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Good guys cum last?

As a good guy, mostly (this is negotiable), of long standing I have to state that good guys will pretty much try tp cum wherever and whenever you ask them.
We aim to please.
Posted by ssrmHull 2 months ago

The mistakes we make

A guide on how not to have your genitals removed in a fit of pique. To be honest I sometimes have little time for writing stories or much else, as much as I would like to. Or better still acting out all these little fantasies. But as a bit of help to those in longer term relationships please find my thoughts on yet another of those articles I find myself reading.

"here are a few blunders to avoid while being intimate (say what you mean) and having sex with your wife or girlfriend:"

"1. Pursuing her only in bed. Think of pursing your lover as an all day affair. Women love to be ... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 1 year ago

Sex Dreams? Well who doesn't have them!

Apparently eight percent of our dreams contain sexual content! Only eight percent? I suppose as men supposedly dream/think about doing the nasty pretty much all the time that women must barely do so to make this statistic true. It seems that dreaming about sex can be totally mind-blowing-or really seriously creepy. But that is surely open to interpretation. What follows is what I've been able to find out with regard to what it actually all means, plus some little comments of my own.

1. The Mystery Lover
This is the most common steamy dream and involves some kind of faceless person t... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 1 year ago

Best ever places for sex?

In my ever curious mind I encountered the following list on a website. Best ever places to have sex? are they really sure. I would appreciate others input on this too. I mean you can't have sex on your own, well you can but it's always seemed a little selfish that way. I've read the list and have decided to go through it and comment appropriately.

Here are 150 best ever places for sexual adventure and excitement:
We shall see shall we. Although the list is quite comprehensive the best places must be included you would think.

1.Anywhere in your house other than the bedroom.
Who s... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 1 year ago

Lessons I have had to learn by experience.

1. Make sure the house is really empty before fulfilling your girlfriends fantasy of hand-cuffing her to the radiator and fucking her in the living room.

This really should have been obvious, but some things just slip your mind. We'd run in from somewhere I don't remember in the middle of the day to a supposedly empty house. What we didn't know was that her much younger s****r was off sick from school. So finding her older s****r on her back, hands handcuffed with police cuffs over her head to the wall mounted radiator, dress unbuttoned and mid-fuck screaming probably wasn't the best... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 1 year ago

No pictures please.... and other things

My how my mind wanders when I need it to stay where it should be. Surely it's not just me that finds, when I should be concentrating on something particular, my mind is mid flight of fantasy. I have never had to wonder why I seldom get anything done as I have always know it's my imagination to blame. So it's the thoughts of the delights I see about me that stops me writing nearly as much as I would like. Yes, it's your fault really, not mine!

You will have noted that what I do is in the written form and not in any way pictorial, no images or videos exist of me aside from the very neutral on... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago

Gosh, Where does the time go

It seems only last week I was last tapping away trying to get down some of the rubbish in my head. It turns out that it was actually months ago. I re-read that now and am horrified how big headed I seem. Ignore it and ignore me and you won't go far wrong. I think I would be better if I ignored myself, less frustrated (mentally) at least.

The weather has changed for the cold, which is no bad thing really. I could do with someone to come warm me up though.
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago

A new day, same old question!

Sometimes I suspect that I am legion. Not one person, but many, all at the same time. The real me at least must be more than one person. The virtual me is almost certainly many different people. That's the beauty of the virtual world in which we live now though.

Quite clearly I am self questioning, anyone who reads what I write knows that with no question at all. So when I recognise something untoward about myself I have to question it. Thankfully I have managed, after many years, (I'm told I'm old after all. (I'm not by the way.) Well not as old as I occasionally pretend at any rate.) that... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago

Why do I have to be a nice guy?

I was just reading 15 reasons why nice guys finish last all the time in an desperate effort to understand myself. Now I'm just a bit depressed. Below is the main points from it, and as usual some of my thoughts. Thinking about it I suspect that this is all going to end up making me slightly more miserable.

"Nice guys make great friends, but terrible lovers. Every time a girl meets a nice guy, he usually ends up falling straight into her friend zone."
No, not the friend zone! It's okay I'm comfortable here I'm used to it. I think I've lived in many friend zones over the years. It's ... Continue»
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Another night, another fantasy, another gender

The obvious extension of my recent thoughts was finding out what the female fantasies were. Below is the supposed top ten and some of my thoughts about them. For me none actually came as a surprise. Which might say more about me than the fantasies themselves.

#1 The **** fantasy
"Many women do dream about getting m*****ed by a man, or fantasize about a man walking in, carrying her onto a haystack and nailing her."
I am been on the receiving end of the fantasy, as it were, in the past. I can confirm that some women do want this one. For my male readers if you are asked to fulfil thi... Continue»
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Yet another fantasy!

