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And so I find myself considering the nature of fantasy and fantasies. These, for me at least, live on the border of the possible and the dreams. They are within reach of me, whilst being just outside what I can probably allow of myself. I am limited by my own courage and not by my imagination. I'm not sure that makes so much sense to anyone but me though.

When I was younger I know my fantasies were populated by the very epitome of teenage male thoughts, particularly those of a more nerdy background. For those who haven't been within the mind of a teenage geek/nerd you may be surprised, or maybe I am as abnormal as I am told. For those who have seen the film "Suckerpunch" you have pretty much seen the girls of my then dreams in the main female protaganists (I described the film as every male geeks wet dream and I stand by that review).

I am older now and find my fantasies are so much more realistic. They tend to be triggered by something I have recently seen or heard. I am more settled in myself perhaps. They arrive at odd times and persist in my mind, I can replay them at my leisure and enjoy them like re-watching a film. They are about women I know, or have seen. I suspect a fantasy is lying dormant within me and is fleshed out by something or someone triggering it. I shouldn't look too deeply perhaps, not when it turns out these closer to real dreams are so much more enjoyable.
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago
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2 years ago
' They tend to be triggered by something I have recently seen '. you climbed some stairs recently then.....?