my first time

I was a boy in puberty, which he knew nothing about sex! for my 18th birthday neighbor convinced me to go with him to a brothel, where he will pay me a whore. Of course, I agree ..... he took me to a big building, and said that the whores inside side. When we entered, he took a room with double bed ... in the room told me to lie down ... When I went to bed, he took the handcuffs and tied me. My stomach started rolling over me. he pulled out his cock, he looked bigger than he was, I was scared, he started to cuddle me in the face with a dick. when I felt I liked the taste. I opened my mouth to put it. It was great ... when I finished in my mouth, I have withstood not to swallow. then he let me free. and asked me if I liked. I just nodded affirmatively with my head...I asked what now? he said that we can try something better. I asked what could be better? he told me to lay on my stomach and close my eyes ... in the excitement I did it .... he started kissing me on the back, he went lower to my ass. slowly spread my ass, and began to lick my ass hole. I was sweating ... I felt his dick pulsating ... and when it is has hardened, he put his dick in my ass, it was good. he fucked me the next three hours ... and it was good ... filled my ass f******n times with semen .... When it was time to go, I asked him to repeat this ... he said that we shell. but next time we will wear women's clothes and sexy underwear!

It is the story of how I became a transsexual!

sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I was translating from Serbian!
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3 years ago
Hot story! Gave me a hard-on!