Indian - How i lost myself to Karim's in his

The Karim s Studio

The morning sun broke out earlier than usual and was cajoling my face rather sharply through our bedroom window. I woke up, preparing myself for another hot & humid day. It was a proper May. My husband, Raj was on the last stretch of his sl**p. He really appreciates that part. So, not wanting to disturb him I sneaked out of the room and headed for the toilet. When I am in there, I started brushing my teeth and felt the totally damp nightie clinging on to my back due to the power cut we had earlier in the morning. The same soaked feeling in between my thighs caused by the excessive sultriness made me feel uncomfortable while standing. Irritated, I bunched up and lifted my nightie and the petticoat underneath, to my waist and with one quick pull yanked the sticky panties off my hip. It was clinging almost like a second skin, and I felt like a snake shedding its skin off. It circled my feet the next second. Immediately, I felt relieved as the cool air brushed the region. Bidding adieu to the wet panty, I freshened up quickly and headed to the adjacent room to wake up my c***d and to carry on with the heavy duty routine morning chores. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have taken bath right away? while I headed to the kitchen.

The morning time from that point on till 8.30 am flew at a lightning pace. Hurriedly prepared Divya just on time for the approaching school van and sent her off. I walked up to the door to see off Raj. Ritually, Raj pecked my forehead at the doorstep before leaving. He went up to his car, but returned thinking of something. ˜Did you forget something? I asked. He hugged me suddenly and kissed me strongly. His hands lingered at my back caressing the smooth curves of my butt. He gave a tight squeeze at the back and drew lines and made me feel moist inside at the early morning hours by drawing his finger along the crevice of my butt. With all 32 of his pearl-white teeth showing in his face, he muttered ˜You should really stay panty-free like today more often. As usual, he received a kick in his shin for that ˜holy comment. I looked around over him to find that the boy at the opposite house was staring at us from the balcony. I pushed him away quickly and whispered in his ears about our (un)invited audience. He smiled and does not seemed to bother with that and continued to tickle me be poking his hands at the strategic points which he knows only too well and enjoyed my dancing to his touches and quickly squeezed my soft right breast hidden behind the loose nightie. He gave me another proper long kiss. He released me and said, œOh, dont forget to collect the pictures from our trip last month. I gave the negatives to print at the Karim studio in our street last week on my way to work. It should have been ready by now. Id like to see those special pictures we took of ourselves. Winking his eyes, he waved at me and left with a smile. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have asked him to collect the pictures himself? while I headed inside.

I turned and was about to walk inside the house. The boy was still staring at my butt absently when I glanced up across the street. Recovering quickly, he muttered a ˜good morning aunty. Their f****y has newly moved in to our neighbourhood. I waved at him and moved inside and closed the door. I was siphoning my thoughts regarding the trip, back to the upper layers of my brain. It was true that this was the first trip in years that we had time for ourselves just Raj and I, after the birth of Divya. Since she has grown up now, we let her stay at my s****rs and took off. We both had a wonderful time. It was like our second honeymoon. Those were the snaps my hubby was talking about and the mere thought of the snaps brought in me the rushing memories of our trip. Suddenly, I became restless and wanted to see those snaps immediately to relive ˜those moments. The thought of heating the water and taking a shower somehow seemed to be the last thing I wanted to be doing right now. I found myself, in dreamy state due to my thoughts about the trip. Since the studio was just down the street and the temptation to see the snaps was growing exponentially by the second, I decided to collect the snaps before doing anything else. I quickly changed ran to the bathroom and changed into the saree that I wore last evening and applied some perfume to my dirty armpits before getting myself into the dirty blouse from the previous evening. I was telling to myself, ˜Just a few more minutes¦. And thats all. I then spent a couple of minutes on my shoulder length hair jet black conditioned silky hair, bunched it up and tied it tight as a bun. Off I left the house to the studio grabbing my purse along. I was in such a buoyant mood that while I was walking in the busy street, even the vehicular noise seemed to have a pattern and my brain was perching musical notes from the next to nothing undesirable sounds. It was a good 5 minutes walk in the already scorching sun and by the time reached the studio I was perspiring again at my armpits and forehead due to heat. Perhaps, it was a good choice to tie the hair as a bun as otherwise normally the neck region behind my hair gets all sweaty. This hair style (??) allows access to whatever little cool breeze that is generated during the hot day to inspect my neckline. I pulled out the pallu tucked at my waist to wipe my forehead and noticed through my coolers the person on the opposite side of the road taking a generous peek. Because of my forehead-wiping act, my left boob and the wide expanse of my hip region resembling a whirlpool with my deep navel at the centre popped into his view. That familiar tinge of excitement rushed in me ¦ and I acted as if I hadnt noticed him and let my pallu back to position casually. At my then state of mind the stranger stealing glances at my body excited me quite a bit. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have worn a bra?? while I headed for the shop.

