordered, " Go ahead then, jack yourself off for us." In complete humiliation
I began stroking myself. As my orgasm approached she told M to kneel in
front of me and take my load in her mouth. With no outward sign of surprise
M knelt and opened her mouth. I shot my come into her mouth, nearly
collapsing from a combination of exhaustion and sexual relief. " That's a
good girl Slut, now kiss M to thank her." Mistress demanded. I kissed M on
the mouth tasting my unswallowed come still there.

Sir William nodded his approval of my obedience, then said, " Slut, you'd
better see if Mistress Chris desires your services. You'll find her in the
large bedroom at the end of the hall." I replied, " Yes, Sir William." and
went down the hall. I hadn't seen Chris since our arrival and badly needed
her company after all I had endured for her!

The bedroom door was open and as I entered, I saw Chris on the bed with the
others. She was on her back being fucked by Master Jack while Mistress
Zelda was kissing her and caressing her breasts. Slave stood by the bed,
holding their clothes. Mistress Zelda was wearing a strap-on dildo. I
stood quietly watching Chris having orgasm after orgasm until Jack finally
came. How had it come to this? I was pitifully watching somebody else fuck
my wife while I merely stood there waiting to display my new nipple rings.

When they had recovered from the throes of orgasm, Jack motioned to Slave to
clean his cock. Chris looked up to see me standing there and waved me over
to her. " Oh Slut, they look so nice on you and they truly mark you as my
slave." She hooked a finger in each ring and gave a slight tug causing me to
lurch forward to avoid the pain. " These will be very useful as well as
decorative." she remarked. She could envision the added power so easily
gained by the mere manipulation of these rings. She smiled and kissed me
lightly on the cheek as she would a c***d.

Mistress Zelda asked, " Chris may I borrow Slut for a bit?" Chris had spread
her legs for Slave to clean her bottom and casually answered," Of course
Zelda, just bring it back to me when you're finished." How could she be so
callous about turning me over to this Amazon after all I had been through?
I felt betrayed, but when Mistress Zelda grabbed me by the balls I followed
her into another bedroom.

Upon entering the room Mistress Zelda ordered me to kneel on the bed with my
ass in the air and said," Slut you've been a good slave tonight, so I'm not
going to punish you." I felt a surge of relief; her whip still terrified me.
Then she added," But, I am going to give you three strokes on each cheek
with my whip just to leave my mark on you." She swung the whip and it landed
with a loud crack on my ass. The pain brought tears to my eyes, but I
didn't dare move. Two more strokes quickly landed on my left cheek and were
followed by three more on my right cheek. I was sobbing openly now with
tears streaming down my cheeks. Mistress Zelda had me look at my ass in the
mirror; the welts formed a perfect Z on each cheek! The woman was better
than Zorro!

Mistress Zelda removed her top and nestled my head to her bosom consoling me
with, " If I were punishing you, it would have been fifty strokes. I wanted
you to wear my mark for a few days and you are willing to endure a little
pain for me, aren't you Slut?" I sobbed out, " Yes Mistress." as she gently
laid me on the bed. For a woman so big and strong she was surprisingly
gentle as she had me suckle her nipples. I felt almost like a c***d
nursing, with her strong arms holding me close. When she guided my face to
her crotch, it was done almost lovingly and I willingly licked her pussy.
It was the first time tonight that it didn't feel as if I was f***ed to
perform this task. Even when she put the strap-on dildo back on and fucked
my ass, it was more like lovemaking than ****. I felt loved and in returned
knew that I would gladly serve this Mistress, even though it took my
receiving pain to excite her. When she was satisfied, we fell asl**p with
me wrapped in her arms, feeling protected and secure.


I was awakened to find full daylight when Mistress Zelda got out of bed.
Slave Becky was helping her dress and I lay quietly watching her prepare to
resume her stern Mistress role. When she was fully dressed with her makeup
applied she turned to me and snapped," Get your lazy ass out of bed Slut,
get dressed and report back to Mistress Chris!" I hastened to obey, both
from fear of punishment and a genuine desire to see my own Mistress. As I
moved both the welts on my ass and the pain in my nipples reminded me of all
that had transpired last night. I put my high-heeled shoes back on and went
down to the Playroom to retrieve my dress.

Even empty this dungeon was a sinister place. All of the instruments of
pain were neatly arrayed, either hanging from pegs or laying on shelves.
The shackles, chains and straps hung empty now, but ominously available for
use. I quickly found my dress, put it on gingerly trying to avoid snagging
my nipple rings; and hurried from this place of pain.

Walking up the stairs, I met M on her way down. She took my hand and said,"
Come with me honey, you look a mess." Leading me to a bathroom, she redid my
makeup, brushed my wig, and sprayed squirts of perfume on me. She warned me
of the folly of appearing before the Doms in disarray. " They feel insulted
if you look unkempt and they WILL punish you." When she felt I looked ready,
she kissed me and led the way to Mistress Chris. Following her I noticed a
Z on each of her ass cheeks also. Mistress Zelda had used her too.

The Masters and Mistresses were in the dining room finishing their
breakfasts. Slave and Cunt wearing only lacy aprons were serving them as
waiters. Twink and Becky were on all fours eating from dog dishes without
using their hands. They also sported fresh Z's on their behinds. Quite a
contrast, emphasizing the gap between Master and slave. The Masters and
Mistresses ate in luxury while the slaves endured humiliation.

When I went to Mistress Chris to report in, she gave me a pat on my ass,
causing me to wince in pain. She noticed this reaction and had me lift my
dress. Seeing the welts she broke out laughing and said," Zelda baby, You
are a trip! You got them all!" All of the Doms laughed at this except
Zelda, who modestly nodded her head accepting this praise. Their glee was
not shared by the slaves who's pain had paid for this enjoyment.

Mistress announced, " Well thank you Rachel for a wonderful party. I
enjoyed meeting your friends and had a WONDERFUL time!" She was grinning
from ear to ear. She really had enjoyed herself. "Fetch my coat Slut, we
have to go now." She commanded. Mistress Rachel asked her, "Do you have to
leave so soon? Slut hasn't eaten yet and Slave can easily fix her up a bowl
in a minute." I was impressed that Mistress Rachel had even bothered to
remember that I hadn't eaten. Mistress Chris replied, " No thanks Rachel,
Slut still has a lot of work to do when I get her home; besides I didn't get
a bit of sl**p last night. I need a nap." Eager to leave this place of
torment, I rapidly retrieved our wraps.

Returning with Mistress Chris's coat, wearing my cape I watched Mistress
embrace and caresses each of the other Doms goodbye. It was obvious that
she had been intimate with each of them at some time last night. She was
really getting into the bi stuff it seemed. She always had loved men. I
was f***ed to go to each Dom and demonstrate my submission by kissing their
feet. A small matter I thought, since I had already kissed much worse
places on each of them.

Once our good-byes were completed, we left and went to our car. It seemed
that a lifetime had passed since we had been in the car instead of only
eighteen hours. In the familiar environment of our car, the previous
experience became more like a bad dream than reality. I wished it had all
been merely a nightmare, but my sore ass and new nipple rings would not
allow me the mercy of such pretense. The welts would fade in a few days or
weeks, but those rings were now a permanent reminder of my slave status.

Mistress Chris drove home babbling like a happy c***d about all the fun
she'd had with each of the Doms and describing in detail what she'd done
with each of them. I rode silently, listening with dismay as she boasted of
the humiliations she'd heaped on the other slaves. Under the guidance of
the Masters and Mistresses she had gone far beyond anything she would have
thought of on her own. All the worse for me, she had loved it! The
excitement in her voice as she related her exploits, left little doubt in my
mind that she was ready to push even further. There was no turning back

Home never looked so good to me as we walked into our house, I was anxious
to return to our normal relationship. Chris hugged and kissed me and told
me," I'm so proud of you Slut. You behaved like a perfect slave last
night!" She fondled my bare privates saying," I love you so much, and know
that you must love me very much to endure all you have, just to please me."
Just as my cock got fully hard, she whirled around and headed for the
bedroom. Thinking I was going to be allowed to fuck her at last I started
to follow her. She turned back to me and said," Not now slave, get out of
that outfit and get cleaned up. Don't forget to tend to your nipple ring
rotation and cleaning." With that she went to take a nap, leaving me
standing there with an unsatisfied erection added to my other discomforts.

Later, as I soaked in a warm bath tending to my aching body, I realized that
my life had been forever changed. Even if we continued having Date Night
only twice a month, which now seemed dubious, I would be reminded constantly
by my rings of how easily Chris could turn me over to anybody else's abuse.
She had always loved me, but now I felt she loved Slut even more. It was a
problem with no ready solution. I knew that I couldn't live without her,
but was afraid of what life with her would become. While idly toying with
my rings, I decided to continue on. At least for a while....


In the two weeks that had elapsed since the Mistress Rachel's wild party, my
wife Chris had not mentioned a word about the events which had transpired
there. While she had obviously had a very exciting time, I had spent much
of the party bound and hooded in what was called the Playroom, but was
really a dungeon. My mouth and ass had been freely utilized by anybody and
everybody who cared to take advantage of my helpless condition. All of the
Dom's at the party had. Even several of the other slaves, following their
Master's or Mistress's directions had used me.

Mistress Zelda had left her mark, a Z formed on each cheek of my ass by
welts from her whip, on me. The most drastic thing was having my nipples
pierced! The pain had been intense, but fortunately short lived. My nipple
rings were permanently in place, and I was constantly aware of their
presence. The pain was gone, but I felt them every time I moved and my
nipples were kept constantly erect.

The welts on my ass were fading and I could now sit without wincing in pain.
My nipples were not completely healed, but with the care I was giving them,
they soon would be. Curiously enough, Chris had ignored my rings; acting as
if they didn't exist. That was a big relief to me, since I would have died
if she had been using them as a dominance tool during the healing process.
That practice would begin soon enough I assumed, a prospect which both
frightened and excited me.

My thoughts had become very confused lately and I found it difficult to
decide upon a course of action regarding our marriage. The submissive
fantasies I wanted to act out, which resulted in my pledge of Date Night
slavery, now seemed very tame indeed. Once Chris had discovered the
exhilaration of having unlimited power, she could not seem to get enough of
it. She had constantly pushed me far beyond any limits I would have
established beforehand; had I even thought to set restrictions on her power.
With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I certainly should have!

One part of me resented the degrading things I'd been f***ed to do and wear.
Being a sissy sex slave was one thing as a harmless fantasy; but quite
another to endure on what had become a regular basis. The pain which had
seemed so sensuous in my mind; really hurt in actual practice. Bisexual
experiences which had never been a part of even my wildest flights of
imagination, were now quite routine. More than anything else, being used
sexually by other men had sapped me of my last vestige of manhood. I was now turning into a full fledged cock sucking sissy faggot pussyboy and I was beginning to like it.

I suppose most men would have revolted, and refused to continue in such a
state; but another part of me felt enormously proud of being a good slave to
my beautiful Mistress. I had never seen her as happy as she was in her role
as Mistress Chris. Her pleasure was worth a lot to me, and made the
unbelievably perverse things required of me to evoke such joy seem
worthwhile. The scariest part was that I was starting to get turned on by
submissively obeying her commands. Somehow it seemed, the more debasing her
demands became; the more excitement I felt carrying them out. Obedience
seemed more crucial than sexual satisfaction, a situation which made
rebellion a possibility that grew fainter as each day passed.

Chris and I had always been quite open with each other, freely discussing
everything; but we never talked about the Date Night experiences. She must
have felt that as Mistress Chris she was entitled to unquestioning
obedience, and no explanation was needed. I was reluctant to bring up the
humiliating things I'd been f***ed into; feeling that Date Night was better
kept separate from the rest of our life. Strange as it might seem, this
unspoken understanding had enabled us to maintain a normal, loving
relationship except for our bi-monthly wild excursions into kink.

Even with all of my inner turmoil, I was very agitated today as tonight was
Date Night again. My curiosity about what Chris had planned was mixed with
a sense of dread. Ever since she had brought other people into our private
game, she had increasingly grown more perverse in her scenarios. Once
dressing me as Slut had been a very occasional thing; now it was required
every Date Night. Watching Masters and other Mistresses in action had
seemed to validate her treatment of me, as well as providing her with a host
of new ideas. I was hoping we would spend this weekend alone; since when
Chris and I played together things didn't get so extreme.

Chris phoned during her lunch hour and told me to " Get Ready", which was
her way of telling me to be dressed as Slut before she came home. That
simple phrase activated the entire transformation process; turning me from
an average guy into her sissy sex slave. This involved full body shaving;
applying body lotion and facial makeup; painting toenails and long fake
fingernails to match; and administering an enema to myself; all before
getting into my feminine apparel. The enema had been added to the routine
last Date Night, and while I had thought it an unnecessary humiliation at
the time, it had proved to be a wise precaution. With my ass being so
freely used by so many people it made sense to have it clean at the start.

The first parts of the transformation were completed rather quickly, as I
had been getting lots of practice lately. The enema was more difficult
since I had never given myself one before. It even felt degrading without
Chris watching, but that feeling was rapidly replaced by an overwhelming
need to use the toilet. The surge of relief as my watery burden was ejected
almost made it seem worthwhile to "douche". When my insides were empty, I
cleaned myself up and hurried to don my feminine garments. The worst part
was over.

My new pink push-up bra f***ed my breasts up into real cleavage without
covering the tops, thereby leaving my nipple rings hang freely. It also
hooked in the front, making it easy to put on. Mistress Chris had
thoughtfully purchased it for me after my piercing. I loved that it
eliminated the need for duct tape, but strongly suspected that she had
bought it because it left my nipple rings totally accessible. The matching
lacy panties and garter belt went on next and then my pink mesh hose. I got
my red shoes with the 4" heels and stepped into them before going to where
Chris had hung my new outfit.

The white silky blouse was very sheer, nearly transparent and I knew that
Mistress would insist on wearing a slip under it when she noticed that my
nipples and rings were very visible through the fabric. The pink skirt came
half way to the knee, short but a vast improvement compared to my maid
outfit. Both skirt and blouse were a perfect fit. Mistress Chris had a
good eye for sizes!

I put on my wig and as I brushed it into shape; I stared at the slutty
looking girl in the mirror. It was hard to realize that this was the same
face that had worn a beard for years. Sometimes I missed my beard very
much, but knew that under the current circumstances there was no chance
Mistress would allow me to grow it back again. For me to even ask for such
permission would be taken as a sign of disrespect, and therefore out of the

Putting such thoughts aside I sprayed on some cheap perfume and put on the
long false fingernails. I was Ready! This time early enough so I could
greet Mistress at the door with a glass of wine. She would be so pleased by
that I knew. I poured the wine ahead of time and placed it in the
refrigerator, knowing that from the Den window I could see her car
approaching from several blocks away and have ample time to meet her at the
door. Being a good slave took some planning ahead and attention to details.

Standing by the Den window, so as not to wrinkle my new outfit, I watched
for an hour and a half before I sighted her car coming down the street.
Hurrying to the refrigerator, I retrieved the previously poured wine and
went to stand by the door from the garage. A few moments later Chris walked
in, took the proffered wine glass and said," Thank you Slut, Mistress
appreciates that." I replied," It's my pleasure to serve you Mistress." I
helped her out of her coat and hung it in the closet. When I returned she
remarked," You look very pretty Slut. I love the way your nipple rings show
through your blouse; very sexy." I had been so sure that she would make me
put on a slip to hide them that I was shocked that it had been her plan for
them to be visible.

"Draw your Mistress a nice warm bubble bath." She ordered as she sat down to
use the phone. "Yes Mistress." I answered as I left to obey. When the bath
was ready I returned to notify her and found her on the portable phone. She
didn't tell me who she was talking to, but merely arose and went to the
bathroom and closed the door. As she passed me, she ordered me to start
supper. I noticed immediately that she didn't even tell me what to fix.
Usually when she had me cook for her, she specified what the menu would be.

In the kitchen, I looked at what was available for cooking on short notice
and decided on fried shrimp. Plugging in the deep fryer to let it warm up,
I prepared her a nice salad and a fresh roll while I waited. I also fixed
myself a salad knowing that she would be pleased by that. When the grease
was hot, I placed the breaded shrimp into the deep fryer and set the table.
When all was ready, I rapped softly on the bathroom door and announced,"
Mistress your supper awaits." She emerged wearing her elegant robe, handed
me the phone and her wine glass; and went to eat. I replaced the phone on
it's cradle, refilled her glass and went to join her.

When I set her glass down she said," You'd better eat in the kitchen Slut;
we're going to be around other Dom's tonight and you'd better get into the
slave role early." She noticed my dejected look and added," You wouldn't
want to mess up and have Mistress Zelda punish you, would you?" I quickly
answered," No Mistress." Just the thought of Mistress Zelda wielding her
whip on me was enough to make me shudder in fear! I took my salad into the
kitchen to eat, while Mistress dined in private. While I missed being in
her company, She was right; I did need to adopt the proper slave attitude
before unwittingly earning punishment.

