The sexual tension had been building for years. Robert's cock was the biggest cock she'd ever seen, girth-wise! So big in fact, that a decade ago she'd barely been able to fit the head in her mouth. However, she vividly remembered how much he loved what she was able to do with what little she had in her mouth, and she'd been yearning to know how good it would feel inside her tight little pussy.
The doorbell rang and a dribble of pussy juice trickled down her thighs. She always got wet when she imagined Robert's cock relentlessly pounding her pussy. She opened the door, grabbed Robert's arm and yanked him in the house. She pushed him against the wall and passionately kissed him. As she gently sucked on his tongue, her hand roamed the crotch of his pants and she immediately took notice of his hard, bulging cock. "I want you to fuck me right now!" she said. She quickly took off his pants and he picked her up and took her to the couch. He ripped her little black dress off like he was the Incredible Hulk and began to suck on her enormous breasts. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and she quickly had an orgasm.
"Please," she whispered, "Fuck me." Robert cock was oozing with pre cum and even though her pussy was already soaking wet, he rubbed the pre cum all over her clit with his dick. She was incredibly excited and orgasmed again. "I need your cock in me so fucking bad," she whined. Robert would tease her no more. His thick cock slipped right in her tight, wet pussy and he slowly moved it in and out. She let out a cry, but a good one. Her pussy had never been stretched like this before, and it was a little bit painful, but the pain turned to pleasure and she said, "YES! Fuck me faster!" Robert obeyed and gave her a few more quick, deep thrusts and she said, "Fuck yes! Oh God, I'm cumming all over your cock, YEAH!!" He groaned and pulled out. Some pussy juice dripped on the floor. "Sit on it," he told her. He laid down and she straddled him. She slowly lowered her pussy down on his massively thick dick. They both let out a moan and she began to bounce up and down. As she moved faster she could feel his cock massage her G-spot. With one hand he pinched her nipple and wrapped the other hand around her throat. She never thought a momentary lack of oxygen would be such a turn-on. "Unh uh uh! Oh shit, I'm gonna cum again!" she yelled. Robert thrusted deep inside her contracting pussy faster and tightened his grip on her throat. She began to make a series of sounds she'd never made before, simply because she'd never been fucked like this before. It was better than she ever thought it could be. She felt an enormous pressure in her pussy that she'd never experienced before, but she knew it was leading up to the longest, most pleasurable orgasm she'd ever had in her life. She squealed, removed Robert's thick cock from her pussy and rubbed its throbbing head on her engorged clit. "Fuck yeah, here it comes, baby," she screamed as her pussy shot out a fountain of clear, warm liquid. Her body was convulsing so much that Robert almost thought she was having a seizure. He was near his own orgasm so he quickly slid his pulsating cock back into her pussy. "Tell me you love my cock," he said. "I fucking love your cock," she panted. "Say you want me to fuck you like a filthy whore." She felt his cock throb and pulsate inside her and she knew she'd soon have another orgasm. "Fuck me like a filthy whore and shoot your load all over my face," she ordered. He pulled his dick out and f***ed her on her back. He put her legs on his shoulders and slammed his hard cock back into her eagerly awaiting pussy. He thrust into her harder than he ever had before, and within thirty seconds, they were both having the best orgasm they'd ever had. Robert pulled out once more and frantically began to jerk his cock. She furiously rubbed her clit and then he put his cock in her face and erupted like a volcano all over it. Watching him cum sent her over the edge and she erupted herself, shooting her own load at least twelve feet in the air. "SON OF A BITCH!" she screamed. "Such a sweet little cunt you have," Robert said as he lapped up all the remaining juices. "Your cock is the best, Bobby boy!" she responded. They took a cool shower together and a long nap.
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