Lita had been driving across the country for hours and she was exhausted. All she wanted was a stiff drink and a good night's sl**p. She drove a couple more miles before coming across a bar on one side of the road, and a motel on the other. "Perfect!" she said out loud. She pulled into the parking lot, turned off the engine and got out of the car, locking it behind her.

As soon as she walked in the bar, Lita noticed two things....great music and nothing but women. She thought, 'A lesbian bar? No way!' She had always wanted to go to a lesbian bar, so she was rather excited. She sat down at the counter and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. Within a few minutes a couple of beautiful young women sat down beside her. "Hey, honey. How's your night going?" Lita turned and looked at the tall, slim and beautiful blonde next to her. "Pretty good, thanks for asking. I'm Lita," she said, sticking out her hand. The blonde shook Lita's hand and said, "My name is Sadie, and that's Tasha." Lita looked over her shoulder at the stunningly beautiful redhead and said, "Hello, Tasha. Nice to meet you." Tasha had emerald green eyes and a dazzling smile. "Nice to meet you, Lita. So where are you from?" "Originally I'm from Montana but I live in Canada. I'm on my way to visit some f****y back in Montana." "That's cool," Sadie said." "Yeah, definitely," Tasha agreed. "We're from Idaho, on a little road trip of our own. No particular reason, really." Lita laughed. "You guys just drive across multiple states for fun?" she asked. "Sometimes when we get bored, yeah. We're pretty adventerous for the most part." "That's awesome," Lita said. She finished her drink and "I Wanna Go" by Britney Spears began to play. Lita was feeling a pretty good buzz from the Long Island Iced Tea and she was preparing to order another when Sadie exclaimed, "Oh my God, I love this song! C'mon, dance with us." She couldn't have declined even if she wanted to. Tasha grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. She was sandwiched in between them and the smell of their purfumes together was intoxicating.

Sadie and Tasha were bumping and grinding all over Lita, lightly caressing everything from her legs to her neck, and she didn't mind at all. Suddenly she felt Sadie's finger rubbing her wet slit from behind. Tasha pulled Lita's dress down over her 34C breasts, bent down and flicked her warm tongue over Lita's nipples. She let out a moan and Sadie whispered in her ear, "Your pussy is so wet. I love it, and now I'm gonna fuck it." Lita was on the brink of orgasm and Sadie's middle and index fingers slipped inside and began to stroke her g-spot. Tasha began to twist and pull on Lita's erect nipples. "Oh, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Lita yelled. Everyone in the bar was watching them now, but Lita was cumming harder than she ever had before, and she was oblivious to any spectators. Pussy juice flowed down her thighs and all over Sadie's hand. Sadie rubbed Lita's g-spot faster and Lita screamed louder. She'd never been this horny in her entire life. The song came to an end just as Lita's massive orgasm subsided. She finally noticed all the women staring at her. She regained her composure and fixed her dress. All she could do was smile and point to Sadie and Tasha. "They did it!" she said.

They went back to the counter and Lita decided to switch up her drink. "Screaming orgasm, please." "Didn't you just have one of those on the dance floor?" the bartender asked. Lita smiled and blushed. "If you're up for it," Tasha said, "we live ten minutes away from here. You could stay with us tonight and have all the screaming orgasms you want." Lita slammed her drink. "Well, let's go!"

Part II coming later. (|
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3 years ago
DAMN! for a short story it got me to full attention!
I'm looking for more now! ;)
3 years ago
Sounds like Lita, Sadie & Tasha are my kind of
girls. Road warriors. Will look for Part 2. Kind of reminds me of when i pulled into a motel in Wells, Nevada, on a recent road trip. Except that there was a brothel/bar across the street instead of a lesbian bar. Thank you for the story.
3 years ago
511 have read it, but only 2 comments??
3 years ago
Good to see you posting stories again!
3 years ago
Do you need to specify that u want people to comment on your stories? 289 people have read it but only ONE has commented so far. )|
3 years ago
Ready for part 2