Since it was still quite early in the morning and only few minutes after it was open it was still deserted. The A/C at the shop was a big welcome. There was no one at the desk and I waited a couple of minutes enjoying the feeling of the cold air brush past my open neck. While waiting, I removed my coolers and my eyes scanned the pictures hung on the wall, some in really seductive poses of professional models taken under cinematic light effects. Since no one seems to be coming, I uttered a loud ˜Hello. My voice echoed in the quite room. As they say ˜Ask and Ye shall receive! my call was answered in seconds. There was an elderly man of about fifty opened the door from inside the studio and came to the desk wearing a big smile. His name is Chandran Karim I think, my husbands good friend. I have seen him during one of my previous visits with Raj and got introduced. Raj often mentions about his skills and various tricks he taught him. I smiled at Mr. Karim . He was looking fresh (unlike me) and obviously just took a bath and had big stripes of holy ash on his forehead glowing with a pious look and a soft white dhoti. . ˜What can I do for you madam? Didnt see you here for a long time madam, I think Raj gave a bunch of negatives last week. Did you come here to collect it? . Since he asked the questioned and answered it himself, ˜You eliminated the need for me to speak. Yes thats what I am here for I said with a smile and handed him the coupons. He took it off me and went inside. He came back after a considerable delay with a mischievous smile on his face and told me, ˜madam, the pictures have come out really nicely. I then recollected some of the pictures my husband took of us, with the timer settings of the camera. I blushed at the thought of that and suddenly wanted to go home immediately. ˜Have a look at your snaps here if you want madam. Help yourself with the chair there. He showed a couch at the corner of the room. Unable to withstand the suspense and the thought of staying for a few additional minutes in the air conditioned room made me walk holding the snaps in my hand towards the couch. While I walked, I felt that mr.Karim s eyes were roaming on my obviously undulating butt cheeks and he is probably busy disrobing my saree with his eyes. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have worn my panty? while I headed for the couch.
Mr.Karim offered, ˜madam, here is the deal. Raj is a good friend of mine and I can do him a favour. I shall take some professional pictures of you in some nice poses. You can present them as a surprise so at least he is not too disappointed and if he is happy, I guess you are happy too I was listening to him involuntarily nodding to his suggestion ˜and I can make use of a couple of them nice pictures in the still left over empty space in my wall there he pointed to the wall. ˜Lets do this for free, you are happy, I am happy and above all Raj is very happy, what do you say? I was still nodding and staring at the wall he pointed to and they were all pictures of glamorous models in mostly semi naked suggestive poses. There were a few older but very nice looking faces too relatively fully dressed. ˜Your kind of face is the valuable addition missing from my collection at the wall madam. You dont know how photogenic you are. Raj might have told you. Anyways the modern photo industry in general and my photo studio in particular will be very proud to have you in the collection there madam with that he did a mock bow. I smiled and was mesmerized by his speech. At that outset, it sounded like a wonderful deal which had one of those œand they lived happily ever after endings. Any case, I liked the idea of giving some surprise to Raj as my mind is not fully out of those pictures that I was seeing. ˜Come in madam¦ this way mr.Karim said loudly interrupting my thoughts again. I dont remember agreeing to his proposal formally, but he was already leading me to the studio room. I looked back at the pictures of those models on the wall again, one last time. I was thinking to myself, ˜Should I have said a NO to all this?? while I headed for the open doors of the studio.

That was my first entry in his studio and it was nothing like the last time I had been there to take a passport picture. It was years before anyway. I was a bit overwhelmed at the enormity of the set and the infrastructure in general. ˜Since you agreed to pose as a picture model for our studio wall I suggest you take a complete photo shoot madam. Usually it is very expensive. I shall give you some pictures to surprise Raj this evening and eventually in a weeks time shall make a whole album out of todays shoot.