Mistress leisurely finished her meal and then went to the bedroom to get
dressed, patting my buns as she passed me. I understood that I was now free
to clean up the kitchen, clear the table and load the dishwasher. By the
time the cleanup was completed I had only a short wait before Mistress Chris
appeared wearing her fabulous black leather outfit. Her long leather boots
went clear up under her leather skirt and had those wonderful spike heels.
The leather top pushed her breasts up into a most desirable cleavage. She
looked every bit the beautiful Dominatrix who fully deserved the slave's
service I happily provided!

She lifted her skirt, exposing her bare bottom. She wasn't any underwear
this Date Night either! I fell to my knees and kissed her magnificent
pussy. She lightly caressed my head as I performed this act of submission
saying," You're such a good slave." I felt proud to serve this wonderful
Mistress. She had me fetch her black leather coat and my cape. She told
me," Mistress Rachel should be here any minute now. She's picking us up
tonight." I thought it very kind of her to share that information with me.

Just at that time Mistress Rachel's Car pulled into our driveway. Slave
stepped out dressed in his maid outfit and opened the front door on the
passenger side for Mistress Chris to enter. I got into the back seat with a
man sitting there already; slave got in the back seat on the driver's seat.
Mistress Rachel told Chris," This is Steve, I met him on the Computer
bulletin board and he wants to become one of my slaves. He's coming along
tonight to see if he is worthy to enter my stable." Chris turned to study
him a bit and said, "Rachel you never fail to amaze me. I don't know if he
has what it takes to be a good slave, but it will be fun to find out
anyway." They both laughed and Mistress Rachel drove off.

Slave and I looked at our new companion trying to size him up. We knew that
we were not to speak without permission, so I silently wondered if this poor
fool knew what he was letting himself in for. Every humane instinct in my
soul wanted to cry out, " Run for it while you can Steve!" Instead, we just
sat in passive silence as we drove through the suburban streets toward our
unknown destination.

Mistress Rachel pulled into the driveway of a ranch house typical for the
suburban area. Slave and I quickly got out of the car and opened the doors
for our Mistresses. Steve just sat waiting for someone to tell him what to
do. Mistress Rachel said," Come Steve." and walked up to the front door of
the house. Steve followed her and Mistress Chris, while Slave and I brought
the Mistresses toy bags and another suitcase from the trunk along with us.

Slave M was at the door, again totally naked, and welcomed us to Master
Jack's home. I didn't like this idea at all; Master Jack seemed the most
menacing of all the Dom's I'd met so far. In his own domain he wouldn't
feel the constraints of being a guest and could let his imagination run
wild. M showed us where to hang our Mistresses coats and store our baggage,
then e****ted us into the Living Room. Master Jack and Mistresses Rachel
and Chris were looking Steve over carefully as we entered the room. We went
to each of them and kissed their feet as a sign of our submissiveness; an
act that seemed to bewilder Steve. He still had a lot to learn!

Master Jack said," It's difficult to picture this as a slave with those
clothes on." Mistress Rachel agreed with that assessment and ordered," Slut
and M take this apprentice slave into the other room and get him suitable
for presentation. You'll find everything you'll need in my suitcase." M
took Steve's hand and led him away while I retrieved the suitcase and
followed them. I heard Master Jack give Slave the drink orders as I closed
the door behind me.

M and I had Steve remove all his clothes and stand in the bathroom adjoining
the bedroom we were in. M told him," Stand very still with your arms in the
air, we need to shave your body." With our combined experience in body
shaving M and I soon had him hairless below the neck. He shuddered as M
held his cock while I shaved his balls. His cock became erect in her hand;
a natural enough reaction with M's naked body so close by. He wanted to
fuck her all right; but didn't yet realize that if anybody got fucked, it
would be him. He lost his erection as he was made to bend over and spread
his cheeks so M could shave around his asshole. Humiliation won out over
lust again!

As we put black lacy panties on him I explained," Mistress insists that her
slaves be dressed as sissy slut girls. Don't worry you'll soon get used to it." M took
strips of duct tape and formed some feminine breasts from his chest flesh,
before putting the matching bra on him. Steve couldn't help staring at M's
nipple rings, they seemed to fascinate him all the more since he had seen
mine through my blouse. I knew he was thinking that he might soon be
wearing the same sort of jewelry, a scary prospect indeed for a guy who had
probably never seen pierced nipples before.

While M applied his makeup she warned him to observe carefully the steps
involved cautioning him," Mistress will expect you to do this by yourself.
She wants to save her precious time for more important matters." Steve
merely nodded silently, probably too stunned by the transformation he was
seeing to speak. I glued on some fake fingernails, then painted them and
his toenails with red polish as his facial treatment progressed.

M placed the fiery red wig on his head saying," You look quite pretty
Stephanie." He had never seen himself like this before and couldn't help
staring at the feminine face in the mirror. M placed a choker necklace
around his neck, adding some clip-on earrings to match. Now he was ready
for the rest of his female attire.

We showed him how to put his hose on without snagging them by rolling them
carefully up each leg, and how to secure them to the garter belt. His dress
had a flowery print that looked too spring-like for this time of year, with
a flared bottom that came to mid-thigh on him. His legs were not as good as
mine I noticed, but he did look passable so Mistress Rachel would pleased.
With a few final instructions regarding the proper behavior in front of the
Dom's we led Stephanie back to be presented to Mistress Rachel.

When we entered the Living Room I saw that the rest of the group from the
previous party had arrived. Mistress Zelda was standing by the fireplace
with her slave Becky kneeling at her feet. Her whip was coiled menacingly
over her shoulder. Mistress Goddess was seated on the couch necking with
Master Jack; while slave Twink was on all fours serving as their coffee
table with their drinks and a bowl of chips on his back. Sir William was
having a casual conversation with Mistress Chris while slave Cunt was
licking her pussy and Slave was sucking on his cock. Mistress Rachel sat in
regal splendor in a throne-like overstuffed chair awaiting the arrival of
her new slave. It was a totally amazing scene which would have been
considered bizarre by even hardened swingers; yet seemed routine in this

We led Stephanie across the room stopping in front of Mistress Rachel. All
conversation ceased, all eyes were on us except for Cunt and Slave who
continued their service unabated. " Mistress Rachel we humbly submit the
unworthy Stephanie who wishes to be considered for admission to your stable
of slaves." I announced. Stephanie made a dainty curtsy. Mistress Rachel
stood up and looked very carefully at the transformation M and I had wrought
and nodded her approval. She said," Stephanie you look good enough to serve
me, but you must first demonstrate your subservience. Only when your
greatest pleasure is serving me, will you be worthy to be my slave."

All eyes were now on Stephanie, who seemed overwhelmed by the seriousness of
the moment. It was a lot to absorb in a short time. At least I had been
led gradually to my current state; this was happening so fast. Mistress
Rachel now asked," Are you willing to submit to my will and give me your
unquestioning obedience?" After a brief moment of silence Stephanie
replied," Yes Mistress Rachel, I freely submit myself to your will and
pledge my obedience." The new slave knelt to kiss Mistress Rachel's feet,
which brought a round of applause from all the Dominant ones.

Mistress Rachel snapped her fingers and Slave hurriedly brought her a
feathery mask and a strap-on dildo. While he was putting these items on
her, I noticed Master Jack bring out a video camera. That explained the
mask; they were going to film the activities and for some reason Mistress
didn't want her face to appear in the picture. Stephanie had no such
option. Ravel's Bolero began playing from the stereo as background music
and the signal for everyone else to remain silent was given. This was to be
a first class production!

Mistress Rachel led Stephanie to the center of the room and started
sensuously dancing with her newest slave for a few minutes. She lifted the
print dress and thrust the protruding dildo between Stephanie's thighs
enabling her to guide the slave's movements more effectively. The room
filled with sexual tension as we watched this dance of seduction proceed, in
anticipation what was yet to come. Even with the background music we could
hear Stephanie's breathing turn to panting. Mistress Rachel's breasts
rubbing on her chest and the dildo between her legs made a combination which
rapidly got her highly turned on.

Mistress Rachel knowing the powerful effect this dance was having, guided
her excited slave to her knees and then to all fours. Moving behind and
lifting the dress, Mistress slowly pulled down Stephanie's panties. While
dipping her fingers into a jar of K-Y jelly Mistress she asked," Stephanie
are you ready to be deflowered by your Mistress?" With one of Mistress's
fingers already writhing in her ass, enhancing her excitement; Stephanie
honestly replied," Oh Yes Mistress." The heavy breathing of her slave
brought a smirk to Mistress's face; men were so easy to enslave!

Working in a second finger and then a third Mistress continued her
manipulations until Stephanie was bucking back hard against the digital
thrusts, before inserting the dildo. Master Jack moved to the front to
record Stephanie's facial expression at the moment of penetration.
Fortunately she was now so highly aroused that she was beyond caring about
modesty or possible future uses of this film. Mistress began to pace the
tempo of her strokes to the music. With her hands grasping Stephanie' hips
she was in complete control as the music continued inexorably toward it's
thundering conclusion.

Bolero ended at the same moment Mistress Rachel reached orgasm. In the
silence that followed, the heavy breathing of the spectators could be heard.
Clearly this demonstration of feminine power had stirred the passions of
more than the two participants. Mistress withdrew the dildo allowing
Stephanie to slump exhausted to the floor. Master Jack turned off the
Camera and led a rousing round of applause. While everyone was
congratulating Mistress Rachel for a magnificent performance, Mistress Chris
told me," Go to Stephanie and comfort her."

I went to where Stephanie lay and sat beside her on the floor. Taking her
across my lap, I hugged her to my chest and tenderly wiped away the tears
which streaked down her cheeks. Softly I reassured her," There, there, it's
all right now honey. I'm sure that you pleased Mistress." She lay passively
in my arms taking such solace from my words that her quiet sobbing soon
ceased. I bent my head and kissed her lightly on the lips.

" How cute you two look together!" I heard Master Jack say sarcastically.
Startled out of my peacefulness by this unexpected remark, I looked up to
see him standing there with his camera running again. Mistress Rachel held
a Video cassette in her hand and I assumed that Master Jack had reloaded the
camera with a fresh cassette. The others were gathering to watch as he
ordered," Continue slaves I want to film you two making love." I glanced
quickly at Mistress Chris hoping for a reprieve, only to receive a nod
indicating her agreement with that command. While I had been f***ed into
bisexual acts before, I presumed that Stephanie was a virgin to such things
and so I would try to make this as pleasurable as possible.

With warm, wet kisses and tender caresses; I slowly unbuttoned her dress and
slipped it off. I next undid her bra and began licking and suckling her
nipples until she became sexually excited. Now naked except for garter
belt, hose and heels; this arousal was clearly evident by the exposed erect
cock. I reached down and stroked the cock a few times before standing to
strip off my blouse, skirt and panties. I left my bra on as it pushed my
breasts up so nicely.

Stephanie reached up to slip his fingers through my nipple rings, sending
painful excitement through my body. I pressed my cock to her lips and with
only a slight hesitation she took it into her mouth. Despite her lack of
experience, she began to tongue the head and suck gently as if she'd done it
many times. I knew that with the pain from my nipples and the pleasure from
my cock, I would shortly come in the pretty mouth servicing me. Mistress
Rachel, sitting nearby fingering her pussy, must have recognized this also
and used hand signals to direct us into the 69 position with me on top. She
wanted to prolong our performance as visual stimulation while she brought
herself to another climax.

Once in the 69 position, with a cock scant inches from my face, the next
part was obvious. I took the cock into my mouth and began sucking it, as
Stephanie was already doing to mine. When I felt my climax was imminent, I
slipped a finger into her ass. this brought both of us to simultaneous
orgasm. As we milked the last drops from each other's cocks, I noticed
Mistress Chris motioning for us to kneel with open mouths displaying their
contents for the camera. I helped Stephanie to her knees and we knelt
holding hands while Master Jack filmed away. When the signal was given for
us to swallow our mouthfuls, we did. Stephanie had just swallowed her first
semen, and it was mine! I was also proud to be the recipient of her
'Maiden' blow job. Taking her face in my hands I kissed her deeply. The
degrading spectacle we'd endured together, had created a warm bond between
us that was mutually felt.

Mistress Rachel ordered Stephanie, " Crawl over here bitch and you may now
lick my pussy." She crawled on hands and knees to obey her Mistress. I
struggled to my feet and gathered up my clothes. Mistress Chris came to me
and said," I'm so proud of you Slut. You behaved magnificently." She kissed
me lightly on the cheek, causing me to beam with pride. I'd brought joy to
my Mistress!

Sir William came over to us and asked Mistress Chris if she wanted to go to
bed with him. She replied," Why yes Sir, I'd love to." Oblivious to my
presence, they left hand in hand to find a bedroom. Finding their departure
difficult to watch, I looked back to see Stephanie licking pussy with Slave
fucking her from behind. Slave's hands were pinching her nipples
controlling the pace of the action. She was trapped on the same hideous
ride I'd experienced myself. I knew how tormented she must be feeling and
pity for her filled my heart. I wanted to intervene, but knew that would be
a very foolish act.

Mistress Zelda interrupted my indecisive thoughts by calling," Slut, come
with me." Still carrying my clothes, I followed her respectfully to a
bedroom. Cunt was laying naked on the bed when we walked into the bedroom.
Noticing my surprise, Mistress Zelda informed me," I want to fuck her using
you as a go-between, but first I must freshen up my marks on your ass.
Assume the position Slut." Dr****g my clothes across a chair, I knelt on the
bed between Cunt's widely spread legs. Mistress commanded," Lick her pussy
Slut." Replying," Yes Mistress.", I used my fingers to spread her nether
lips and put my tongue to work. With my face buried in my work, my bare ass
was exposed for Mistress Zelda's signature.

Knowing what to expect this time, I was determined not to cry out. To help
myself endure the lash quietly, I f***ed my tongue as deeply into Cunt's
pussy as possible; bringing my mouth into firm contact with her vulva.
Basically, I was using her bottom as a gag to at least muffle any sounds I
might make. My body quivered in fearful anticipation.

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK! Three swift strokes with her whip and my right cheek
was properly marked. With scarcely a pause, another three lashes were
applied on my left cheek. Without even looking at my rear, I knew the new
Z's had been placed precisely on top of the previous ones. Mistress Zelda
was an expert with her whip!

My plan had worked! No sound escaped that could be heard, although Cunt
could certainly feel each lashing stroke transmitted to her through my
tongue. My ass felt like it was on fire, but I continued lapping away.
Cunt was quite aroused by now, and strangely was I. The tension,
submission and the oral sex had gotten my cock erect again! Amazing since I
had already come so recently. Mistress Zelda fastened a cock ring around my
cock to ensure that my erection would remain until it had served her

Mistress lifted my face and kissed me on the mouth, savoring Cunt's juices
there, before guiding my cock into the orally prepared fuckhole. This was
fantastic! At last I was going to get to fuck someone at one of these
parties. Mistress climbed behind me and began forcing her well greased,
strap-on dildo into my ass. When it was fully inserted, she reached around
and grasped my nipple rings. She softly said," I know your nipples are
still very tender, but move perfectly with me and the pain will be minimal."
This seemed a gentle gesture on her part, so I gratefully uttered," Yes
Mistress, I will try very hard to do so."

She started fucking me with slow strokes, each thrust in my ass resulted in
a corresponding move by my cock in Cunt's pussy. My ass remained pressed
closely against Mistress's body as she and I moved as a single person.
Mistress was using me as a human dildo; a mere extension of her rubber one!
I was unable to ejaculate due to the ring which kept my cock painfully
engorged; and despite my craving for release, could only continue my
intermediary role until Mistress was satisfied. Cunt was thrashing and
bucking wildly, her breath coming in gasps as we brought her to orgasm after
thundering orgasm. She was kept in this state of frantic arousal for a long
time before Mistress had her own orgasm and was satisfied.

Mistress released my nipple rings, withdrew her dildo and pushed me aside to
embrace Cunt. They were kissing and caressing each other as I stood by the
bed watching. My nipples were throbbing; my ass sore and oozing lubricant;
and my cock still painfully engorged stuck straight out! I felt horribly
used, unfulfilled, and exhausted. Mistress looked up and ordered," Leave us
Slut." I replied," Yes Mistress Zelda.", and returned to the Living Room.

