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Macho, macho man?

The more I have thought about it the more I am more certain that appearances are often just that. No-one is ever quite what they appear, even if they're sure that they are.

Obviously I'm only basing this on the people I have known and met, and partly on what I have supposed of them based on some observation. I try to always think the best of people, at least until they prove me wrong. I seem to be wandering off my point a little here.

What I was trying to get to is that, on the whole, English men are predominately submissive in private. I know what you're thinking! You're thinking I'm talking about myself. But look at my profile text and you'll see I know myself to be adaptable. I am both dominant and submissive, both sides of the same coin by turn. Flip the coin and see where it lands. But I have noticed, and been told (by their other halves usually) that the more macho my male associates the more they are dominated away from view.

I have a rather wide spread, geograhpically and socially, of friends. The pattern seems set for all of them. So I feel I need an even wider sample to see if I am correct. Comment if you can. Thanks.
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago
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2 years ago
maybe most members of a couple are generally submissive to the other in practise as partnerships work best this way - both members putting the other first, listening to the other, deferring. this happens regardless of sex but because of our patriarcal history, women hv hd to push n challenge n revolt in the search for equality. so now some of the qualities essential for harmony in a partnership hv bn labelled 'submissive' and as women hv rejected them in tbe search for equality so men displaying thm are portrayed submissive or pussy whipped. n this is in mainstream who use the term submissive differently. in bdsm people know the truth n the beauty n harmony of Ds....... n the adoration and care the D hs for their s, n the truth tht the s hs the actual control x