I was just nodding. ˜Ok madam; please stand there in the centre. With that he switched on the light. I nodded and walked thinking of my shabby dress and also acutely conscious of my lack of undergarments. The very thought of this made me bothersome, at the same time excited. So, I stopped and asked him, ˜Could this wait for an hour or so mr.Karim ? So I could go home freshen up and come back with something more appropriate and better looking for a photo shoot? He nodded negatively saying, ˜Madam, you dont understand. We will just take a few trial shots now, and then we will think of the costume. Remember, this is a professional studio and we shoot for a lot of models here regularly. ˜Leave the worrying part to me. We have decent changing rooms here and there is a make up table in the corner if you need to use it. I believe you dont need it for the trial shots. any more questions? I have an important appointment in the afternoon. I noticed the sudden change in the tone and him exuberating his professionalism and authoritativeness the minute he entered the studio room. I was too shy to bring up my underwear issue and I let it pass by. If he had noticed from behind that I wasnt wearing a bra, he didnt pay any special attention to it. As he switched on the lights, a dummy coconut tree trunk in a slanted shape at the middle of studio came to my view and there was matching beach scenery wallpaper at the wall behind. I suddenly remembered the picture of the girl in bikini on the wall posing in the same background. The picture of the model was stunningly realistic which made me think that it was taken really at the beach. The Plaster-of-Paris coconut tree trunk looked so real in the picture. ˜So, please lean on the tree and stretch your hands a bit madam mr.Karim was standing in his place behind those studio lights with the camera in his hand waiting for me. I bunched up my hair and adjusted the ˜bun in my head before leaning on the tree and all the while noticed that Karim was staring at my folds in my hip. The way he studies the area made him look like a man seriously planning for a mountaineering expedition along the contour of my hip if only he was a miniature. What might be the destination? my nipple? I was smiling at my own imagination. Although I wasnt really feeling comfortable to his open staring, I didnt really mind. I went to the tree, leaned on it and began stretching my arms, but suddenly cautious, brought my pallu and was about to tuck it around my waist when heard mr.Karim shout ˜Leave it as it is madam. It is the essence of the picture. Dont tie it in your hip. We are not taking group photo here. I was slightly taken aback by the harshness in his voice. I had let the pallu loose again while lying over the slant tree I was facing him to my left. Now I understood his concept. I should let my pallu on a free flow, so he could get a free show. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have let my pallu free? while my stretched hands headed for the tree trunk over my head.

Automatically as I grabbed the tree trunk over my head, three things happened simultaneously. 1. My breasts pushed forward and rose above their normal level. 2. My pallu gave way and moved aside, putting into light a wide variety of otherwise hidden parts of my body, my midrib for one. 3. Mr.Karim s expectant eye balls almost popped out of their sockets. My cheeks were becoming red upon seeing Karim s expression. He quickly recovered and regained his professional poise. ˜You are beautiful madam. Raj is really gifted. Take this as a personal compliment from me. With that he moved behind his camera to see me through the frame to compose the shots. He clicked a few really quickly then rose up. ˜Madam; lets start the trial shots now. Can you tilt your head a bit maintaining the pose? I titled my head. ˜Smile please madam and ˜click click click he was adding up the shots while I smiled at him coyly. ˜Beautiful madam, please raise your right leg a bit and rest it on the tree in the similar pose madam I lifted the right leg and the pallu moved farther apart now revealing my navel and a bit of the right breast as well once again causing Karim s eyes to pop out. I was really ashamed and tried to lower my hands to adjust the pallu when he said the now expected ˜so be it madam, here is the candidate shot for the wall. Please dont move please. and clicked a several shots of me obscenely revealing my assets and the whole of the midrib region. ˜Please take your hand behind the tree and hold it behind you as though you are hugging it madam. I lowered my hands and took it behind the tree and locked my palms together. He came close to me. ˜Madam I shall make some small adjustments if you dont mind. Please stay where you are in that pose. without giving me time to think or react he placed his soft palms on my pallu at the shoulder and while I was looking he rolled it along the cross section of my body in the shape of a thread. He didnt touch my boobs at all during the process leaving with me no other option but to think that he is doing his job. When I was just beginning to relax, he squatted in front of me and dug all his finger tips into the waist line of my saree, by doing so shocked me all over. I quickly brought my hands from behind to knock his hands off me. He coolly said ˜your hands over the head madam. I am just adjusting the level to make the shots come out sexy. He said it in a tone as though he couldnt care less. One other main problem was his strong finger nails were brushing my hip and tickled me thoroughly. He had long nails. Excited a bit, I giggled now. ˜you¦ er.. it is tickling.. I manage to form the words in between the fits of giggles. He seemed to be enjoying the situation too and liked the way I jerked my hip and tried to dig his fingers a bit deeper to tickle me further. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have avoided those naughty fingers?? while my stretched arms headed for the tree trunk obediently amidst my fitful giggles