Walking into the Living Room I saw Mistress Goddess sitting on the couch,
with her legs spread and Stephanie licking her pussy. Poor Stephanie had
certainly been through a lot her first night of slavery. Mistress spied me
instantly noticing my erection, which was quite apparent since I was only
wearing my bra, garter belt, hose and heels. "Come here Slut." she demanded
adding, " I have a use for that." I had been hoping for a little rest, but
answered, "Yes Mistress Goddess." and went to her. "Lie on your back on the
floor." she ordered me as she pushed Stephanie away from her crotch. I
complied and she straddled my body and lowered herself onto my vertical

Mistress began riding my cock as if she hadn't had one inside her in years.
She told Stephanie," Come lay by us and kiss Slut while I enjoy my ride."
Stephanie did just that, kissing me on the mouth. As our tongues met she
tasted of come and pussy, as I was sure I did also. While the kisses had
been commanded by Mistress to start with, there was a warmth and caring
about them that signified a genuine desire on both our parts. When Mistress
Goddess was satisfied and departed we continued to kiss and embrace each
other until we fell into exhausted slumber.

The sl**ping part of the night is always short at these parties, and it was
not long before I awoke to find myself still embracing Stephanie. Mistress
Rachel was standing there smiling down at us. " Did you two girls sl**p
well?" she asked sweetly. We both nodded dumbly, suddenly feeling awkward
about embracing each other. What had seemed so natural last night, seemed
perverse in the morning light. We separated and stood before Mistress. She
noticed my still swollen cock and taking pity on me removed the ring. " Get
cleaned up girls and fix your makeup. You look like hell." she stated.
Undoubtedly a very true statement, as we'd both been through a lot in the
last twelve hours!

We hurried into the bathroom to quickly shower and redo our makeup before
there was a mad rush by the others to use these facilities. Stephanie and I
had just stepped out of the shower when she looked at my cock, which was
gradually returning to it's normal color. She whispered to me," Would you
like me to suck you off now?" That sounded very appealing to me since I had
so much intercourse without release last night, but wisely declined with a
warning about the consequences of recreational sex by slaves. Our sexual
activities were strictly controlled by the Dominant ones. Stephanie nodded
her agreement, but her eyes had tears in them.

We went back out to Mistress Rachel who had been joined by several other
people. Slave M handed us frilly aprons to wear and led us to the kitchen
where we helped her fix breakfast. Twink and Cunt soon arrived and joined
us. Cunt delivered a tray of freshly filled coffee cups to the Doms
assembled in the Living room. As she walked out of the Kitchen the Z's on
her rear were clearly visible. Twink was joined with Becky in setting the
table; they both bore the marks of Mistress Zelda's whipcraft on their
behinds too.

Finally, the last to make their appearance, my beautiful Mistress Chris,
Master Jack, and Sir William emerged from their bedroom to join the others.
A naked and very bedraggled Slave followed wearily behind them. He clearly
had been busy all night. Mistress Chris was positively glowing with sexual
satisfaction. While I would never know what occurred in that room, she'd
obviously enjoyed it tremendously. How I wished that I'd been a part of
pleasing her directly instead of being used by others while she played.

The Masters and Mistresses chatted happily during breakfast as the slaves
served them. They discussed how well the film session had gone and all the
fun they'd had last night. While they relaxed after a good breakfast
Mistress Rachel mentioned that she had an announcement to make. All
conversation ceased as she stood up. She said, " I have decided to change
the names of my slaves. Stephanie has demonstrated her worthiness to enter
my stable by her performance last night. She will now be called 'slave
four' as her official slave name. Slave will henceforth be known as 'slave
nine.' I chose this name because of his nine inch cock and due to his
lengthy faithful service has earned a higher number than my newest slave."
The Dom's applauded and congratulated the slaves on their new titles. Slave
four was actually blushing as everyone looked at her.

When the commotion died down Mistress Chris said," Now I need a nap. Becky
come with me, you can be my teddy bear to cuddle with while I sl**p." Taking
her by the Hand Mistress Chris led her off to the bedroom. I felt bad that
she hadn't chosen me to cuddle up with. Being around the Dominants seemed
to make her forget I existed, except when she needed Slut to perform slave
chores. This was so unfair; after all I had endured to please her, I
deserved some consideration.

Master John, Sir William and Mistress Goddess took Cunt to with them as they
left presumably to sl**p. Mistress Rachel told slave four, " Draw your
Mistress a nice bubble bath and you may bathe me." Four quickly left to
carry out this pleasant task. It had been one thing he had been hoping for
even when he was still Steve, which now seemed a lifetime ago.

Mistress Zelda remained to supervise the cleanup chores being performed by
the remaining slaves. When the Kitchen was cleaned and the dishes washed
Mistress allowed slave nine to curl up on the floor and take a nap. Twink,
M and I ran the vacuum and generally tidied up the place under the watchful
eye of Mistress Zelda. She even had us wash, dry and iron our clothes so
our appearance would be suitable for the night's activities.

When our cleaning duties were completed Mistress Zelda summoned Twink to
kneel between her legs and give her clit some oral attention. She ordered,"
M and Slut make love to each other, I wish to be amused." This was an order
I was delighted to obey; I'd wanted to have sex with M ever since I first
laid eyes on her naked body! She must have felt the same way by her warm
responses to my caresses. Mistress allowed us to progress at our own pace
without giving directions or interruptions. She was involved with Twink's
tongue and preferred watching us as her personal porno show. That was fine
with me, for the first time in this group I was making love to a woman as a

What a joy it was to engage in warm, tender loving after all the ****s and
f***ed perversion we slaves had been through. Concentrating on each others
pleasure, M and I were able to ignore our surroundings and the increasing
audience as the room began to fill with people emerging from the bedrooms.
It was as if we were the only people in the world, moving to a wonderful
rhythm of romantic sexual delight. Achieving our mutually desired
simultaneous orgasm, we continued kissing and caressing each other. I
wanted to be with her all night, and would have had this been a regular
swinger's party.

Our state of blissful contentment was quickly shattered by Master Jack
ordering," Becky clean M's pussy, it's full of disgusting slave come." Becky
replied," Yes Master Jack.", and scurried across the room. Pushing me
aside, she lay between M's legs and lapped up the come I'd so recently
deposited there. As I stood up to get out of the way Mistress Rachel said,"
Slave four lick Slut clean, she needs it too." I knew that Mistress didn't
care about my cleanliness, but was merely using this opportunity to
demonstrate her complete control of her newest slave. Slave four didn't
sound as sweet as the name Stephanie had, but now fully dressed and made up
she still looked as feminine. Looking down at the pretty face that was
licking my cock and hairless balls, I found it almost unbelievable that this
was the same person who had arrived here as Steve. A man who had lived
totally straight all his life was licking my male parts while dressed as a
woman and loving it! The Masters and Mistresses were experts at converting
normal people into their devoted slaves.

Slave nine was preparing to cook steaks on the grill while Cunt was
preparing the rest of the supper. Twink and slave four were ordered to
assist them. Mistress Zelda told me," Get yourself dressed and ready to go
Slut." I replied " Yes Mistress Zelda.", feeling very grateful for the gift
of normal sex with M she'd given me. I did wonder about her use of the word
go, but realized that her plans would be revealed when it pleased her to do
so. I washed myself, touched up my makeup, fixed my hair and put on my
freshly laundered outfit. Checking my appearance in the full length mirror,
I decided that I did look like a pretty girl. I was 'ready'!

The Dom's were finished eating by the time I rejoined the group. They were
enjoying their after dinner cocktails and casual conversation. The slaves
were eating hot dogs in the Kitchen. Slave four fixed me a plate of food
and we ate in silence, listening to the conversation coming in from the
Dining Room. We were trying to pick up clues about any wild plans the Dom's
had for the evening. While we had no choice in the matter, we were curious
none the less.

Mistress Rachel announced," It's movie night at the Club tonight; Zelda and
I want to take Slut and slave four down there. It should be a fun time,
anyone else care to join us?" Mistress Chris replied," No thanks Rachel,
Jack and I have already made plans involving slave nine and some deliciously
kinky stuff." Sir William also declined saying," I'll pass too. Goddess and
I will take care of the other slaves." He laughed and added," Between us we
can think of something to amuse ourselves!" They all laughed at this last
remark. They were sure there would be no lack of creativity with Sir
William and Goddess in collaboration.

"The Club?" I'd never heard of the Club, obviously the Dom's all had, even
slave nine had rolled his eyes at the mention of the place. I wanted to ask
him about what kind of place it was, but knew that even if I whispered the
question, it would not be answered. Nine was far too obedient to misbehave
even in private. No need to press the issue, I'd find out soon enough.

Mistress Zelda summoned slave four and I. She had us fetch her and Mistress
Rachel's coats. I put my cape on and slave was given a shawl to throw over
her bare shoulders. The Mistresses led the way out to Zelda's van, where
they sat in front and four and I took our places in the back seats. The
Mistresses were talking calmly but were obviously anticipating an exciting
evening. Four held my hand, nervously seeking some support, as we drove
towards the unknown.

The Club turned out to be a bar in the city. Judging by the nearly full
parking lot, the place must crowded. Mistress Zelda expertly wheeled into
an empty space in a dimly lit part of the lot. She and Mistress Rachel
strode into the bar full of self-assurance, with four and I following
timidly behind. This was our first time in a public place dressed as women,
so our hesitance was understandable. Our Mistresses had sternly warned us
to be very obedient to avoid embarrassing them in front of their friends.
The implied threat of punishment for any infraction was enough to overcome
our nervousness, so we dutifully followed them into the bar.

The doorman recognized the Mistresses and respectfully led us to a table
near the dance floor with a reserved sign on it. Removing the sign, he
signaled for a waitress. Mistress Zelda pulled out my chair and helped me
get seated. She was treating me as her girlfriend. I noticed Mistress
Rachel was doing the same for slave four. The waitress came to take our
orders. Mistress Zelda ordered a shot and a beer for herself, a whiskey
sour for Mistress Rachel and then told the waitress," Bring our bitches each
a glass of white wine." The waitress smiled knowingly and left to fill the

Soon she returned with our drink order and after setting the drinks in place
asked," Will there be anything else Zelda?" Mistress reached into her coat
pocket, pulled out two video cassettes and handed them to the waitress
saying," Give these to George for his contest." The waitress looked at four
and I, and grinning broadly, nodded her affirmation of the request. I
suddenly realized what those tapes were. They were the ones made last night
by Master Jack. Four and I were the stars of one and his subjection **** on
the other! Slave four must have come to the same decision and nervously
sipped his wine, while I was gulping mine.

We sat watching the dancers on the floor. Men danced with women, women
danced with women and even a few men danced with other men. No wonder I had
never heard of this place! Many people wore leather garb, with most of the
rest wearing lacy frilly things. This was like no place I had ever been
before! It was a leather bar inhabited by those into that scene.

Mistress Zelda looked at us and ordered," Slaves go to the Lady's Room,
remove your panties and bring them back to us." We stared in shocked
immobility for a few seconds before answering in unison," Yes Mistress."
Slave four and I left holding hands as we made our way to no-mans land. We
felt everyone in the place knew where we were headed, but few paid any
attention to us. In this land of the bizarre we didn't seem that unusual.
The Lady's was located at the end of the room in a short hallway next to the
Men's room. Two men were leaning against the wall kissing passionately as
we squeezed by them to enter our assigned destination.

For the first time in my life I was inside the ladies john. Other than the
absence of urinals, the main difference seemed to be more stalls and a
bigger counter for fixing makeup. Anxious to leave this off-limits area, we
quickly entered stalls and pulled off our panties. While there I decided to
urinate. Knowing that standing to do so would be a dead giveaway if anyone
was to walk in, I sat on the stool and relieved myself. By the sounds from
the next stall four was doing the same thing.

We exited the stalls nearly simultaneously, washed our hands, and turned to
leave. Two Biker Babes blocked our exit, standing between us and the door
they had just entered. My panties suddenly felt very heavy in my hand. The
big cigar smoking Babe asked," You two are with Zelda aren't you?".
Politely I answered," Yes Mistress.", a response that was an automatic
reflex by now. I didn't mean anything but respect by using the title
Mistress, but it offended her. She snarled," I am not a Mistress, but I am
a very mean bitch that you don't want to anger!" The other Babe suggested,"
Maybe we should check them out to see if they are real girls or merely
sissies invading our domain." The big one nodded and ordered us to lift our
skirts. The real fear of receiving physical pain from these two hard Biker
Babes overcame the humiliation of doing as demanded and we shyly raised our
hems to expose our shaven privates. The Babes laughed at our discomfort,
ridiculed our inadequate equipment, even discussed stripping us naked and
handcuffing us in stalls. " Maybe some of the other ladies would find them
amusing." the smaller one said.

Slave four and I were really frightened now, as they seemed to seriously be
considering some very drastic actions. The big one shook her head slowly
saying," No they are Zelda's slaves and even though it might be fun to teach
them a lesson, the resulting confrontation with her would not be worth it."
She stepped aside and said," You two sissies had better get the hell out of
here right now." We dropped our hems down, and hurried out of the bathroom
as fast as our heels would allow. Had we not belonged to Mistress Zelda, I
shudder to think of what may have befallen us.

Mistresses Zelda and Rachel looked very good indeed as we returned to our
table. They were our lifeline in this place, since both four and I now
realized how dependent we were on their protection. I laid my pink panties
before Mistress Zelda as four was doing the same with his black panties for
Mistress Rachel. The Mistresses spread them out to display them for all to
see. I blushed crimson fully aware that anyone seeing them would know that
my bottom was bare! Four stared meekly down, unable to look at people who
knew he was being so humbled.

The music stopped, the lights dimmed, and a big screen television set came
on. A voice on the public address system announced that it was time for the
Amateur Video Contest to begin. The crowd grew quiet as the first movie
began to play. It was a crudely made, short movie of a Biker fucking his
babe as she leaned across his Harley. The second video showed a lesbian
couple making love. The third one showed the big Biker Babe we'd run into
in the Lady's room whipping some gal with her belt. It was very brutal, but
drew quite a few hoots and cheers from the Biker element of the crowd. Her
slashing strokes were very crude compared with Mistress Zelda's artistry. I
couldn't watch, thinking how close to being on the receiving end of similar
treatment I'd been earlier.

The strains of Bolero began playing and drew my attention back to the
screen. The quality of the filming was very superior to anything previously
shown. Master Jack knew his craft. Even though I'd witnessed the actual
performance in person; on the screen it seemed far more sensuous. The crowd
was mesmerized, watching in silence until the thundering creshendo's of the
finale brought them to their feet cheering and yelling bravo!

It must have taken ten minutes for the crowd to settle down enough to begin
the next film. This was the video showing Stephanie and I making love.
Slave four held my hand as we watched ourselves on the screen. Despite its
being a command performance, it showed us making love instead of merely
having sex. I had felt tenderness while doing it, but hadn't realized how
clearly it showed. I squeezed four's hand gently to indicate my
affectionate support and received a shy smile in return. When this video
ended there was polite applause instead of the raucous uproar of it's
predecessor. It had been sensuously intense, but lacked the brutality and
f***e to enflame this crowd.

When the prizes were awarded Mistress Rachel's didlo **** of Stephanie won
first prize. The one of Stephanie and I took second place. The Biker Bitch
took third place. George, the owner of the place, awarded the prizes; $50
cash for first place, $25 for second place and $10 for third. Mistress
Rachel collected her prize and she and slave four took bows acknowledging
the applause from the crowd. Mistress Zelda collected the second place
money and had four and I curtsy to the crowd. The Biker Babe collected her
prize with a very subdued girl at her side. Brutality and fear were Biker
Babe's means of controlling her slave.

The music resumed and people started dancing again. George had sent over
another round of drinks to our table as additional thanks for the choice
movies Mistress had entered. These Amateur Video nights were a big money
maker for him and he was thrilled to have quality material in his contest.
Mistress Zelda nodded her thanks to him and gave a toast to our Victory.

A large, hairy-chested, bearded man wearing jeans and a leather vest with no
shirt came to our table. His arms were heavily tattooed, giving him the
appearance of a clich'e character from a Biker film. He kissed Mistress
Rachel's hand respectfully and said," Congratulations Rachel, you make great
movies." Mistress Rachel acknowledged the compliment with a modest nod
saying," You're too kind Spike, but thank you." Spike moved to Mistress
Zelda and asked," Zelda may I dance with your bitch?" She shrugged her
shoulders and replied," Of course Spike old buddy, be my guest."

Spike took me by the hand and led me onto the dance floor and pulled me
close to him. I was very inexperienced in dancing backwards in heels, but
his sheer bulk guided me across the floor with amazing smoothness. His hand
went under my skirt and he fondled my bare buns as we danced. I tried to
quietly protest but, his other hand f***ed my head to his hairy chest to
quiet me. "Ssshh, relax baby I won't hurt you." he whispered reassuringly.
His hand worked around to my front and he started massaging my cock while
kissing lightly on my neck. Regardless of his revolting appearance, I found
myself getting very turned on by his expert manual manipulation. When he
kissed me full on the mouth, I returned it warmly; like the slut I'd become!

