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A new day, same old question!

Sometimes I suspect that I am legion. Not one person, but many, all at the same time. The real me at least must be more than one person. The virtual me is almost certainly many different people. That's the beauty of the virtual world in which we live now though.

Quite clearly I am self questioning, anyone who reads what I write knows that with no question at all. So when I recognise something untoward about myself I have to question it. Thankfully I have managed, after many years, (I'm told I'm old after all. (I'm not by the way.) Well not as old as I occasionally pretend at any rate.) that I am every different possible person I am seen to be all in the one package.

I am the quiet and serious home body, The relaxed and rarely stressed engineer, the amused alternative sport enthusiast, the rabid sex researcher, the man-c***d, the film and music fanatic, the busted up ex rugby player and now supporter, the controlled but passionate lover, the loyal friend, amateur writer and collector of stuff. Sometimes these seem to be different people but they're not. Not at all.

Unlike most men I don't think about sex all the time. But some may be able to tell you that when I do think about it I really think about it. I'm quite good at it. It's been over 30 years of practice it seems. That's quite a run up.
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago
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