Anna and Laura--Part 2

I quickly rolled another joint as the girls laid together as we made small talk. Anna had just 23 and Laura was the same age. As I figured they played soccer and field hockey together as k**s. Looking at Anna as I was amazed at how hot she was. She was wearing no makeup but she was wearing a bit of eyeliner to accent her Japanese features. She came up to my chin and she was lean and strong. My cock hardened again as thought of all the things I was going to do her and Laura. I looked Laura over and decided that was the second hottest piece of ass that had I been with and had I not just finished bending her hot friend over, she would be the hottest.

She too was my height, but where Anna was lean and looked like a distance runner, Laura had broader shoulders, and great tits. And when she sucked a cock, it stayed sucked. I was anxious to see just how far the girls were going to go. As they passed the joint between themselves, they laughed and talked easily and neither one had made an attempt to cover themselves up.

Anna broke the silence when she said “hey Justin, when are we going to your room?” We all laughed as we surveyed the damage that had been done in the living room and I said “sorry, house rules, no smoking in the bedroom”, again we all laughed as Laura jokingly took the joint from my hand and quickly put it out as she grabbed me by the arm and said “show us the way”.

Once inside the room my concerns were quashed quickly as Anna began sucking on Laura’s left tit, I moved in closer to see her tiny tongue flickering around Laura’s erect nipple. I rubbed my thick cock against Laura’s leg as I too began licking her other nipple. She sighed as we took turns sucking her tits and fingering her slick cunt. I stepped back and stroked my cock as Anna leaned Laura back on to the bed and began to lick her slit as she rubbed her own cunt as the corner of my mattress. This clearly was not the first time that she had eaten cunt. She was not shy at all as she alternated between fingering and tonguing her box and licking and slapping her clit. Every minute or so, Anna would slap Laura’s clit with her open hand and Laura would yelp.

A few minutes later Laura had raised her hips off the bed to meet Anna’s fingering, almost as if she was offering her cunt to her. By this time, Anna was on her knees and really giving it to Laura, I moved a bit closer when Anna motioned for Laura to turn over. The bigger girl did as she was told. Anna pushed open Laura’s thick legs and began to run her tongue up and down her inner thigh. Laura wiggled her ass back at her a bit as the sensations rocked her, she humped her ass back at Anna to get her deeper inside her. I took the remote for my TV in my hand and took Anna by the shoulders and had her spread her lean legs in Laura’s face as I took over eating Laura’s cunt. Anna was whimpering in approval as her c***dhood friend ate her puss and licked her clit. I began to alternate tonguing her asshole and her puss.

I flipped her on her back and continued eating her bung, it opened easily for my tongue as I slid the remote into her gash at the same time. As I fucked her with the remote I tongued her asshole until she had to stop eating Anna out because she was talking and panting. With nothing to do, Anna came back to my end of the bed and began to suck my cock. Her mouth was tiny but she was able to get half of it in her mouth. She was bobbing on my dick and rubbing my balls. I figured by the noises she was making, Laura was close to cumming, so I replaced the remote with the first three fingers on my right hand and began to massage her gspot and stretch her cunt at the same time. She began to whimper and moan as she shook slightly, her head cocked back and she yelped “uhhh uhhh, I’m cummmmmming agaaaaiiiin”, I rocked in and out of her as she shook and rode out her orgasm.

I rolled Anna up to meet Laura’s gaping puss, once again, she was not shy in the slightest. I scooped a little Laura’s girly cum off her inner thigh and slid it in Anna’s mouth. She licked it and sucked on it like it was my cock and it had just come out of a honey jar. I watched Anna eat Laura for a few more minutes before I could take no more. My cock was swollen, I was leaking precum like a 13 year old who just discovered his mommy’s Victoria’s Secret magazine. I nudged Anna out of the way and shoved my cock straight into Laura’s warm cunt. We both let out a groan and shook a bit at the same time. I whispered in her ear that I was going to fuck her pussy until she came for me, as I was talking to her I could feel her tight cunt try to grasp my cock, she was only able to say something that sounded like “please fuck me hard”.

At the end of each down stroke I thrust my hips forward, jolting her up the bed a fraction and at the end of each upstroke, I removed my cock fully from her and then roughly stabbed her gaping hole. Anna by this time was licking and sucking at her friend’s titties as I picked up the pace and really began to slam fuck Laura’s pussy. I had hooked both my arms around her splayed legs for leverage, Anna was asking Laura how my thick cock felt in her and asking how Laura’s tight pussy felt, between the weed, Anna’s dirty talk and Laura’s magical cunt I was only able to pound out a few more strokes as my nuts tightened again, her cunt was like velvet on my shaft and I forgot myself for a second as I began to pump stream after stream of hot cum into Laura’s spasming hole. “Hoolllllly fuuuckkkk, holy fuuuuucckkkkk” she cried as I continued pounding away as I emptied myself in her. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her for another minute, savoring the feeling of a sticky, wet cunt gliding over my semi-erect cock.

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3 years ago
great part 2. When will 3 be ready?
3 years ago
2 awesome parts is there a 3rd???
3 years ago
Great continuation from the first. Thanks.. I always love 3-somes that really enjoy each other