The song ended and Spike led me back to our table with my erection stiffly
forming a bulge in the front of my skirt. I had been on the brink of orgasm
and wished the song had gone on for a few more seconds. Spike just laughed
at my predicament saying," That's one hot bitch you have Zelda." Mistress
replied," Yes, she can be quite a pleasurable toy." Spike asked," Can I take
her home with me Zelda? I'll bring her back in a few days when I'm finished
with her." The thought of being at the mercy of this brute for days struck
terror in my heart! Fortunately Mistress Zelda answered," Spike you know I
would share her with you gladly, but she's not my personal property. I have
borrowed her myself from Mistress Chris and she might take offense if I gave
her slave away without her permission." Spike understood this reasoning,
being a Master himself, and shrugged saying," Maybe another time, baby." He
sat on my chair and pulled me onto his lap asking," Is it ok to play with
her here Zelda?"

Mistress replied that it would be fine and took Mistress Rachel out to dance
with her. Slave four was dancing with the Biker Bitch, who had lifted
four's dress exposing the bare bottom underneath. Four looked desperate to
escape from the grasp of this sadistic woman, probably an indication of the
threats being made by his partner. Spike lifted me easily with one arm and
used his other hand to open his fly. He lowered my asshole onto his
erection and quietly ordered me," Wiggle your ass to the music bitch." This
was incredible in a public place; he was fucking my ass in the middle of a
crowd! If anyone noticed they gave no indication of it.

His rough hands unbuttoned my blouse and he pulled on my nipple rings to
keep me in tempo with the music. He sat very still and I was f***ed to
squirm quite vigorously to bring him to climax. He had gotten quite turned
on during our dance also, as he came quickly. After he filled my asscunt
with his cum; he lifted me off his lap, zipped his fly and left without a
word of thanks. I buttoned my blouse up and longed to make a dash for the
bathroom. Which bathroom would I use? The ladies room held too much fear
for me to risk that again: and if Spike was any indication, the men's room
might be even worse! My uncertainty kept me riveted to my chair with his
come oozing slowly out of me.

Mistresses Zelda and Rachel returned followed shortly by Biker Babe bringing
slave four back to our table. Biker Babe thanked Mistress Rachel saying,"
Thanks for the use of your slave, maybe sometime I can borrow her for more
serious play." Mistress Rachel replied," You're welcome to the dance dear,
but I don't think that it will be possible for you to use her until I am
completely through with her. You tend to leave your slaves in very poor
condition and unusable." Biker Babe snorted," You're just to soft to be a
Mistress Rach; you need to rule with an iron hand not a velvet glove." She
swiveled around on the heel of her boot and stormed off. Slave four heaved
a mighty sigh of relief as she departed and Mistress Rachel put her arm
around four to comfort her. Four was obviously shaken by her encounter with
that brutish, menacing woman.

Mistress Zelda announced," Spike would like to use Slut for a gang bang with
his boys." She looked into my eyes and asked," Would you like that Slut?" I
earnestly replied," Oh no Mistress, please not that! Please!" Being gang
****d by that group of brutes was too horrible to contemplate. At least in
our group the ****s came singly and weren't overly violent. Mistress Zelda
smiled and said," I thought not and told him another time perhaps, but we
had to be going now." Relief flooded throughout me so fully I would have
kissed her ass on the spot; had it been permitted or requested. Mistress
Rachel said," We'd better leave then, we don't want Spike and his crew to
think we're slighting them." Slave four and I nodded our hearty agreement
with that suggestion. We were only too eager to leave this hazardous place.

Mistress Zelda took my arm in hers as a sign of ownership and led me through
the crowd towards the door. Mistress Rachel and slave four were right
behind us, also arm in arm. Spike was making kissing motions with his lips
at me as we passed his table. Several of his gang clutched at their
crotches as a promise of things to come. I felt safe with Mistress Zelda
protecting me and was able to retain my composure even in the face of the
menacing gang. Slave four actually trembled when the Biker Babe said,"
Someday you'll be mine baby." as we passed her table. The prospect of
falling into the clutches of that viscously sadistic Bull Dyke was clearly
an unnerving idea. She must have told four some frightening things while

Out in the open, the cool night air felt very clean; even though it chilled
my bare bottom. The sense of relief was overwhelming when we reached the
security of the van. Slave four and I were so thrilled to leave the hellish
environment of the Club behind us that we hugged each other closely in the
back seat. The Mistresses seemed to have enjoyed their evening; chatting
happily about their video's triumphant victories. Of course they had not
felt the oppressively threatening aura of impending doom that four and I had
been exposed to. They knew how vulnerable we had felt and it amused them to
act as our protectors. Our gratitude for such protection would increase our
dependence on them and therefore enhance our willingness to serve as slaves.

We arrived at Master Jack's house, where we were admitted by slave M. I
relished the sight of her nude body, remembering fondly our lovemaking
session earlier in the day. It felt good to be back in familiar company
again! I made a mad dash to the bathroom to relieve myself and clean my ass
which was still oozing Spike's come. Anything reminding me of my experience
in the Club was intolerable.

Upon my return to the living room, Mistress Chris greeted me with," Did you
have a good time Slut?". All the built up tension of the evening came back
in a rush of overwhelming emotions. Tears were running down my cheeks as I
slowly shook my head no. Mistress came to me, took my hand and led me off
to a bedroom. Once in private, she had me strip naked and get in the bed.
She lay beside me and started caressing and comforting me. As I sobbed
openly, Mistress chris began to masturbate me. She kissed me tenderly and
gently tongued my nipple rings, while continuing to massage my cock. Her
genuine care for my feelings helped lift my spirits. She seemed more like
my loving wife than Mistress Chris at the moment. I was in heaven!

My sobbing ceased as my passion increased. Soon my hips were thrusting to
aid her manual manipulation to bring me to orgasm. My cock was spurting
warm semen onto my stomach and Mistress milked it of every last drop. When
I slumped back on the pillow, my passion spent, Mistress used her hand to
scoop up my come and f***e it into my mouth. A Mistress could let down the
barriers between herself and her slave for a brief time without risking loss
of control. Even as I licked her hand clean, I was thankful for the caring
comfort she'd displayed tonight. Regardless of how much she enjoyed playing
the Mistress Chris role; she really loved me! I loved her more than life

She rolled me on my side and cuddled up closely behind me, her wonderful
breasts pressed against my back. She whispered softly," sl**p well Slut,
I'll take you home in the morning." Thus assured of not being f***ed into
any more slave duties tonight, I drifted off into a contented, dreamless
sl**p. All was right in my world!


It was our next regularly scheduled Date Night tonight, and as usual, I was
both excited and nervous. Chris explained, " We were invited to Mistress
Zelda's to play this weekend, but I decided that we should have a fun
weekend here." I smiled at this news, since things were getting to drastic
with that group as far as I was concerned. She continued, " A break from
that group will be good for us." I knew it would be good for me; I sure
wasn't looking forward to another trip to " the club" any time soon. Chris
then went into her Domme role ordering me to go take a shower and get
cleaned up. " I am having company tonight, and I don't want to have an
unkempt slave hanging around!" she announced. I humbly replied, " Yes
Mistress" and hurried off to get cleaned up.

While showering and getting all cleaned up and ready, I wondered who she had
invited this time. Once before she had invited a guy from a BBS named Brian
to come over and they used and abused me, humiliating me while they had
great sex. I suspected that this would be another such evening, a prospect
I dreaded. By the time I finished getting cleaned up, I realized that Chris
had not given me any directions as what to wear and decided to go ask her.
Wrapping a towel around me, I went back to the area where Chris was playing
computer games. Just as I got there, the door bell rang. Without even
turning around to see how I was dressed, Chris ordered," Answer the door

I went to the door embarrassed to be wearing only a towel, but not wanting
to anger Chris. Upon opening the door I recognized Pat, a lady we had met
last week at a party. She and Chris had chatted privately for some time and
Chris had told me on the way home that she really liked Pat. It was obvious
that they had discussed our Date Nights and that Chris had invited her over
to share an evening dominating me. Maintaining my composure, I welcomed Pat
and e****ted her to Chris.

Chris got up and they hugged each other. Pat seemed a bit nervous, telling
Chris that she had never had a chance to play a Dominant role before. Chris
reassured her saying," Don't worry about it a bit dear, You can't do
anything wrong tonight. Whatever you want my slave will do." Pat, looking
somewhat dubious, said; " Really? Anything??" Chris nodded yes.

Pat turned to me and said," Drop that towel slave, let me see you naked."
This surprised me, coming so suddenly with no working up to it; but I
immediately dropped the towel from my body and stood naked before the
ladies. Pat grinned at my obedience. She was going to enjoy being a
mistress! Pat said, " I just love those nipple rings that your slave has
Chris." Chris replied, " Thank you, but they were a present from some
friends of mine. They do come in handy !"

Chris told me to get them some wine and went into the f****y room to sit and
chat. I filled two wine goblets with a nice white wine and delivered them
to the ladies. Pat said," Chris you have a nice servant here". Chris
replied, " It's not too bad as a maid either!" and laughed. " Can we do
that? Dress him as a maid??" Pat asked. Chris assuredly said, " Certainly
my dear. Tonight we can do anything we want!" Chris looked at me standing
naked awaiting their pleasure and asked me," Isn't that right slave?" I
bowed my head and answered," Yes Mistress".

Pat reached her hand out and fondled my clean shaven balls. "I've never
seen a man's privates shaved before, they look kind cute that way!" She
said. "Much less menacing than those hairy things men are so proud of." She
added. Chris nodded her agreement remarking, " Yes indeed, my slave keeps
his body bald at my insistence. It takes him time to shave it and serves as
a constant reminder of his slave status. That hairless body is very easily

Pat seemed very impressed by Chris's confident attitude and my
submissiveness. " This is very interesting, I'd like to find out more about
what your slave will do, how you got such control and many other things."
Pat said. She then asked, " Can we talk in private for a bit?" Chris said,
" Of course Dear, perhaps the hot tub would be a comfortable place." Chris
told me to fetch them some towels. I quickly got the towels and when I
delivered them was told, " We are going to be alone for a bit, meanwhile get
into your 'slut' outfit and start fixing supper." I murmured, "Yes
Mistress." and left to obey my orders.

"Damn!" I thought to myself, "I'd hoped for a quiet evening at home tonight
serving my Mistress." It was now obvious that I was going to be put through
the hoops by two ladies tonight. As I got into my 'slut' apparel, I knew
the Ladies were planning my ordeal. What they had in mind I didn't know,
but felt safe in assuming that my pleasure was in no way involved in their

Since I had shaved my body during my shower, getting into my 'slut' outfit
went rather quickly. I painted my toenails first then began applying my
makeup. Chris preferred a wanton, whorish appearance in her sissy slave; so
I used the blue eyes shadow, lots of rouge, gaudy red lipstick and the long
fake eyelashes to achieve the desired effect. When the mascara was
liberally brushed on the long lashes my face looked very slutty indeed. I
put on some big hoop earrings and then the wig. It was a blonde wig styled
to give me the look of a bimbo.

I rolled the black mesh nylons onto my hairless legs and secured them to my
garter belt. Next I put on the black, padded bra and slipped into the white
blouse with the puffy sleeves. It's low cut neckline would make my nipples
easily accessible. If past experience was any indication, I expected that
they would be getting quite a workout this evening. Deciding to leave the
black lacy panties off, I stepped into my black mini-skirt. It barely
covered my privates, coming only to mid-thigh. I knew that with any bending
I would be exposed unless I moved very primly.

My transformation was nearly complete now, so I stepped into my high heeled
shoes. They had 4" heels and had taken me some time to learn to walk in.
Chris had me wearing them every Date Night weekend though, and now I could
manage quite well in them. A quick spray of cheap perfume, and I was ready
for the final step. I always waited until last to glue on the fake
fingernails. Their length made the other transformation steps too
difficult. Once they were in place, I painted them the same garish red as
my toenails. While they dried, I studied myself in the full-length mirror.
The image was perfect, I looked like a blonde floozy....just the way Chris
liked her sissy slave!

Figuring that the ladies would be ready for a refill of their wine glasses,
I put on my lacy white apron and went out to the Hot Tub to get their
glasses. "Oooh, how nicely whorish your maid looks now!" said Pat. Chris
just smiled and responded, " Thanks, She is a tramp, but serves me well."
They both laughed making me feel even more embarrassed. Chris's penchant
for having me dressed this way when in my slave role was bad enough in front
of her alone, but was more than doubly humiliating in the presence of Pat.
Executing a dainty curtsy I asked, " Would the Ladies care to have their
drinks refilled?" They both held up their empty glasses, which I took and
went to refill them. As I left their snickering sent a shiver up my spine.
This evening seemed to be dedicated to my humiliation.

When I returned with the refills, I had to squat demurely keeping my knees
together to hand them to the ladies. Pat reached under my skirt and fondled
my cock. "Her clitty is exited." she remarked to Chris. She stroked me to
full erection and then just as I felt near to orgasm, sent me away with a
tent-like bulge in my skirt. Chris told me, "I laid out two nice steaks for
tonight, fix a couple of potatoes and a nice salad to go along with them
Slut." I replied, " Yes Mistress."

The first thing I did was to light the gas grill to let it heat up while I
prepared the rest of the meal. Once the potatoes were in the microwave
oven, I made a large bowl of salad adding all of Chris's favorite
ingredients. When the salad was finished, I took the two nice T-bone steaks
and placed them on the grill. leaving them to start cooking, I scurried
back in the house to set the table. I used the good dishes, crystal
goblets, best silverware and even linen napkins to make the table suitably
attractive for the ladies. I even lit two candles to make it seem more
luxurious before dashing back out to flip the steaks.

"Mistress, Your supper will be ready in a few minutes." I respectfully
announced. Chris got out of the hot tub and had me towel off her body. Pat
also wanted the same service, which I of course supplied. Being so close to
two such delightful naked women caused my erection to return. Pat laughed
as she noticed my reaction saying, " The poor slave is probably aching for
some relief." Chris responded, " Don't worry about Slut, that bitch will get
more sex than she wants later." they both laughed as they went into the
house. Retrieving the steaks from the grill, I followed them inside.

Chris asked, " What is this third place setting for Slut?" "Did you presume
that you were to dine with us?" Realizing that I had messed up, I answered,
" I had hoped so Mistress, but I will remove the extra stuff immediately."
As rapidly as possible I removed the setting for my place at the table and
stood by the table waiting to be of service if needed. Chris and Pat
chatted casually as they ate, although there seemed to be a suppressed level
of excitement underlying everything. The wine they'd already consumed had
loosened up their inhibitions and they giggled frequently. My only task was
to refill their goblets once during the meal.

When they were finished eating, Chris lit up a cigarette, pushed back her
chair and motioned for me to kneel. "That was a good meal Slut, now I need
to relax a bit...lick me." She ordered. As she leaned back and spread her
legs, I began to lick gently at her vaginal lips. Slowly I worked my way to
her clit licking and sucking until she became aroused. Pat watching from
behind remarked, " Slut does have a nice ass." Chris said, " Yes She does,
and I would be honored if you would like to fuck it." Pat responded with
undisguised delight, "Wow, that would be something that I've never done
before! Lots of guys have tried to do anal sex on me and I hate it! This
is an unexpected pleasure to be able to shove something up one of them.
Could I really do that?" Chris said, " Of course Dear, I told you that
tonight you can do whatever you want with my slave." Reaching over to hold
Pat's hand she added, " You are my guest tonight."

Chris pulled my head away from her crotch and pointed towards Pat. "Do her
for a bit to warm her up." she commanded. I crawled over to Pat and
immediately began lapping at her bottom. Pat responded rapidly, and
actually reached orgasm before Chris returned with the toys. Chris had
inserted one end of a double dildo into herself and was holding out the
strap-on dildo to Pat. "Come over here and suck my cock Slut" Chris
demanded. With me on my hands and knees in front of her, she shoved the
fake cock past my lipstick covered lips into my mouth. "That's my good
little cocksucking bitch." she praised as I sucked. Pat meanwhile had
strapped on the dildo harness and knelt behind me. Chris told her, "Slut's
sissy pussy is awfully tight, You'd better use some of that Vaseline." Pat
took the jar of Vaseline, and smeared my asscunt with it liberally. She pushed
one, then two greasy fingers inside of me forcing the lubricant inside of
me. The pain of the intrusion soon was overcome with erotic sensations and
I began to squirm. Chris held my face in her hands, keeping my sucking
going as Pat entered my behind with her dildo. Pat relentlessly pushed the
dildo further in until it was up to the hilt. I was impaled both front and

Chris told Pat, " This bitch is easily controlled by her nipples. If you
use her rings you can regulate her movements to suit you." Pat pulled my
blouse out from where it was tucked into my skirt, unhooked my bra and
slipped her index fingers into my nipple rings and slowly began thrusting
and withdrawing, pulling me rearward to meet her thrusts by yanking on my
nipples. This scene was unbelievable! My mouth was being fucked by Chris
while Pat was fucking my ass and savaging my nipples. I was a helpless piece of fuckmeat being used for the ladies lustful pleasure.

