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No pictures please.... and other things

My how my mind wanders when I need it to stay where it should be. Surely it's not just me that finds, when I should be concentrating on something particular, my mind is mid flight of fantasy. I have never had to wonder why I seldom get anything done as I have always know it's my imagination to blame. So it's the thoughts of the delights I see about me that stops me writing nearly as much as I would like. Yes, it's your fault really, not mine!

You will have noted that what I do is in the written form and not in any way pictorial, no images or videos exist of me aside from the very neutral one by my name. That's not to say that I don't find the thought of that particularly attractive. I find that I strangely do. The idea of pictures or videos of me in flagrante does hold a certain appeal. It's more that I don't beleive that I myself would be appealling in such a form. No egotist me it seems after all. I don't really see that the male genetalia are that attractive, if they were then surely there would be more statues glorying in them. I am a keen amateur photographer anyway, I say amateur as I have made no monies from it yet although I have had interest in a number of my pictures from the real world. In saying that taking photographs of myself or someone else for public delictation makes me slightly uncomfortable, but I can't really explain why. Perhaps I am as restrained and English as a purport to be after all. The up shot is that there aren't picture or videos of me around the place, even though I would actually be thrilled if there were. Maybe I just know all the wrong people.

As for other things I find that the flights of fantasy are taking me to my own town and locale. I find myself full of frustrated imaginings. For those who know the environs of Kingston-Upon-Hull, Lincoln and York you would be as well to read no further as these places may forever be coloured by mine own distractions. Or maybe not. A recent status of mine suggested my need for a minx, whatever that may be, for some alfresco fun. I was thinking of a "walking" trip around the city centre of Hull to test whether these flights of fantasy were either just that or actual possibilities. Hull Pier late at night has always been on my mind, as have the streets around the Land of Green Ginger (come on that's a great place name!), Queens Gardens (outside the police station? surely not) and a myriad of other places. I've always wanted to take a risk in Lincoln Castle or around the Cathedral (Around the Brayford in Lincoln is no challenge). York old town, although so thoroughly a tourist area and so heavy with foot traffic, has always had so much potential I have so sadly missed.

I have now frustrated myself yet again. Time for a cold shower or some day time TV (if only I wasn't working all day of course).
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago
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