Eventually, he pulled the waist line of my saree much lower than it was originally. My navel was almost in the middle between the saree and blouse. All his activities hardened my nipples and they are fully erect now. He placed his palm between the navel and the saree waistline to make sure that it is deep enough. I cant believe myself that I was letting him do all this to me. While measuring the gap his little finger (un)intentionally entered my deep navel and lingered there longer than n ecessary causing me to gasp and jerk again when he applied some pressure. In that pose of mine he was very happy. ˜Raj will be going crazy if he sees you in this pose; before you move I shall take some pictures. I was thinking, while posing there, ˜Would Raj love to see me in this pose? I was not so sure anymore although Raj has urged me to expose as long as am comfortable. I was getting a feeling that this was going beyond a level. ˜Mr.Karim , can we stop the shoot with this picture please? I think I am not interested anymore. I was a bit firm in the request. Mr.Karim thought a bit, ˜but madam, what happened to you all of a sudden? I thought you would oblige for my part of the deal, but if you say that you are not interested any more then it is alright with me. Just a few more snaps in the next set please with your same costume. I think the dress you are wearing now will suit more there. Please have a look at the set yourself. Youre sure that you dont want to try some of our costumes and are happy with the trial one? we can of course digitally enhance it. I nodded to him and said that it is enough and he could enhance these pictures as he said and that I am not into trying those costumes shots of his. I was a bit surprised that he agreed to my proposal a bit too readily and didnt even protest a bit. I was even a bit disappointed. I followed him to the next part of the room to the set number two, which was an old well type of set also of P-O-P and farm scenery wallpaper as the background. He made me lean on the well and snapped a few shots with various provocative poses. It was then he suggested, ˜madam I cant help thinking that the shots taken by Raj at the lake were also portraying you to be topless and here would be a perfect setup for a few shots without your blouse in the farm background as if you are drawing water or carrying something to or from the village at the background over your head. You can use your current costume itself as it would suit the farmer girl type pose too. You can make it up for the other pictures from Raj as well. Since he accepted to my proposal to stop it at this point now it looked like I am almost under obligation to him and I had to say yes. ˜If you only take a few snaps and finish it off quickly then its ok with me. I heard myself giving the approval. ˜OK madam, I shall be waiting. Please remove your blouse. You can change behind the well if you want. While nodding to him I noticed for the first time a small tent formed inside his dhoti. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have refused to remove my blouse? while my fingers headed for the hook.
I went behind the well completely hidden from his view and turned my head to see that he made himself busy with a book shuffling the pages absently. I continued to unhook the rest of the hooks and quickly removed it off me and tied my pallu really securely over my now naked slightly sagged breasts and brought it around my back to tuck it tight in my hip. I dissolved the ˜bun at my head and let the hair flow on my shoulder. I quickly combed it using my fingers to the barest approximation, just so it stays in place. It was covering one tenth of my naked right shoulder. I walked from behind the well to meet him. He bobbed his head up apparently speechless for a few moments and uttered ˜classic madam, I am sure these snaps will turn out to be classic. He was talking to himself, ˜soft yellow light with the amber touch ups¦ glow on the left profile¦sunlight effect on hair ends¦bottom up illumination from behind¦ and walked inside. I was waiting for him a bit nervously while he came back with a dummy bamboo basket and some crop bundle. ˜Please pose as though you are carrying these on your head madam. I wanted myself to tell you to undo your hair but you did that yourself since this flowing hair suits the best if you pose with the basket on your head while giving me instructions he took my blouse I had placed on the well along with other things. I quickly noticed that. I asked him to leave the blouse there. He said ˜It will be a hindrance during the shoot here and started searching something else. ˜Where is your bra madam? he asked me absently ˜I shall put them together securely. Turning a shade redder I managed to utter ˜you dont have to worry about it mr.Karim . I¦ I hadnt
bo-th-er-ed to we-ar it today. It somehow made me horny to talk dirty like this. Mr.Karim gave a hearty laugh and said ˜Oh, I see madam and walked with my blouse while I stood frozen watched him walk away just like that with my blouse to the next room and while walking away from me, back facing me, he sniffed it in a whiff. I dont know how he felt, but seeing him do that drove me crazy. He came back from the room inside ˜your blouse is safe there madam. Lets start, first with some plain pictures. I nodded and leaned over the dummy well and smiled. He came close to me and adjusted my hair such that a couple of my long locks fall on my face up to my chin and it accentuated my looks by a multitude of degrees. I liked his care for the level of details. He clicked several shots from different angles from various distances and zooms. He came closer to me and moved the pallu away from my back and told me to lean on the wall like am trying to look inside. He captured my full bare back view and told me to turn my face half way through to look at the lens. I was beginning to relax slightly with my blouse less attire and eased up a little and smiled for the first time. He showered a lot of clicks until he was satisfied. Next, he handed me the basket and told me to walk to the centre of the set so he can cover as much background as he can get and told me to place the basket over my head. I held the basket with a raised hand and posed as if I was walking. The side and the base of my left breast were showing up a bit which generated tingles in me again knowing that I am providing a partially unabashed view to Karim now. He clicked several shots in the pose of me revealing my armpit and the fair mid rib region. My perky nipples were clearly poking out of the saree now adding the sensuousness to the shots I suppose. While I was leaning on the well with my left hand standing at a corner right along the wall, my back rested accidentally on a camouflaged switch on the wall. I heard the noise of the switch go off and the next instance I felt myself screaming. Karim ran towards me and stopped midway through laughing so hard. I had been standing right under the shower of the studio and I had turned the switch on by mistake. He pulled my shivering self away from the water quickly and found the switch on the wall and turned it off. By then, it was too late and I was soaked to my skin and my wet hair sticking to my body. He explained that since the wiring for the switch cant be installed anywhere else it has to be behind the wallpaper in the wall, its presence not obvious at all. He also explained that this set is also typically used for the rain scene shoots. While I was drenching wet he said, ˜hold on madam, I will take you to the change room in a minute, but this is a priceless shot. Unable to react either way I was just staring at him as he clicked. I was wiping the water off my face which in itself presented him with more natural poses as my rain soaked pallu gave way obviously. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I even need to wear a dress at all after this? While my hands headed up to cover my obviously jutting out nipples.