It seemed to take forever before both Pat and Chris reached orgasm and they
released me to collapse on the floor. I had a throbbing erection and still
had not climaxed. The ladies hugged each other and Pat said," That was
great! I don't know when I've had so much fun!" Chris smiled and said." The
night is still young my dear, you may feel like doing it again. Remember
anything you desire Slut will do." They clinked their wine glasses together
and toasted to their night of pleasure.

Chris told me, "Get this table cleaned off, and clean yourself too. You
look like a freshly fucked Slut!" They both giggled at the obvious irony of
that statement and walked out of the room. I struggled to my feet, rehooked
my bra, tucked in my blouse and straightened the mini-skirt. It was bad
enough being dressed like this without being a disheveled mess. As soon as
I had cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, I went into the small
bathroom to freshen my makeup. I washed my aching bottom to remove the
slimy stuff oozing out, even though I knew from past experience it would
continue to leak for quite some time. While still feeling very humiliated,
weary and sore at both ends; at least I looked presentable again. Knowing
that I shouldn't stay gone too long, I returned to the f****y room to find
Chris and Pat sitting on the couch conversing as if the recent events had
never happened. They had both freshened up their makeup and changed into
something sexy. This seemed strange to me, they surely weren't trying to
impress me with their appearance! It seemed to be a waste of energy if, as
they suggested earlier that there might be a repeat performance later.
While I was still puzzling over this strange behavior, the door bell rang.

Chris said sweetly, " Answer the door, will you Slut dear?" Looking at the
ladies expressions I knew that this had been planned all along. They were
expecting company, someone else to enjoy degrading me! I dutifully went to
the door and opened it. There stood Brian with two other guys. They pushed
their way past me as Brian led them into the f****y room to meet the ladies.
I closed the door and followed them.

Brian was kissing Chris's hand and saying, " I'm so pleased you called
Chris. I see that Slut has responded well to your training." Chris nodded
her head in acknowledgment of his praise and introduced Pat. " She is my
friend and has been invited over for a bit of play, we started without you."
Both Chris and Pat chuckled at this comment. Brian introduced his friends
to the ladies. " The smaller guy here is Wayne, I brought him as a date for
Pat. This big fellow is Jake, he is mostly gay and can be brutal so I
figured that he would be a perfect date for Slut." I gasped at this last
statement, I wasn't gay, or even bisexual by choice. Jake's sheer size was
quickly turning this from a role playing game into a nightmare!

Chris ordered, " Get our dates some drinks Slut." Our dates! Those words
cut like a knife. It wasn't kinky enough for her to use me as her sissy
slave, now she had fixed me up as a date for a man. I obediently took the
drink orders and filled them, handing each his drink with a dainty curtsy.
Jake took his straight shot of bourbon and downed it in a gulp, chasing it
with a big swig of beer. He let out with a loud belch, reached out his
massive arm and pulled me to him. He planted a big wet kiss on my mouth,
forcing his tongue inside me. I wanted to gag, and tried to pull away which
enraged him. "This bitch needs her spirit broken a bit." he snarled,
pulling me across his lap as he sat on a chair. Lifting my skirt he began
spanking my bare bottom. No pretend swats, these were resounding whacks
that stung and really hurt. I wriggled trying to escape the blows, but his
powerful arm pinned me in place. After a half dozen blows to each cheek, he
let me up and asked, " You gonna play nice now babe? Or do you want some
more?" With tears streaming down my cheeks and sobbing, I muttered, "Yes
Sir, I'll do whatever you want." I glanced through teary eyes at Chris who was
sitting necking with Brian and saw her smile. It had been at my insistence
that she tried being dominant and now she had given me far more kinkiness
than I ever dreamed possible. She felt entitled to gloat a bit over the
obvious regrets I now felt.

Brian suggested, "Perhaps we should leave these two lovebirds to get
acquainted." Chris replied," I can hardly wait to get in bed with you too
Brian dear, but I'd kinda like to watch Slut please Jake for awhile first.
My dear husband wanted to be a woman, now I want to see Her perform like
one!" Pat added, " I want to watch this too, please." Wayne who was
fingering Pat's pussy nodded his agreement. Good grief! Not only was I going to
be Jake's 'woman' tonight but I was going to be f***ed to do it in front of
Chris and the others. There could be no greater humiliation imaginable!

Jake stood up and gave me a deep kiss, fondling my sore bottom with his
rough hands. His body pressed against mine allowing me to feel his
erection. He knew that I was a man, but he wanted to have sex with me while
I was dressed as a slut cunt. We kissed for a couple of minutes before he
ordered, " Undress me bitch, I'm going to give more than ya ever had
before!" My long painted fingernails fumbled with his shirt buttons until I
was able to slip it off exposing his very hairy body. The revulsion I felt
at having to undo his belt and unzip his fly was overcome by the fear of
what would happen if I refused, so his pants were soon removed also. He
looked more like a hairy b**st than a man, but the ladies applauded his
enormous cock. He gave a bow of mock modesty and then roughly pulled off my
blouse. His big hands were able to unhook and remove my bra with surprising

Jake pushed gently down on my shoulders forcing me to kneel in front of him.
"Suck my dick Bitch." he ordered waving it in front of my face. When I
parted my lips and took the head into my mouth Chris and Pat both applauded
again. Jake held my head with his hands as I tentatively began to suck on
him. There was no escaping my fate! Chris kept encouraging me by chanting,
"Suck Slut, suck." When Jake began thrusting his huge cock it made me choke
and gag. That seemed not to matter to anyone, Jake was having his way and
Chris loved seeing me as a sissy cocksucker. Pat had never seen two men
together and was getting quite turned on also. Brian and Wayne liked seeing
me humiliated and were happy feeling up the girls until they were ready to
have sex with them.

When Jake was about to come in my mouth he pushed me roughly away causing me
to fall backwards. Moving rapidly for a big man, he picked me up and placed
me on my hands and knees facing Chris. "Beg me to fuck you Bitch" He
ordered. Before I could even bring myself to utter such disgusting words,
he smacked my ass a few quick swats. " Oh please Sir, Please fuck my
pussy, I want to feel your cock deep inside my fuckhole." I pleaded in earnest. Anything to avoid those brutal spankings!

Everybody seemed to find my total surrender amusing as a snicker ran through
the gathered crowd. Jake f***ed himself inside of me firmly with a quick
thrust. It hurt terribly, but I was thankful for the copious lubrication
Pat had used on me earlier. But for the remaining ooze, I would have been
ripped open by Jake's oversized equipment. He grabbed my hips and began
thrusting in earnest until he came what seemed like a gallon deep inside of

Jake rolled over on his side then onto his back, pulling me along with him
so that I wound up on my back with his cock still buried in my ass. Chris
came from the couch and began to suck on my right nipple. Pat soon joined
in suckling on my left nipple. Chris kissed me lightly on my sweaty
forehead whispering that she was proud of her slave. She then gave my erect
cock a few strokes and brought me to orgasm, at last! When I came all over
my stomach she and Pat scooped it up and fed it to me. After I had finished
licking their fingers clean, they took the hands of Brian and Wayne and left
for the bedroom leaving me laying there with Jake still imbedded inside me.

Finally he slipped out of my violated ass and rolled onto his side. He
easily rolled me over to face him, kissed me gently while fondling my
nipples. "You are a sweet piece of ass Bitch." he said sincerely. "Now
that I've made love to you as my woman, you will be mine to use whenever
Chris allows it." He pinched my nipples firmly and asked, " You will love
that won't you?" Made love? He called that brutal **** making love? The
pain in my nipples f***ed me to smile sweetly and answer, " Yes Jake honey,
I'll be your fucktoy anytime you want." He released me and sent me to wash up. I figured that it was best to humor him and brought back a warm wet washcloth to clean his
privates with. I even gave his cock a friendly kiss after cleaning it,
which pleased him immensely.

I started to dress myself again, but Jake said, " Just keep the heels, hose
and garter belt on, leave the rest off." I replied, "Yes sir." At his
command I brought him another shot and beer to 'rebuild his strength'. As
he swilled it down I heard Chris call, " Slut, get in here." from the
bedroom. My Mistress's demands came first, so I left Jake and went to the

Chris, Brian, Pat and Wayne were all in our king-size bed. Chris and Brian
had obviously just finished making love, while Pat and Wayne were still
going at it. Chris smiled at me, spread her legs and said, " Lick me clean
Slut." I sank to my knees and saw Brian's come leaking from her cunt.
While he was still kissing her and fondling her breasts, I lapped up the
residue of his passion. He chuckled at the sight of me performing this
degrading task. The musky smell of fresh sex assailed my nose and the taste
was horrible, but soon my chore was finished. Chris praised me saying, "
That's a good Slut, now lick my juices off Brian's wonderful cock." Even
though I done this before, the idea of licking another man's cock was still
revolting to me. My revulsion didn't count for much tonight though, so
knowing that I had no choice, I took his cock in my hands and licked it from
one end to the other. Damned thing started getting hard again from my
tongue and I wondered if Brian was as straight as he let on.

Chris took Brian by the hand saying, " Let's go to the hot tub for a bit
Darling." She looked at me and ordered, " Bring us fresh drinks." They left
the bedroom for the tub and I went to fix their drinks. I delivered them to
the hot tub where they were relaxing, but still fondling each other. That
Brian could turn Chris on like no other man! Chris took her drink, fondled
briefly my still smarting ass and told me," Go back to the bedroom and
perform your clean-up service for Pat and Wayne, they should be finished by
now." With tears of humiliation filling my eyes, I replied humbly, "Yes
Mistress." and left them.

Passing through the f****y room, Jake grabbed me and kissed me. "Where are
you going Babe?" he asked. "Mistress sent me on an errand Sir." I answered
truthfully. "In that case, I won't keep you." he said releasing me. He
did, however, follow me down the hall to the bedroom. Pat and Wayne had
indeed completed their lovemaking and looked surprised to see me standing
there. " What do You want?" she asked. " Mistress Chris sent me to clean
you up too, if that is your desire." I uttered shyly. "That would be very
nice indeed Slut. " She patted the bed and told me, " Lay on your back here
dear slave." When I was in position, Pat straddled my face and pulled my
mouth to her crotch. " Lick it all up, be sure that you suck out all of the
stuff inside me too." She demanded. Pat thought that this having a slave
was a great treat, and was really enjoying herself.

Jake seeing my bare ass laying there, decided to take advantage of this
opportunity and climbed onto the bed between my legs. He lifted my legs,
spreading them with his shoulders. I was unable to even beg him not to do
that, as my mouth was muffled by Pat's sopping pussy. My licking was
getting Pat close to orgasm again as her thrusting hips indicated. With my
mouth held firmly in place, Jake was free to enter me again. This time he
was fucking me more slowly, almost lovingly. Wayne found the sight of me
being used at both ends arousing and he placed his dick in my hand for me to
stroke. Hopelessly trapped, I began to stroke him. What a wild picture
this made I thought.

" That Slut is one hot bitch!" I heard Brian say. Chris said, "Yes indeed,
the minute I let her out of my sight She's involved in an orgy." They had
decided to return to the bedroom for a second round of sex and walked in to
see me being used by three people. That none of this had been my idea
didn't matter. Jake fucking my ass, Pat riding my face, and my hand stoking
Wayne's cock made it appear that I was loving it. Chris took Brian's cock
and put it in my other hand and began playing with my nipples. Despite the
horror of my predicament, my cock began to rise again.

Pat reached her orgasm, let my head fall back and dismounted me. Jake
wrapped his arms around mine disengaging me from Brian and Wayne and began
to fuck more rapidly. The f***e of his thrusts was causing me to moan
accordingly and Chris remarked, " Isn't that sweet, Slut loves being
fucked!" The others agreed with her making comments about my wanton nature.
Jake, oblivious to all of the distractions, rammed into me until he came
deep inside me. He kissed me deeply and withdrew. I lay exhausted, unable
to move for several minutes. Pat bent over, kissed me on the lips and
praised my performance with, " Slut honey, I haven't cum like that in
years. You look so sexy being fucked it turns me on!"

Chris snapped at me, " Get up and make room for me and Brian, and get out of
those nylons before they get ruined. I don't buy pretty things just to be
destroyed during your slutty whoring around." I got off of the bed and
scurried to the bathroom to wipe off my seeping bottom. While in there I
relieved my bladder and removed my hose and garter belt. I replenished my
lipstick and combed my hair to look more presentable before returning to the
bedroom naked. Chris and Brian were in bed caressing each other. I felt
very jealous of him, he was in bed with my wife while I was a sex toy for
Jake. He had fucked her as a man, and by the look of things soon would be
doing it again; while I had been used like a whore. Chris said, " It's not
ladylike to wander around naked slut, Slip into the nightie I laid out for
you and leave us alone." I slipped the black, lacy, short nightie over my
head. It didn't even completely cover my buns. As I left the bedroom,
Chris had rolled on top of Brian and was beginning to ride his cock.

In the kitchen Pat and Wayne were fixing themselves another drink, Pat
said," Slut has had a busy night, pour yourself a drink Dearie. " Grateful
for this unexpected kindness, I poured myself a glass of wine. It would
help me to get rid of the foul taste in my mouth and maybe even help ease
the degrading experiences. Pat asked, " Have you been a slave for long
Slut?" I replied, "No Ma'am, this is all fairly new to me." She said, " I
think it's wonderful the way you endure all of this to please Your Mistress
and her kinky friends." I sipped my wine and replied meekly, " Thank you
Ma'am." I didn't tell her how debasing it was to be a sissy sex slave nor
how much I wished that I was in bed with Chris now in place of Brian. How
could I? I didn't quite understand myself how I had been reduced to my
current state in such short time.

Wayne noticed tears welling up in my eyes and snorted," I think that Slut
never was a man, no real man would let himself be treated this way." Pat
defended me with, " I shows great love to give up all pride,
every vestige of manhood to become a feminized sissy for his Mistress." She
kissed me lightly on the cheek and added, " I wish I had one just like
Slut." Wayne just glared at me.

Pat said, " We are going to sl**p in the guest room tonight, Chris and Brian
wish to be alone." Damn, I'd kinda hoped that everyone would leave soon. "
Would you be a dear and suck Wayne hard for me Slut?" Pat asked sweetly.
After her defense of me, I felt obliged to do what she asked and knelt in
front of Wayne. Taking his cock in one hand I put it to my lips and kissed
the head lightly. As I took him into my mouth, my other hand gently cradled
his balls. Sucking and licking soon had Wayne forgetting who was servicing
him, he responded by getting erect and started moving his hips. While I was
so engaged, Jake walked in from the hot tub and loudly asked, " What in the
hell is this?" Pat just purred, " I asked slut to do this for me, isn't she
cute little cocksucker?" Pat began to fondle Jake's cock. Pat smiled
sweetly at Wayne and told him, "I'm too worn out for anymore sex tonight
Wayne Honey, so if you want to come again you'd better let Slut finish you
off here." I felt betrayed! I was supposed to merely get him hard! Wayne
said, "Well if that's the case, I suppose that coming in this faggot's mouth
is better than nothing." He grabbed my ears and began fucking my mouth
faster and harder until he finally came in my mouth. I gagged and choked.
Pat said, " That's ok slut just swallow it." When I had, she handed me my
wine which I quickly gulped down. She patted me on the head saying, " That
was very nice of you to take care of Wayne for me Slut. Come with me, I
want to play with you now." Wayne asked, "Hey, what about me?" Pat just
smiled at him and replied, " Now that you are into having sex with guys, you
and Jake can have fun together." She took me by the hand and led me into the
guest bedroom, leaving a shocked Wayne staring at Jake's menacing erection.

Once in the bedroom, Pat closed the door and started giggling. She gave me
a warm hug and said, " I couldn't stand his swinish remarks about you Slut
Honey. A night with Jake might mellow him out a bit." We both laughed at
the beautiful irony of her hastily concocted plan. As we were crawling into
the bed the sounds of scuffling coming from the kitchen told us that Wayne
was being 'seduced'. Even though my poor ass was still throbbing and
leaking, I smiled at the thought of what lie ahead for Wayne. He is going
where I have been!

Pat pulled me on top of her and guided me inside of her. I made love to her
like a man, although I was still made up as a woman. Afterwards we lay
still kissing, caressing and cuddling. She said, " Oh Slut, I just love
feeling your hairless body. You are a wonderful combination of both a man
and a woman." I answered," And You are so beautiful a person, both
physically and in spirit." She said, " Just now you made great love as a man
and earlier I made love to you in your female role, I honestly can't say
which I enjoyed more." I ran my long fingernails lightly over her breasts
and told her, " Pat Darling, I prefer what we just did, but would gladly be
yours to use any way you want." She said," You are so sweet, I'll talk with
Chris and see if we can't work out some kind of an arrangement where we can
share your services." We fell asl**p in each other's arms.


