The two met in Fort Kent, Maine. He'd seen her pictures and spoken to her online dozens of times, and for many months he had desperately longed to meet her and caress every inch of her big, beautiful body. She was in a 'love-hate' relationship with her long-term boyfriend and felt it lacked a great number of things. She didn't necessarily want to fall in love with anyone else, but she thrived on all the positive attention he gave her. She wished her boyfriend paid attention to her like that. This man was 15 years older than her but she wasn't bothered by that.
After lunch they made their way back to Kevin's house. They sat and watched television together; a romantic comedy. She noticed he was scooting closer to her, and then she felt him begin to rub her neck and shoulders. Her boyfriend never did that! It felt great and even made her a little wet. Soon his fingers made their way up the back of her shirt and he unhooked her bra, releasing her tremendous 50DDD breasts. He slowly ran his fingers over her nipples, lightly pinching them and they instantly became hard, and her pussy got even wetter. He must've known what she wanted next because he removed her shirt, laid her down on the couch and took one of her nipples in his warm mouth while he pinched and twisted the other. She uttered a moan and Kevin paused for a moment so he could give her a long, passionate kiss. She could feel how hard his cock was but she wanted this fantastic foreplay to last even longer.

He took off his shirt and she took off his pants. She slowly removed his nearly 7 inch hard on from his boxer briefs. She didn't want it inside her yet; she wanted to save the best for last. They shared another kiss, then Kevin made his way down her body and stopped at her thick, juicy pussy. He began to lick it like a k** licks a lollipop. "Mmmm, yeah," Angela said. This was the first time anyone had ever gone down on her, and so far it was great! He spread her pussy lips and her clit protruded a little more. She could feel his warm, soft tongue lick her clit and she never wanted it to end. "Yes, lick my fuckin' clit!" she moaned a little louder. He put her clit in his mouth and began to suck. She couldn't subdue the pleasure anymore. "Shit, yes Kevin, I'm cumming!" Before her orgasm was over Kevin slid his throbbing cock inside her wet, contracting pussy. They simultaneously let out a groan of pleasure. "Oh, Angela, you feel so much better than I ever imagined!" he exclaimed. "So do you, baby. Wanna fuck me from behind?" He agreed so she got on all fours and he slowly entered her again. He began to pick up speed and she tweaked her nipples, adding to the excitement. His balls were furiously slapping against her ass now. She could feel his head stroking her g-spot and she knew soon she'd have another orgasm. "Fuck me harder Kevin!" she said between moans. He thrust a few more times and she yelled, "Yeah, that's it! Make me cum, make me cum, baby!" This orgasm was stronger than the last and her body trembled with aftershocks.

After a minute Kevin asked her if she wanted to ride him. "Hell yeah, I do! Lay down!" She got him on his back and straddled him. She lowered herself down on his cock so that only his head was inside. She slowly bobbed up and down on it. Kevin reached up and grabbed her nipples and pulled on them, almost like milking a cow. Angela sat down and took all of Kevin's cock deep inside. She began to rock and he rolled her nipples around in his fingers. "Ooooh, yeah. I love that!" she whimpered. "I'm gonna make you cum now." She sat up as straight as she could and bounced up and down just as fast. "Mmmm, yeah, my beautiful. Work that pretty pussy! I wanna cum inside you." She leaned down and gave him a sensual kiss. He grabbed her plump hips and rocked her on his cock again. Everything was perfect; the rhythm....the pace. They moaned as they kissed and then Angela exclaimed, "Yes, you're gonna make me cum again. You want me to fuckin' cum all over this cock?" "Ugh....yeah, honey. I'm gonna spray cum all over your pussy it comes!" As he ejaculated Angela could feel his cock get bigger and her g-spot got bigger also, and she squealed in orgasmic bliss as she came.
They lay there for at least five minutes and Kevin said, "Wow, darlin'. That was every damn bit as good as I was hoping it'd be. What do you say we hit the shower?"
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2 years ago
Nice story!!!
3 years ago
Thanks, Erin! (| I wrote a new one yesterday....hope u like it!
3 years ago
This story made my pussy wet. Casual sex with no strings attached is so hot. Love your dirty talk. Well written too.
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very nice hot story