After taking a series of snaps of the wet-me, mr.Karim ran inside and brought a towel and wrapped over my shoulder. He took me to the changing room and told me to wait there. He came back, with a colourful polka dotted thin long muslin cloth and a white shirt which was looking many times smaller than my size. ˜Madam, I cant seem to find the clothes of right size fir you. Please change into this after removing your wet clothes, I shall dry it in the drier we have next door and bring them back. Left with no other choice I meekly nodded and got the clothes from him. I removed my saree that was sticking to my body and untied the petticoat and kicked myself out of it. I hung them both on the change room door and started wiping my wet hair and skin dry with the towel. As he just explained Karim s large hands grabbed my wet clothes from the door and they disappeared in front of my eyes. With a crooked smile Karim commented, ˜madam did you not bother to wear panty too when you had planned to visit our shop? and without waiting for an answer he walked away. I was thinking about the turn of events and the way I got reduced to nothing systematically here, and was made to stand in this studio buck naked within 45 minutes time. Strangely I was getting more and more excited. Quickly wiping myself dry I wrapped around my hip the thin silky cloth he gave me. It was sufficiently long to wrap around me and in fact the material l was so soft and nice, but it was barely crossing my knee. So, I had to wear it as low as possible to let it fall at least a few inches below knee. I had never worn anything like that in my life ever. It was soft, silky and long yet it was flimsy and thin. Since it was too long in width I wrapped around me once tightly, and then took a few neat frills and tucked it almost in the saree style. The thin silky cloth did complete justice by portraying the features of my gorgeous butt and exhibited the shape of my body without any betrayal. Omission of any traces of panty line added to the effect. This fact was obvious when I saw myself in the mirror. Next, I tried to fit myself into the thin loose sleeveless white shirt. It was loose at the sides but horribly tight across the breasts, if I had tried to button it I can only manage to button up just the one in the middle out of the 3 buttons in the shirt. So I let the top and the bottom ones unbuttoned. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have retained my wet saree?? while my hands headed for the hem of the towel-skirt to pull it down a bit more to cover my thighs.
I looked myself at the full length mirror and I was looking so different. I have never exposed so much skin in my life after wearing a dress. Still I liked the way I looked and in a unique way I was looking hot. I did some touch ups here and there with outfit. I dried the hair once again and used the comb in the room to quickly do my hair. When I was trying my hair high above my head as a bun, I heard Karim knocking the door. I was doing some serious thinking if I should open the door in first place and then finally decided to after the persistent knocking and lots of ˜madams from Karim . When I did open the door fully and stood facing Karim , his expression was something beyond words. He looked at me as if I am an angel descended right into his studio. My breasts were arrested in such a tight shirt secured with a single button that they were looking as if they might burst out of the dress any minute. The soft muslin cloth tied around my hip was revealing my features instead of hiding. It started a good 3 inches below my navel and ended a few inches below my knee. I must have been one hot package presenting myself in front of Karim . Karim still managed to talk. ˜madam you look stunningly beautiful. Why dont you try this on? He fetched a large Mexican hat for me. It was a large round hat with a huge base and lots of flower work embroidered on the front side. ˜Here madam, this will suit you very well with the rest of the outfit. I knew you would look stunning in this. when I lifted my arms to wear the hat on my head he was taking a peek at the base of my bare tits under that short tight shirt without the last button on. ˜Madam, Can you pose in the beach set with this dress for a few shots for me? Since you we have to wait for your saree to come off the drier which will take probably half an hour I was thinking why not, there is nothing to loose now and plus which, I really liked the way the large beautiful hat changed my looks. It fitted just over my bunched up hair as if it was designed for my head. I was looking a little tom boyish as the hat covered three-fourth of my hair. I agreed for a few snaps and began to walk and I could feel the cool air brushing against me through the gap in the soft muslin cloth wrapped around my hip and reach up there only to make me feel more excited. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have refused to pose in this outfit? while I headed towards the set.