The sun was shining in the window when Pat awakened me with a kiss. She was
holding my garter belt, hose and shoes. " Let's go out with the others,
please put these on for me." Once I had put them on I resumed my Slut role.
I stopped by the bathroom to reapply my makeup and comb my hair. Walking
into the kitchen I could scarcely keep from laughing. Wayne was wearing my
lacy apron and cooking breakfast. He had a black eye, his wrists were
bruised and his bare ass bore welts obviously made by Jake's belt. Pat
lightly ran her hand over his ass causing him to wince. She said with mock
concern, " That looks so sore Wayne, how was your wedding night?" Wayne just
glared at her, feeling very embarrassed about having lipstick on. He knew
that everyone knew what his night had been like. Hell!

Pat sat down at the table with Chris, Brian and Jake, while I remained
standing servilely. Chris gave me a light kiss on the cheek and asked, "Did
you have a good night Slut?" I answered, "Yes Mistress, I did." Brian said,"
A lot better than Wayne's I'll bet!" and broke out laughing. Jake pulled me
onto his lap and gave me a kiss. "Good morning Slut, I missed your company
last night." he said. He fondled my ass then added," But I now have a new
Bitch, and this one I can take home with me." Wayne came into the room with
the beginnings of breakfast. I helped him set the table and deliver the
food. I knew that Wayne really wanted to lay into me, but we both remained
silent as polite maids, refilling coffee cups and so forth until they
finished eating.

After the table was cleared off, dishes done, and kitchen cleaned up, Jake
announced that it was time for he and Bitch to be going. He said," I've got
to take Her shopping for some sexy clothes and other stuff. We're going out
dancing tonight!" Wayne's face was a picture of sheer terror. Not only had
he been brutally ****d last night, but he was now considered as Jake's
property. There was an exchange of thanks. Jake thanked Chris for her
hospitality and the use of Slut. Chris thanked Jake for making Slut into a
real woman and for doing it in front of her. Wayne thanked Pat for the sex
he had enjoyed with her, but nearly choked on the words when Jake made him
thank her for introducing him to Jake. "No problem Bitch, it was my
pleasure." Pat said with great sincerity. Jake took the apron off of Wayne
and wrapped him in a pink robe he had borrowed from Chris. As he carried
him out the door, he remarked," You can throw out those other clothes, I'll
return the robe."

When they were gone, Brian said, " That sure didn't turn out the way I
expected, I had brought Jake as a favor for Chris. I knew that she wanted
to see Slut fucked by a man and Jake was just the guy." Pat chirped in with,
" I'm sure it came as a surprise to Wayne too!" Brian gave Chris and Pat
both a kiss, then said," Chris I had a really wonderful time with you as
always, and I am really looking forward to a weekend alone with you." He
then turned and left also. When the door closed behind him it was quiet
almost like the last eighteen hours hadn't occurred.

Chris broke the silence with," Slut get your maid outfit on it's time to
change the beds, do laundry and clean the house. Pat and I are going to
play computer games for a bit and then take a nap." The game wasn't over
yet! I went into the bedroom to don my Slut clothes, the same things I'd
worn at the start of last night's activities. As soon as I was dressed, I
stripped the sheets off of our king-sized bed and remade the bed with clean
linens. I did the same with the guest bed and then took the soiled sheets
along with our regular laundry to the basement laundry room. Great care was
needed to carry that overly full basket down the stairs wearing heels as I
was. I knew that it would be easy to trip and fall.

Once I had things sorted and the first load running, I went to the Basement
bedroom to replace those sheets. The bed was totally disheveled from
Wayne's struggles and the bl**d spots on the sheets was evidence that Jake
had torn his virgin ass. "Poor Wayne," I thought, "At least Chris had
broken me in gently and Pat's dildo had loosened my ass up before Jake's
attack!" I gathered the sheets and set them to soak in the laundry sink.
Then it was back upstairs to clean the house.

Back in our bedroom, I picked up the clothes that Wayne had worn to our
house and took them to Chris. "Mistress," I asked, "What shall I do with
these things?" Chris looked at them with scorn and replied, "Throw them out!
I imagine that Bitch now has some pretty new things to wear." Then showing
some pity added, "Take the stuff in the pockets, put it a paper bag, and
we'll save it for Her." A wallet, knife, coins and a nailclipper all went
into the bag before I set it on the closet shelf. Then pants, shorts,
shirt, socks and even shoes went into the trash. It seemed a waste of good
clothes, but Chris was right, Wayne probably had a new outfit by now.

I vacuumed the bedrooms and then went back downstairs to load the dryer and
put in the second load which included the basement sheets. than back
upstairs to vacuum the living and f****y rooms. When I got to the computer
area, Chris and Pat were both online chatting on an Adult BBS. A glance at
the screens showed that they were busy relating recent events to an
interested audience. Cris saw me arrive and motioned me to kneel and lick
her crotch. She loved having me serve her like that while she talked via
modem to both guys and gals. Busy where I was, I couldn't see what she was
typing, but felt certain that she was telling everyone what she had me
doing....maybe even how I was dressed. Hopefully she was using the name
Slut instead of the usual alias I used in there.

When Chris was satisfied, she allowed me to get up. I was surprised to see
Pat wearing the strap-on dildo. While had been busy, she'd put it on to
enable her to fuck me again. She had been serious when telling of how much
she enjoyed the sensations and feelings of power she felt while usurping the
male sex role. Chris seemed to use dildo **** to make me feel humiliated
and inferior. Pat actually loved the act for it's own sake. Either way, I
was going to take it in the rear, but at least with Pat it was for her

Pat took my hand and led me to the f****y room where she had me suck on the
phallus kneeling in front of her. "Slut you look so cute and sexy with a
cock in your mouth." she praised while stroking my hair. I could feel the
sincerity in her voice. She wasn't being snide or cynical. Suddenly I felt
very pretty and lucky to serve her. When she had me get on all fours, I
eagerly complied. I didn't even mind the application of a generous amount
of Vaseline. When she entered me I even thrust back to willingly receive
her. We made passionate love until she reached her wild orgasm and she
pulled out and kissed me. I felt thrilled to have pleased her so. Then she
pulled my skirt back down, gave me a pat on the rear and ordered, " Back to
work Slut, the fun's over for now." She went back to the computer and I went
down to change loads again. I felt a bit resentful and used, but knew that
there was work to be done.

While I finished the laundry and cleaned the bathrooms the ladies took a
nap. When the supper was well started, I went to wake them as had been
requested. They looked so sweet cuddled together in our bed. A glass of
wine before dinner was in order and then feeling content and rested, they
agreed that I should be allowed to eat with them. I was even allowed a
glass of wine for myself. It was a very pleasant meal. Chris and Pat
talked while I remained silent. Chris told Pat how much she had liked her
company and assistance. Pat told Chris how she had never had such fun in
her entire life. They kissed and hugged each other, more like s****rs than
lovers. When they were finished they stripped and went to the hot tub while
I cleaned up the dishes.

Chris called, "Bring towels Slut." I hurried out to dry them as they emerged
from the tub. They had decided that the sl**ping part of last night had
been too short and announced that it was bedtime. Even as I was wondering
where I was to sl**p, Chris said, "I think that the three of us girls can
fit in one bed tonight." I was thrilled! We went into the bedroom and all
three of us put on short nighties. I was placed in the middle with Chris on
one side and Pat on the other. I was really tired from lack of sl**p and
too much sex. I would have been quickly asl**p, except female hands from
both sides began to fondle me. One pair of lips on each nipple and two
pairs of hands fondling me soon had my hips thrusting. When I came, they
once again fed my come to me. almost before they'd rolled over to sl**p I
was dead to the world.


The morning sun awakened Pat first. She threw back the covers to stare at
me sl**ping in the short nightie for a few minutes before her lips went to
my cock. What a grand way to be awakened! The first thing I saw was her
mouth engulfing my cock. As our movements increased, Chris woke up also.
She smiled and said, " My Dear Slut, you are such a horny whore. Maybe I
should put you to work on the streets." I gasped in shock, then saw her
smile and knew that she wasn't serious about that threat when she kissed me
full on the mouth. Chris took my hand and placed it on her crotch. As I
fondled and fingered her bottom she reached over to caress Pat's breasts.
We had a three way love thing going which only ended when I came in Pat's
mouth. Pat the kissed me transferring the contents of her mouth to mine. I
swallowed it and then kissed Chris.

I was sent to make breakfast while the ladies performed their morning
grooming. By the time the meal was ready, so were they. Again I was
allowed with them and even join in the conversation this time. I still had
to serve them and clean up, but they were clearly in a mellow mood this
Sunday morning. Chris told Pat, " This has been a great weekend, we'll
certainly have to do this again on a regular basis." Pat shrieked with joy
and replied," Oh, Yes!! I would love that very much. This has been the
best time. I want to thank you for your hospitality and especially for
sharing your slave with me."

About this time, the doorbell rang. When I answered it, there stood Jake
and Wayne. I let them in and they went to the ladies. Wayne was wearing a
short lavender skirt, matching frilly blouse, high heels and makeup. Jake
was carrying the robe he'd borrowed. "I came to return this Chris, and to
thank Pat for introducing me to my new bitch. We went out on a round of
some of the gay bars last night and had a fantastic time before going to my
place to play. We even got invited to an orgy tonight...I think lots of
guys want to try out my latest find." He laughed and added, " I protected
Her last night, but may not tonight." Wayne's shudder was visible. He
walked unsteadily, possibly due to the newness of walking in heels but it
was also very likely that he had a very sore bottom under that skirt. Chris
had me fetch the sack with Wayne's stuff and give it to Jake. Jake gave me
a pat on the ass ordered, "Come Bitch!" and walked out the door. As Wayne
hurried after him, Pat told him, " Have a good time Faggot."

We talked for awhile after they were gone. Pat then decided that it was
time for her to be going also. We all hated to see the weekend end, almost
afraid if we broke the spell, it would never be restored. Chris reminded
us, "We have another Date Night coming up in two weeks." Thus, with warm
kisses all around, Pat departed. Chris gave me a big hug and said," Honey I
was so proud of you this weekend. You were such a good slave." All of the
degrading things I had been subjected to seemed to dissolve into nothingness
with her remarks. She loved me and I would die for her.


My wife Chris had told me to get "ready", which I knew meant for me to get
into my role as Slut. This process took over an hour; involving as it did
shaving my body, showering, putting on makeup, doing my hair and dressing in
my French maid outfit. As I completed my transformation, I wondered what
Chris had planned for tonight. She never informed me ahead of time, feeling
that as her slave I should accept whatever she demanded of me. I knew that
she had something special planned since she seemed to be unusually excited
as she was getting herself ready to go out.

Wanting to please Chris with my appearance, I took extra care shaving my
body very closely, painting my nails bright red, applying my facial makeup
just right and fixing my hair just the way she liked it. I made sure the
seams on my nylons were straight before hooking them to my garter belt. The
bra with the cutout nipple areas allowed my nipple rings to hang free. The
sheer white blouse ensured that they would be visible through the fabric. I
stepped into the short black skirt and tucked the blouse in tightly to show
off my breasts. Chris was so proud of the way she had made them grow. Hoop
earrings and a bracelet completed my outfit. I put on the 4" high heeled
shoes and I was "ready".

Chris was completely dressed by the time I was finished. I had been
expecting to see her in the leather outfit she normally wore on the
occasions she was in her Mistress role, but she was dressed as if to go to a
wedding or similar occasion. She was so beautiful! "Get me a glass of wine
Slut" she demanded. I filled a crystal goblet with her favorite wine and
brought it to her. " Get your cosmetic bag and put it in your purse." she
told me. As I went to do that, I deduced that it was going to be another
overnight ordeal with the Masters and Mistresses we had been with before.

Chris looked through my purse and removed the two dollars she found in
there. "You won't be needing any money" she said. My bewilderment about
this was interrupted by the sound of a car pulling into our driveway. When
the doorbell rang, Chris nodded her head indicating that I should answer it.
I opened the door to see big, tall and handsome guy standing there in a
tuxedo. I gave a small curtsy and invited him in. He walked past me as if
I wasn't there to kiss and embrace Chris. I had never seen this guy before.
Where had she met him?

They kissed for a few minutes before Chris asked "Would you care for a drink
dear Jason?" He replied," Not now, we'd better get going. Thanks anyway."
Chris said, " Ok, I'm ready." Then she told me to get the suitcase from the
spare bedroom. "Yes Mistress" was my answer. The embarrassment of being
dressed as I was in front of this gentleman was mixed with the hurt of
Chris's not even introducing me to him.

Jason held open the door for Chris to sit in the front passenger seat. I
sat in the back seat holding her bag. We rode down to a seedy part of the
city. They chatted happily about what fun they were going to have on their
trip. Chris was like a schoolgirl on her first date. Whatever they had
planned didn't include me!

The car stooped in front of a rundown house. I was scared to even be in
this neighborhood, let alone to stop here. Jason got out and opened the
Door for Chris and opened the back door for me to exit. Chris had me leave
the suitcase in the car. Taking me by the hand she led me up to the front
door, which opened as if by magic. Mistress Pat stood there. She'd
obviously been watching through the window for our arrival. " Come right in
Slut, we've been waiting for you!" Pat said. After I walked past her into
the foyer, she got between Chris and I. She gave Chris a warm kiss and hug
telling her " Have fun Chris, we will." Chris cautioned me, "Be a good girl
Slut and mind Mistress Pat." As I meekly nodded yes, she left to join Jason.
Pat closed and locked the door, even hooking the safety chain, before
turning to face me.

"Mistress Chris has plans for a weekend of fun with her new friend Jason and
she kindly lent you to me to use as I see fit." Pat said, then added
ominously, "Don't worry, I'll see that you're not bored!" Her hand reached
under my short skirt and fondled my bare ass. " If you do as you are
ordered, I won't have to get brutal with you...disobey, or even hesitate
over obeying and I can cause you great pain!" I shuddered at her words even
as her caressing was giving me an erection. " Lift up your skirt Slut" she
commanded. I quickly grabbed the hems on either side of my skirt and lifted
them exposing my shaven cock and balls. Mistress Pat slapped my cock sharply, the
pain causing the erection to wilt. She Laughed saying, " We won't be
needing that pitiful thing this weekend, You are going to live up to your
name." " Now get into the kitchen Slut" she ordered, pointing the way.

The kitchen was typical of these old houses, linoleum floor, high ceiling
and larger than those found in the newer homes. There was a woman sitting
at the table sipping coffee. Pat introduced me saying, " This is our slave
for the weekend J. It answers to the name Slut." She continued, " Slut this
is Mistress J, you will obey her orders as well as mine." I replied, " Yes
Mistress Pat." My situation was quite hopeless! I was penniless, dressed as
Slut in an area where being on the streets like this could be fatal, and
also under orders from Chris to obey. My only option seemed to be to do
what they wished and hope that Chris returned soon to reclaim her slave.

Mistress J smiled at me and remarked, " Very pretty outfit Slut, We wouldn't
want to ruin it. You'd better take it off and put on that apron." I
hesitated for a moment, unsure of where I was to change. Pat slapped me on
the ass and ordered, " Strip Slut!" My fingers unbuttoned my blouse and
undid my skirt. Pat took my clothes as they were shed. "Leave the bra on,
it makes your titties look cute. The hose and shoes can stay also." J said.
She handed me a short apron that went from my waist to just barely covering
my privates. Now even the skimpy protection of my short skirt and sheer
blouse was gone! I felt so terribly vulnerable.

"We have lots of work for Slut to do while she's here, shall we have her get
started or play a bit first Mistress J?" Pat asked. J quickly answered,
"Let's play with her first! I've been looking forward to this and getting
hornier by the minute." Each of the ladies slipped a finger through one of
my nipple rings and led me down the hall. They walked fast enough to make
it difficult for me to keep up in my heels, but the pain in my nipples
ensured that I'd follow them to the bedroom.

Mistress J sat on the edge of the bed, opened her robe and spread her
thighs. " Lick my clit Slut." she ordered. I started to kneel down to get
a better angle but that move was halted by a quick smack of a whip on my
bare ass. Pat had picked up a short whip somewhere and seemed eager to use
it. " Just bend over from the waist." she demanded. A smile crossed her
face, as if she just had a new idea, and she said," Better yet, grab your
ankles Slut and hold that position." When I did that, she took a roll of
duct tape and taped my wrists to my ankles. What an uncomfortable and
vulnerable position this was!

Pat was strapping on a big dildo as she said to J, "This way Way we can both
have fun dear." J laughed as she pulled my head to her crotch saying, " What
a great idea." I started licking around the pussy lips. J grabbed both of
my nipple rings and ordered, " Suck my clit slut!" I started sucking on her
clit gently. A quick on my nipple rings was followed by, " Harder, suck it
harder!" I began sucking as hard as I could. If I pleased them it would
minimize the pain inflicted on me.

