Brianna's Fine but Andy's Dandy

I love facebook, nothing has made fucking stupid little girls easier than social media. Brianna was a hot little 18 year old brunette that I stumbled across while I was looking for somebody else.

She had over 3000 friends and her profile was open for anybody and everybody to see. After looking through hundreds of d***ken pictures of her in various stages of undress I decided, what the hell, I'd add her as a friend and see what happens. It didn't take more than a day for her to accept and soon we were chatting and eventually after taking note of her constant updates, I set up a "chance" encounter and within an hour of bumping into her, we had smoked a joint and she was sucking my cock while I finger fucked her hairy young pussy.

That would've been awesome enough, here I am a 27 year old guy getting anonymous head from an 18 year old, but Brianna had a mother that was in her late 30's and looked to be a bigger slut than her daughter. Soon, I had added her and late one night I was glad that I did.

I had been out late playing poker one Friday night when I got home, smoked a joint to unwind and started looking through Andrea's profile. For her age she had a fantastic body, taller than Brianna and much bigger tits that she showed off in every picture. There was one particular album from a trip to Hawaii where she was in a bikini that I quickly saved in the spank bank for later viewing.

I noticed that she was online so I sent her a message. Why not? It worked with her daughter, I was surprised that she replied and we started chatting back and forth, at first, just small talk, but when I told her that I had just gotten home and smoked a joint, she told me that she had run out of weed and really needed something to get the edge off.

Andrea told me that Brianna had gone to stay with her dad for the weekend and that her youngest daughter Mysha was long asl**p, I "joked" that I delivered weed and my cock got hard when she shot back "I hope that is not all that you deliver". After a few more minutes of flirting back and forth, she gave me her address and I made my way over.

She was even sexier in person, she had long red hair with light freckling, a tiny nose and mouth and flawless skin. I noticed as we smoked a joint on the back porch that we were about the same size although I was much heavier, she couldn't have weighed much more that 120 and most of that appeared to be tits and ass. For a late 30's woman with two k**s, her tits were still very perky and her ass still was round and high. As she led me to the couch I imagined sticking my tongue deep inside her and rimming her til she came.

As soon as she sat down on the couch I fished my semi hard cock out of my jeans and fed it to her. She licked and sucked at it furiously and we soon began a rhythm of steady throat fucking, she easily took my length to the back of her throat and slid it out so that my head rested on her lips. I balled her hair in my fist so I could get a good look at her sucking me off, this seemed to turn her on even more as she quickened her pace and soon I was thrusting my hips and fucking her mouth as if it were her cunt.

After a few more minutes, I decided that I had to have a taste of her sweet pussy and I was not disappointed, where her daughter had a hairy puss, Andrea's was well kept, trimmed, with just a little landing strip above a rather large clit. I took it in my mouth and licked and sucked it until she was wriggling beneath me, she held my head in place and began to grind her cunt against me until she leaked a little cunt juice and moaned that she was cumming.

At the same time I lightly began to tongue her asshole and within seconds she was prying her ass cheeks apart while she told me to "eat that asshole, lick it, that's it Justin, tongue it, stick your tongue in me..." as I buried my tongue in her, I began to finger fuck her the same way that I had Brianna and once again, she leaked a little cunt juice that ran down and pooled at her asshole. I used that as lube as I slid one finger inside her, as I swirled my middle finger to the knuckle, deep inside her grabbed my hair and pushed me back down to her gaping cunthole and I started a nasty DP as fingered both her holes.

After a few more minutes of fingering, I took off my pants and pushed her legs back in the air near her ears and entered her easily. Her cunt walls expanded and contracted around my thickness and I buried myself deep in her and let her puss work me over for a few seconds. Her chest heaved as I twisted and pulled on her long thick nipples, while I worked her tits over, she began to rub her clit and it was not long before she was asking me to pound her. "Fuck me, that's it, feed me that cock, go ahead, fuck me hard, unnngh, that's it, fuck me with that thick fucker, fuck me..." I fucked her hard for 15 minutes, just bringing it all the way out and slamming it back into her, with each downstroke she grunted and moaned so loud that I was afraid that her daughter would hear us, but that didn't deter this MILF slut at all.

If it didn't bother her, why the fuck would it bother me? I turned her over and began to fuck her doggy, I was half hoping that Mysha would wake up and I imagined her watching us as I pounded her mother from behind, I stuck my thumb in her shit hole and fucked both holes simultaneously, she liked that as she pushed back against me to get maximum friction. I wasn't too far away from cumming when Andrea's velvety smooth snatch began to pulse and it felt like a million tiny fingers were massaging my pole. "Cum inside you fucker, that's it, fill me up, that's it, fuuuuuck me hard, fuck fuck fuck..." I was well beyond pulling out as I thrust inside her as hard as I could and with seconds I blew a huge load inside her.

My cock sloshed around inside her for a few more strokes as I fell on top of her on the couch. Her body was slick with sweat and we began to laugh a little as we lay in a heap. "I'm taking you upstairs and we are going to lock the door and fuck until morning time. You aren't going anywhere." And I didn't either, A few hours later she woke Mysha up and took her to the mall and came right back home and we fucked until dinner time.

I really wanted to fuck Brianna, but I am glad that I fucked her mom, who knows, maybe I will get around to banging Brianna too.
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