Karim told me to lean on the tree trunk and redo the same pose once again with my hands behind and right leg resting on tree. He came close to me and let those locks of semi-wet hair to fall on my face. I leaned back my body on the tree and wore the Rayban he gave me on my face, lifted my right leg to rest on the tree and held the trunk with my hands behind. I cocked my face to my left to face mr.Karim and he shouted ˜brilliant madam. The frills of the soft cloth flowed beautifully in between my legs seamlessly. This is going to be the best shooting experience of my life ever. and he started clicking wildly. I smiled radiantly at him as I liked my pose as well. He came closer to me and was clicking me from all the possible angles and when he came closer to my feet I had a feeling that he is prying for an upshot view of my thigh. I looked away from the lens not having the mind to look into it when he was peeping. Karim was through with his session. ˜Madam, one additional thing he came close to me and took the coolers off my face. He tilted the hat fully to cover my face completely. My face was now fully covered and he slowly whispered near my face ˜time for some outright seductive shots now! it was more of an order than a request. I was feeling a bit thrilled by his words and since my face was fully hidden behind the hat, I couldnt figure out what was happening and the hat gave me the much needed cover. I felt Karim s hands gently pull my hands from their position behind the tree. ˜Now, hold the base of your breasts with your hands and squeeze them a bit. I found myself doing as I was told. My large pointy nipples were clearly visible behind the white transparent shirt. When I pressed and lifted my breasts the hard nipples poked out even more through the shirt. ˜and bend forward a little more in the same pose was the next command. He pulled me a little forward as well by lightly grabbing my shoulder. ˜Nice cleavage shots these would be. These irresistibly beautiful breasts are fighting to free up and come out, but it can wait. So, here we go. and he started clicking me. I didnt fail to notice the sudden absence of madam while he addressed me and the more commanding tone he took now. While he was through with my cleavage he came close to me. There was no other sound but for the rustle made by the movement of his dhoti while he walked towards me. ˜And now is the time to free them up a bit with that he popped the middle and the only button of the tight shirt. I squealed and asked him what he was doing covering my bare chest with my hands immediately. I couldnt see what he was doing since I was hiding myself behind the hat. ˜Need to slightly adjust your standing pose with that he rested his arms just as light as a feather on the folds of my hip on either side. ˜You have a very beautiful body you know? while talking to me his hands wandered on my midrib region and he was carefully listening to my breath coming up in short gasps. ˜Enough to bring a whole army down to its knees you know while continuing his talk, his index finger rested on my navel and he noticed a clear strong gasp from me. He circled his little finger in the skin around the navel and noticed me buckling my belly and let out a slight moan. He took his hand off the area immediately and opened my shirt wider so it was almost down to half the shoulder. He lowered the waist line of the muslin cloth some more by grabbing at the frills and pulling it down as a whole, gently by a few centimetres. An additional few centimetres, would have brought the beginning of my soft clean shaven mound into view. He took a lot of clicks now from various angles. ˜Can you please change it a bit and exchange your hands to cover your left breast with the right hand and vice versa. When he popped the button off, he must have gotten only a glimpse of my naked breasts. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have called the whole thing off? while I headed to change my hands really quickly not wanting to put up a long show.
˜Thats ultimate. You are looking positively beautiful. He took a few more snaps praising me all the way through, constantly throwing flattering comments about one of the body parts. He came close to me ˜time for complete back shots and pulled me toward him and turned me in a whiff. Before I could think of what was going on, he stood behind me and pulled my hands off my and pulled towards him and quickly peeled the shirt off me and let me standing there completely topless. I recovered and quickly covered my bare tits with a squeal. I was about to protest and he beat me to it. ˜Stand here sweetie. He pulled me away from the tree completely and spun me around. I was so glad that I was wearing the huge hat and didnt want to go through the embarrassment of facing him. I must have been facing away from me I suppose. While I was standing covering my breasts, he came close to me and held his hands at my waist softly and slowly spun me around and whispered near my face. ˜Time for some frontal shots now and released his hands with some f***e and moved away to take more clicks. While he was doing his business I realised that the soft muslin cloth tied around me lost its grip considerably due to persistent handling while he spun me around. I was faced with a situation. He continued clicking when I rasped ˜Stop for a minute. I need to tighten the cloth at my hip. Its loosing its grip (so was my situation. I am loosing the grip over the situation by the second). ˜Oh dont worry about it he cooed. He came close to me next instance and I suppose squatted in front of me. Both his hands were on the waist line of the long muslin cloth. He undid the frills fully, but holding the cloth in position he expertly took the frills and tightly tucked it in, perhaps a better job than mine, given the situation. I was growing all hot from head to toe with every minute touch he made. He might have had a fleeting glance of my pussy when he was taking the frills. I was getting horny and wet at the thought of that. After tightening he placed his palm between the navel and the frills as if measuring the gap and seconds later his fingers targeted the centrepiece of my midrib. I let out a noticeably sharp gasp when his little finger entered my deep navel while he spread his palm over my belly. His other finger pawed me and sprawled all over while his little finger was drawing circles. By now it must have been very very obvious to him that my navel is the triggering point to break my dams of passion and turn me on. His voice grew coarse now ˜Some dirt in there. One minute. Let me clean that with that I found his long hot tongue entering my navel and drawing circles while I found myself gasping loudly now. He had me in control. After some lapping with the tongue there he fingered the area some more. He said Its cleaned now and left me gasping there and went few steps away and took a few more shots. I was literally boiling hot inside with passion caused by prolonged heavy petting. There was no sound from him for a few seconds. Then he came close to me and placed his arms on my hip and spun me around. ˜Time for a full back view my beautiful lady and while muttering those words his hands gripped the muslin cloth around me at the frills and in a fleeting moment with such a f***e he pulled at the frills and yanked it off me. My only reaction was a hollow gasp. The image of the Gandhi statue opening ceremony held in our town while I was a youngster came to my mind. He went back with the last piece of my clothing in his hand. In a fresh rush of shame I crossed my legs although I was facing away from him (I believed). ˜Yours is the most wonderful back I have seen ever Karim uttered. After what seemed like an eternity he took a million or so snaps of my naked back and all the while letting me boil in passion he finally said ˜turn around now I was thinking of myself ˜Should I have asked for the towel back while I headed to face him, with my hands covering my privates.