Sucking and slurping slavishly at J's crotch, I had briefly forgotten about
Pat. I was rudely reminded of her presence when she shoved a lube covered
finger up my ass. J tugged on my nipple rings to remind me to keep sucking.
I kept sucking even as Pat shoved in two fingers and worked them around
inside me. J was really getting worked up now and put her legs over my
shoulders. Her hips were bucking up and down making it hard to keep her
clit in my lips. Pat chose this moment to ram the dildo into it's target.
I was sucking and being fucked at the same time. Pat's thrusts were
instantly transmitted to J's clit, which drove her wild. Soon she Pushed me
away and wound up just laying there shuddering in sexual bliss. Pat
continued r****g my ass until she also climaxed and withdrew that terrible
dildo from my ass. She went to J and kissed her warmly. the two Ladies
caressed and cuddled for some time, enjoying the warm afterglow of orgasmic
sex. I stood bent over, in heels, exhausted, sweating and awaiting their
next whim.

J said, " Oh Pat, that sensation was so fabulous! I could feel your every
stroke on my clit! You should try that sometime." Pat looked at me and
said, " Why not now? We don't have anything better to do at the moment, and
Slut is still in position." They both laughed at my obvious inability to
alter their decision. After smoking a cigarette, they changed places. Pat
on the bed and J wore the strap-on.

The scene this time was somewhat different. Pat preferred me to lick more
gently and J stood still and made me do the moving with my rear. She
thought it was funny making me fuck myself using her dildo. Fortunately,
since the Ladies were starting from a higher state of arousal, this second
round didn't take nearly as long. After the Ladies were both satisfied
sexually, they again lay together looking at me standing there. I was sore
all over. My ass felt like it was on fire, my nipples throbbed, my
shoulders ached from the strain of my position and I had cramps in my legs.
Pat reached over and turned the apron around so it covered my ass. she took
my cock in her hand and began stroking it.

Pat said, " Watch this J. It's just like milking a cow." So saying she
proceeded to masturbate me. Despite the pain I was feeling I began moving
my hips as her ministrations were having the desired effect. When I began
to spurt, J caught my ejaculate in her hand saying, "Come on bitch, give it
all to me!". They kept milking me until they felt they had every drop. J
put her cum-filled hands up to my mouth and commanded, " Lick it up, all of
it! Then swallow it!" They giggled as I lapped up and swallowed my own
semen. Pat stated, " You need to get used to the taste of cum, there may be
more coming!" With that statement, I knew that they had more torment in
store for me.

Pat took mercy on me and tore the tape holding my wrists to my ankles
allowing me to stand upright. She told me, " Get into the shower and get
yourself cleaned up. You need to redo your makeup, You look a mess!" " Yes
Mistress." I replied and went into the bathroom she had pointed me toward.
once there I stripped off the few remaining articles of clothing and stood
soaking in the hot water. It took awhile before I felt refreshed enough to
leave the comfort of the stall. When I stepped out, my clothes had been
laid on the counter beside my makeup bag. I redid my facial makeup, brushed
my hair and got dressed again. Looking in the full length mirror on the
back of the door, it was hard to tell how badly I had been used so shortly
before. I set out to find my Mistresses, ready to resume my service to

Pat and J were sitting in the living room, sipping wine. They had cleaned
up and changed clothes while I was gone. Upon sighting me, J said, " How
nice you look Slut, our guests will be pleased." Pat added, " They should be
here shortly. You will be a good slave while they are here, won't you
Slut?". I murmured, "Yes Mistress Pat." Pat motioned me to kneel in front
of her where she caressed my hair gently. She put her glass to my lips and
gave me a sip of her wine. This gentle treatment was in sharp contrast to
her earlier behavior, but I appreciated it greatly. As I became relaxed she
told me, " We are having some friends drop by shortly for some gang-bang fun, and you’re going to be the bithch. I told Mistress Chris that we'd give you a safeword to use if things got too much for you." That was welcome news to me! Knowing there would be an escape route open would make enduring whatever was to come much more bearable. If I could stop when I decided, it almost made my participation optional. Pat
informed me, " Tonight your safeword is 'Nigger'." Both ladies giggled at
this choice. It wasn't a word that came up in conversation anymore, but I
knew I would use it if necessary.

The doorbell rang and Pat indicated with a wave of her hand that I should
answer it. I still felt embarrassed to be seen by strangers in my Slut
outfit, but hurried to open the door. There stood five black men! They
brushed by me as I gave a polite curtsy. The last one in bolted the door
behind him, then gave me a push propelling me to follow after the rest. I
suddenly felt very weak, as the significance of my "safeword" dawned on me.
To use it might prove fatal! I had never felt so helpless in all of my

The new arrivals were all dressed in similar fashion and I knew they were
gang members. Now I understood why these two ladies dared to live in this
neighborhood, they were protected by this gang. What the ladies did to
deserve such a status, I didn't know but, I had an ominous feeling that my
services might be a partial payment. A wave of fear caused me to shiver.
Fear for my life was a far stronger emotion than the normal humiliation and
degradation. Tonight I was truly a sex slave!

The leader of the group was a big man, over 6'4" tall. Everyone called him
King. He was receiving kisses from the ladies. Pat said, " Take the men's
coats Slut and hang them in the hall closet." I replied, " Yes Mistress Pat,
I'll do it at once." As the men removed their jackets, it became clear that
they were all armed with automatics in shoulder holsters. They lived in a
dangerous world and were ready for trouble. I took their jackets, hung them
in the closet, and hurried back for more orders. Mistress J said sweetly, "
Get the men some drinks like a dear won't you Slut?" As I went to each man
to ask what they preferred, I heard King's deep voice saying, " Your white
slave is kinda cute, and obedient too." The men all laughed at his remark.
I blushed with shame.

During the next hour or so I had served several rounds of drinks and the
atmosphere had grown steadily more sexual. The ladies and most of the guys
were naked. Mistress J ordered me, " Come over here and demonstrate your
pussy-eating skills Slut." I went to where she was sitting next to King,
knelt between her thighs, and began licking. This brought a chuckle from
the guys, who thought that such a thing was beneath their dignity. I
continued until J felt she was ready for sex. She pushed my head back and
told me, " Now get King ready too!" I turned my head to find him standing
naked with his cock inches from my lips. " Go ahead white bitch, suck my
big black cock!" he demanded. It was big! My white fingers were in stark
contrast to it as I held it and gently licked around the head. My painted
lips parted and I took it into my mouth. The other guys were chanting, "
Suck Slut, suck Slut" in unison as I tried to keep from choking on the
steadily growing organ. It didn't take long before he was fully erect and
threw me aside to bury himself in Mistress J.

No sooner had he began pumping away, when another man stepped in front of me
and said, " My turn next, Suck me bitch!" Knowing that I had no choice in
the matter, I decided to make it as pleasurable for him as possible. Since
resistance was out of the question, perhaps slavish submission would ensure
my survival. I licked around the head, gently flicking my tongue on his
glans until he was getting aroused before taking it into my mouth. Even as
I sucked, I stimulated the bottom of his shaft with my tongue. It didn't
take long for before he was thrusting into my mouth as if it were a pussy.
I gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat, but kept sucking and cooing.
He was really going wild now! he grabbed my head in his hands and fucked my
mouth until he came what seemed like gallons in my mouth. When he had
finished spurting, he withdrew and released my head from his vise-like grip.
" Swallow it Slut" he ordered. I, of course, did. " Sorry Pat", he said, "
I'll have to do you a bit later, I just got carried away." He was trying to
act cool about it, but I noticed that his legs were still trembling from the
orgasm he had just experienced. Pat replied, " No problem Tyrone, we have
lots of time."

Mistress J and King were getting close to orgasm now, judging bye the sounds
that were coming from the couch. While the rest all watched their
performance; I was granted a brief, badly needed respite. King finally
stiffened his body then relaxed on top of J, her thrashing legs ceased their
wild movement and wrapped around his back. They lay like this for several
silent minutes before King withdrew his now spent cock and stood up saying,
" Get over here Slut and lick up my cum." I hurried to obey, tying to ignore
the derisive laughter of the guys. Mistress J spread her thighs exposing
her jism oozing pussy. " Lap that wonderful stuff up Slut. That came from
a REAL man, maybe it will do you some good!" She joined in with the laughter
as I lapped and sucked at her pussy. She added," Although with a sissy sex
slave like you, I doubt that anything would help!" Tears of humiliation
streamed down my cheeks as I licked her pussy clean.

Upon completion of my 'cleaning service' I was sent to fetch another round
of drinks. King and J were sitting on the couch when I delivered their
drinks. Pat and Tyrone were sitting on the love seat as I served theirs.
The other three guys stood, patiently awaiting their turn for fun. As I
served the last one his drink he asked, " Tyrone, how was this bitch's
mouth? Is it worth using?" Tyrone laughed and said, " I'd have killed to
have that Slut when I was in prison!" Several of them gave knowing nods
which let me know they had been incarcerated too. King magnanimously
proclaimed, " Go for it men, have some fun, Pat won't mind a bit. Will you
Dear?" Pat responded, " Not a bit King, my sex slave is your sex slave."

With this statement of approval the other guys moved in on me. Tyrone said,
" Fuck that sweet mouth Jesse! You'll find it very hot!" Jesse dropped his
pants exposing his turgid cock. I shuddered and began to kneel, when
another guy grabbed me by the hips from behind. " Just bend over and take
it in your mouth Slut." he told me. I wondered about the reason for this
for only a few seconds before he added," I haven't had any whiteboy asscunt
since prison, and I'll bet yours is tight." As I bent over to service Jesse
orally, the guy behind me threw my skirt up onto my back exposing my bare
rear. Even before I had taken Jesse's cock into my mouth I felt a finger
roughly invade my anus. Pat said, " Here Ramon, catch!" She threw him a
tube of lube as she told him, " This will keep that slave ass from making
your dick sore." I suspected that Pat was also looking out for me and glad
that she had intervened so skillfully. The lube would ease my pain!

Ramon greased up my ass, then thrust himself in to the hilt with such f***e
that only because he was holding my hips prevented me from toppling forward
to the floor. Jesse was enjoying the same treatment I had previously given
Tyrone. I was impaled front and rear! My assailants quickly synchronized
their movements so that as one was thrusting the other was withdrawing. My
body moved helplessly to their rhythm. Teetering on my high heels, I was
merely a receptacle for their lusty pleasure!

The sight of my dual **** amused the spectators as it was accompanied bye
shouts of, "Fuck that slave", " Give it to her" and other such comments.
These guys were young, virile and horny so it didn't last nearly as long as
it seemed to me. Jesse came in my mouth about the same time I felt Ramon's
hot load release deep in my ass. I was so weak and exhausted that I sank to
my knees when released by my tormentors. While they bowed and accepted
congratulations on their performance, I was oozing cum from both ends in
painful shame. No doubt I looked a mess, I had been ridden hard! Not
knowing what else to do with the cum in my mouth, I swallowed it.

Any hope of being able to rest for a bit were quickly dashed when the
remaining guy ordered, " Get on all fours Slut. I want some of that ass
too!" Wearily I got on my hands and knees, dreading another invasion of my
already sore ass. This guy had been stroking himself erect during my dual
**** and wasted no time inserting himself partly inside my slimy ass. He
reached around and opened my blouse to get access to my nipple rings. He
announced, " I was watching these things twitch while you were fucking my
b*****rs and thought they might be fun and useful things to play with." He
put a finger through each ring, then pulled me back forcing his cock
completely inside of me. In order to avert as much pain as possible I
followed his forward and backward tugs with my body. He was using my nipple
rings to make me fuck him in the same manner as Mistress J had earlier done,
only he was much rougher! He kept me humping at a frantic pace until he too
climaxed inside of me. "This is one Hot slave you have Pat!" he remarked as
he got up giving me a swat on my fanny. Pat smiled graciously and said, "
Why thank you Jerome, it's so sweet of you to say that."

King stood up and said, " Men I think we'd better get cleaned up and get
going soon, we have a meeting for a deal we don't want to miss." As he
started for the shower, he said, " Come with me Slut." I struggled to my
feet and followed him, with his men close behind me. He stepped into the
shower, adjusted the water and handed me the soap and a rag. " Get in here
and wash me slave." he commanded. I quickly stripped off my clothes,
stepped into the shower and began soaping his body. He seemed pleased by
the reverence shown when washing his genitals. When he was finished he had
me dry him off and kiss his ass as a sign of submission. He dressed and
left the room.

No sooner had he left, then the other 4 guys entered the bathroom. They
crowded around where I was still kneeling in the shower. Tyrone said, " We
want to show how we feel towards white sissy pussyboys." Then all four of them began
urinating on me. The yellow streams hit my hair, face and body leaving me
drenched and reeking. They were laughing as they did it, adding to my
humiliation. When they finished, they all left except Ramon. He looked at
me with some sign of pity in his eyes and reassured me by telling me, "
don't feel so bad, if you hadn't pleased them so well sexually, they'd have
pissed in your mouth." He turned and left to catch up with the rest. Even
kneeling in stinking shame, I did have something to be thankful for.

I was too spent to even move and just knelt there crying until Pat and J
walked in. Pat said softly, " You were wonderful Slut! I am so proud of
you. She and J turned on the shower allowing the warm water to wash away
the urine. They washed me, shampooed my hair and even dried me off. While
I sat on the toilet they blow- dried my hair and styled it. J retouched my
makeup and gave me a pink babydoll nightie to wear. By the time they were
finished I had stopped trembling. they took me by the hands and led me to
their bedroom. Pat said, " We had planned on having you sl**p tied up in
the cellar, but considering how traumatic your evening has been, you can
sl**p with us." "Thank you Mistress Pat." I meekly responded. Laying
between the two mistresses, my exhausted body was soon asl**p.


The next morning I was awakened by soft hands fondling my genitals. As soon
as I opened my eyes, Pat swung her leg over my head so she sat astride my
face. "Good morning Slut" she said cheerfully, " Time to resume your
duties!" She pressed her pussy to my mouth. I knew by now what she liked
and began to gently lick her lips and clit. J lifted my legs over her
shoulders, applied a generous dose of lube to my ass and began dildo fucking
me. My mouth welcomed the sweet vaginal juices. They were infinitely
preferable to the male cum of the previous night! My ass, while still sore,
now easily accommodated J's dildo. This dual assault on my body was almost
pleasant compared with the brutal degrading ordeal of last night.

After both of the ladies had been sexually satisfied, they kissed and
cuddled each other. Pat ordered me, " Get up and fix our breakfast Slut." I
replied, " Yes Mistress Pat." and got out of bed to get started on my
chores. Not wanting to walk around barefoot, I stepped into my high heeled
shoes. They did make my legs look nice. The pink babydoll nightie didn't
cover much, coming only to my waist, so when I got to the kitchen I put on
the lacy apron. First I got the coffee going, then searched around to find
out what was available to make a breakfast suitable for the ladies. I found
the essential ingredients for veggie omelets and crepes.

By the time the crepes were ready for the pan, the coffee was done. I
poured two cups of coffee, placed them on a tray with cream, sugar and
spoons; then carried this to the bedroom. The ladies seemed pleased with
such service. J said, " How sweet of you dear slave." I curtsied gracefully
and replied, " Thank you Mistress J." Pat gestured for me to leave, so I
returned to complete the breakfast preparation. Just as I had everything
cooked and the table set; the ladies walked into the room. They wore silken
robes which made them look sexy, but elegant. Taking seats at the table,
they chatted happily as I served their meals. Pat fondled my bare bottom as
I placed her omelet in front of her. I gave coquettish wriggle, not wanting
to displease her.

Even after they had finished a leisurely breakfast, and I had cleared off
the table, they sat discussing the day's planned activities. I washed and
dried the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and then returned for further
instructions. Pat said, " Mistress J, I think it's time for the old one
two, don't you think so?" J replied, " Yes Mistress Pat, I think our sissy
deserves it." Pat reached under my nightie, grabbed my nipple rings and gave
them a twisting tug. My cock jumped to erection, whereupon J gave it a
slap. They got a regular routine going; tug, slap, tug, slap; which they
continued until despite my best efforts, I spurted cum. They both giggled
with delight as I stood there aching and drained. J crowed, "It always
works on sissies!"

The rest of the morning and early afternoon, I did laundry, cleaned
bathrooms, vacuumed carpets and all other assigned tasks. Around 3pm Pat
told me, " That's enough for now Slut, go take a bath and get ready." I
replied. " Yes Mistress Pat." I couldn't help wondering, " Get ready for
what?" as the tub filled with water. Mistress J walked into the bathroom as
I was finishing washing. She had me stand, picked up her razor and began
shaving me. She said, " I know you're used to doing this yourself, but it
pleases me to shave a sissy. Smooth hairless bodies turn me on." I turned,
lifted arms, legs and generally moved as needed to give her the needed
access to places to be shaved. Since I had just shaved closely yesterday,
this process didn't require much time. She told me to finish getting ready
and report to the bedroom when I was done. " Don't bother dressing, we'll
find something different for you to wear." "Yes Mistress J." was my reply.
She turned and left me to start doing my hair.

