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Yet another fantasy!

My regular readers have worked out I actually do some research for my blog. If only it was practical I might never have time to write anything at all (now there's a fantasy), I read as well you see. And my thoughts of yesterday have led to finding out about other male fantasies, so here are the supposed top ten and my thoughts on them.

"Men think a lot about sex, and fantasize to no end."
There's no point denying it is there. It happens to be true. I don't think that men truly grow up, so they certainly don't grow out of thinking and fantasizing about sex.

#1 Threesomes!
"A man loves to have a sexual threesome. And coming to think of it, I don’t know if there’s one man alive who doesn’t want to have a threesome."
Do you know I haven't had this fantasy. I mustn't be alive after all. I'm now going off to check my pulse.
Some of my friends have done this after the fantasy being admitted to. All three confessed to it seperately.
Maybe I am abnormal after all.

#2 Prostitution
"But when he doesn’t have what it takes to pick her up in the first place, he sexually fantasizes about the prostitute scenario. His girlfriend may very well be the prostitute in his fantasy!"
A possibility I suppose. I know women who have this fantasy as well, even down to money being left on the bedside table, which seems like taking it a step too far.

#3 Role playing games
"Men love role playing. It’s like getting to sl**p with different women in different scenarios. If a guy’s girl isn’t too keen on playing a stewardess or an airhostess, all he has to do is imagine a sexual fantasy of role playing. If you’re wondering what men like in bed, bring out your nurse or cheerleader dress and watch the sheets rise in the middle faster than you can say boingg!"
Errrr....... BOING!!
Weird thing is I don't recall any dressing up in my life at all. Guess that what makes it a fantasy. Then again my fantasies have more recently been about shopping trips and weekend hotel trips. I must be going soft.

#4 Women who are off-limits
"What men like in bed is a woman who is off limits. Men love what they can’t have. But they still try."
Yeah, why not. As if. A man learns his limits if he has the slightest sense of real life. Only porn suggests that off-limits women are actually in reach. I might be joking, I might not.

#5 Exotic locations
"The lives of many men turn out to be quite boring, as the relationship wears on happily. They dream about making love at some other time of the day, in some other part of the house, some beach resort, a parking lot, or a club."
How did they know about my life?
Different locations is less a fantasy and more a bingo card. Make this one real and life always has a challenge in it. Just don't try Queens Gardens in Hull okay! Don't say you weren't warned.

#6 Caught in the act
"Men like it when sex is risqué. Knowing that someone could walk in any moment provides them the sexual high they badly crave for."
Oh yes, while at the same time, Oh no. Yes definitely this is one of mine. I often fantasize about risky sex in near public places. I have been walked in in real life so know that sudden adrenalin rush produces an outrageous high, followed by a certain level of embarassment.

#7 The stranger
"A stranger is what all men want in bed. It’s one of the biggest male fantasies."
I'm not so sure. What I want in bed is someone I know. Even if they are a stranger I like to know them to know what they like. I never said I have to make sense.

#8 Voyeuristic pleasure
"Men get extremely excited when they sexually fantasize about watching a woman getting dirty from afar.
The best voyeuristic sexual male fantasy is probably watching a really hot girl stripping off as he’s watching her through his window or a girl stripping herself off in her pool for a midnight skinny dip!"

Perhaps all those films have instilled in us men that we should fantasize about this. Perhaps it's a genetic program we have run on us. Yes, we like to watch women, it sounds creepy but it's true. There's nothing as wonderful to watch as a woman. Simple as.

#9 The dominatrix
"Men are usually the big ruffians in bed. But men sexually fantasize about times when they would end up in bed with a woman who will bind him to the bed with handcuffs and rip his clothes off and totally, completely dominate him."
Have I recently been talking about this? This is definitely true. Personally I like to take turns, to dominate and be dominated. Both work for me. I like a balance while remaining adaptable.

#10 The Virgin
"Men are competitive, just like their sperm. They all want to be the first to get into a girl’s pants."
This one is a problem to me. I can't really explain why though. Perhaps I'm older now and unconciously it makes me uncomfortable, I really don't know. Lets just not dig too deep. Perhaps when I was so very much younger I might have thought about this, when I was closer to an age as it were.

I suppose I should look from the other side soon.
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