He clucked his tongue upon looking at me. ˜My oh my¦ what a beautiful thing we have here. Your honey pot looks nicely shaven and smooth. Raj is very lucky. With that he took a few more pictures of me full nude save the large hat. I just cant believe still that I had let him talk me into posing full nude for him showing him everything letting him describe about my privates and all. I was hearing the clicks for a few minutes without interruption and a big silence after that. After what felt like a millennium I heard foot steps then. I noticed the clothes rustle missing this time! Before I could think of the consequences of the missing rustle I felt a hot tongue resting on my navel. Next instance Karim s hand were crawling up on my hip on either side and finding their way behind He must have been kneeling in front of me. His hands grabbed my globes behind and started caressing me. I gasped and moaned as his hands kneaded my buttocks and his tongue was busy lapping my navel. My whole body was writhing with pleasure. I was amazed at the softness of his palms. He ran his fingers along the middle of the valley between them globes up and down. I was wondering to myself how come he knew that I am hypersensitive there. He gripped my buttocks with some f***e now and his tongue descended from my navel and travelled towards my more than inviting expectant vagina. I readily parted my thighs when he pressed his chin in between my thighs. His tongue lapped and cleaned my pussy lips thoroughly. I heard a ˜mmmmm from down below. He brought his hands from my buttocks a bit lower and let his fingers attack my pussy directly from behind me. I let out a loud ˜aaaah of course not due to pain and parted my legs much wider now. His tongue reaching the prime spot started licking my inner lips. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I need to cover my breasts anymore?? while my hands headed for his head.

It felt good to run my fingers along Karim s curly hair and letting them lock in the curls. I felt that I was gripping his hair harder and harder. Karim released one had from my behind and the next instance it was caressing the underside of my soft left breast. I moaned louder in passion when his fingers circled my hard nipples. His hands were so soft; in fact it must have been softer than mine! I let him play with my nipple. His naughty fingers drew circles and pinched me ever so slightly. It was a sharp contrast to Rajs rough handling all the time. It was an eye-opener to me to know that how much sensitive I am to the soft touches. He continued to lick my inner lips and now taut clit. It was just the right f***e being applied there. He gently pulled the skin at the clit with his teeth. I sensed the building climax inside me looming to erupt any minute. I moaned louder and louder. Taking the cue mr.Karim briefly interrupted his tongue-lapping act and inserted a finger deep inside my completely wet pussy and took out and continued to lap his tongue in me. Next instance, I realized the reason for him doing so. He ran his fingers along my crevice and at the mid point he pushed his now very moist index finger. To even my surprise it slipped easily into the orifice there. Momentarily I jerked and found myself standing in tip toes while he inserted me there. Then he continued to lick and play with my pussy in deliberate slow circles and his finger in me from behind was now moving back and forth slowly giving me a painful pleasure, while his free hand was gently massaging my tits and pinching my nipples alternatively. I couldnt take this sequence very long I moaned louder and louder. My frequency of moaning increased rapidly and so did his pace. At one point I felt myself going rigid and then let out a loud cry combined with convoluted spasms of my muscles all over. I came out very loud and strongly and it lasted for several seconds long. I was thoroughly spent and was sweating all over. Karim stood up and scooped me as I was about to collapse. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I need a hand kerchief now? while I headed into mr.Karim s arms.
