Anna and Laura--Suck My Cock Threesome

Anna works at a large pharmacy type store near my place. She was polite but efficient the few times that I went through her line, so I was totally shocked when I ran into her and a few of her friends at a pub last week.

You see, I was running into get a six-pack for later when I heard a bit of a commotion in the pub, I turned to see a table of 4 young girls doing shots and giggling. Three of them were facing me so I got a good look at the loudest and seemingly d***kest of the bunch and knew it was her Anna from the Shoppers. She looked much different today than she does at work.

The first few times I seen her I figured recently graduated, or even high school, but now with her hair down and floral sundress, I figured she was 24 or 25. Her sundress revealed an amazing set of tits and she was quite dark. She was of mixed race, probably Japanese, although she had bleached her much lighter and a really sexy nose ring. She smiled and waved at me as she recognized me and called me over. All four of the girls now were facing me and smiling, all I knew was her name, so I laughed and pointed at her and said “Anna, right?” She laughed too and said “yesssssss” and then they all giggled. I introduced myself, and they all moved their purses so I could sit down.

Anna was the first to speak; she was definitely looser than she was when she was at work. “So, Justin, do you have a girlfriend?” The rest of the girls laughed and giggled and one said “figures she would ask that”. She was obviously attracted to me and I was definitely attracted to her and I said, “nope, wanna come back to my place so I can prove it?” Her friend Laura said “Annie, you know you shouldn’t go to a strange guys place alone, maybe I should go with?” She was a little further along than Anna so I said jokingly, “I am not sure if I could handle both of you at the same time”, this time Anna blushed when Laura said back “I can wait…”

I took Laura by the hand and said “you guys have been drinking, we will take my car”. I don’t think she was expecting me to call her bluff; she stammered a bit when she looked at Anna and said questioningly, “Annie?” Anna looked at me and looked back at her and then looked at her other friends “well, you are right, I probably shouldn’t go alone”.

We drove to my place in quiet. There was a lot of sexual tension and my cock was pressing against my jeans. I live about 15 minutes from the pub and the whole way there I was thinking of eating Anna’s pussy. I KNEW that it was well taken care of. She was wearing a very sexy open toed shoe and I could see that her toes were painted a pale pink, which matched her fingers, so there was no doubt that it was neatly trimmed or even shaved clean. I was guessing shaved, but that was just a guess, but to be honest I was going eat and slap that cunt of hers with just as much gusto either way.

I sparked a joint as I turned on some music, I passed the joint to Laura first and she quickly inhaled. I figured I was going to fuck Anna for sure, I would spend a little time trying to get Laura to the point where she either fucks me too or she leaves. Either way was fine with me, Laura exhaled and then quickly took another smaller puff and passed it to Anna. Sensing that she was close I said to her “so, did you want to go first or second”. As I said it, I touched her hip. She was wearing a similar dress to Anna, different colors, but she filled it out a little more. Anna was long and lean looking, standing 5-9 and probably 115. She was lean, but not skinny. She had clearly been an athlete, probably soccer I guessed based on the nicks that had turned to light scars. Laura on the other was much paler, blond and a little thicker than Anna. I figured them to be team mates on teams. They made a nice contrast. Anna’s mixed race beauty and Laura’s athletic sexiness.

Laura said “it doesn’t matter, Anna can go if she wants” she laughed nervously as she rubbed my cock. Not waiting for her to change her mind, I quickly unzipped my pants and let my cock out. I was already semi-hard, so my 7” hung down, Laura gasped a bit as she began to stroke it. I turned to look at Anna as she sat down at the table to apparently watch the show. Laura tried to continue to stroke my cock but I picked her up, put her on the counter and lifted her sundress up and pushed her panties aside. I hadn’t given much thought to Laura’s puss on the way over but I was pleasantly surprised to see a very freshly shaven slice with thin pink lips. I buried my tongue in her for a few seconds as she immediately began to leak juice in my mouth. I wiggled my tongue a few more times before I began to tongue and suck her clit. It instantly became engorged and she roughly grabbed hold of my hair and rubbed it hard from side to side as she pushed her hips forward to grind against my face.

I took her hint and began to eat her cunt with reckless abandon. At one point, I sucked her clit into my mouth until it was noticeably swollen and then began a buzzing and humming attack on it that had her wiggling her ass up and down on the counter until she squirted her sauce on me. I helped her down off the counter and she sunk down in front of me to take my cock in her mouth. She put the head in her mouth and ran her tongue around it but, other than that, she was not too enthusiastic. Playfully I began to tap her on the nose and cheek with my thickness, she smiled and began to lick and suck at my balls. After a few seconds of this, I took her by the cheek and told her to open her mouth. As she did so, I stuck the tip of my cock in her mouth. She had to stretch her jaw a bit to accommodate the girth, but she was able to take more of it as she relaxed.

She began to bop her head on me as I motioned for Anna to come closer. As she did, she dropped her sundress to reveal a beautiful set of tits in a clear bra and panties set. I began to fuck Laura’s mouth as Anna stuck her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deeply. Anna took a step back and removed her bra as she played with Laura’s blond hair. Anna was the first speak “Laura, you like sucking that cock don’t you? I saw you licking his balls. You squirted all over his counter top too”. I had to stop Laura from sucking cock or else I was going to blow down her throat, Anna’s dirty talk was pushing me over the edge.

I turned Anna around so her small, tight ass was facing me, I placed my hands on her hips and bent her slightly forward at the waist. She leaned forward and I slowly began to fuck her. The first few strokes I sunk in as deep as her spasming cunt would allow. I could feel her stretch to take more of me as she whimpered “you’re so fucking thick, uuuuhhh”, she was soaking wet so I began to see saw in and out of her much quicker, to the point where I was slapping against her ass cheeks as she moaned and cried against my pounding. Laura once again knelt down beside us so I took my cock out of Anna and had Laura tongue it clean. I alternated between Anna’s moist, tight hole and Laura’s warm mouth as both girls made compelling arguments for my cock.

Finally, I took Anna by the hips and fucked her as hard as I could, at one point I had her by her hair and was pulling it and fucking her at the same time. She didn’t say much, but every once in awhile she would let out a “fuuuuck” or “shiiiit” but for the most part she just let out little inaudible, nonsensical whimpers and grunts, which were serving to push me over the edge. Laura was still kneeling beside, so after a few more deep strokes inside Anna’s slick cunt, I pulled out, grabbed Laura by the hair and began to stroke my cock, Anna, knelt down beside her as well and they kissed. At first they touched the tips of their tongues together but soon, I could see that Laura was really tonguing the back of Anna’s throat as I got closer to losing my nut. Anna ran her hands through Laura’s straight blond hair and that was all I could take. My legs shook a bit and my nuts tightened, then, I launched three large gobs of spunk that landed on the kissing girls’ cheeks, they continued kissing as it streamed between the lips.

Laura took hold of my cock and began to lick and suck it clean, as she did so, she looked up at me and laughed and said “I guess Anna got to go first after all, huh?”

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nice you gotta finish the story with the rest of the night!
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hot story ;)
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Nice, very well written.
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Great story..Thanks
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Excellent story, thanks for sharing!