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I knew when I left the house for the weekend that she was going to find the weed, to be honest, I didn't really care, but to avoid the possible embarrassment of her finding other things in her hunt I left it so it was easily found. What I had not expected was to find her splayed out on my bed with her eyes closed, headphones on and two fingers buried in her recently shaven pussy.

Miranda, or MKD as she refers to herself, has lived with me a few months now, she is the cousin of a really close f****y friend in Ontario. I have a fairly large condo in downtown Vancouver, 3 bedrooms, and a ton of amenities. She had just turned 20, was a little chubby but looked and acted much older. Her f****y life not so stable, she had bounced around from s****rs to grandmother etc. I'm 27, no k**s, a bit of money, thus able to take on the burden of "raising a 20 year old" I was called as the last resort. I was told she was a good k** but had been on her own basically since she was 14 and had made a few bad decisions to get by. Without getting into too many details, I was assured nothing violent, just petty stuff. Seeing as her cousin was my best friend "back in the day", I agreed.

There were growing pains at the start. She is not the neatest, not dirty, just sloppy. She will wash the dish that she used but leave it on the counter. I mean I appreciate the effort but...Things had turned around quickly though. She liked the lifestyle that she had fallen into. Everything clean, everything new. She not only liked it, she also exuded appreciation. Coffee would be made in the morning, breakfast once in awhile, she cooked a bit (I'd do the dishes). Things had been going so smooth, that I decided to go camping for the weekend by myself. The weather didn't cooperate, so I came home a day earlier than I anticipated.

Which leads me to the situation that I have just walked into. Her eyes still closed she was rubbing her nipples with both hands. Her tits are definitely her best feature, a fact that she doesn't try to hide. She is quite chubby. Not a fatty by any stretch, just she has some hips and some curves. Her shirts that she wears around the house are just a "little" too tight and her shorts ride up her ass a bit. For a girl that has had a bit of a rough go early in life, I was surprised to see how young she looked with no make up on. My cock instantly got hard as she got her nipples hard. I felt a little guilty watching, but there was no way that I was leaving. I couldn't have scripted it any better. Door open just enough and it is at the foot of the bed. It is a very heavy door so in her haste to get into bed, she probably pushed it, but not hard enough. She couldn't have thought that I was coming home, so all she was really worried about was the cat. Finally, something going right this weekend!!

As I took in the scene, I realized that this horny little slut had found my dildo, a butt plug and lube. Her lap top was open with cables running to my TV. Not only was she fucking herself, she was watching porn and set up a media center in my bedroom. God damn, what the hell has this girl been doing the last few years, I thought to myself. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she buried the vibrator in her cunt and with her other hand she rubbed her clit. Slowly she rolled the hood back, her clit was visible for a few seconds and then disappeared again. She repeated this over and over as she watched the action on the big screen.

I was rubbing my cock through my jeans as MKD spread her legs and lifted one leg higher than the other and inserted the butt plug in her ass. She whimpered a bit as her asshole adjusted to the thickness but with a little bit of lube, she managed to take it all on the fourth attempt. I have had my own asshole spread with this toy a few times and I can't take it for very long. So when she whimpered I knew exactly what she was experiencing. I figured with her bung freshly filled, it was safe to walk down the hall and get out of my jeans and into something a little more comfortable. Not wanting to get caught naked, I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt that were in the laundry and returned to my room.

Nothing had changed at all since I left. She was still in the same spot, squirming as she enjoyed the sensation of being torn apart by the rubber dong that was inside her. I fished my hard cock out of my shorts and started to rub the head as Miranda cried a little as her tiny asshole was stretched to the limit. Her face was scrunched and her tummy jiggled a little as she loved the sensation of being filled but also couldn't take it. She tried pulling the toy out straight, but I could see from the distance I was at that it was a little too thick to get out easily. Precum ran down my cock as she f***ed the toy out the same way she would take a shit. Slowly at first the toy inched its way out, then it landed on the towel that she had so thoughtfully laid out on. It plopped out of her chute as I increased the pace of stroking my cock. Without missing a beat, she put the dildo deep in her ass.

It slid in quite easily. Two fingers were put in her cunt as she DP'd herself. She alternated the finger banging with periodic slaps on her bald puss and vigorous rubbing of her clit. I had to stop my jerking off completely, as I was getting pretty close to cumming, I rubbed the head of my cock, milking out a fairly thick drop of precum. I licked the tip of my finger, loving the taste of the warm cum. Miranda had stopped fucking her ass long enough to roll over on her knees and put her ass in the air. Her head was buried in a pillow as she arched her back as if she was leaning back into a hard cock. She then leaned her hips forward and then backwards, as if she was getting fucked from behind.

This girl liked to fuck, this much was obvious. She had learned from an early age that she was not a classic beauty, she had nice tits, with make up on, she has a slutty appearance and the boys liked her and if this masturbation session was any indication, she liked the boys right back. I started jerking my cock harder as she reached a hand underneath her and started rubbing her clit as she pretended to get fucked from behind. I could feel my balls swell as I roughly rubbed the head of my cock in between strokes.

I tightened my muscles to stop from cumming as long as I could. Faster my hand flew up and down my cock, it was a good thing she was wearing head phones as I grunted and exhaled as I shot my load all over the carpet in front of my room. Three large spurts followed by three more smaller shots, landed a few feet from where I was standing. I have always been able to shoot large loads, and this was no exception. I admired my load for a second, but turned my attention back to Miranda. She had rolled over onto her back and had returned to slowly rubbing her clitoris.

I took one more mental picture of this chubby little slut that had just masturbated in my bed and quickly dried the mess as best I could with a towel and left the house again undetected.

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3 years ago
gosh i would have joined her in at least by sitting on the bed & jacking off with her to the porn
3 years ago
since this happened, we have been together one time, strictly an oral encounter but fairly hot. I may add it some time
3 years ago
you shoulda walked in and confronted her. Probably woulda gotten some pussy