Mr.Karim was carrying me like he would carry a pillow to the bed. I realized while he carried me away that he had removed his shirt. He walked a few steps and placed me on what felt like a bench. I am so grateful for the hat though. I felt his presence by my side. I let my hands wander over while lying on the bench and found his strong thighs. He has ridden his dhoti as well! To my surprise I was letting my hands linger there longer than necessary enjoying the stiffness of his muscles. He moved and spread his legs and either side of the bench and began stroking my breasts. My nipples responded to him immediately and the familiar tingle in me started again. ˜The best pair of breasts alive right in front of me he commented as he continued to knead them with both hands and fondled them gently. I let my hands traverse above his thighs slowly taking time. Still with the hat covering my face, this temporary blindness is an incredible turn on with my mind trying to anticipate what I would expect next on my touch and what to expect from his naughty hands. I ran my manicured nails along his inner thigh as he let out a moan. My hands finally met his tight balls. It really felt good cupping them with my fingers. He let out a soft sigh as I cupped his. Karim was standing over me with his legs divided on either side of the bench giving me brilliant access to his balls. I gave his balls a good squeeze and Karim moaned an ˜aaaah loud. Of course he enjoyed it. Tracing my fingers around the balls for a long duration teasing him sufficiently I ran my fingers along the base of his shaft. He let out a low growl as I began my pilgrimage and my fingers began their quest of reaching the tip of his shivlinga It was my turn to be surprised. As I kept moving my fingers he kept growling louder, but what was not happening was that I did not reach the tip yet. My fingers kept going on and on and on for what seemed like an endless journey. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I have to move my finger faster? while I headed for my destination.
That was one journey which I couldnt really complain of. I finally managed to find the tip and my finger needed a rest. So I encircled my palm around the tip as mr.Karim pinched my nipples harder. I pushed the foreskin of his massive shaft downwards and felt the softer ˜real tip and started circling it. He seemed to enjoy the sensation and let out loud moans now. I thought to myself in a wicked way ˜It is your turn now to moan mister! and smiled myself at how c***dish it sounded. I moved his penis back and forth and then let while cupping his balls and gently squeezing it with the other hand. He moaned louder and not being able to withstand any further he moved a step forward towards me and his hand pushed my hat off my face. This was something I didnt expect as I was getting fairly comfortable hiding my face under the hat. The first thing I saw after remaining under cover for what seemed to be an enormous time was his huge monster thing looming just centimetres above my face. I let out a sharp gasp in sheer surprise. Next thing I realised he pushed his massive took o brush along my lips. I was still holding it in my hands and despite myself I found my lips parting. I took my tongue out to explore the skin of his member. I moved my skin along the side of it and then reached the top. He was gripping my tighter as I made circles on the tip pushing the foreskin below. I licked the tip with my now hungry tongue for some time. He moved his hip back and forth. I took his tool in between my open lips and guided it slowly. I closed my lips and he suddenly pushed it inside with some f***e. I felt it hit the base of my throat. He took over and rocked his thing back and forth inside his mouth for a few minutes. It felt good. I cupped and played around with his balls all the time and even pinched them making him jerk. It felt good. While having his tool in completely I grabbed his tight but large butt and ran my nails along the still muscles. It felt good too. I was still ogling at his wide eyed chest and ran my fingers along his wide chest. It was then he decided that it was time for the kill. He removed his tool from my mouth and lifted both my legs in the air easily and then spread them wider. He inserted his huge thing in me and it went in easily half way through. He pushed his powerful frame and pushed it further to let it in fully. He then stood in that position and rocked back and forth. I ran my fingers on his hairy chest and pinched his nipples periodically. He gasped and moved his torso back and forth over and over. His hand in the process tweaked my nipples and made me go crazy. I felt that raising orgasm inside me too. He was moving his whole body back and forth now and in spite of the A/C both of us were sweating profusely. The beads of sweat in his forehead made him look more macho and attractive. After a few more strokes and the passing of a few more minutes I sensed his stiffening muscle and almost at the same time I was beginning to build faster inside me. He stiffened his whole self and let out a long low growl while he came in me in long jerks while I found myself screaming with pleasure as I had hit it again for the second time within a matter of few minutes. I was thinking to myself ˜Should there be a third? while I released my aching muscles off him with a smile and headed to sit on the bench by his side.

I was sitting on the stool for a few minutes glancing absently at the beach scenery, lost in confused thoughts still naked wearing the hat again not covering my face this time. Mr.Karim came back, fully dressed now with my saree, petticoat and blouse in his hand. He placed them by my side and before I could protest he clicked a few shots of my tired face and naked body after two thunderous orgasms. ˜For my personal satisfaction. I shall give it to you as well if you want. After cleaning up hastily, I dressed myself up with my OWN clothes and left hurriedly. While at the door I heard Mr.Karim shout ˜Madam, come back sometime in the afternoon to collect some of the pictures. To complete your part of the deal, and dont forget the pictures taken by Raj. They must still be lying on the chair in the front office. I grabbed the cover containing the pictures on my way out. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I ever go back to that place again, leave alone collecting the pictures for my part of the deal?? as I headed to my home entering the hot and humid street in the May afternoon

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