Car play leads to forest fucking

As we drove up the motorway, heading for our long weekend away my mind began to drift towards what fun we could be getting up to in our countryside holiday rental. I was clearly not the only one as my girlfriend was clearly feeling horny already. We were less than an hour up the road and she was already teasing me, pulling the seatbelt tight across her 38 inch boobs and making them press hard against her cream, semi see through top.

Every time I glanced across, she was teasing me, and other road users come to think of it. The motorway was fairly busy and she was flaunting her assets. After a while she removed her bra, revealing a pair of rock hard nipples, now pointing through her top, nice and dark circular are oils and long hard nipples. As we passed the traffic in lane one I could see the lucky truckers peering down at her curvy assets, one got a bit more of a view than most as she flashed him whilst taking her bra out from under the top. He gave a grateful blast on his horn as she was giving me the horn!

I could feel my cock throbbing and pressing hard on my shorts, looking for a way out and twitching with anticipation. With her titties now hanging free, my girlfriend clambered onto the seat, kneeling and bending over the centre console as she freed my manhood and took the meaty b**st in her hand. That felt good but nothing like as good as when she stopped tugging my. Meat and sucked it into her soft wet mouth.

I almost came instantly, it felt so I regained control of my senses and the car, I stuck on the cruise control and assumed a more suitable position, slightly slouched in my seat, legs opened and giving her bobbing head more freedom to move. She sucked and slurped on my pulsating glans, dropped her head deep taking me almost to gagging depth in her hot mouth before drawing her head back slowly, sucking hard and savouring every inch that she had just swallowed before biting gently on the end of my dick.

All the time she was doing this, I had a free hand which was massaging her sweet, tight buttocks, under her skimpy lady shorts. As she was knelt on the seat, this was showing a great bit of ass to the cars we passed and many were taken by surprise to see her ass up against the window, tight shorts, probably a bit of camel toe showing and my hand working the ass as her head bobbed up and down on my cock.

As the motorway changed back to dual carriageway we were down to just two lanes and she sat back down in her seat. Her hand continued to stroke my cock and she lifter her top to reveal her pert tits so I could have a grope with my free hand.

I can't take this any more, I said. I need to fuck you.

We left the dual carriageway after a few miles and turned off the road down a single track road besides the forest than bordered the road we had been on. Driving some way down, we stopped the car and skipped off into the forest. Not far from the car and, by the noise surrounding us, not that far from the dual carriageway too. I couldn't wait any longer, my shorts were already in my hand, my cock was standing proud and dripping pre-cum as I grabbed my girl, kissed her so hard and spun her around. Pushing her up against a tree that had fallen over, I pulled down her shorts and f***ed my cock into the sweet, and already wet, pussy of hers.

I could see the cars passing by, only yards from the edge of the forest - could they see us? I don't know, but I didn't care, either. My cock was slamming in and out of her dripping wet cunt, fucking her so fast that she began squirting back at me, juices spraying all over my cock and my legs, dripping down hers and she was screaming with pleasure. Fucking her harder and faster, I reached forwards and grabbed her firm tits, pinching the nipples, trying to milk her as I fucked her for all I was worth.

Suddenly, as she screamed out, "oh fuck! I am fucking cumming. Fuck me. Fuck me hard I want your spunk in me!" I thrust into her pussy, felt her legs begin to crumble and wobble as she had orgasm after orgasm, my rock had cock throbbed and twitched and then it let go of the biggest load of cum I had shot up her in many a day.

The sheer excitement of the weekend away, her in-car teasing and the blow job she gave me had built up such a big, creamy load of spunk for her that I felt as if I was cumming forever.

As my cock began to relax and soften up, I pulled out of her pussy and she let go of a huge load of juices and of my cum which dropped to the floor in the puddle of squirt juice and she then used her hand to scoop out the rest before raising it to her mouth and lapping it all up.

Without a care about if we had been seen, we gathered up our clothing that had been cast aside and scampered back to the car.

Needless to say, the holiday was full of exciting moments and my girlfriend had every hole filled with cum at some point but we decided to be good on the way home. Deep down, though, we never wanted the weekend to end.
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16 days ago
Mmmm that's nice to know - can I borrow her one day? Driving in London is so boring
6 months ago
great story
6 months ago
Great story, love the by whilst driving my wife does that - hot women!