My regular readers have worked out I actually do some research for my blog. If only it was practical I might never have time to write anything at all (now there's a fantasy), I read as well you see. And my thoughts of yesterday have led to finding out about other male fantasies, so here are the supposed top ten and my thoughts on them.

"Men think a lot about sex, and fantasize to no end."
There's no point denying it is there. It happens to be true. I don't think that men truly grow up, so they certainly don't grow out of thinking and fantasizing about sex.

#1 Threesomes!
"A m... Continue»
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Just my imagination....

...Running away with me?

And so I find myself considering the nature of fantasy and fantasies. These, for me at least, live on the border of the possible and the dreams. They are within reach of me, whilst being just outside what I can probably allow of myself. I am limited by my own courage and not by my imagination. I'm not sure that makes so much sense to anyone but me though.

When I was younger I know my fantasies were populated by the very epitome of teenage male thoughts, particularly those of a more nerdy background. For those who haven't been within the mind of a teenage geek/ner... Continue»
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Macho, macho man?

The more I have thought about it the more I am more certain that appearances are often just that. No-one is ever quite what they appear, even if they're sure that they are.

Obviously I'm only basing this on the people I have known and met, and partly on what I have supposed of them based on some observation. I try to always think the best of people, at least until they prove me wrong. I seem to be wandering off my point a little here.

What I was trying to get to is that, on the whole, English men are predominately submissive in private. I know what you're thinking! You're thinking I'm t... Continue»
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Who'd have thought it!

I was reading an old bit of research recently and it got me to thinking. Not too hard though.

"British people top the league for bondage in the bedroom, according to an independent thinktank."

This shouldn't really come as a surprise to the British (or maybe it does), it may to everyone else though. From my experience the British seem to quite enjoy being tied up or down. It must be the result of the social environment, a requirement to be in control during the day meaning a need to be controlled on a night. A history of running the world leading to a private submissiveness of the people... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago

To Dog or not? NOT!

How can I put this? Just how exciting does dogging sound? I mean, the idea of just turning up and there being a better than average chance of sex. Of course that relies on me not inducing nausea in potential partners. That and the thought of getting me white behind out for all to see. See, now I feel slightly ill as well.

As adventurous as I might like to think I am, I have a history of surfing, white-water rafting and kayaking, piloting gliders, motor-racing and other life affirming pastimes (life affirming in that I am pleased I still live at the end that is) after all, for some reason t... Continue»
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Oh, the things you see!

I look around the city in which I live and find that the sights around me on a night out can often be much more appealing and stimulating than those I could hope to find on the internet. I don't know whether this is because I want to be stimulated and appealed to. I don't know whether this is unique to this city either.

On an average weekend night out in part of this city, the part known as "Old Town" for those who know it, you will see groups dressed up, not just smartly but hugely provocatively. For those who want to run in to a cluster of bondage queens, gangsters molls, sexy constructio... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago

Oh? Who do I think I am anyway

After years of disbelief in personality tests I had the results of one done on me. Thankfully for me I seem to know me better than I perhaps thought. There was nothing that came as a surprise at all. I assume that there may be someone here who will understand this. I am a High S and a high C, Low D and very low I. Under stress the D and I aren't so low. For the majority these are meaningless, they were for me before I got the results.

So, what on earth is this rubbish? Well, the test was DISC personality profiling, where D is Dominance, I is Influence, S is Steadiness and C is Compliance. S... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago

Turn ons?

I find myself considering just what turns me on. It surely can't be an uncommon thought around these pages. Why else would people be here. Then again perhaps I am in the minority in actually thinking about it rather then just going with the flow.

The problem for me, being both male and English, so potentially double repressed, is that the pressures have always existed to conform to what is around. Also "there are some thing you just don't talk about", I'm not talking about fight club here. Also being male when younger it is possible that an almost anatomically correct carving could have tur... Continue»
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[Story] An afternoon distraction

This tale is a true as I can remember it and recounts an afternoon in Lincoln whilst I was at college, so for those who know the area they can work out where.

It was early summer, a British summer, so cool and wet, although we hadn't seen rain for a week or so, which was making a pleasant change. This was a few years before I or my fellow students had to enter the working world so the shortened days of college life still seemed far too long and we all were looking forward to summer holidays a month or so away. I know I was bored of what seemed to be never ending lessons. I needed a break, b... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago

Attraction (part 2)

In my ongoing investigation into what I've been doing wrong all my life I came across another article which was summarised by the two quotes:

"To trigger attraction in a woman, you want to be: Challenging, Smart, Funny and Confident"

"Now, another little hint for you. You can do the above to “trigger” attraction – but what qualities will allow you to “keep” it? Honesty, Openness and Integrity"

Neither of these are really a surprise, more common sense surely. Still, when you see them written down, you can't help but think and evaluate yourself. And so I do. Which is probably not the b... Continue»
Posted by ssrmHull 2 years ago