sex in my teens (the start)

i was a chubby k**...with loads of attitude..but never missed a chance for a fuck either with pple of my age or older...i am 20 now....had sex with over 40 woman for a varied number of dayszz...either a nite stand or yrs n yrs of naughtyness....
this story is about me and my neighbour with whom i had an affair for a couple of years..she was from my college, an yr elder to day during my visit to her house .i found out that her parents n her b*****r who is an gud frnd of mine had gone out shopping.she was also in an hurry to go out as she had to meet her she told me to wait n she went to take an shower.i was listening to songs on her lappy.n to my amusement i saw loads of porn n naked pictures of weenie was on fire n started t raise against my she was takin an shower i started to plan on asking her abt dis or jump on her as i knew she had a little sumthin 4 me..i went to the bathroom were she was takin an shower n knocked at the door.she asked me wat had hapnd..i was begining to get horny just by her voice. i asked her if she can open the door.she flatly refused.i told her - i just wanna look,open the door, n to my suprise she did open the door. n i saw her beautiful tits n slighty trimmed pubic hair which stil had a little of foam on it.the shower was still on, without delay i jumped on her with my clothes on.i started caressing her boobs whose nipples were starting to get hard, i asked her if she wanted me to go ahead, n she grabbed my cock to my suprise n pleasure.. i started to suck her tits nicely..she had one hand on my cock n the other on my head. after a while ..i went downn started to finger first she said no but later she enjoyed my fingering..she started to remove my shirt n my pant n started to play wit my penis. i asked her if she had sex b4..she said yes..but it was long bak wit her ex, i started to get more n more horny i wanted to get my meat into her glory hole but i did nt hav an condom..., she seemed unhappy but agreed for mutual masturbation,we started kissing n started to wipe ourselfs dry..i carried he to her room ..laid her , started to finger n lick her pussy, unusually the pussy smelt lik strawberries due to the body lotion..i enjoyed it , then i sat nxt to her n she started gently stroking my cock n den suckin it with her pretty mouth... i wanted to cum all over her but i could not as v had fear of her parents arrival. moreover wat explanation should i giv to my wet clothes,i went home unsatisfied, luckily her parents arrived a few minutes later to my departure..since then v used to indulge in casual sex atleast a few tyms in a weeek n she satisfied all my fetishes.she is now engaged.but v still vow to our sex lyf to continue after dat.(dis was my first experience wit still makes me horny wen i tink abt dat nite. this is also my first story..if u lik it i shall write more- tc hav an sexful lyf- sriram)
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