Using the dryer and curling iron, I soon had my hair styled properly. The
permanent that Chris had given me made the job so much easier. Even though
she had given it to me as part of my feminization, it did make doing my hair
much easier. Doing my face was next, a process that I had down pat by now.
Even putting mascara on my long fake eyelashes came easily now. As soon as
my face was made up, I painted my nails and was ready to report. I walked
naked into the bedroom where Pat and J were getting dressed.

" Well our slave is all clean and needs something to wear." Pat said. J
reached down to my scrotum, gently pushed each of my balls up inside of my
body, pulled my dick back between my legs and secured it there with duct
tape. " We can't have unsightly bulges down there." she said. My
bewilderment grew as she put a sanitary napkin and belt on me. She handed
me a brand new pair of pantyhose and had me put them on. As I rolled them
up my smooth legs, it became clear that these were normal hose, not like the
slutty mesh ones Chris had me wear. When they were in place, J gave me a
black bra without the nipple cutouts I was used to. It was padded to fill
me out to a full c-cup. A quick look in the mirror revealed the very
striking feminine figure I now had. I was handed a patterned, knee length,
full skirt and a non-transparent matching blouse. This outfit looked
somewhat sexy when I had it on, but it was a great improvement over the
trashy image I projected in my Slut outfit. The matching shoes had a modest
2" heel and would be easier to move around in than my normal ones. Pat gave
me matching gold hoop earrings, necklace and bracelets to complete the
outfit. When I had everything on, Pat sprayed me with her perfume saying,
"Now you look and smell very feminine Slut."

The ladies being ready already, J said, " Ok, let's get going." "Going?
Going where?" I wondered as they took my hands and led me to the garage.
Pat drove us to the Mall, parked the car, then announced, " We are going
shopping girls!" Oh how badly I wanted to refuse to leave the car, but
knowing that I had to obey them, I went with them into the mall clutching my
purse like a security blanket. They took me through several ladies clothing
stores, embarrassing me in each of them by holding dresses, items of
lingerie and so on up to me and talking openly how each of these would be a
turn on for Tyrone and his friends. They even bought a few things for
themselves. About the time they were seriously discussing having me try
some things on, the store we were in announced that it would soon be
closing. I felt very relieved when we returned to the car. At least my
exposure to strangers was greatly reduced while I was in their house.

J was driving, with me sitting between her and Pat. Pat squeezed my padded
breasts, which caused my rings to send twinges of pain through my nipples
despite being buried under the padding. J caressed my thigh with one hand
as she drove. My trapped cock was unable to rise even though I was getting
turned on. By the time I was breathing heavy, we pulled into the parking
lot of a bistro. "Let's get something to eat and have a few drinks." J
said. I tried to regain my composure as we entered the place. J led the
way to a large u-shaped booth near the back of the room. They ushered me
into the back of the U and sat on either side of me. The waitress brought
us menus but, Pat said, " We don't need menus, bring us three Chef salads
and a liter of white wine." The waitress returned with the wine and told us
that our food would be ready shortly. Pat poured the wine, raised her glass
and said, " To the girls night out!" J and I clinked our glasses against
Pat's and we sipped our wine. Even though I was only dressed as one, it
felt good to be one of the girls!

While we ate our meal and chatted quietly, I noticed that the place was
filling up. A band was setting up on the stage and the staff was clearing
away some of the tables. J said, " they have dancing here after 9pm, this
place really gets jumping then." I had a sudden attack of fear; what if some
guy asked me to dance? " Will we be staying that long Mistress?" I asked,
hoping that the answer would be no. " Why not? we came here for some fun
didn't we?" Pat replied. I shuddered and looked around the room. The crowd
was mostly working class men. Construction workers, a few urban cowboys and
other assorted rednecks. " Mistress Pat, if they find out I'm really a
guy..." I pleaded, my voice trailing off as the very thought of being
discovered sank in. " Don't whine Slut! If they fondle your crotch, just
tell them you're having your period." Pat snapped. Ah, now the purpose of
the sanitary pad became obvious, they had planned this outing all along!

Pat signaled the waitress to bring us some more wine. " This was paid for
by the gentleman at the bar, the cowboy." the waitress announced as she set
down the liter bottle. She then asked if we were finished eating. Pat
nodded yes and the dishes were cleared off. Pat raised her glass and smiled
at the cowboy to thank him for his generosity. He smiled back and walked
over to our booth just as the band started playing. "Good evening ladies,
my name is Ray. Mind if I join you?" Pat and J smiled sweetly and said
they'd like that. Pat introduced me as " Becky", which I thought was nice
of her. Slut would have seemed so blatant in here! I managed a shy smile,
but was very nervous about the developing situation. Ray waved as a signal
for two of his buddies to join us. Two guys sitting at the bar hurried
right over to us.

Joe introduced them saying, " This tall guy is Joe and the other one is
Pedro, they work with me at the job site." Joe was tall and thin; Pedro was
shorter but, heavier built. It turned out that they were ironworkers
working on the new skysc****r under construction. I listened politely as
they talked about their jobs, what good money they were making and how
lovely they thought we three ladies were. Ray took Pat out to dance to a
fast number. J and Pedro were busy flirting with each other, so Joe slid
next to me. As he talked with me, his hand dropped to caress my thigh. "
Please don't do that." I pleaded softly, then added, " This place is too
public." He replied, " Sorry ma'am, I didn't mean to embarrass you. I'm
just really horny tonight and I couldn't resist." I smiled coyly at him and
said, " You won't get lucky with me tonight Joe, wrong time of the month."
He nodded knowingly and said, " That's ok Becky, I enjoy your company."
Despite his outward sincerity, I knew he was inwardly cursing his bad luck.

Pat and Ray finished their dance; when they rejoined us Pat asked if J and I
wanted to join her in a trip to the " little girls" room. We grabbed our
purses and followed her. I was really needing to go bad by now, but had
been afraid to make the trip by myself. Dressed as I was the men's room was
out of the question! Once inside I went right into an empty stall pulled
down the pantyhose and pad and relieved myself while sitting on the toilet.
No wonder it took women so long in the restroom, there was so much to
rearrange when finished. By the time all was back in place, Pat and J were
both waiting by the sinks.

Pat looked at me and said, " Better fix your lipstick Slut." As I was
retouching my lips, Pat informed me, " We are going to take these guys home
tonight for sex. You be very sweet to Joe." I responded, " Yes Mistress
Pat, but I already told him that it was the wrong time of the month for me!"
The ladies looked at each other, then started laughing. J told me, " You'll
just have to entertain him in other ways. It's got to be easier than what
you went through last night!" We left to rejoin the guys.

We chatted with the guys awhile before Joe asked me to dance to a slow song.
He held me close with my padded breasts rubbing against his chest. I could
feel his erection rub against my crotch and he was kissing my neck as we
danced. If my own cock wouldn't have been so restrained, it would have
responded by getting hard. Joe was turning me on! By our third dance of
the evening the talk at the table was openly about going home to party.
During what was to be our last dance before leaving I whispered to Joe, "
Maybe this is your lucky night after all. I can take care of you, but I
want to stay dressed. Ok big boy?" Joe being aroused and horny agreed

They guys paid our tab and e****ted us out of the place. In the parking
lot, Pat said, " Joe and Becky can ride with Ray and I, Pedro and J can
follow us in our car." Everyone agreed and we got underway. Joe was
fondling my breasts, French kissing me and having me fondle his cock all the
way home. I knew that he'd be easy to satisfy, and relaxed a bit. He was a
good kisser, even though he smelled of beer.

Once in the house Pat said, " Becky get us some drinks like a dear." I knew
that her sugary request was really an order so replied, " I'd be delighted
to." Joe went with me and helped carry them back to the others. J and Pedro
were necking on the couch, Pat and Ray on the loveseat were similarly
engaged, so Joe sat in the stuffed chair and pulled me onto his lap. The
sight of the other two couples engaged in heavy petting excited Joe,
overcoming his reluctance about getting involved in the same room with
others. " I've never been in orgy before, is this going to be one?" he
asked. I encouraged him by saying, " Just relax and go with the flow Hon."
This was not a deceitful statement on my part, I didn't know what the ladies
were in the mood for, nor what would happen. I was as much in the dark as
Joe was.

Ray had Pat topless by now and was sucking on her nipples as she opened his
pants and began fondling his cock to full erection. She reached down and
slipped off her panties and swung astride his lap to sit on his cock.
Taking his cowboy hat off of his head, she put on herself, yelled, " Yeehaw!
Ride him cowgirl!" She moved her hips in response to his wild thrusts,
looking very much like a bronc rider at a rodeo. This frantic pace couldn't
be handled for long by Ray and he soon came deep inside Pat. She was not
satisfied sexually, but flattered Ray by telling him what a stud he was.
She rolled off his lap and ordered, " Becky come here and lick me clean."

I got off Joe's lap, went to kneel between Pat's legs and began licking her
vagina. All three men gasped at the sight of me lapping up Ray's cum. They
had never seen such a thing before and it was a real turn on for them. Even
as I was being so humiliated, I thought to myself, " At least now Joe won't
want to kiss me!" When Pat reached her orgasm, she said, " Thanks Becky, you
may return to Joe now." I got up and walked back to Joe, who had his cock
out by now. With no words spoken I knelt, took his cock into my mouth and
began sucking. His hands held my head in place. I had been accurate in my
guess that Joe would be easy to get off, he came in less than a minute!
When I had collected every drop of his fuck slop in my mouth, I got up and
kissed him deeply returning it to it's owner. This action had been so
totally unexpected by him and surprised him so much that he just accepted
it. He sat, shocked into immobility, as I darted away to take a swig of my
drink. He grabbed his beer and guzzled down most of it trying to wash the
taste of his own cum out of his mouth.

Ray laughed loudly at Joe then proclaimed, " Joe, by god, now you are a
cocksucker by proxy!" This remark brought a guffaw from Pedro and a titter
from Pat and J. Pat consoled Joe, " Come on Joe, be a good sport. Didn't
you just get the best blow job you ever had?" J, who was naked by now, added
" At least now you know how good it tastes!" Joe tried to smile and take it
as a joke. I was sure that if the others weren't here, he would have
attacked me. Pedro rolled J to her back and began pumping away. This
erotic sight served to distract Joe from his confused emotional state of
mind and he began to casually stroke his limp cock as he watched Pedro in

Pedro and J did put on quite a show. Pedro was long lasting enough to bring
J to several orgasms before reaching his own. J's moaning and thrashing
around left no doubt as to how much she was enjoying it. Ray was now having
second thoughts about his own performance. Joe was unsure of whether or not
he had enjoyed his blowjob enough to offset it's aftermath. Pedro was
clearly the guy entitled to bragging rights over this evening's
entertainment! This was evident by how happily he kissed all of us as they
were getting ready to leave. Ray kissed Pat and thanked her for a wonderful
time, but just waved to J and I. Joe kissed my hand before leaving,
completely ignoring my pursed lips.

As soon as the guys had left, Pat and J both hugged me. "That was
priceless!" Pat squealed. J was chuckling hard, but managed to say, " I'd
loved to have a picture of the look on Joe's face when he got a mouthful of
his own cum!" I gave them a respectful curtsy and followed them to the
bedroom. They stripped naked for bed, and then helped me get undressed. It
was briefly painful when they ripped off the restraining duct tape, but it
felt wonderful to have my cock free again.

Pat directed me, " Go ahead Slut, masturbate for us." I had been aroused by
going out in public, shopping for lingerie, dining with the ladies, dancing
and necking with Joe and this release was badly needed! While it was a bit
embarrassing to be stroking myself in front of the ladies, it also felt
great! As soon as it seemed my orgasm was imminent, Pat demanded, " Don't
spill it on the carpet, catch it in your other hand." I managed to gasp out,
" Yes Mistress Pat." even though breathing rather heavily. When I had
milked myself into my hand, J ordered, " Now swallow it Slut!" I lapped my
semen from my own hand and swallowed it. At least I was used to the taste
of my own stuff. I greatly preferred it to that of other men. Masturbating
was less degrading than having to suck off another guy! J praised me, "
That's a good cum drinker we have here Pat." Pat replied, " Yes indeed,
Chris has trained Slut well."

Pat handed me a blanket and told me, " You will sl**p on the floor beside
our bed tonight like a devoted slave." I laid on the floor and covered my
naked body with the blanket. The sounds coming from the bed made it obvious
that Pat and J were making female love. Even though it was exciting to
listen to, due to my state of exhaustion, I was soon sound asl**p.


The next morning I was awakened by Pat tapping my shoulder. The ladies had
me get into bed with them and service each of them orally. They did toy
with my nipple rings, but neither of them ****d my ass this time. I was
thankful for that, since it had become very sore from overuse the past two
days. After each of them was satisfied, Pat told me, " Get yourself cleaned
up. Better get back into your Slut outfit, Mistress Chris will be coming
for you today." This exciting announcement meant that my ordeal would soon
be over!

While getting "ready", I used extra care with every detail. I wanted Chris
to be pleased when she saw me again. Pat and J hadn't been brutal with me
and I had served them to please Chris; but I desperately wanted to be out of
this place before the gang guys returned. They really scared me as they had
no friendship nor allegiance to Chris and no regard for her property.

When I was fully dressed and made up, I was told to make breakfast. The
ladies let me sit and eat with them this morning, which was a very pleasant
experience. We chatted like three girlfriends discussing their Saturday
night's fun. After breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen, made the bed and
generally made myself useful while anxiously awaiting Chris's arrival.

Finally about 2pm, the doorbell rang. I hurried to answer it's call. I
opened the door and there stood Chris! She looked so beautiful! She had a
radiant glow about her that showed that she had enjoyed her weekend. I gave
her a curtsy, kissed her hand and led her into the living room. Pat and J
both hugged her and asked how her weekend had gone. Chris replied, " It was
Great! Jason took me to see a Broadway play, dancing and fine dining. We
stayed in a fancy hotel. He sure knows how to treat a lady on a date!" They
chatted a bit more about Chris's fun weekend before Chris looked at me and
asked, " How was Slut? Did my sissy slave behave properly for you?" Both
Pat and J assured her that I had been a good slave, and related and account
of my weekends activities. Even Chris laughed when they told her about how
I had given Joe a mouthful of his own semen. A few more pleasantries were
exchanged, then Chris told me to get my bag, it was time to get going.

At the door Chris said, " I want to thank you ladies for baby-sitting my
slave for the weekend." Pat replied, " No problem Mistress Chris, it was our
pleasure." J chimed in, " Any time you want to drop him off here again, feel
free to do so." Pat kissed me on the cheek, patted me on the head and said,
" Slut is so cute." As we walked to Jason's waiting car, another car drove
up and King and his men stepped out. King retained his haughty air, but
Tyrone and the rest of his men whistled, jeered and grabbed their crotches.
Shouts of " Hey Slut, Want some more of this?" and other lewd comments made
me blush. Chris simply ignored them and got into the car. I got into the
back and Jason drove away. I felt great relief at leaving this place and
shuddered to think of what would have happened if Chris had shown up just a
bit later!

Jason drove us to our house. Home was a very welcome sight. It seemed like
much longer than 2 nights since I'd left it! I hurried into the house and
went right to the bathroom. Chris and Jason talked about how much they had
enjoyed the weekend and said their good-byes. Jason kissed her then said, "
We'll have to do this again Chris darling." Chris unhesitatingly answered, "
Oh yes Jason, I'd love that!" Even being discretely out of sight in the
bathroom, hearing this made me cringe. My wife was so charmed by this guy
that it was frightening. I realized that if they had another date, it would
likely result in my returning for another weekend of slavery to Pat and J.

When Jason finally left, Chris came and kissed me warmly. She told me, "
You were a good slave and I'm so proud that you didn't shame me in front of
my friends." This praise was small payment for all I had endured over the
weekend, but was all I was to receive. I'd been hoping that Chris would let
me make love to her once we were alone, but my hopes were dashed when Chris
said, " I'm going to take a nap. Wake me when supper is ready." She walked
into the bedroom and closed the door. I was left standing in my Slut outfit
with tiny tears running down my cheeks.

The End

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1 month ago
Great piece of erotica! Bravo!
5 months ago
wow... that was some story.. I am worn out just from reading it..
8 months ago
10 months ago
Wow ! That is my kind of date night
1 year ago
didn't finish it all, too long. got as far as the first couple finishing using slut. got switch up of roles
1 year ago
switch roles and beautiful, I like it too submission to a dominant woman
1 year ago
wow what an experience would love to have that happen to me